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The Top 7 IoT Security Solutions For Manufacturing

Discover the best IoT security solutions for manufacturing. Explore features such as endpoint protection, network security, anomaly detection, and automatic remediation.

The Top 7 IoT Security Solutions For Manufacturing include:
  • 1. Armis Centrix for OT/IoT Security
  • 2. Asimily
  • 3. Forescout IoT Security
  • 4. InfluxData InfluxDB for Manufacturing
  • 5. Palo Alto Networks Industrial IoT Security
  • 6. SCADAfence IoT Security
  • 7. Tenable OT Security

Within the manufacturing industry, IoT devices help streamline production processes, improving the quality of products and the time it takes to get them to market. But as well as providing significant benefits, IoT devices present a new attack surface for the manufacturing industry. As such, it’s important that security teams within manufacturing organizations implement an IoT security solution that protects their sensitive data and intellectual property from cyberattacks. This will help to minimize the risk of costly downtime and production disruptions, as well as improving operational efficiency and maintenance costs.

IoT security solutions for manufacturing secure devices, networks, and data against cyberthreats. To achieve this, they typically provide multiple layers of protection: they secure individual IoT devices by ensuring they have up-to-date firmware and robust authentication mechanisms; they secure the IoT network using firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to safeguard data as it travels between devices and systems; and they use ML-powered anomaly detection systems to identify unusual behaviors or traffic patterns that may indicate a security breach.

In this article, we’ll explore the top IoT security solutions designed to protect manufacturing organizations against cyberthreats, whilst maintaining the efficiency of their operations. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including endpoint protection, network security, anomaly detection, user access controls, real-time monitoring and alerts, reporting, and automated threat remediation.

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Armis Centrix for OT/IoT Security is specifically tailored to oversee, safeguard, and optimize OT, IoT, and ICS assets, systems, and processes within your network. The solution provides comprehensive visibility that goes beyond asset mapping to offer detailed information about each asset, including its configurations, vulnerabilities, behavioral patterns, traits, and relationships.

By offering so much contextual detail about each asset, Armis Centrix ensures accurate and up-to-date CMDB entries and helps reveal any legacy software, making it easier for teams to manage technical debt and CVEs. The platform also offers recommendations on best practices to limit threats and enhance communication within converged environments.

In addition to monitoring connectivity and asset behavior, Armis Centrix identifies manageable IT-OT segments in your organization’s structure. This helps improve cross-segment communication and, by enabling automated segmentation processes and policy creation, helps teams to manage any potential boundary violations and set up network baseline rules to flag and control malicious behavior.

Overall, Armis Centrix for OT/IoT Security helps improve the security stance of IoT assets in a manufacturing environment, but also optimizes production agility and operational efficiency. By facilitating IT/OT convergence, it enables teams to allocate security resources more effectively, which—coupled with improved data sharing and communication—leads to smoother operations, faster decision-making, and reduced downtime.

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Asimily is an IoT and OT security platform that provides continuous monitoring and protection for industrial devices and helps to identify and terminate vulnerabilities promptly, preventing attackers from compromising manufacturing IoT infrastructure.

Asimily’s key features include comprehensive device visibility, precise prioritization of vulnerabilities, targeted device protection, and round-the-clock monitoring. The unique Impact and Likelihood analysis feature allow teams to allocate security resources effectively, targeting the devices that pose the most substantial risk to their supply chain operations. Additionally, Asimily’s advanced targeting capabilities enable pre-emptive modelling of the cost and benefits of any security action.

Asimily also helps with regulatory compliance by demonstrating the organization’s readiness to handle vulnerabilities and threats. It also promotes the efficient use of IoT assets, identifying simple, quick fixes that can help teams maintain their essential equipment more effectively, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

In summary, Asimily is an efficient IoT and OT security solution that facilitates secure and seamless operations for the manufacturing industry. This comprehensive platform helps teams to prioritize resources efficiently, achieve security compliance, and optimize overall resource usage.

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Forescout IoT Security is a network security solution centered on a zero-trust approach. It provides visibility, risk-based segmentation, and compliance enforcement, making it easier for teams to manage the lifecycle of all IoT, OT, IoMT, and IT devices from their initial connection to the network, through their full lifespan.

Forescout IoT Security offers asset inventory management and lifecycle management for all IoT devices connected to the network. The platform leverages a three-dimensional classification taxonomy to classify all devices, and initiates automatic segmentation based on device classification.

Once the platform has identified and classified an organization’s devices, it monitors IoT device communication in real-time and identifies devices with weak credentials so that teams can enforce strong passwords across their entire device fleet. The platform also automates unified zero-trust policy orchestration across multiple network domains and multi-vendor environments.

Overall, Forescout IoT Security is a comprehensive security solution that offers device discovery, classification, and segmentation, coupled with zero trust policy orchestration. It’s highly scalable and flexible, working effectively across multiple locations and deployments of over two million devices. This makes Forescout IoT Security an effective tool for a wide range of enterprise settings.

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InfluxData InfluxDB is an open-source time-series database specifically designed for organizations looking to analyze sensor metrics in real time. In addition to improving security, the system enables organizations to improve their predictive maintenance strategies, thereby reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

InfluxDB for Manufacturing offers several key features that make it suitable for collecting, processing, and analyzing sensor data within the manufacturing space. With high data ingestion, compression, and real-time querying capabilities, the platform can process data on the edge and replicate it in the cloud. It also supports over 300 plugins, making it compatible with most popular Industrial IoT protocols for storing and analyzing data.

InfluxDB uses the data it collects to present insights into machine conditions, offer a comprehensive view of machinery data, enable predictive maintenance, and enhance plant safety. Additionally, by removing organizational silos, InfluxDB ensures efficient workflows, and helps reduce machine downtime and overall equipment effectiveness. It also facilitates industry 4.0 monitoring by replacing legacy historians.

In summary, InfluxDB for Manufacturing is a powerful and scalable solution for managing a significant volume of time-series data. As an open-source tool, it offers flexibility and avoids a single solution commitment. With its simple command-line interface, built-in HTTP API, and multiple Telegraf plugins for popular data formats, InfluxDB has been built with developers in mind, making it a strong choice for securing large manufacturing operations.

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Palo Alto Networks’ Industrial IoT Security is an AI- and ML-enhanced solution that secures assets, applications, and users across OT environments.

PANW’s Industrial IoT Security uses AI/ML technology to profile all OT, IT, and IoT devices and assets, providing teams with comprehensive and precise asset visibility across all connected cyber-physical systems. Built around the principles of zero trust, the solution allows for segmentation and least-privilege access control. This feature safeguards OT networks from threats that may target the corporate IT and internet by separating them, and further secures OT assets using zoning and fine-grained segmentation policies.

Industrial IoT Security also eliminates implicit trust by constantly monitoring and validating the security stance of all OT assets. It also includes a continuous security inspection feature that helps prevent zero-day attacks and assesses Industrial Control System (ICS) processes to ensure process integrity and safety throughout cyber-physical systems.

PANW’s Industrial IoT Security is an advanced, AI-powered solution offering a range of tools to help streamline operations, while also protecting against zero-day attacks. The platform is relatively straightforward to deploy and helps eliminate blind spots across existing IoT infrastructure. Overall, we recommend Industrial IoT Security as a comprehensive option for any manufacturing organization looking to secure their IoT and OT devices.

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SCADAfence IoT Security is a versatile security management solution that provides comprehensive oversight of IoT device networks, regardless of device model or vendor. This agentless platform is designed to manage an array of IoT devices, from business software applications to general furnishing such as IP cameras and printers, making it well-suited to manufacturing environments.

SCADAfence IoT Security’s key features include full asset discovery across OT and IoT networks, the ability to detect potential malware and device malfunctions across all connected devices, and risk mitigation through continuous monitoring. The platform uses machine learning to monitor the network for any suspicious deviations from known baseline behavior, then alerts teams to any potential threats.

The platform also offers IoT device fleet management; it automatically catalogs all IoT devices, alongside detailed device data like vendor, model, and firmware versions. Alongside this, the solution provides proactive vulnerability management, detecting firmware and software vulnerabilities (CVEs), risky misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities at the network architecture level.

In summary, SCADAfence IoT Security is a comprehensive, vendor-agnostic solution for managing IoT devices. With ML-based threat prevention, automated asset inventory, and vulnerability management, SCADAfence helps teams to maintain security, visibility, and control of their OT and IoT network, without adding significantly to their workload.

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Tenable OT Security is an industrial security solution that provides in-depth visibility into operational technology (OT) assets. The solution enables seamless communication and coordination between IT and OT security teams, helping to promote optimal cyber risk management across the entire organization.

Tenable OT Security offers comprehensive asset visibility, exposure management, streamlined audits, advanced threat detection, and risk-based vulnerability management. The system discovers all devices on your network, creates a risk score for them, and validates their configurations. This helps identify potential weak points in OT environments before an attack occurs.

Tenable OT Security also provides an asset management feature that gives teams in-depth insight and situational awareness into their infrastructure. This includes configuration snapshots, which enable teams to compare current device snapshots with previous ones so they can better understand changes to their environment.

Overall, Tenable OT Security is as an integrated security platform that offers asset visibility, controlled cyber risk, advanced threat detection, and management tools. It helps teams respond effectively to potential threats, while providing actionable insights for better asset and risk management. As such, we recommend Tenable OT Security to any organization looking to unify their IT and OT security efforts.

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The Top 7 IoT Security Solutions For Manufacturing