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The Top 10 IoT Security Solutions For Healthcare

Explore the top IoT Security Solutions for Healthcare featuring robust data encryption, device authentication, and compliance with healthcare regulations to safeguard patient data and medical devices.

The Top 10 IoT Security Solutions for Healthcare include:
  • 1. Armis Centrix
  • 2. Asimily
  • 3. AWS IoT Core
  • 4. Barracuda Secure Connector
  • 5. Claroty Medigate
  • 6. Forescout
  • 7. IoTSecure
  • 8. Microsoft Azure IoT for Healthcare
  • 9. Ordr
  • 10. Palo Alto Medical IoT Security

The world of healthcare is rapidly evolving with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT devices, ranging from personal fitness trackers to complex medical equipment, are transforming the health sector by providing advanced tools for monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. But with this growing dependence on IoT devices comes an urgent need for robust security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure patient privacy.

IoT security solutions are specialized tools used to safeguard IoT devices, networks, and applications from various threats, and are particularly vital in a sensitive sector like healthcare. These solutions provide features like data encryption, intrusion detection, access security, and real-time monitoring, offering enhanced protection against data breaches and unauthorized access, as well as ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance standards like HIPAA.

The IoT security market offers a range of options to effectively combat security challenges in the healthcare sector. These providers emphasize secure data transmission and storage, device authentication, and robust threat detection mechanisms as fundamental to their platforms.

In this guide, we will explore the top IoT security solutions for healthcare, providing you with an insightful analysis of their unique offerings. We will examine these solutions based on their credentials in areas such as healthcare-specific security features, compatibility with different IoT devices, ease of implementation, customer reviews, and the level of support provided.

Armis Logo

Armis Centrix is a specialized platform designed to provide robust cybersecurity for all types of medical devices and clinical assets. The solution is tailored to manage the diverse and intricate challenges inherent in protecting medical devices from cyber threats, while ensuring the delivery of patient care.

Armis Centrix offers comprehensive visibility across the entire device fleet, managing the convergence of various devices whether they are Information of Medical Things (IoMT), IT, or other types. It identifies, contextualizes, and manages multiple devices within the healthcare ecosystem, allowing for a swift response to security risks and effective prioritization of security measures.

Armis Centrix’s features extend beyond visibility; the platform continuously monitors asset behavior, while maintaining compliance with organizational policies. It also keeps track of device usage patterns to aid resource planning and maintenance. Additionally, the platform monitors potential vulnerabilities and threats to secure complex medical devices and prevent their disruption.

Overall, Armis Centrix offers a comprehensive medical device cybersecurity solution that ensures proper protection, optimal use of resources, and maintenance of all devices. With the increasing use and sophistication of medical devices, Armis Centrix is a robust tool for maintaining secure healthcare environments.

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Asimily Logo

Asimily’s IoT and IoMT security solution is designed specifically for the healthcare sector. The platform aims to secure devices throughout their lifecycle, effectively addressing emerging threats and vulnerabilities in real time. Precise prioritization of risks is possible due to the platform’s incorporation of Impact and Likelihood analyses, which prompt proactive (rather than reactive) action.

The Asimily platform ensures targeted protection of devices that significantly impact patient care. Advanced analytics facilitate intelligent resource allocation, which results in optimized security and cost reduction. The software also offers continuous monitoring, which dispatches alerts triggered by suspicious device activity, streamlining your overall incident response process.

Asimily’s platform also helps ensure compliance with worldwide regulatory demands, as well as providing practical guidance on existing and new vulnerabilities, minimizing attacker dwelling time within your network. These elements collectively enhance data protection processes and uptime.

To sum up, Asimily’s platform is a comprehensive solution for protecting IoT and IoMT devices within healthcare. It addresses security challenges, optimizes resource efficiency, assists with compliance requirements, and ensures continuous operation of essential devices. This robust system ultimately helps teams to achieve their efficiency goals more rapidly, while maintaining high-quality patient care.

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AWS Logo

AWS IoT Core is a robust service designed to connect devices efficiently and securely to the cloud. This solution allows businesses to effortlessly manage and scale their device fleets, without having to manage servers. It delivers seamless device connection and data security and supports numerous protocols, including MQTT, HTTPS, MQTT over WSS, and LoRaWAN.

One notable feature of this service is the fully managed MQTT message broker. This feature enables you to effortlessly build adaptive IoT architectures that are both cost-efficient and optimized for scalability. It supports a wide range of MQTT specifications and comes with various capabilities such as advanced message retention policies, automatic scaling, and the ability to process billions of messages. It also incorporates multiple authentication methods with a range of programmable rules for efficient routing and processing of your messages.

Additional strengths of AWS IoT Core include its features for improving system efficiency and safeguarding communication messages. Device Shadow, for instance, stores the most recent state of a connected device, making it available for reading or setting at all times. This service also integrates with the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) for AWS IoT Core, providing a new virtual Alexa device in the cloud.

AWS IoT Core stands out as an efficient tool for building and managing industrial operations, creating differentiated consumer products, developing safety products, and innovating with automotive data. By providing a robust cloud connectivity solution, AWS IoT Core facilitates secure message transmission, handles large amounts of device data, and supports low-latency, high-throughput communication between devices and applications.

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Barracuda Logo

Barracuda Secure Connector is an IoT security solution that helps businesses ensure their remote devices are running smoothly and securely. The solution is built for organizations looking to safeguard their IoT infrastructure, while leveraging the power of edge computing for fast response times and high transfer rates – all crucial elements for advanced IoT strategies.

Barracuda Secure Connector utilizes Barracuda’s proprietary Traffic Independent Network Architecture (TINA) VPN protocol. This compact appliance connects remote devices and micro-networks to the corporate data center, while cutting down management overhead. The device’s multiple bonded uplinks with automatic failover ensure consistent operation of remote IoT devices.

The Secure Connector also establishes an encrypted link to SecureEdge, providing next-generation security and serving as a connectivity hub for IoT devices’ interactions with the internet. The SecureEdge Manager enables centralized policy setting and management. Depending on an organization’s needs, security enforcement on the CloudGen Firewall can be chosen, with deployment management through the Firewall Control Center.

Barracuda Secure Connector is an effective solution for organizations aiming to securely adopt IoT in medical settings. By offering advanced network protection, secure communications, and cost-effective connectivity, it provides a safe, manageable, and efficient bridge between remote IoT devices and the wider internet.

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Claroty Logo

Claroty’s Medigate is a SaaS-based platform designed to bolster cybersecurity across a broad spectrum of healthcare XIoT. Devices like IV pumps, ultrasounds, and smart automation systems can all be secured via Medigate, allowing for improved care delivery.

The key features of Medigate include automated asset discovery and protection against zero-day attacks. The solution utilizes both passive and light-active techniques to ensure all device traffic is monitored and fully interpreted across over 500 unique device protocols. Medigate also manages vulnerabilities and risks by offering context-aware insights for each device, optimizing the relevant action steps.

Medigate enhances network protection by enabling precise network segmentation, as per the accurate device profile. The solution also offers features like device location tracking and utilization measurement, supporting efficient device management and reducing the possibility of resources sitting idle.

Medigate is designed for scalability and ease-of-use, and offers seamless integration with pre-existing security infrastructure. The platform delivers a comprehensive, scalable healthcare cybersecurity infrastructure, from initial asset discovery to vulnerability management and ongoing network protection. The platform’s integration capabilities, device tracking, and utilization metrics add to its comprehensive effectiveness in enhancing secure healthcare delivery.

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Forescout logo

The Forescout Platform is Forescout’s flagship cybersecurity solution, designed to bolster privacy and compliance, and protect assets – including IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT – against threats. Its zero trust approach helps to automatically identify, classify, and segment each device the moment that it’s connected to a network, eliminating blind spots even without an agent.

Key functions of the Forescout Platform include continuous device and regulatory compliance, delivering accurate, agent-less device visibility, assessment, and inventory in real-time. This ensures admins can discover, assess, and appropriately manage every device, regardless of location. Specialized features include automated remediation for non-compliant devices, enforcement of least-privilege policies, and dynamic grouping of devices by their identity and business context.

The Forescout Platform also visualizes and models the impact of segmentation schemes before deployment, controls network access in assorted environments, and restricts communications to essential services or device groups. The system can move potentially risky devices to secure zones until they are compliant, reducing risks and the area of impact, without disrupting overall operations.

In summary, the Forescout Platform is a robust and highly automated network security tool for healthcare, delivering significant benefits such as comprehensive device visibility, automated compliance enforcement, and risk mitigation, for more efficient security orchestration. It ensures that healthcare delivery organizations remain secure amidst a growing attack surface, while maintaining optimal functionality.

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IoTSecure Logo

IoTSecure offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is tailored for healthcare environments. Prioritizing privacy, the product is engineered to protect sensitive patient data, ensuring that it is not exposed during collection, storage, or use. It securely discovers network-connected devices and helps identify and mitigate any potential risks they may present.

IoTSecure is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular ITSM, NAC, CMDB, vulnerability management, asset management, and SIEM solutions. Once deployed and integrated, organizations can sign into the platform’s CloudPortal to access an immediate overview of their network, and control every device. With a focus on reducing risk, IoTSecure can safely interact with non-traditional devices, promptly alerting security personnel of any abnormal behavior that may indicate a breach. In addition, IoTSecure offers the ability to actively block suspect traffic and isolate misbehaving devices from the network.

IoTSecure delivers compliance support, provides asset inventory visibility, and active risk alerts. It also provides actionable remediation steps for any at-risk devices that might impact compliance. The solution’s speed, ease of installation, and cost-efficiency are standout features.

IoTSecure consolidates IoT security in an efficient and non-disruptive way. Its streamlined approach identifies any vulnerabilities or anomalous activity in IoT assets and provides real-time alerts. The tool safeguards network speed and sensitive data, while leveraging network access control for superior security. IoTSecure is capable of scanning without causing disruption or risking mission-critical equipment – providing a comprehensive insight into device behavior and vulnerabilities.

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Microsoft Logo

Azure IoT for Healthcare is a solution developed to streamline healthcare operations, improve patient care, and optimize medical supply chains using IoT technology. The system facilitates quicker time to market for IoT healthcare solutions by offering health-specific app templates, certified devices, and extensive IoT services. From tracking continuous patient health to assisting in-home care, the solution offers a range of applications for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

Azure IoT for Healthcare merges intelligent edge with intelligent cloud, generating interoperable healthcare data. This data yields insights backed by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and interactive models created with mixed reality. It can integrate with existing data sources, health record systems, and research databases. The platform also supports the HL7 FHIR standard data format.

Azure IoT is optimized for end-to-end security, offering tools like Azure Sphere and Azure Security Center to monitor and manage solution security. With HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certifications, it ensures patient privacy and data security. Through Azure IoT Central, a managed app platform, users can efficiently build apps, while focusing on industry-specific knowledge and rapid device connection.

In conclusion, Azure IoT for Healthcare is a robust platform for healthcare providers looking to secure their IoT environment, offering enhanced data-driven insights, streamlined operations, and improved patient care. Its ability to integrate with existing systems, while offering advanced features, makes it an excellent choice for optimized healthcare solutions.

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Ordr Logo

Ordr is a comprehensive security solution specifically designed for healthcare organizations. It aims to secure a wide array of systems vital for healthcare operations and patient care – including IoT, IoMT, OT, and IT – to ensure a safe and secure environment for healthcare operations.

Ordr’s primary focus is mitigating cyber risk prevalent in the healthcare sector, such as vulnerable medical devices, ransomware attacks, and an expanded attack surface due to the inclusion of devices beyond medical IoMT. Ordr addresses these issues by identifying and responding to these devices and vulnerabilities before they are exploited. This aids in reducing the time threat actors stay undetected, reducing the damage that they can do.

In addition to its threat-detection capabilities, Ordr provides an agentless mechanism to discover every asset across all the concerned locations. This discovery can be extended to IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT devices, SaaS, and cloud resources. Along with discovering the assets, Ordr also aids in the maintenance, aid, and identification of operational and security risks like outdated software and recalled products.

In conclusion, Ordr serves as an all-encompassing tool for securing healthcare operations. It provides in-depth visibility into every asset, manages vulnerabilities, protects against attacks, and optimizes operational performance. In addition, it reinforces security monitoring by integrating with existing IT workflows, thereby further reducing dwell time and preventing lateral movements in case of a cyber incident.

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Palo Alto Logo

Palo Alto’s Medical IoT Security solution is designed to address the unique challenges of securing healthcare networks, particularly those connected to critical life-saving devices. It emphasizes a comprehensive approach to tackling healthcare network risks, while enhancing operations and compliance.

Palo Alto’s Medical IoT Security provides an extensive view of the network by rapidly identifying and assessing every device within it, discovering most devices within the first two days. The solution leverages machine learning and App-ID technology for continuous profiling and risk assessment of all connected devices, and it simplifies network segmentation and enforces least privilege access, preventing lateral movement of threats across vulnerable devices. Policy recommendations are automated, based on collected data from a multitude of clinical devices and an analysis of your unique network, ensuring solid protection against known and unknown threats.

Beyond threat prevention, Palo Alto’s solution merges seamlessly with Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) systems to help streamline the incident response process. It expedites deployment time, ensures HIPAA compliance, and makes your team more aware of medical IoT within minutes, all without demanding multiple sensors or a network redesign.

Overall, Palo Alto’s Medical IoT Security platform is a robust and comprehensive tool for healthcare providers seeking to secure their networks efficiently, quickly, and effectively. This solution adopts a zero trust approach to security and ensures all devices are monitored, assessed for risks, and secured for every digital interaction.

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The Top 10 IoT Security Solutions For Healthcare