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The Top 7 Interactive Demo Tools

Discover the Top Interactive Demo Tools designed to help business showcase their product and services more dynamically. Explore features such as interactive elements, customization, and multi-media support.

The Top 7 Interactive Demo Tools include:
  • 1. CloudShare
  • 2. Consensus
  • 3. Navattic
  • 4. Relayto
  • 5. Reprise
  • 6. Storylane Guided Demos and Clickable Demos
  • 7. Walnut

Interactive demo tools enable businesses to showcase their products or services in a dynamic way that’s more engaging for the user. They provide live demonstrations, simulations, or virtual environments that users can interact with. User may have a range of ways to interact with the products including clicking, dragging, typing, and voice commands. This gives the user a deeper understanding of the showcased content and its key features or benefits. Interactive demos are typically used for sales and marketing, but because they can be customized to cater to different audiences, they can also be used for training and education.

Using an interactive demo tool can lead to increased engagement, better communication, and improved outcomes for both businesses and users alike. From a user’s perspective, interactive demos provide a hands-on experience, allowing them to explore the product or service in a controlled environment. This helps them to engage with the product more than they would during a presentation, which—from a business perspective—can lead to improved sales. Interactive demo tools also enable real-time feedback and data collection, allowing businesses to gather valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. This data can be used to refine product offerings and improve user experiences.

In this article, we’ll explore the top interactive demo tools designed to showcase products, services, or concepts in a dynamic and engaging manner. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including interactive elements, multi-media support, customization, accessibility, analytics, and reporting.

Cloudshare Logo

CloudShare is a cloud-based software that enables organizations to create engaging virtual training experiences and sales demos.

With CloudShare, users can create virtual, company-branded environments that simulate real-world experiences for sales demos, POCs, and training. The platform offers an extensive library of templates, making it easy to build new environments, and users can also clone existing environments. Each environment is isolated to help protect the organization’s data and manage risk. Once the environment is created, end users can interact with it as they would use a live product. The creator can then access in-depth, live analytics into end user activity, including understanding the interactions they carry out and how long they spend in the demo. This is particularly helpful for sales teams, as it can help prompt follow-ups.

CloudShare deploys in the cloud, and users can create demos easily via any web browser, thanks to the platform’s self-service functionality. Once set up, the platform is very user-friendly; it doesn’t require any coding or development experience to use, and there are a lot of training resources available to help users get the most out of the solution. Overall, we recommend CloudShare as a strong solution for any business that wants to create engaging, interactive product walkthroughs and virtual training experiences for their customers.

Cloudshare Logo
Consensus Logo

Consensus is a leading interactive demo software that combines video, product interaction, and discovery automation to help sales teams save time, qualify buyers, and shorten their sales cycle.

With Consensus, users can create simple demo videos for a wide audience or personalize their demos. Personalized demos can be created either by asking users about their interests up-front then delivering a relevant demo, or by including branching questions within the demo to trigger different actions based on audience responses. When creating a demo, users can utilize the platform’s template library or create their own, using the platform’s screen recorder to automatically capture video and audio. The user can then share the demo via a link, by embedding it into their website, or by creating a branded landing page that their audience can access to launch demos. Finally, Consensus also offers a range of analytics tools, enabling users to see how and when their audience has engaged with their demo. This includes information on demos sent to each viewer, discovery rate, view rate, features or sections selected, and documents downloaded. This data can be used to review demo effectiveness, audience engagement, and sales team performance.

Consensus requires users to install a Chrome extension to start capturing their product and create a tour. The process of creating, editing, and sharing a demo is quick and easy, and the platform offers a wealth of integrations (e.g., with CRMs) to help sales teams use analysis of their demos to qualify leads. Overall, we recommend Consensus as a strong tool for organizations that want to increase sales and save pre-sales time by providing prospective customers with an engaging demo, prior to any human contact.

Consensus Logo
Relayto Logo

Relayto is a SaaS platform that enables organizations to convert PDFs, slide decks, and videos into interactive and immersive digital experiences. The platform utilizes AI to enable teams to create a range of web-based content, including microsites, e-books, proposal documents, whitepapers, and demos.

One of Relayto’s standout features is its AI-powered content creation tool. Users upload their source materials, then the platform uses AI to automatically turn the content into a digital microsite, complete with responsive navigation, animations, and call-to-actions.

Users can edit their microsite, choosing from Relayto’s library of over 1,000 media embeds to help improve engagement. Once created, users can share their content via a dedicated hub created within Relayto, making it public or gated. The platform also provides in-depth analytics to help users monitor end-user engagement with each page and document within their content, with 24/7 activity monitoring and notifications.

Relayto is quick to set up and offers an onboarding academy with a wealth of resources to help users get started with the platform. It integrates with CRM tools for faster setup and to help streamline analytics across the sales cycle. Once deployed, the platform requires very little technical expertise to use; its unique, AI-powered content creation makes it very quick and easy for teams to create branded content and demos. Overall, we recommend Relayto for organizations looking to implement AI-powered interactive demos to reduce time spent on pre-sales demos, and boost conversions.

Relayto Logo
Reprise Logo

Reprise is a popular interactive demo platform designed specifically to help sales teams showcase their organizations’ digital products. The platform enables teams to create live demos, “leave behind” demos, tradeshow experiences, and sandboxed environments where prospective clients can test the product before buying.  When it comes to editing, users can utilize the platform’s broad plug-in library to edit images, data, and charts during each part of the demo, tailoring it to specific audiences.

They can then deliver demos to end users via the platform’s CDN, which isolates demos from the live application to ensure secure, SOC 2 Type 2-compliant demo access, even during live app updates or technical issues. All of these features can be accessed via Reprise’s centralized management console, which includes an extensive library of demo assets and collaboration tools. By enabling all users to access one editing platform, Reprise ensures consistent messaging and branding across all demos within the organization, regardless of format. The platform also offers in-depth analytics that enables users to track demo engagement, including number of views and percentage of the demo watched.

Reprise requires a straightforward browser extension installation. It integrates seamlessly with a broad range of business tools (including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo) and offers an open API for easier setup and data transfer. The platform is very easy to use, with no technical knowledge required, and Reprise offers a broad range of resources training users how to use the product. Overall, we recommend Reprise as a strong interactive demo tool for sales teams looking to showcase their products to prospective customers.

Reprise Logo
Storylane Logo

Storylane offers two interactive demo products: Guided Demos and Clickable Demos. Both these tools enable sales teams to create highly personalized, interactive demos for their prospective customers.

With Guided Demos, users can create demos that walk their prospects through each section of the product, with multiple flows that enable the end user to select what they want to see next (think “choose your own adventure”). Users can use the platform’s editing tools to redact sensitive content, edit text, HTML images, and graphs, embed video, audio, and PDF files, and add AI-generated voiceovers and translations. They can also add custom lead forms from tools such as HubSpot and Marketo. Once the demo is created, users can replay the entire demo experience of each prospect that watches it for in-depth engagement insights—a feature that really stand out in this space.

With Clickable Demos, users can create a replica of their entire application to the code level, which prospects can explore freely, even when they’re offline. The platform offers a range of templates, along with continuous capture and auto-linking, to help scale demo creation. Once the demo environment is created, users can redact and customize every element as with Guided Demos.

Storylane’s no-code demo tools deploy as a browser extension that can be used to capture content from applications. Users can set up the platform in around 10 minutes and integrate it with over 3,000 other workplace tools (with Zapier). Storylane also offers a wealth of documentation via their website. Overall, we recommend Storylane’s Guided Demos and Clickable Demos as strong solutions for any organization that wants to present their product to prospective customers in a dynamic and authentic way, and see exactly which features users are interacting with most.

Storylane Logo
Walnut Logo

Walnut is an interactive product demo solution that enables sales teams to create software demos, then easily track end user interactions with their demos to help optimize their sales cycle.

With Walnut, users can capture their product directly within the web browser. The platform can capture multiple screens, so users can easily show how their product interacts with others, and it captures responsively to ensure that demos are accessible to prospects across all screens and devices. Users can customize the text, images, and graphs within the demo and anonymize data, with the option to apply bulk changes. Once completed, users can share demos via an email link, embed them in their website or landing pages, or present them in Walnut’s secure environment, ensuring zero downtime and loading issues. The platform also offers in-built collaboration features to help standardize the demo creation process across teams. These include permissions management, access sharing, and demo folders. Finally, the platform offers analytics features that provide insights into demo usage and performance, including a visual flow chart of how prospects move through the demo.

Walnut deploys easily via a web browser extension and offers seamless integrations with other sales, pre-sales, and marketing tools, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and Marketo. Once deployed, the platform is very easy to use, with little-to-no technical knowledge required. Walnut also offers lots of documentation and walkthroughs via their website, and excellent technical support to help you get the most out of the solution. Overall, we recommend Walnut as a strong tool for sales teams wishing to embed interactive demos on their company’s website.

Walnut Logo
The Top 7 Interactive Demo Tools