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The Top 9 Intelligent Document Processing Systems

Discover the Top Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Systems designed to help you extract valuable information from your documents. Explore features such as document handling, advanced OCR, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms.

The Top 9 Intelligent Document Processing Systems include:
  • 1. ABBYY Vantage
  • 2. AntWorks CMR+
  • 3. Automation Anywhere Automation Success Platform
  • 4. SS&C Blue Prism Decipher IDP
  • 5. IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation
  • 6. OpenText Intelligent Capture
  • 7. Tungsten ControlSuite
  • 8. UiPath Document Understanding
  • 9. WorkFusion Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) systems enable organizations to transform unstructured or semi-structured data into a structured format, so that it can be used for analysis. To achieve this, IDP systems use a combination of OCR, machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. They apply these tools and techniques to interpret unstructured and semi-structured data in documents in various formats, such as PDFs, word documents, emails, and images. This enables the IDP system to not only identify and classify the document type, but also extract valuable data from each document.

With an IDP system in place, you don’t have to spend hours manually entering data from documents as the tool automatically processes documents, validates data, and integrates it into your business application or database for you. This eliminates the need to manually sift through documents, which in turn reduces processing times and costs, increasing operational efficiency. It also improves data accuracy, enabling you to make better-informed business decisions.

In this article, we’ll explore the top intelligent document processing systems designed to help you capture, classify, and extract data from your documents. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including document authentication and classification, OCR and natural language processing, data extraction, third-party integrations, and AI capabilities.

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ABBYY Vantage is an intelligent document processing platform that automatically captures and extracts data from documents. By deploying pre-trained AI models or “skills”, the platform can process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents with a high level of accuracy, delivering process-ready content into business systems such as RPA, BPM, and ERP.

ABBYY Vantage operates through a three-step process. First, the platform ingests the document and identifies document type. Secondly, Vantage suggests pre-built applicable Vantage skills, or you can search the ABBYY Marketplace for a specific skill that’s readily available and accessible. Users can also design and train custom document skills using the Vantage Skill Designer. Finally, the required skills can be invoked from a variety of platforms, including RPA, BCM, and ECM tools. Users can set up the integration to enable this via a pre-built connector or the Vantage REST API. Once skills are deployed, Vantage monitors their performance and creates new learning models to continuously improve them.

ABBYY Vantage can process most types of data—including handwriting, barcodes, and check boxes—and comes equipped with skills for over 150 use cases. The easy-to-use, low-code/no-code Skill Designer enables citizen developers to design, train, and publish document skills for all types of structured and unstructured documents. These skills improve in accuracy over time, with the introduction of new document variations and collected statistical data.

Overall, ABBYY Vantage offers businesses an efficient and accurate process for document data capture and extraction. It provides a strong suite of automated and customizable features, all while ensuring ongoing improvement through continuous learning mechanisms.

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AntWorks CMR+ is an AI-powered, user-friendly intelligent document processing platform that automates document processing tasks. By employing advanced machine learning algorithms, the solution aims to enhance data extraction accuracy, streamline workflows, and reduce human error. It’s designed to minimize the requirement for manual data input, enabling employees to focus on other tasks.

AntWorks CMR+’s use of generative AI and its low-code/no-code interface gives even non-technical users the ability to streamline and automate their processes. Through CMR+’s LLM integration and auto QC capabilities, users can extract valuable insights, perform advanced language processing, customize confidence scores, and automate their data verification processes. CMR+ also includes an SDK framework for power programmers and developers, providing a comprehensive set of tools, libraries, and APIs.

AntWorks CMR+ is a scalable solution designed for high-volume document processing. Thanks to its distributed computing technologies, intelligent load balancing, and cloud infrastructure, it ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and scalability. The platform also accommodates various file formats and language scripts, making it applicable to a broad range of organizations and their document processing needs. Finally, the platform emphasizes data privacy and regulatory compliance by providing full audit trails for all document processing activities.

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The Automation Success Platform by Automation Anywhere is a cohesive set of intelligent automation apps and tools that enable organizations to identify, automate, and scale, their business processes. Their Document Automation solution, available as part of this suite, is an application that leverages AI to automatically extract information from any business document, thereby streamlining business process automation.

Automation Anywhere’s Document Automation tool combines RPA with AI to classify, extract, and validate data from documents. It starts with pre-processing to enhance the quality of the document, before moving onto the classification and splitting stage. This helps to identify relevant pages by separating multi-page documents. Specific data is then extracted from these documents using advanced technologies and validated to improve the data’s accuracy. The tool also utilizes GPT-powered integrations, expanding its processing capabilities to manage more complex, unstructured document types.

The Automation Success Platform smoothly collects document data at scale, applying it to any process with its in-built RPA capabilities. It serves as an all-encompassing solution with pre-established parsers for diverse document types and can be easily extended with any extraction technology. It also incorporates no-code plugins, ensuring swift document processing through native integrations with leading AI solutions and generative AI models.

In summary, the Document Automation tools within the Automation Success Platform is a robust IDP solution. It’s capable of handling structured and semi-structured documents, such as forms and invoices, as well as unstructured documents like contracts and waybills. This enables organizations to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Overall, we recommend this platform to organizations looking for IDP as part of a wider process automation platform.

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SS&C’s Blue Prism Decipher IDP is an intelligent automation solution that extracts and validates data from various types of documents. The platform facilitates rapid access to data, helping to drive efficiency in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) programs. Blue Prism Decipher IDP offers a robust feature set to cover a range of use cases.

The platform extracts and validates data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents, using OCR technology to garner text and layout information from images. The solution goes beyond data extraction by allowing users to create custom form templates that validate, format, and organize incoming data to ensure accurate processing.

Additional strengths of the solution include its intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires no complex setup or code-writing skills. Direct integration with Blue Prism Decipher IDP further reduces setup time to hours, rather than days. The platform also features a “human-in-the-loop” validation option; with this option, users can define confidence thresholds for data fields. If the platform can’t automatically process a data point to that level of accuracy, a human user can step in. As users manually validate entries, the platform learns from them, helping to improve its accuracy over time.

Overall, Blue Prism Decipher IDP is an advanced, user-friendly automation tool that improves data extraction and validation. It allows users to process documents more accurately and efficiently, making it a strong choice for businesses seeking to optimize their RPA initiatives.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a suite of integrated software modules that aims to enhance business growth by automating workflows. Built for all hybrid cloud environments, it includes an Automation Document Processing solution that combines AI and low-code tools to eradicate manual document processing.

Automation Document Processing swiftly processes large amounts of unstructured data, boosting efficiency and data accuracy as it minimizes errors associated with manual work. It uses AI and deep learning techniques to quickly and accurately extract data from business documents and convert unstructured content into valuable data. Beyond its document processing capabilities, IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation also includes services for managing enterprise content, workflow automation, RPA for scaling business and IT process automation, process mining for data-driven decision-making, and decision management for creating and managing business rules independently.

Overall, IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to boost efficiency, transparency, response time, and data accuracy, while reducing operational costs. We recommend Automation Document Processing as a strong IDP solution for businesses looking for document processing as part of a wider workflow and process automation platform. It is particularly suited to organizations that want a tool that can adapt quickly to new document types and processes.

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Opentext Logo

OpenText Intelligent Capture is an automated document handling solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline content processing tasks like accounts payable, back-file conversion, and onboarding. The solution can transform both paper and digital content into usable data, then routes this information to appropriate systems or stakeholders for analysis.

OpenText Intelligent Capture uses a mix of patented textual and graphical classification to accurately recognize and categorize documents at speed. The platform’s built-in OCR and machine learning, integrated with third-party recognition engines, help improve data accuracy across a broad spectrum of languages. It also ensures secure data handling with encryption both at rest and in transit between connected ecosystems.

OpenText Intelligent Capture offers a variety of flexible deployment options, including on-premises, or in a hybrid or private cloud environment hosted by OpenText, Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure.

In summary, OpenText Intelligent Capture is an intelligent document processor, that helps boost efficiency by automating routine document handling tasks, thereby freeing up employees to spend more time on strategic and creative thinking. The solution helps organizations to reinforce their data governance, improve customer and employee experiences, and simplify document access compliance.

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Tungsten ControlSuite is a comprehensive solution designed to efficiently capture and process various types of documents. By swiftly connecting business systems with multifunction devices (MFDs), ControlSuite enhances productivity and strengthens document security.

Tungsten ControlSuite offers advanced cognitive capture workflows that utilize state-of-the-art OCR technology, allowing the platform to support a broad range of document types and input sources. It also provides secure print management features, such as Print-to-Me printing and Secure Document Release, essential for maintaining confidentiality and improving overall print management efficiency.

Beyond its primary features, ControlSuite provides additional strengths that assure document security and facilitate workflow connection to cloud applications. Additionally, ControlSuite’s unified user interface allows a seamless experience across all devices, ensuring maximum convenience and security. This includes mobile workflows for remote workforces.

Overall, Tungsten ControlSuite helps facilitate secure and efficient print management and document processing, improves the agility of distributed workforces through mobile workflows, and provides insightful analytics for data-informed decision making.

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UiPath Document Understanding is an advanced IDP solution that uses AI-powered software robots to extract and process data from a variety of document types, from PDFs and images to handwriting and scans.

Users can conveniently construct and roll out intelligent document-processing robots using the UiPath Studio environment. UiPath Document Understanding augments these robots with AI capabilities, thanks to the platform’s integrations with pre-trained machine learning models. This enables them to manage documents of various formats and layouts, including unstructured, rotated, skewed, and low-resolution data. It also facilitates no-code AI, which enables citizen developers and business users to deploy AI without any coding.

UiPath Document Understanding enables high-volume processes to run round the clock with minimal supervision. The software is accurate and versatile, whilst being able to locate required data even if its position shifts within documents.

In summary, UiPath Document Understanding is a comprehensive solution for automating document processing tasks. It leverages AI and machine learning technologies to promote efficiency and accuracy, making it a robust solution for businesses looking to automate their document data extraction processes.

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WorkFusion is an AI-powered IDP solution that is capable of effectively managing large volumes of diverse documents. By utilizing pre-built, industry-focused features, this solution helps increase the accuracy of extracted data, as well as drive efficiency with its high automation rates.

WorkFusion’s pre-trained machine learning models allow organizations to process documents immediately, without the need for manual coding or data scientists. With continuous improvements and model re-training through Fusion Learning, “human-in-the-loop” collaboration, and proprietary data usage, the solution efficiently automates advanced document understanding tasks and improves its accuracy over time. This is further extended by the platform’s A/B testing and data analytics features, which give users the ability to monitor the platform’s performance and adjust their workflows as needed.

Additional strengths of WorkFusion include its ability to process a wide range of document types in more than 40 languages. It excels in recognizing and analyzing “tricky” elements such as handwriting, signatures, checkmarks, logos, and barcodes, even within low-quality documents. Finally, a full transparency feature ensures complete visibility into model performance and decision-making, thus facilitating model governance.

Overall, WorkFusion offers a range of user-friendly frameworks to streamline document processing. Its continuous learning approach, pre-trained machine learning models, and large language support make it a strong IDP tool, enhancing operational accuracy and speed, whilst still being easy for users to navigate and utilize.

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The Top 9 Intelligent Document Processing Systems