The Top 10 Integration Platform As A Service (IPaaS) Solutions

Explore integration as a service solutions known for their seamless integration capabilities, support for various data formats, and pre-built connectors to streamline application integration across diverse systems and platforms.

The Top 10 Integration as a Service Solutions include:
  • 1. Boomi
  • 2. Celigo
  • 3. IBM App Connect
  • 4. Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud
  • 5. Jitterbit Harmony
  • 6. Microsoft Azure Logic Apps
  • 7. MuleSoft Anypoint
  • 8. Oracle Cloud Integration Services
  • 9. SnapLogic Data Integration and Automation
  • 10. Workato iPaaS

Integration as a Service (IaaS) solutions are cloud-based platforms that facilitate integrations between different software applications and systems. These solutions enable seamless data integration and exchange between numerous applications, without requiring significant investment in infrastructure or maintenance.

IaaS solutions provide robust tools for data transformation, error handling, and transaction management. IaaS solutions often come with features like API management, cloud and on-premises integration, and real-time analytics. 

In this guide we will cover the top IaaS solutions, with a short overview provided of each solution on the market. We’ll compare key features, capabilities, and ease of use, based on our independent market research and analysis alongside customer feedback.

Boomi Logo

Boomi provides a highly adaptable, scalable, and user-friendly iPaaS solution. The platform provides a comprehensive set of pre-built connectors and integration models. Intelligent integration and automation features help reduce manual user actions and prevent potential issues.

The platform uses machine learning tools to offer high-quality data mapping recommendations, simplifying the integration process. It combines this with self-managed, automatic platform updates synchronized with integration processes. Boomi also offers a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Boomi provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform designed to greatly simplify and speed up the integration process. By minimizing maintenance and leveraging machine learning, the platform allows developers to both save time, and improve integration reliability.

Boomi Logo
Celigo Logo

Celigo provides a versatile, AI-enabled IPaaS platform designed to automate and accelerate integration projects. The solution enables teams to build secure and scalable integrations, helping to reduce system management costs and improve productivity.

The Celigo platform provides an easy-to-use admin console. Business users can access an easy, low-code user interface, while developers can access a dev interface designed for building more complex integrations. This approach ensures all users can quickly get what they need from the system. The platform is built on an elastic infrastructure, ensuring reliable performance. The solution is scalable and it promises high reliability regardless of data load or integration configuration.

Celigo has a focus on automation and scalability. The Celigo integration marketplace provides thousands of connectors and templates to help teams to speed up integration building processes. The platform also uses AI and ML tools to enhance the platform’s usability and efficiency. This includes a workflow code assistant and error detection to help improve the integration building experiences.

Overall, Celigo provides a fully featured, user-friendly platform that unifies systems and data points. Its emphasis on ease, scalability, and reliability makes it a well-rounded choice for organizations seeking an efficient solution to manage and enhance their business process automation and integrations.

Celigo Logo
IBM Logo

IBM App Connect is a comprehensive integration tool designed to connect data across any applications, no matter where or how data is stored. The platform provides hundreds of pre-designed connectors and templates, so teams and users of all skill levels can easily build secure and scalable integration flows.

IBM App Connect offers a no-code user interface and can be deployed on-premise or on any cloud platform. To simplify building integrations, the platform provides customizable, pre-built connectors uses and IT tools to map data transformation. The platform supports various integration technologies including API-led, event-driven messaging. Hybrid management capabilities allow administrators to manage integrations across cloud and on-premise environments, reducing operational and administrative overhead.

Admins are able to view dashboards and reports covering integrations, with real-time collaboration in an easy-to-manage admin console. One of the specific strengths of App Connect is its diverse deployment options where data resides, including on-premise, in cloud, hybrid cloud environments, and as a fully managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

IBM App Connect is a comprehensive IPaaS tool that simplifies building integrations. It offers high scalability and a no-code interface, making it accessible to a broad range of users and teams.

IBM Logo
Informatica Logo

Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud is a leading cloud-based API and AI-powered IPaaS solution. The solution supports any cloud-native data application and API integration.

Informatica offers a scalable, secure IPaaS solution. The platform provides broad support for cloud services, including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. It also supports on-prem data sources. Apps and data can be integrated in real-time, with a simple user interface for building integrations, and intelligent management tools to ensure continuity and data governance.  The platform supports codeless API and application integrations via a drag and drop user interface.

The platform provides AI tools to streamline API lifecycle management, with no coding required. Teams can easily design, develop, and deploy APIs from the admin console, with collaboration features to speed up the process. The platform also enables teams to quickly identify and monitor data quality in connected applications, with intelligent insights and automations to help teams find issues quickly.

Overall, Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud is a strong platform for integrating data from both cloud and on-premises applications. The platform supports any cloud-native data and has strong security credentials, including a range of security certifications.

Informatica Logo
Jitterbit Logo

Jitterbit Harmony is an iPaaS solution designed to make it easy to connect data application and processes. The platform provides over 400 pre-built integrations for common business workflows, and an easy-to-use admin interface for building integrations.

Jitterbit supports cloud, on-prem SaaS, or hybrid data via one platform. Pre-built integrations enable teams to quickly build integrations for common business tools and processes. Users can also quickly create and deploy APIs with features to manage the full API lifecycle at scale. The admin dashboard provides full visibility across all integrations, with customer support and training available where required.

Ease-of-use is a key focus for this solution. The platform is designed to make it simple and straightforward to deploy, customize, and manage APIs and integrations via one platform for IT teams. Teams can build integration workflows and reuse them across components as needed to support growth and scale.

Jitterbit Harmony is an effective, low-code IPaaS solution designed to help teams easily build, manage, and scale enterprise integrations. The platform provides an easy-to-use admin console with a focus on productivity and adaptability. It’s compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 compliance requirements.

Jitterbit Logo
Microsoft Logo

Azure Logic Apps is Microsoft’s IPaaS solution designed for building enterprise integrations and workflows. It enables teams to build customizable, automated workflows within a visual designer, without requiring code. Automated workflows can integrate and manage apps, data, and systems across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments. Microsoft defines Azure resources created to build a workflow as Logic Apps.

Azure Logic Apps can be used to build modern integrations across both on-prem and cloud-based networks, securely and quickly. Workflows can be deployed anywhere, including in Azure, locally or on-prem. The platform integrates with other Microsoft services, such as Visual Code Studio, to help develop and debug workflows and Azure Monitor for troubleshooting.

Azure Logic Apps is easy-to-use (no coding experience is required to build workflows), and there is a large eco-system of pre-built connectors available for popular apps such as Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. The platform is commonly used for building B2B workflows and supports complex mapping requirements.

Azure Logic Apps is a scalable, secure platform for building adaptable workflows. In addition to the features outlined above, users can create their own templates and build custom APIs and connectors for further custom functionality. The platform is ideal for Azure users looking for an IPaaS solution.

Microsoft Logo
MuleSoft Logo

MuleSoft offer an IPaaS solution enabling teams to quickly integrate apps, data, and devices. The platform is designed to be used either by experienced developers, or low-code users via the simple admin interface with drag and drop capabilities. The platform

has a focus on ease-of-use and speed of deployment. The drag and drop UI is intuitive, with hundreds of templates, pre-bult APIs and connectors available to connect applications. The platform also supports advanced use cases; developers are able to create APIs and connecters within the Anypoint Studio and build their own templates using the Anypoint SDK. Integrations can be tested within a comprehensive testing suit, with debugging features to help identity and remediate errors quickly.

The platform is designed to facilitate fast integration into existing DevOPs processes. The platform provides built-in support for Maven, GitHub, and Genkins, and there is an ‘IPaaS marketplace’ where teams can share and reuse APIs, templates, and connecters for faster development.

MuleSoft Anypoint is a leader in the space, supporting over 60billion monthly transactions. It promises a reliable, highly available service, with 99.99% uptime, and an easy-to-manage, intuitive developer experience.

MuleSoft Logo
Oracle Logo

Oracle offers a range of cloud infrastructure integration services designed to automate integration processes within a centralized management console. The platform supports integration for popular cloud platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, and Shopify. It offers pre-built integration adapters and no-code customization tools.

Oracle enables teams to quickly build integrations to cloud applications, with pre-built templates for popular cloud applications. As well as cloud and SaaS application, Oracle also supports on-premises and hybrid integrations, with tools for developers to build new models and secure APIs. The platform delivers a visual designer to customize templates and workflows.

Oracle supports real-time data integration and analytics within the GoldenGate data mesh platform. This enables users to design, launch and monitor data replication and data processing for on-prem and cloud systems.

Oracle offers a reliable, secure, and high-performing integration solution. It supports comprehensive application and data integration requirements, automates key processes, and provides full lifecycle management for APIs. The service is free to try with a 30-day free trial.

Oracle Logo
SnapLogic Logo

SnapLogic Data Integration and Automation is a scalable data integration solution that enables teams to connect either cloud-based or on-premises data sources. It is designed to connect and enrich data sources with a simplified admin console for mapping data.

SnapLogic helps teams to connect, analyze, and map data with a user-friendly data pipeline designer. Teams can easily create platforms and workflows in a simple, intuitive interface designed for users of varying levels of skill. The platform also incorporates AI-assistance tools (called AutoSuggest) which helps teams create pipelines much faster.

The platform also provides an integrated API development and management platform, which features API developer and consumer portals. SnapLogic provides a comprehensive suite of additional data solution, including automated ingestion of data from popular data warehouses and data transformation.

Overall, SnapLogic is an effective and comprehensive IPaaS solution for data integration. It brings together data from various cloud and on-premises sources and enables teams to create comprehensive data overviews within a user-friendly visual data analytics platform.

SnapLogic Logo
Workato Logo

Workato offer a leading IPaaS solution for integrating and automating data and business processes, built on a cloud native architecture for scale. The platform provides a drag-and-drop interface to build and customize integrations, APIs, and automations.

Workato helps to improve speed and scale when building out integrations and automations. The solution provides unlimited access to over 1,000 pre-built connectors and workflows built by the Workato team. These can be customized as required using the low-code visual builder.

Key features of the platform include automatic provisioning, built-in governance, and controls, debugging for code and error handling. The platform is built for enterprise-grade secure and scalable integrations, while minimizing costs and developer time spent error hunting.

Workato is a leader in the IPaaS space, used by leading brands. It provides 1,000s of pre-built connectors, with leading tools such as ServiceNow, NetSuite, and Salesforce, covering a wide range of use cases. This is a strong choice to consider for a low-code integration building experience.

Workato Logo
The Top 10 Integration Platform As A Service (IPaaS) Solutions