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The Top 6 Insider Threat Detection Solutions

Discover the top Insider Threat Detecting Solutions and get info on their key features like machine learning, monitoring, and analytics.

The Top 6 Insider Threat Detection Solutions Include:
  • 1. Code42 Incydr
  • 2. Forcepoint Insider Threat
  • 3. ManageEngine Data Security Plus
  • 4. Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
  • 5. Proofpoint Insider Threat Management
  • 6. Teramind

Insider Threat Detection solutions are designed to protect against cyber-threats that originate inside your organisation’s network. This could include compromised accounts and devices, ransomware risks, and poor internal security practices.

When we consider the need for strong cyber defenses, the first thought tends to be: how can we stop people getting in? We are often focused on preventing external malicious actors from breaching our defenses and gaining access to valuable or sensitive data. However, threats from insiders are a growing concern for businesses as statistics show that the number of incidents being initiated from internal threats is rising. The Cybersecurity Insiders 2020 Insider Threat Report detailed that 68% of organizations feel “moderately to extremely vulnerable” to insider attacks and can confirm that these types of attacks are increasing in frequency. 

No companies are safe from this type of threat; it includes not only malicious action, but also negligence and carelessness. So regardless of the size of your organization, without the right policies and procedures, a range of problems can arise. This is where specific internal threat solutions come into their own. 

To make the process of selecting the right solution more straightforward, we have put together a list of some strong options, each of which provide insider threat detection with capabilities like alerts, permission controls, and automation. We have also included some background information and our recommendations for the type of organization that is best served by each solution. 

Code42 Logo

Code42 is an American cybersecurity company founded in 2001, who specialize in insider risk management. Incydr is designed to detect and respond to insider risk by providing users with visibility, context, and controls to mitigate the risk of data leaks and IP theft. This solution offers users a tailored view to better identify data exposure, training gaps, and non-compliance. This makes it easier to prioritize risks based on contextual risk scoring. There are also effective, automated responses in place to streamline action without disrupting productivity, as well as automated management workflows, forensic search, and reporting capabilities.

Code42 works to deliver solutions built with today’s highly collaborative culture in mind. The solution monitors data and prioritizes high risk employee’s using over 60 contextual Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs). We would recommend Code42 Incydr to organizations looking for a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of controls to contain, resolve, and educate users on risky events to drive secure habits and decrease the overall risk of insider threats.

Forcepoint Logo

Founded in 1994, Forcepoint is an American software company that develops computer security software. Their solution, Forcepoint Insider Threat, promises unrivaled visibility into user behavior to help you identify threats from within the organization. It does this by streamlining investigations, extensive monitoring of data sources, and anomaly identification. The solution will leverage detailed forensics to better understand employees’ actions and intent. Monitoring can be customized to focus on the riskiest users, thereby ensuring that your organization is protected.

Forcepoint Insider Threat collects behavioral data from a wide range of channels, then conducts powerful analysis to identify and respond to any concerning behavior before any harmful events can take place. This a strong solution that provides effective and reliable monitoring of critical systems and analyzes user actions. We would recommend it to organizations of any size interested in a strong insider threat detection solution that is effective and easy to use.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine is a provider of comprehensive IT management software that works to improve efficiency for workforces. Their solution, ManageEngine Data Security Plus, is a unified data visibility and security platform capable of auditing file changes in real-time and blocking ransomware intrusion. This helps to maintain compliance with various IT regulations. It is a feature-rich solution that helps to combat insider threats with capabilities such as workstation monitoring, visibility into file access patterns, data transfer activities etc. Together, these features make it easier to identify anomalous behaviors.

ManageEngine Data Security Plus is a strong solution with a user-friendly interface that works well to secure against insider threats, prevent data loss or theft, and makes it easier to meet compliance requirements. We would recommend this solution to organizations of any size that need a solution that is capable of providing in-depth analysis and actionable insights.

Microsoft Logo

 Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management intelligently identifies, investigates, and acts upon any potential insider risk. This solution takes an integrated, end-to-end approach to addressing insider risk, thereby achieving improved security. The solution evaluates potential insider risk via analytics, use customizable ML templates to create policies, focuses risk investigation with contextual alerts, and use case management to investigate and act on issues generated by risk indicators.

This solution detects risky users and assigns risk levels to manage insider threats by dynamically applying preventative controls. The platform also allows users to create custom policies to manage their security and compliance needs. We would recommend Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management to larger enterprises that are looking to make use of a full breadth or services and third-party indicators to effectively identify, triage, and act upon risky activity.

Proofpoint Logo

Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that works to protect an organization’s assets and mitigate their biggest risks. Proofpoint Insider Threat Management is their people-centric SaaS solution, designed to protect sensitive data from insider threats and data loss at the endpoint. The solution works to detect risky insider activity, providing speedy response to insider threats and data loss incidents, and ensure users can remain productive and secure with a lightweight endpoint agent.

By combining context across content, behavior, and threats, Proofpoint Insider Threat Management provides deep visibility into user activities that can help security teams to tackle the challenges of detecting and mitigating insider threats. We would recommend this solution to organizations in need of a tool capable of streamlining their response to insider-led incidents and offering actionable intelligence that can help to mitigate potential damage.

Teramind Logo

Teramind is a leading threat management, data loss prevention, and UEBA software provider. They offer insider threat prevention and detection powered by behavior analytics and fueled by data-driven endpoint monitoring. Teramind offers a range of insider threat prevention capabilities, including anomalous and malicious behavior alerting and monitoring company data and files to reduce accidental leaks – the platform will prohibit file uploads to public cloud or external USB drives. The solution also monitors users with privileged access, blocking users from logging in out of hours or from unknown sources and IP addresses. The solution will identify vulnerable points based on contextual information such as what, when and where risky actions are occurring.

Teramind lets you oversee all risky activity from a single, unified dashboard, and helps admins to identify areas that are vulnerable or highly targeted based on contextual factors. The platform can also monitor and record the activities of employees, remote users, and any external contractors that are operating either onsite or offsite. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for an insider threat detection tool that is feature-rich and can secure a large and varied user base.

The Top Insider Threat Detection Solutions