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The Top 8 Insider Risk Management Solutions

Assess insider risk management solutions, selected for their data loss prevention, user behavior analytics, and incident response capabilities.

The Top 8 Insider Risk Management Solutions include:
  • 1. Code42 Incydr
  • 2. Forcepoint Insider Threat Solutions
  • 3. Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
  • 4. Proofpoint Insider Threat Management
  • 5. Safetica Insider Risk Management
  • 6. Splunk User Behavior Analytics
  • 7. Teramind Insider Threat Prevention
  • 8. Varonis Insider Risk Management

Insider Risk Management (IRM) solutions protect against malicious or accidental threats caused by internal employees, contractors, or business partners. Insider risk management is crucial to protect against data loss, security breaches, and compliance violations, helping admins to stop threats before they can cause significant damage.

Insider risk management solutions provide a range of features, including user activity monitoring, incident response and alerting, and data loss prevention policies. Key capabilities include analyzing user behavior to monitor for suspicious activities that could indicate a security risk – such as accessing sensitive data from a suspicious location. If anomalies are identified, the system can instantly flag the suspicious activity, enabling proactive risk management.

The market for insider risk management solutions is competitive, with many solutions covering a broad range of risk management capabilities. These platforms often integrate with other security measures such as identity and access management systems, endpoint protection solutions and data loss prevention solutions, to provide a comprehensive security framework.

This guide will explore the top insider risk management solutions, comparing their distinctive features, policy management, integration capabilities, and real-time alert systems.

Code42 Logo

Code42 Incydr is a cloud-based data loss prevention solution designed to prevent insider data theft. Incydr monitors endpoint, cloud, and browser to detect potential data leaks across multiple areas including email, cloud apps, and browsers.

Incydr can detect data theft without the need to configure complex data loss prevention policies. Incyder monitors all life cycle stages of your data to immediately alert admins when files move beyond their trusted locations. Responses can be fine-tuned based on the specific insider risk incident.

Incydr automatically blocks unacceptable data movement for high-risk users. The solution also extends visibility to Salesforce users, detecting and preventing exports to personal devices. Incydr provides comprehensive Risk Indicators help prioritize high-risk employee activities, enabling businesses to automate response controls, minimize user errors, and contain insider threats.

One of Incydr’s key strengths is its integrations. The solution integrates with over 30 partners to enhance your existing tech stack. The platform is designed to facilitate a friction-free user experience, without slowing down devices or blocking sanctioned activities.

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Forcepoint’s Insider Threat Solutions are designed to help teams manage internal risks, without impeding employee productivity. Forcepoint offers visibility and analytics tools to track all user interactions with sensitive data to reduce the risk of data loss.

It provides a comprehensive overview of user actions and live video replay so teams can accurately determine malicious intent. Automated policy enforcement is based on individual risk levels and behaviors and allows companies to halt data theft before loss occurs.

The Forcepoint Behavioral Analytics solution provides key insider threat protection capabilities, including automated policy enforcement, comprehensive user risk scoring, and integration with data loss prevention techniques. It provides a 360-degree view of intent and user actions, allowing for a more holistic view of risk trends, deeper understanding of user intent through data analytics, and machine learning for automated risk response.

Forcepoint’s strengths lie in its ability to provide granular visibility, sequential timelines for easy comprehension of intent, and facilitate the implementation of a Zero Trust model by blocking anomalous activities from compromised users. In summary, Forcepoint offers a sophisticated insider threat detection platform with powerful features to effectively manage potential risks.

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Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management is an integrated solution designed to efficiently identify, investigate, and address insider risks, delivered as part of the Microsoft 365 E5 compliance suite. The solution offers a clear and easy-to-use data risk management platform with robust controls ensuring user data privacy.

Microsoft provides customizable machine learning templates, enabling teams to identify hidden risks without the need for endpoint agents. This feature allows teams to easily implement risk management policies. The solution provides detailed analytics to conduct an evaluation of potential insider risks within the organization.

One of the key strengths of Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management is its case management feature. This allows organizations to investigate and take comprehensive action on issues generated by specific policies. The solution uses a wide array of service and third-party indicators to facilitate rapid identification, triage, and action on potentially risky activities.

In summary, Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management is an effective solution for managing potential internal threats and ensuring compliance. This relatively hands-off solution uses machine learning and data analytics to pinpoint and address risks, enhancing the overall security posture of an organization.

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Proofpoint Insider Threat Management (ITM) is a cloud-based DLP solution offering protection against brand damage and data loss from insider threats. It tracks user activity and data movement, enabling security teams to pinpoint potential threats, identify user risks, and respond swiftly to security incidents.

The system provides comprehensive visibility into user activities and the capacity to detect and prevent risky behavior in real time. The software utilizes a lightweight endpoint agent to monitor both general and high-risk user interactions with data. It also allows the creation of watchlists based on variables like user role, data interaction, vulnerability to threats, and changes in employment status.

Proofpoint ITM provides alerts for risky data movements, unauthorized access, and data exfiltration attempts. It enables security teams to establish custom rules that align with an organization’s insider threat policies, acceptable use, and data loss procedures. The system can block data leakage in real time, preventing users from initiating out-of-policy interactions.

Proofpoint ITM offers robust protection against internal threats and can effectively detect suspicious activities and prevent data losses. It accelerates the time to respond to threat incidents by offering easy-to-understand evidence and workflows tailored for team collaboration. This system presents a scalable, cloud-native platform that focuses on data protection, while also reducing setup time and cost, and promoting efficient incident responses.

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Safetica ONE Insider Risk Management offers comprehensive and proactive protection against insider threats. This software safeguards crucial data with its capability to block data exfiltration across various channels ranging from cloud services to removable storage devices, emails, and websites.

Safetica performs real-time monitoring and analysis of user activities, notifying admins of insider threats, risky actions, and revealing hidden applications or shadow IT. It provides clear alerts and reports when threats are detected Safetica also facilitates the analysis of hardware and software license usage, helping to cut down on costs and maintenance.

Safetica stands out with its continuous monitoring, auditing trails, and real-time visibility into data access and usage. This aids companies staying compliant and bolsters security measures. Safetica provides comprehensive sensitive data protection, protecting against both accidental and intentional leakage.

Safetica is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing security systems, providing endpoint-to-network security solutions. It extends control over unknown devices with native integration with Microsoft 365 and Fortinet network appliances. All audited incidents and logs can be sent to SIEM solutions like Splunk, IBM QRadar, LogRhythm, or ArcSight for further examination.

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Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is a user activity monitoring solution that uses machine learning algorithms to detect unknown and insider threats. The solution identifies irregular behaviors by establishing the standard behaviors of users, devices, and applications, then identifies deviations from this baseline.

Splunk UBA offers advanced threat detection by analyzing billions of raw events, reducing them to only key threats for easy review. The product streamlines threat workflows and assists in the identification of hidden threats without requiring human analysis. It combines anomalies across users, accounts, devices, and applications to expose attack patterns and uses a ‘kill chain’ detection system for discovering attack vectors.

In addition to threat detection, Splunk UBA also provides comprehensive visibility of potential attacks. It detects threats across various phases of an attack, providing security analysts with detailed insights into the root cause, scope, severity, and timelines, aiding in efficient risk assessment. It simplifies incident investigations, increasing the efficiency of Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Splunk UBA offers comprehensive threat detection and visibility, streamlining incident investigations and improving SOC efficiency. By combining these features with its capability to provide in-depth contextual insights, the product can quickly respond to potential threats and stop them in their tracks.

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Teramind is a user behavior monitoring solution that focuses on insider threat prevention across enterprises of all sizes. It uses behavior analytics based on endpoint monitoring to safeguard sensitive and confidential company data. Teramind’s core feature is its Behavior Rules & Alerts engine which allows for the proactive detection and prevention of insider threats.

Other key features include real-time threat prevention and automated, customizable responses. Teramind can intervene during suspected data leak attempts, such as intercepting suspicious email activities or blocking file uploads to public clouds and external USB drives. Additionally, it offers effective controls over user access, helping to mitigate the risk of malware infection from phishing campaigns.

Teramind facilitates intelligent risk assessment through dynamic risk scoring, providing insights into user behavior to preempt insider threats and other potential security risks before they escalate to critical issues. The software also enables deep-dive investigations through session playbacks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so teams can understand precisely what transpired during a security breach.

Teramind delivers a robust set of features for threat prevention, real-time intervention, risk assessment, and data breach investigations, offering businesses comprehensive protection against insider threats.

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Varonis Insider Risk Management is a data loss prevention solution which provides visibility and control over sensitive data. It is designed to limit and monitor data access, and flag suspicious activities, safeguarding critical information from insider threats. A key feature of the system is its automated least privilege model which intelligently controls who has access to data.

Varonis generates a log of every interaction across cloud and on-premises environments, enabling streamlined security incident investigations. In terms of risk assessment, Varonis provides a real-time view of data security posture combining file sensitivity, access, and activity, and prioritizes remediation based on risk.

The product also features behavior-based alerting to detect potential threats such as unusual sensitive file access or mass data transfers to personal email accounts. It has automated responses to stop these actions in real-time. In addition, Varonis offers a Proactive Incident Response team that monitors data for threats, investigates alerts, and flags only genuine incidents requiring your attention. This saves time and strengthens your security defenses.

In summary, Varonis Insider Risk Management provides practical measures to reduce data access, audit activities, offer real-time risk assessment and has proactive monitoring which saves time while hardening security defenses.

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The Top 8 Insider Risk Management Solutions