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The Top 8 Idea And Innovation Management Software

Explore the top Idea And Innovation Management Software designed to transform creative concepts into tangible results. Explore features such as collaboration tools, idea voting, and project tracking.

The Top 8 Idea And Innovation Management Software include:
  • 1. Aha! Ideas
  • 2. HYPE Ideation
  • 3. Ideanote
  • 4. IdeaScale
  • 5. Miro
  • 6. Planbox Innovation Central
  • 7. Planview IdeaPlace
  • 8. Qmarkets Q-ideate

Idea and Innovation Management software helps organizations to transform creative concepts into tangible results. They provide a platform for capturing, evaluating, and implementing ideas and innovation concepts from diverse sources within and external to the organization. 

When a team member proposes a new idea, the software provides a platform for employees, customers, and other key stakeholders to discuss, refine, and track the progress of the idea from inception to fruition. Stakeholders can offer their input, exchange perspectives, and further develop each idea. Management can then use these contributions, as well as prioritization and ranking tools built into the platform, to identify and implement the ideas that best align with their strategic objectives.

There are numerous benefits to implementing an idea and innovation management tool: they make it easier to access and review ideas; they promote a culture of collaboration and innovation; they increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the ideation process; and they enable managers to track the progress of ideas and innovations more easily, as well as measure the success of implemented projects.

In this article, we’ll explore the top idea and innovation management software designed to help you transform creative concepts into tangible results. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including collaboration tools, idea voting, project tracking, analytics, risk assessments, workflow management, and integrations with project management and CRM systems. 

Aha! Logo

Aha! Ideas is an idea management tool that helps businesses to consolidate feedback, gather customer insights, and identify revenue-driving preferences.

Aha! Ideas provides a centralized portal where an unlimited number of customers can share and vote on ideas. It supports qualitative and quantitative data collection, with tools such as feedback polls, in-app feedback, and virtual focus groups to help give businesses a thorough understanding of customer requirements. This portal is fully customizable, so businesses can tailor it to complement their brand’s identity. Aha! Ideas also streamlines the idea review process, utilizing automated functions that can track voting patterns and automatically categorize ideas. The tool offers a comprehensive single-view management of feedback, useful scorecards for idea evaluation, and an arrangement method to rank ideas according to their priority.

Finally, Aha! Ideas offers powerful reports that analyze feedback patterns and calculate expected business value at an individual, company, and segment level. This enables managers to quantify the prospective value of ideas, thereby linking feedback directly to potential sales and profits. Overall, we recommend Aha! Ideas as a comprehensive platform for gathering and analyzing customer ideas and feedback.

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Hype Logo

HYPE Ideation is an idea management system that helps organizations to crowdsource, assess, and realize new concepts on a singular platform. It oversees every phase of an idea’s lifecycle, from conception to the execution stage, and caters to both internal advancements and external innovations.

HYPE Ideation allows organizations to rapidly crowdsource ideas directly in line with their business objectives, whether they are solving internal challenges or collaborative external ventures. The platform offers real-time collaboration tools, such as the ability to “like” ideas and leave “comments”, and a Multi-Perspective Thinking tool that helps stakeholders to structure productive feedback. This helps keep stakeholders informed and engaged, while encouraging them to refine ideas. HYPE Ideation also offers custom evaluation processes, with unique workflows, predefined templates, and customized criteria options, all of which make it easier for managers to review ideas and identify which ones best line up with their business objectives. This includes that platform’s Pairwise tool, for intuitive idea comparisons.

Overall, HYPE Ideation simplifies the analysis, measurement, and optimization of idea management, helping managers to make data-informed decisions about which ideas to implement, while fostering a culture of creative collaboration amongst stakeholders.

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Ideanote Logo

Ideanote is an idea management software designed to streamline the collection and management of ideas within organizations. The platform provides a central hub for ideas, allowing for improved collaboration and helping businesses to develop an environment where employee insights are valued.

Ideanote uses a goal-driven approach to help drive innovation, with tools to track the progress of each idea from inception to implementation. The platform’s goal tracking tool enables managers to define strategic goals for their idea collections, then measure those goals over time in line with innovation processes. Ideanote offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for employees to submit their ideas and comment on others’ ideas, which they can do anonymously. This encourages participation, as it removes the element of “stage fright”. Managers can customize the fields shown on the idea submission form to ensure that they get the level of detail they need, as well as control who can collaborate, how, and when. They can also customize the rating scales that employees use to evaluate ideas.

Ideanote enables organizations to harness collective intelligence, fostering a culture of innovation. With a strong focus on engaging employees, it streamlines the idea management process and ensures the effective progression of ideas, from collection and evaluation to implementation.

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IdeaScale Logo

IdeaScale is an industry-leading innovation management solution that helps organizations streamline their innovation efforts. This powerful software provides an interactive and accessible space for the creation, development, and management of ideas, promoting innovation based on merit and relevance.

IdeaScale offers comprehensive idea collection capabilities, with an inclusive approach that allows anyone to submit ideas. In addition to collecting ideas, it offers a suite of functions to help managers turn those ideas into tangible products. Its Concept Selection function promotes a diverse innovation pipeline by offering workflow and idea routing, while the Project Planning feature transforms ideas into implementable concepts. It also offers a Solution Creation and Development function, which facilitates the prototyping and testing of concepts. In addition to these functions, IdeaScale offers performance benchmarking, custom roles, and robust reporting and analytics. Its integration capabilities allow seamless connection with existing enterprise systems—including Jira and Trello for streamlined workflow management—while still providing flexible configuration options. The platform also offers a responsive mobile design and, for added security, enables single sign-on.

Overall, IdeaScale is a comprehensive and flexible innovation management solution. Its wide range of features and integrations make it an excellent platform for nurturing and managing innovation in any organization, particularly those looking for help on transforming ideas into real, tangible results.

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Miro logo

Miro is a versatile team collaboration tool designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. The platform offers a variety of functions—covering everything from product development workflows and workshops to diagramming and data visualization—all in one shared, collaborative workspace.

Designed to facilitate idea generation and complex planning, Miro offers automated comments, unified pipelines, wireframing, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools, and an extensive shapes library for diagramming. Users can access a versatile kanban for task tracking with integrated Jira cards and tables, promoting visual project management. To help streamline productivity, Miro also includes its own AI-powered Assist function, which generates automatic mind maps, diagrams, code, and intelligent summaries. The platform integrates effectively with over 130 other apps for easier deployment and management. It helps secure intellectual property with structured permissions and settings, as well as complying with regulations such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST, SOC2, Type II, SOC3, and TISAX.

Overall, Miro is a comprehensive team collaboration and project management tool that connects teams, simplifies collaboration processes, and encourages creativity and productivity, all while maintaining a high level of security.

Miro logo
Planbox Logo

Planbox Innovation CentralPart of Planbox’s Agile Innovation Management Suite, Planbox Innovation Central enables organizations to collect, refine, and implement strategically aligned ideas from all sections of their innovation community. The platform enables businesses to turn ideas into tangible solutions and boost business outcomes, turning potential into commercial value.

Innovation Central enables managers to plan ideation campaigns and collect ideas from their stakeholders using real-time collaborative canvases. These canvases encourage a collaborative culture, promote creativity, and enable the business to crowdsource not only the initial ideas themselves, but also feedback on those ideas that can be used to help refine them.

As well as these core features, Innovation Central offers an AI-powered, self-driving innovation system and self-service analytics tools that help managers to evaluate ideas and prioritize their implementation. Finally, the platform also offers robust integrations with existing tools to help streamline deployment and ongoing management.

Overall, Planbox’s Innovation Central software promotes systematic ideation, helping to transform opportunity into actionable innovation. The platform streamlines the entire idea management lifecycle, helping reduce time-to-market and encourage innovation at scale.

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Planview Logo

Planview IdeaPlace (formerly known as Planview Spigit) is an innovation management platform designed to streamline the ideation process from idea generation to execution. The platform supports broad, organization-wide communication, allowing for the generation and development of new ideas, while offering a range of evaluation and prioritization tools.

Planview IdeaPlace puts a strong focus on crowdsourcing. It allows stakeholders to vote on ideas and provides comparative evaluations that help managers to identify and advance the most promising ideas. It also adopts a data-driven approach to innovation management, integrating idea data, metrics, and trends to calculate an idea’s progression, cost to impact, and speed to market.

To further help evaluate ideas, the platform offers Microsoft Power BI dashboards that give managers a detailed assessment of each idea, which they can export for use in other applications. Planview IdeaPlace also offers Challenge Templates which allow for the easy setup of specific innovation use case explorations, and a section for Guides and Tutorials where managers can seek advice and discover best practices. The platform also supports mobile access, making it easy for users to engage with challenges remotely. Other notable features include crowd predictions, a guided user experience, automated workflow management, and executive reporting.

Planview IdeaPlace helps organizations to drive data-driven innovation. It integrates enterprise and lean innovation management approaches into a single application and dataset, thus contributing to a healthy, collaborative, and productive innovation culture.

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QMarkets Logo

Qmarkets Q-ideate is a strategic innovation management platform that fosters idea generation and collaboration. The product helps organizations to create a culture of innovation amongst stakeholders, and enables managers to gather, manage, and implement ideas that yield substantial business impact.

Qmarkets Q-ideate enables managers to launch ideation challenges with customized idea submission forms to ensure they receive the level of detail in submissions that they need, and automatic detection of similar corporate ideas. The platform facilitates user collaboration in refining ideas by offering a rating system for idea evaluation and a recognition system for contribution. It also uses AI to recommend relevant stakeholders for strategic input.

In addition to its core idea collection and evaluation tools, Qmarkets Q-ideate offers powerful reporting functionality that includes out-of-the-box and custom reports to help managers measure ROI, forecast the impact of ideas, and identify bottlenecks. It also offers integrations with enterprise social tools, localization, and automated content translation in more than 20 languages. The platform’s skin can be customized to align with the company’s brand identity.

Overall, Qmarkets Q-ideate, with its extensive suite of features and integration capabilities, is an effective tool for developing and implementing innovation and ideas at scale. Not only does it allow for robust idea generation and management, but it also enhances collaboration, increases user engagement, and helps deliver strategically aligned results.

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The Top 8 Idea And Innovation Management Software