The Top 10 Governance, Risk, And Compliance (GRC) Platforms

The Top 10 Governance, Risk, and Compliance Tools that offer comprehensive GRC capabilities to manage activities such as risk assessment, policy management, and audit tracking.

The Top 10 Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Platforms include:
  • 1. Archer Insight
  • 2. AuditBoard
  • 3. Diligent HighBond
  • 4. Drata
  • 5. IBM OpenPages
  • 6. LogicGate Risk Cloud
  • 7. Onspring Enterprise
  • 8. Resolver
  • 9. SAI360
  • 10. Vanta

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platforms play a critical role in helping organizations optimize their governance strategies, streamline their risk management processes, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By consolidating and streamlining these key functions, GRC platforms enable organizations to effectively monitor, assess, and address risks, manage compliance planning and reporting, and ensure that they’re achieving their business goals successfully and ethically.

GRC platforms typically offer an integrated suite of tools and capabilities that cover areas such as risk management, policy management, audit management, compliance management, internal control management, and incident management. They provide a centralized and holistic view of a company’s risks, controls, and compliance status, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and prioritize resources more effectively. 

The GRC platform market is thriving, with multiple vendors offering solutions that cater to various industries, company sizes, and risk management needs. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 GRC platforms. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including compliance templates, policy mapping, risk management, continuous monitoring, and in-depth reporting.

Archer Logo

Archer Insight is a risk management solution that allows decision-makers to efficiently analyze the economic impact of various risks and the value of potential mitigations. By standardizing risk exposure calculations and integrating risk quantification into the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, Archer Insight helps risk analysts create a comprehensive overview of the enterprise-level risk landscape.

The solution offers a built-in methodology for converting qualitative risk likelihood and impact ratings into quantitative values, enabling a more consistent and scalable enterprise approach to risk management. With its pre-built mathematical model for risk analysis, Archer Insight can effectively address different types of risks, including enterprise, operational, cyber, and non-cyber risks. The solution also enables cost-benefit analysis and provides business leaders with a detailed comparison of risks for more effective prioritization and resource allocation.

Archer Insight leverages existing data and processes while offering a user-friendly approach to mathematical and statistical quantification methods. Through its various features (including the Bowtie method for illustrating risks and control mapping for measuring control costs), Archer Insight assists organizations in making informed decisions to achieve their strategic goals.

Archer Logo
AuditBoard Logo

AuditBoard is a comprehensive risk management platform designed to elevate audit, risk, IT security, and ESG programs. The platform enables seamless collaboration with frontline teams and stakeholders, driving improved risk awareness and ownership across organizations. By automating routine steps, surfacing insights, and focusing on impactful activities, AuditBoard empowers teams to be more effective, efficient, and deliver strategic value.

The platform streamlines workflows and connects risk insights across functions, providing real-time reporting and a holistic view of an organization’s risk landscape. AuditBoard’s features include AI-driven content generation and recommendations, no-code analytics, automated evidence collection and testing, and intuitive reporting through visual dashboards.

Integration with workplace systems like Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Jira, and ServiceNow ensures user-friendliness and increased adoption. Additionally, AuditBoard connects with source systems like GitHub, Qualys, and Fastpath for streamlined evidence gathering, as well as Alteryx and Snowflake for automated control testing and continuous monitoring activities. There is also compatibility with PowerBi and Tableau for bespoke dashboard analysis.

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Diligent Logo

Diligent HighBond is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution that streamlines GRC processes and provides executives with a high level of assurance. It centralizes control over GRC, allowing organizations to design automated, end-to-end workflows that ensure real-time policy adaptation. Utilizing advanced data analytics, HighBond makes in-depth insights accessible to users regardless of technical expertise.

The platform offers comprehensive visibility into GRC data through ready-to-use dashboards and reports. Diligent’s Security Program adheres to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and follows ISO/IEC 27001 standards, implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to keep information assets secure. HighBond enables users to pull risk data from across the organization, which can be shared through customizable storyboards and one-click reports, providing real-time insights to decision-makers.

HighBond’s advanced analytics help identify risk patterns and predict threats, shifting the approach from reactive to proactive. It automates monitoring to reveal unaddressed discrepancies and anomalies in data. In addition, the platform allows customization of risk and control libraries, increasing collaboration, coverage, and the ability to uncover new vulnerabilities and opportunities. Overall, Diligent HighBond aims to enhance governance and reduce costs through automation, advanced analytics, and customizable features.

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Drata Logo

Drata is a compliance automation platform that assists businesses in achieving audit-ready status while providing support from a team of security and compliance experts. With over 85 native integrations, Drata can connect to various systems, such as HRIS, SSO, and cloud providers, for seamless evidence collection and control monitoring. For additional customization, the open API enables businesses to create custom integrations with any system.

The platform automates evidence collection, eliminating the need for manual tasks such as taking screenshots or managing spreadsheets. Drata accommodates the diverse compliance needs of businesses by offering more than 17 pre-built frameworks, a library of over 500 controls, and the ability to create custom controls. The platform also allows users to build pre-configured tests and set pass/fail thresholds for extensive control monitoring.

Drata simplifies compliance management by combining evidence, controls, and documents into a single platform. Continuous monitoring ensures up-to-date visibility into compliance status, allowing businesses to address risks and action items proactively. Role-based access enables the protection of sensitive data while streamlining workflows. Separate workspaces can be created for different business units to efficiently manage their compliance processes.

Drata Logo
IBM logo

IBM OpenPages is an AI-powered governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform that consolidates risk management functions within a unified environment. Designed for seamless integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, it enables businesses to efficiently identify, manage, monitor, and report on risks and regulatory compliance. OpenPages is an adaptable and fully-configurable enterprise risk management solution that is capable of supporting tens of thousands of users.

The platform features a task-focused user interface that minimizes training requirements and streamlines complex processes for all levels of an organization. Users can customize their experience with favorites, heat-maps, and sibling relationships, while dynamic guidance helps build key fields. OpenPages offers comprehensive dashboards, charts, and dimensional reporting, enabling administrators and users to gain insight into organizational risk and customize views based on responsibilities.

IBM OpenPages also includes GRC embedded workflows that run on-demand, scheduled, or upon object creation. The drag-and-drop functionality allows administrators to modify or develop new workflows, thereby facilitating new use case development. Additionally, the platform houses a calculation engine that automates risk-related calculation activities, such as understanding the inherent risk behind control effectiveness.

The single data repository provided by IBM OpenPages ensures a consistent view of risk and compliance management. It enables organizations to develop unlimited levels of entities, processes, risks, and control hierarchies, while reducing redundancies through shared documents, processes, risks, and controls.

IBM logo
LogicGate Logo

LogicGate Risk Cloud is a centralized platform designed to help businesses manage their risk programs. With this platform, companies can enhance efficiency by reducing redundant controls, automating evidence collection, and facilitating cross-team collaboration. It provides a shared risk register, centralized control repository, and platform-wide reporting capabilities.

Utilizing a user-friendly interface that requires no coding, LogicGate Risk Cloud can easily adapt to changing risk environments and identify compliance gaps. The platform enables organizations to modify their program’s architecture and streamline workflows as needed. Additionally, it enables businesses to quantify and communicate risk in monetary terms, making it easier for stakeholders to understand.

LogicGate Risk Cloud also allows companies to shift from reactive to proactive risk management. Integrated third-party risk intelligence, automated workflows, notifications, and control evidence collection all contribute to staying ahead of potential risks. The platform supports a wide range of solutions, including controls compliance, cyber risk management, operational resiliency, data privacy management, enterprise risk management, environmental/social/governance, internal audit management, policy management, regulatory compliance, and third-party risk management.

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Onspring Logo

Onspring provides a comprehensive GRC management solution designed to unite governance, risk, and compliance practices within an organization. The platform offers effective management of governance frameworks such as ISO, NIST, and CMMC, and automates compliance testing and attestations across functional groups. Onspring’s GRC management solution assists in creating a robust risk register and streamlines risk assessment processes.

The platform includes various integrated modules, such as risk management to automate and prioritize risk assessments, internal audit for audit universe plans and workpaper management, and compliance for control library maintenance and regulatory change monitoring. Additionally, Onspring offers policy management for authoring and managing policy exceptions, third-party vendor risk management for onboarding and assessment, and environmental, social, and governance modules for materiality mapping and performance scoring. Incident and asset management helps to evaluate impact and manage responses, while continuity and recovery modules ensure smooth business operation during disruptions.

Onspring GRC management helps organizations enhance their risk management, compliance, and overall business performance with live dashboards, key metrics, and audit-ready reports, providing a complete GRC solution for any organization.

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Resolver Logo

Resolver is an all-in-one governance, risk, and compliance solution designed to streamline processes and improve risk culture within businesses. The solution focuses on four key areas to provide valuable insights and automate tasks.

First, it offers enterprise risk management to support organizational boards and senior leaders in identifying and managing risks from a strategic perspective. By doing so, it helps organizations reduce potential risks and ensures the achievement of core business objectives.

Second, Resolver assists in regulatory compliance by simplifying the process of monitoring all compliance activities. This allows businesses to concentrate resources on addressing critical regulatory concerns, ultimately saving time and effort.

Third, Resolver improves internal audit processes by making them data-informed and risk-based rather than relying on traditional rotating schedules. By utilizing workflow management, timed reminders, and user-friendly interfaces for audit clients, the solution ensures a more efficient and effective internal audit process.

Finally, Resolver’s Vendor Risk Management Software empowers risk teams to understand and manage vendor risks better, thereby minimizing the impact and severity of any potential incidents. By offering a comprehensive solution to risk management and compliance, Resolver helps organizations to operate more securely and efficiently.

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SAI360 Logo

SAI360 is a comprehensive compliance and risk management solution that offers a variety of tools to help businesses maintain a culture of compliance and make informed decisions. The platform includes unified management systems, real-time dashboards, and automated workflows to identify gaps, detect problems, and respond to risks.

The solution also provides an enterprise and operational risk management component, giving users a complete view of risk across their organization. This includes risk and control self-assessment, continuous KPI monitoring, and actionable analytics. SAI360’s ethics and compliance learning features offer customizable, multilingual training on more than 20 risk topics to help employees make ethical decisions and foster a culture of integrity.

Additionally, SAI360 provides tools for managing digital risk, vendor risk, and business continuity. These features aim to streamline vendor risk management processes, offer an extensive regulatory content knowledge base, and deliver in-depth business impact and risk assessments. The platform also encompasses EHS and sustainability solutions under the Evotix brand, following the company’s integration with the global technology company. Evotix offers end-to-end EHS&S services for various business sizes, combining the expertise of both companies to greatly benefit customers.

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Vanta Logo

Vanta is a comprehensive security and compliance platform designed for growing companies looking to enhance trust with partners and customers. The platform streamlines the process of maintaining compliance by automatically discovering new assets, employees, and vendors, and continuously monitoring critical business tools and services. Vanta’s centralized access reviews allow for easy tracking of tool provisioning and deprovisioning, while providing a single view of progress towards multiple compliance standards.

The platform offers enriched contextual findings that enable users to go beyond basic requirements with best practice recommendations. Access reviews are enhanced with insights regarding the relative risk of each third-party application, replacing the need for spreadsheets and point solutions. For efficient remediation, Vanta provides real-time monitoring and alerts, two-way task tracker integrations, and the ability to build custom connections and automate work outside the platform using the GraphQL API.

Vanta helps establish and maintain trust by proactively sharing security documentation and real-time tests, which can save significant time and hassle by automating security reviews and questionnaires. The platform also offers access to over 20 top frameworks, allowing users to design a long-term compliance roadmap or create customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

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The Top 10 Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Platforms