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The Top 8 Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Software

Explore financial planning and analysis software offering budgeting, scenario planning, and financial analytics capabilities to support strategic business decision-making.

The Top 8 Financial Planning and Analysis Software include:
  • 1. Anaplan
  • 2. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting
  • 3. OneStream
  • 4. Oracle Cloud EPM Planning
  • 5. Prophix Financial Performance Management Platform
  • 6. SAP Analytics Cloud
  • 7. Vena Complete Planning
  • 8. Workday Adaptive Planning

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) software helps finance teams to plan business operations, generate budgets, and forecast growth in a single, easy-to-use software platform. Finance teams use these tools to automate those time intensive and manual process involved in business forecasting, and easily create accurate budgets and forecasts for better business outcomes.

Most FP&A solutions offer automated analysis of your financial data and operations. They help to reduce manual data input and reconciliations to improve accuracy and reduce management overheads. They can also help finance teams to more easily collaborate and share financial forecasts across the organization. Key features to look for include budgeting and forecasting, financial modelling, revenue planning, and expensing, delivered in a single admin dashboard.

CFOs and finance teams need to ensure they have invested in a FP&A solution that can meet the specific needs of their organization. Our analyst team has put together a list of our top picks for FP&A software, based on our own independent market research. We will consider their unique selling points, pricing models, and track record in assisting businesses to manage and leverage their financial data.

Anaplan Logo

Anaplan is a cloud-based enterprise financial planning platform that can perform complex modelling, continuous forecasting, and support robust planning. This platform offers a holistic financial planning platform, enabling enterprise-wide connected planning.

Anaplan offer several key features such as correlating finance data to provide operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies. It offers customizable modeling, without any coding knowledge required. The Anaplan platform has user-friendly interfaces and delivers a unified, single platform for reporting, creating a seamless user experience.

Anaplan also offers comprehensive management reporting across enterprise-wide data. It also integrates data from third-party tools and services, making Anaplan an efficient platform for Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and CRM. Anaplan also provides high security with inbuilt protections such as role-based access control, user management, and encryption.

Overall, Anaplan is a dynamic, cloud-native platform. The solution is used by global enterprises, supporting high scalability, and integrated, customizable modeling.

Anaplan Logo
Oracle Netsuite

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and automate complex financial planning and budgeting processes. It reduces the time spent on manual tasks, leading to quick and accurate budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling, and reporting. The all-in-one solution ensures stakeholders have ongoing access to real-time financial and operational data, increasing control, and reducing reliance on manual data input.

Its key features include automated budgeting, revenue planning, operational expense tracking, workforce planning, and financial statements. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting also includes scenario planning and modeling capabilities. These features enable organizations to perform complex calculations including projected revenue, operating and capital expenditures, headcount costs, cash flow, and sales without the risk of formula errors.

Additional strengths include its integration with Microsoft Office tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint via Smart View. This integration enables what-if analysis and creation of data grids incorporating Excel formulas and formats. The solution’s predictive planning feature uses embedded AI to automate data analysis and accelerate decision-making.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting enhances transparency, improves forecast accuracy, and reduces time spent manually planning. The software eliminates the need for emails and spreadsheets, as well as tracking changes consistently. This is an effective and efficient tool for strategic financial planning and management.

Oracle Netsuite
OneStream Logo

OneStream is an intelligent, all-in-one finance platform. By combining data management, financial closing and consolidation, planning, and reporting, analytics, and machine learning, OneStream promotes efficiency in Finance and Operations departments.

OneStream provides a unified data model and ensures data quality, improving accuracy of financial and operating results. It supports enterprise-wide adoption of AI and ML for financial planning. The platform provides built-in financial intelligence, providing insights for accounts, and currencies.

OneStream also enables financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting, aligning these operations across different business sectors like sales, supply chain, and FP&A. It supports strategic planning, scenario analysis, driver-based planning, rolling forecasting, and entire business planning. Its predictive analytics feature allows teams to build predictive models without the need for data expertise.

OneStream is a unified platform that combines multiple finance and operations processes in one solution. It simplifies finance processes, making them more efficient, and provides insightful decision-making bases. The platform is a strong tool to consider for organizations looking to streamline finance operations.

OneStream Logo
Oracle Logo

Oracle Cloud EPM Planning is a scalable business planning solution that enables financial forecasting forecasting. Oracle Cloud provides a fully integrated planning system that connects finance and operations.

With Oracle Cloud EPM, users can create custom forecasting models or utilize prebuilt planning models, with prebuilt calculations, dashboards, and reports. Key features include advanced analytics, dashboards, and predictive capabilities. The solution uses financial intelligence for scenario modeling and incorporates ‘Monte Carlo’ simulations to give users confidence in their decision-making process.

Cloud EPM also offers automated analysis using inbuilt machine learning to highlight areas of concern within your business plan. It combines planning and execution into a single data model with predictive cash forecasting capabilities. It also provides comprehensive adjustments for workforce, cash and capital asset, planning, and helps finance professionals to be more data driven.

Oracle Cloud EPM Planning is a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly financial planning solution. It supports advanced analytics, provides a holistic view of cash management, optimizes workforce planning, and enhances the efficiency of your planning processes.

Oracle Logo
Prophix Logo

Prophix Financial Performance Management helps teams to optimize business performance and operations. It uses AI to streamline financial processes, from budgeting and forecasting to reporting, financial consolidation, and intercompany management.

Prophix employs AI to enhance precision and financial performance. It uses anomaly detection to increase forecast accuracy. The solution features a task assistant for automating routine jobs, and AI insights to evaluate data, identify key trends, and guide decision-making.

Prophix offers collaborative workflows help teams to speed up forecast and month-end closure timelines for budgets, financial consolidation, and financial closure. Users can quickly view real-time updates on upcoming tasks, deadlines, and reminders. Teams can also build personalized dashboards for financial planning.

Prophix Financial Performance Management Platform integrates with other financial and business planning tools systems, centralizing data into one reliable platform. This a robust solution for teams looking to improve financial performance management.

Prophix Logo
SAP Logo

SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one analytics and planning solution. This platform supports business data analysis, using advanced AI to automate reporting. A key feature is the Joule copilot, which employs generative AI to assist in creating and developing business plans.

The solution is comprehensive, with capability to connect to a variety of on-premise and cloud data sources. It includes over a hundred pre-built best-practice business content packages, for varied company types and industries. The solution offers robust analytics with pre-built business content and insights that fit in with the specific context of your operations.

SAP Analytics Cloud brings together financial, supply chain, and operational planning into one platform. It enables complex simulations and forecasting with SAP Analytics Cloud Compass, allowing businesses to plan proactively. The tool also integrates with SAP Datasphere for unified data management, making cross-department planning more effective.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to analyze their data more efficiently. Its robust AI capabilities, variety of data source connections, and powerful planning features make it a strong solution for CFOs to consider.

SAP Logo
Vena Logo

Vena Complete Planning is a comprehensive, integrated solution for strategic business planning. This solution is designed to improve agility in business operations by streaming and improving Excel functions with the power of the Vena Growth Engine.

Vena Complete Planning offers a range of key features. It leverages leading AI technology and flexible data modeling, integrating with tools already in common use, like Excel.

The platform also offers financial intelligence that is embedded into your business planning processes. Other key features include budgeting, strategic planning, “what-if” analysis, financial reporting, cash flow management, workforce planning, and revenue planning.

Vena Complete Planning offers business-wide planning solutions designed to improve team productivity, discover financial insights, and help enable smarter business decisions. The system also ensures security and promotes collaboration among teams. The platform helps teams build an improved resilient business planning process.

Vena Logo

Workday Adaptive Planning is an AI-powered financial planning software. This solution utilizes AI and machine learning to reduce menial tasks and provide insightful recommendations, enabling businesses to make well-informed decisions based on clear data.

The solution allows teams to create self-service reports and interactive dashboards. It uses advanced analytics for creating and testing models to identify risks and opportunities. Workday Adaptive Planning also provides budgeting, forecasting, financial modeling, reporting, and strategic planning tools.

The solution is a flexible, scalable solution, delivered in a fully-featured admin console. Its architecture allows for separate planning domains, mirroring an organization’s structure and enabling data access and control management in a business-friendly format.

Overall, Workday Adaptive Planning offers a robust set of tools for financial planning and analysis, enabling teams to build a more efficient decision-making process. It allows an organization to harness the power of AI, enhancing operations with data-driven insights, meaningful collaborations, and real-time updates in planning, reports, and dashboards.

The Top 8 Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Software