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The Top 7 Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems

Explore the top Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems recognized for their unified communication features, scalability, and integration capabilities to enhance business communication.

The Top 7 Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems include:
  • 1. Dialpad
  • 2. Genesys Cloud
  • 3. Nextiva
  • 4. RingCentral
  • 5. Talkdesk
  • 6. Webex Calling by Cisco
  • 7. Zoom

Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems convert voice calls into digital signals that travel over the internet, allowing businesses to make phone calls from a computer, VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. The benefits of implementing enterprise VoIP phone systems are numerous: they offer cost savings, efficiency increases, flexibility, and scalability, as well as a wealth of sophisticated analysis and productivity features, helping your streamline your customer interactions.

The enterprise VoIP market is highly competitive, with multiple providers offering comprehensive solutions. This is often characterized by a bundle of services like voice calls, video conferencing, text messaging, fax and various customizable features delivered through a single platform.

Enterprise VoIP phone systems usually integrate with other software and applications used within the business, allowing a smoother flow of communication. Key features of these systems often include call forwarding, voicemail, auto-attendants, video conferencing, and analytics. Security is a critical aspect, with service providers often incorporating features like encryption and fraud detection to ensure your business communications are secure.

In this guide, we will explore seven of the top enterprise VoIP phone systems available. These will be evaluated based on factors such as ease of use, features, integration capabilities, support service, security, and value for money.

Dialpad Logo

Dialpad is a unified communications platform that facilitates hybrid work by converging calls, messages, meetings, and contact center functionality into a single, well-designed workspace. The platform combines employee and customer experiences by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to offer seamless flows between internal and external conversations, alongside real-time transcription services for all dialogues.

The fully integrated, AI-powered contact center empowers organizations to enhance their agent and customer interactions. Features such as live coaching, sentiment analysis, and predictive customer satisfaction scoring all contribute to a comprehensive communication experience. Additionally, Dialpad’s AI capabilities support sales teams by tracking action items and offering useful insights during customer calls.

Dialpad also lays a significant emphasis on security. All calls over the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, in-transit web requests, and stored application data are strongly encrypted. The platform supports role-based access, granting organizations the control to allocate certain features at varying hierarchical levels, with granular permissions for integrations across the platform. Single sign-on is also available via integrations with providers such as Okta, Azure, and Google Workspace.

Aiming to support globally dispersed workforces, Dialpad provides local numbers from over 70 countries, fostering easier connections between teams and company headquarters. Ensuring maximum uptime with a dual cloud-based architecture, a 24/7 network operations center, and local carrier partnerships. In addition, Dialpad maximizes its utility by integrating with other key applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams. It also provides the ability to create custom integrations with the platform’s open API.

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Genesys Logo

Genesys provides flexible cloud options for voice connectivity services, catering to both individual telecom requirements and distinct pathways to cloud migration. The company offers its own Genesys Cloud Voice telephony service, along with the option to “bring your own cloud carrier” (BYOCC).

Systems from Genesys enable instant response to shifting business needs with features like self-service provisioning and automatic scaling capacity. A transparent usage-based pricing model enhances these offerings’ attractiveness. Genesys ensures voice service quality and reliability, preventing issues like poor voice quality or dropped calls which can lead to customer and employee dissatisfaction.

Genesys simplifies the process with cloud-ready SIP trunking, avoiding the need for additional hardware. Features and enhancements exclusive to the cloud are readily available for users. The company’s DIY setup promotes user control, allowing clients to purchase, provision, and manage voice services swiftly with a user-friendly web interface. Genesys’ capacity planning removes unnecessary expenses and complexities, while ensuring your voice services’ constant availability.

Voice interactions carried out through Genesys are secure, employing Transport Layer Security and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol for encryption. The company also assists you in meeting regional compliance requirements, reducing the risks and costs associated with non-compliance.

Clients have the flexibility to integrate Genesys with existing communications systems and preferred telecom providers or switch to Genesys’ native cloud telephony service based on their unique business needs.

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Nextiva Logo

Nextiva is renowned for providing a reliable and secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service, designed specifically for businesses. This service is not based on traditional phone lines; instead, calls are made over the internet. A major advantage of Nextiva’s VoIP service is that it provides customers with a diverse range of communication features, allowing for multiple interaction points with your business.

One of Nextiva’s notable offerings is the NextivaONE App which turns your mobile device into a virtual office. This app prioritizes business relationships and facilitates smooth communication with customers, employees, and partners, irrespective of your physical location. Nextiva also provides a call screening feature, this helps teams effectively engage with customers by filtering unnecessary calls.

Nextiva’s service extends to call recording and rating. This allows for quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and business growth. Users can access recorded calls directly, listen, rate, and share these recordings with team members. Other Nextiva features include Call Park, which facilitates the transfer of calls between different lines, and Call Forwarding, a feature that provides flexibility for employees to receive calls anywhere.

Nextiva also delivers a three-way calling feature which is useful for efficient collaboration amongst team members. Another key interactive tool provided by Nextiva is the Conference Bridge, which allows a group to participate in a phone call. Overall, Nextiva’s service allows businesses to enhance their productivity, customer experiences, and overall business operations.

Nextiva Logo
RingCentral Logo

RingCentral is a notable provider of cloud-based communications solutions, geared towards modern, globally-oriented businesses. The company presents a unified approach to business communication, making it easier for organizations to connect teams, expand their global presence, and progress at their own pace.

The cornerstone of RingCentral’s offerings is RingCentral MVP, their flagship business communications platform. This platform provides global PSTN support in 46 countries and guarantees industry-leading global reliability with a 99.9% SLA uptime. This service includes extension-to-extension calling, messaging, a video calling feature, and up to 1,000 minutes of monthly regional calling per user. For more bespoke requirements, RingCentral also offers the option to maintain existing carrier contracts through their “Bring your own carrier” plan.

RingCentral ensures businesses can deliver exceptional customer service irrespective of location. It facilitates the offering of cost-effective, local dialing options in more than 99 countries, establishing brands internationally with local telephony for partners and customers. This solution allows businesses to set up local inbound numbers in 99 countries and gives international customers affordable calling options.

RingCentral also delivers advanced features and tools that aim to improve collaboration and integration among globally dispersed teams. These features are specifically designed to overcome challenges attributed to differences in time zone or language. Plus, RingCentral provides flexible cloud migration options that allow businesses to transition at their pace, while minimizing friction and avoiding early termination fees on current contracts.

RingCentral Logo
Talkdesk Logo

Talkdesk is a contemporary business communications solution that provides a cloud-based phone system designed to strengthen inter-organizational collaboration. The system is designed with versatility at its core, allowing for communication from any location on a variety of devices. Main benefits include streamlined business communications supported by an all-encompassing view of all voice interactions, boosting business agility through the advanced capabilities of its CX cloud platform, and encouraging customer-focused business culture.

Talkdesk’s features include encrypted secure voice for secure business calls and global PSTN reach. This enables both inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the world. The system also supports collaboration through multi-party conferencing and simplifies administrative processes with a unified admin interface. In addition, its solution supports mobile and desktop applications that contribute to flexible working arrangements.

Talkdesk enhances the employee experience by bridging communication gaps within an organization. It also prompts quicker decision-making through its integrated directory and conference calling feature. It implements end-to-end voice encryption for secure business calls and handles multiple inbound calls simultaneously with its call waiting feature. Its global reach feature allows calls to be made or received anywhere in the world. All these features are managed on a single platform, creating a streamlined user experience and significant cost savings. The holistic functionality of Talkdesk presents an opportunity for businesses to boost inter-organizational coordination and efficiency effortlessly.

Talkdesk Logo
Cisco Logo

Webex Calling, a fully integrated cloud calling and team collaboration solution, is provided with a subscription model. Its services include a comprehensive suite of PBX features, a progressive approach to cloud migration, enhanced support for mobile devices, and an intuitive management system. Webex Calling aids in managing all business communications through one platform, ensuring seamless collaboration across meetings, messaging, and contact center functionalities.

The USP of Webex Calling lies in its all-round collaboration capabilities and enterprise-grade performance under a unified interface. With a single app that integrates calling, messaging, meetings, events, and even polling, its configuration allows for a reliable, globally-available service, supported by geo-redundant data centers around the world for optimum media quality and latency reduction. In addition, to protect existing investments in on-premises equipment, Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager (UCM) licenses and devices are also compatible with the Webex Calling platform.

With smart device compatibility and exceptional control, this solution ensures proximity awareness and seamless call hand-off between devices, along with advanced analytics, troubleshooting, and reporting features. It also presents the flexibility of integrating your existing PBX system with superior routing and centralized dial plans. Finally, buying Webex Calling is straightforward and is tailored to meet various commercial models. For a mobile-enhanced cloud-calling experience, Webex Go, an add-on service, can connect a Webex number as a second line on a mobile device.

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Zoom Logo

Zoom offers a comprehensive cloud-based phone system known as Zoom Phone. It’s designed to provide robust features and flexibilities, catering to businesses of all sizes. Operating on a singular communication network constructed with dependability in mind, it was designed to withstand any unexpected downtime.

Zoom Phone supports secure voice calls on all viable devices, utilizing a standard-based SIP over TLS 1.2 for calls. This system ensures the protection of voice data through an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of 256-bit GCM. The system has ensured it meets various major standards and certifications, relevant to calling, provisioning, or managing your services.

A distinguishing feature of Zoom Phone is the ‘Provider Exchange’ option, enabled by enhanced cloud peering. This feature facilitates easy discoverability and allows businesses to maintain their relationship with their preferred phone carriers. Customers have options to keep their existing phone carrier for PSTN access for connecting to Zoom Phone.

Some notable features of Zoom Phone include voicemail transcriptions, call recording, call transfer and forwarding, Salesforce integration, call blocking, call hold, call delegation, and business application integration. It also offers compatibility with a variety of desk phones from leading manufacturers and works seamlessly across Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices.

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The Top 7 Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems