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The Top 10 Email Archiving Solutions For Microsoft 365

A condensed list of some of the best email archiving solutions on the market that are compatible with Microsoft 365.

The Top Email Archiving Solutions For Microsoft 365 include:
  • 1. ArcTitan Email Archiving
  • 2. Libraesva Email Archiver
  • 3. Proofpoint Essentials Email Archive
  • 4. AppRiver Information Archiving
  • 5. Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service
  • 6. ComplyKEY MailMeter
  • 7. Jatheon Cloud
  • 8. Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving
  • 9. Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email
  • 10. Smarsh Professional Archive

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular email providers the world over. So much so that over one million organizations worldwide use it for their business email communications.

Any business relying on email for communication should consider implementing a strong email archiving solution alongside to comply with data protection regulations, as well as to improve their email management and retainment. Having an email archiving solution that helps you fulfil both objectives is a legal and practical necessity for many organizations.

If you have Microsoft 365 as your email service provider, then just having any old email archiving solution won’t do. They have to be especially compatible with your current email server, otherwise this can cause configuration and deployment issues further down the line–and end up being extremely costly, especially if you have to switch archiving providers.

So, getting it right the first time is important. But with such an oversaturated market it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your business. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a selection of some of the best email archiving solutions that are not only robust and intuitive but offer seamless integrations with Microsoft email servers.

TitanHQ is a global market leader in a range of powerful cybersecurity tools that are frequently recognized by leading cybersecurity review platforms. Their contribution to the email archiving market is ArcTitan Email Archiving, a complete email archiving solution that is cloud-native and compatible with Microsoft 365. As ArcTitan Email Archiving is an entirely cloud-based solution with no on-prem option, it operates on a pay-as-you-go model, with companies paying on a rolling subscription per user, with no upper limit to the number of users you can add. Companies can pay per live user, to avoid any additional costs from staff turnovers. The solution complies with strict compliance guidelines, making it compatible with GDPR, eDiscovery, Sarbanes–Oxley, and HIPAA–amongst others–for e-discovery, audit, and retention.

Deployment is completed within minutes, with no manual installation required. All archived emails are compressed, coped, and encrypted before being stored on a separate server, reducing workloads for your current email server. A particularly attractive feature is the solution’s mobile access, allowing remote or traveling users easy access to the archive, wherever they may be in the world. The eDiscovery platform is simple and user-friendly. All legacy PST files are assimilated into a single, secure archive that is easy to search and retrieve from. Mail server integration is made to be as streamlined as possible to reduce headaches, with robust data capture and import capabilities that help to manage and transport legacy email data, with the intention of reducing how much data needs to actually be migrated.

Additional features that are particularly notable are single sign-on, exchange import, PST imports, saved search capabilities, single instance storage, and email compression. We would recommend ArcTitan Email Archiving for SMBs and MSPs, thanks to its multi-tenant architecture, as well as any organizations in the educational sector.

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Libraesva Logo

Libraesva Email Archiver is a solution designed for email governance, risk, and compliance management. It creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of a large volume of data over the years. The archiver seamlessly integrates with any mail server, including native integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. With its exclusive Outlook Add-In, which supports both Windows and Mac, users can easily access their archived email.

To ensure regulatory compliance, Libraesva Email Archiver offers quick complex and detailed searches, ensures data privacy and security by design, and provides certified time-stamping for each archived email. It also supports legal hold, email encryption (AES256), granular permission management, privacy officer management, auditing, and anti-tampering. As a solution designed for MSPs and ISPs, it is natively multi-tenant and has a complete API for full integration with various environments.

Libraesva Email Archiver is available as an on-premise virtual appliance for VMware or as a private cloud service compatible with Cloud Object Storage S3. It also offers native mailbox connectors for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange, with privacy management compliant with GDPR regulations. The archiver’s Outlook Add-In and Web-App allow for seamless access to archived emails.

The archiver is compatible with multiple storage types, including local disks, network disks, and object storage (S3 compatible). It reproduces the folder structure of archived mailboxes or PST files in the archived email, ensuring an organized and user-friendly solution that makes it easy for businesses to safeguard their critical information with a high level of compliance and efficiency.

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 Proofpoint Essentials Email Archive is a cloud-based email solution that combines archiving, email security and continuity. The archive part provides real-time archiving, which strongly supports Microsoft-based email servers Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Microsoft 365. It accurately and automatically copies all internal, outbound, and inbound email data and saves all content, including the original email and all sending data. The platform also allows importing from legacy archives and Exchange. It reduces storage constraints for email servers whilst also meeting strict legal requirements and regulations. Company users can easily access the archive with configured permissions and access policies, reducing the number of requests to admins and help desks, with users able to find any emails that may have been accidentally deleted. Users find they can easily and quickly perform extensive and specific searches on archived email data.

Storage capabilities are particularly strong, with Proofpoint’s solution being able to provide unlimited storage for your data, also supporting retention policies and legal retainment of up to ten years. Searches are powerful and quick, being able to search and return data stored in any attachments. The user interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. Reporting for the platform is also strong, with admins able to generate a wide range of reports into archive use. Users can also choose to add an analytics module onto their subscription.

Overall, Proofpoint Essentials Email Archive is quick to install due to it being cloud native. Configuration is easily streamlined and quick to achieve, and Proofpoint regularly updates the platform, providing patch management and new features for companies. We would recommend Proofpoint Essentials Email Archive as a strong archiving solution for SMBs.

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AppRiver, a division of OpenText, is a cloud-based security and productivity provider which secures over 60,000 companies across the globe against various online threats. The company, positioned as one of the leading providers of Office 365 and Secure Hosted Exchange, operates out of multiple locations, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, New York, Canada, Switzerland, and the U.K.

The company’s product suite consists of email encryption, email threat protection, information archiving, secure file sharing, all aimed at safeguarding its users’ digital communications across platforms such as email, SMS, Teams, and social media. This broad range of services also includes unlimited archiving of digital communications from more than 50 platforms, which aids in compliance efforts. This solution provides simple and scalable administration, allows users to safely share data with third parties without requiring an SFTP site or external hard drive, and provides unified archiving with unlimited cloud-based storage and eDiscovery. It also comes with a modern interface that requires no technical experience to navigate, data classification and message flagging capabilities, case management, and flexible searching.

AppRiver also offers policy control mechanisms, allowing users to decide which messages to archive and for what duration. An inherent component of its Secure Cloud is also aimed at limiting the costs associated with third-party eDiscovery, by providing built-in message relevance classification for faster case assessments, investigations, and management. We would recommend AppRiver’s Information Archiving to organizations looking for a robust, user-friendly, and comprehensive solution to manage and retain their digital communications while ensuring compliance, protecting against litigation, and enhancing efficiency.

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Barracuda Logo

Barracuda is a leading figure in the market for their powerful email security tools, and their email archiving solution is no different.  Marketed as their Cloud Archiving Service, Barracuda offers a cloud-native archiving platform that saves unmodified copies of all email communication to ensure compliance whilst reducing storage requirements in the email server—supported by unlimited storage per user. Emails are saved at the exact time they are sent or received. Compliance is ensured through tamper-proof archiving and extensive granular retention and access policies.

The archive itself is heavily indexed for streamlined and extensive search capabilities. The platform possesses multi-level search and tagging capabilities to enable complex audit and discovery requirements. Particularly important data can be flagged for a longer retention period before being exported for analysis or disclosure. The interface is clean and intuitive to navigate, making it easy for users to traverse the archive. Searching and retrieving emails is quick to perform, with high levels of accuracy when returning data. Users can also easily access the archive from any location and any device via a standalone desktop client and a clean web interface–an important facet for organizations with a large number of remote or nomadic workers.

The Cloud Archiving Service offers seamless support for Microsoft 365. The platform contains a multi-function Microsoft Outlook Add-In which allows a streamlined and easy experience for users using both their mailboxes and the archive. The add-in also retains a local cache of important or relevant archived messages, so there is still ongoing access provided even when users are offline.

We would recommend Barracuda for MSPs, email hosting providers, and enterprises—particularly those with a large number of remote or hybrid workers that may need to access the archive on-the-go.


ComplyKEY (formally Waterford Technologies) is a data management and compliance company founded in 2000. Their offering, MailMeter, is a complete compliance platform that works to digitize compliance and data management via a variety of modules and services designed to support organizations in managing the highly complex compliance landscape. ComplyKey is compatible with Office 365, offering a cost-effective way to ensure emails are automatically and safely stored in the archive. MailMeter comes with a variety of useful capabilities that include group searches, tagging, and export abilities.

Key features this solution offers include automated tools for compliance, real-time monitoring with status updates and alerts, effective eDiscovery, and monitoring and reporting tools for insights into potential issues. This reliable, user-friendly platform has an intuitive interface that improves archiving efficiency, provides robust data security and automation, and is flexible and adaptable to your organizations unique requirements by integrating seamlessly with processes already in place. ComplyKEY is not limited to MailMeter. It offers a comprehensive compliance platform that aims to automate and uncomplicate compliance and data management. The suite of potent modules and services provided by ComplyKEY helps organizations navigate the intricate terrain of data compliance with ease.

ComplyKEY MailMeter provides users with a way to simplify data compliance, aid in effective email archiving, and streamline eDiscovery. This solution is specifically designed for organizations with more than 100 employees who have regular need for in-depth email search and analysis for compliance, public records, and eDiscovery on previous email activity, messages, and attachments. For this reason, we would recommend ComplyKEY MailMeter to organizations of this size or larger, particularly those looking for an asset capable of properly managing sensitive information.

Jatheon Logo

Jatheon Technologies is a privately held company, founded in 2004, specializing in archiving solutions for various types of unstructured data. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Jatheon serves a variety of customers, with a focus on highly regulated sectors such as education, healthcare, government, finance, and legal professions. Jatheon Cloud is their AWS-based data archiving software that addresses data retention, compliance, and eDiscovery challenges. It provides controls for email retention, automatic deletion schedules, and compliance with various governmental or industry-specific laws.

Jatheon Cloud’s digital archiving solution is designed to capture, index, and store information from different platforms including email, instant messages, social media content, text messages, calls and voicemails. This allows organizations to comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and more. Jatheon Cloud integrates within a company’s network to capture messaging traffic, functioning with all major mail servers like Microsoft’s Exchange and Office 365, Groupwise, Gmail and IBM Lotus. This solution boasts a straightforward set up that is easy to use, as well as premium user experience that comes from the intuitive UI, fast processing, and advanced search capabilities. It is also cost effective and highly scalable and adaptable, with high levels of security, 24/7 technical support, and seamless, automated migration.

Use Jatheon Cloud for archiving instant messages from platforms like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. We would recommend Jatheon Cloud to organizations looking for varied and flexible email archiving that ensures compliance, as their service extends to text message archiving as well, capturing and managing messages, calls and voicemails from major carriers for compliance, legal, and HR inquiries as well as policy violations monitoring.

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft’s offering is their Exchange Online Archiving tool. This is a cloud-based email archiving solution that works with on-prem Exchange and Hosted Exchange (Microsoft 365) and can be offered as an add-on service for companies that have their mailboxes hosted online. This solution prides itself on its reliability and the robustness of the search engine. All emails are captured and archived at the time of sending and receiving, for all outbound, inbound, and internal mail. Email data is kept safe and encrypted in globally distributed data centers with strong backup and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring that, while the data might be out of sight, it’s not out of mind.

Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving, being cloud-native, is easy to deploy, maintain, and configure. It also boasts an easy-to-use eDiscovery search tool with a clean and simple user interface. Users can navigate the archive easily, being able to access their own archived email via the Outlook app and Outlook web page directly. Storage space is particularly robust, with each user given 100GB of storage for their archive mailbox, with extra storage space added automatically if auto-expanding archiving (available on certain plans) is turned on.. Users can organize their information if granted permission by admins to delete emails at their discretion. User information can also be retained for future discovery and use with the In-Place Hold feature. The platform also boasts highly customizable policy management and has a strong, 24/7-available customer support team.

Being Microsoft-native, Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving is easy to use and implement for Microsoft 365 users. It’s easy to add it on to existing 365 subscriptions, making it cost-effective for companies that don’t want to deploy another third-party solution. As such, we would recommend Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving for SMBs with less complex archiving requirements, that don’t have as many strict compliance regulations to meet.

Mimecast is a London-based cybersecurity company renowned for their cloud-based email management and security solutions. Mimecast’s Cloud Archive for Email is a cloud-native archiving solution that provides users with automated mailbox size and retention management that helps to reduce storage overhead and minimize infrastructure management costs. The platform enhances and supports Microsoft 365, providing enterprise-grade data retention and archive that Microsoft 365 can’t always deliver. It offers a single, highly integrated platform that unifies all email data in one tightly secure cloud archive for Microsoft 365 emails. It pulls emails from several collection points, retaining the original email, saving meta-data, and creating a copy of the email if the original was changed in any way.

Mimecast’s solution boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for users navigating the archive, as well as the platform returning quick results. Searches can be highly customized and specific. eDiscovery capabilities are further supported by the fact users do not have the ability to delete emails–which also protects email data retention. Users can also access their archives from any device and location, ensuring archive access for those working remote or on the move. Compliance and legal teams, as well as auditors, can search through the archive independently, reducing the amount of time spent on the part of your admin team. Admins are also granted a clean and intuitive dashboard to set retention policies, perform eDiscovery, and manage users, inboxes and hold requests.

Thanks to its granular eDiscovery capabilities and data loss prevention features, we would recommend Mimecast Cloud Archive for both SMBs and enterprises, and particularly those in the legal and financial sector.

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Smarsh is a globally operating Software as a Service (SaaS) firm, based in Portland, Oregon. Established in Brooklyn, New York in 2001, the company delivers comprehensive archiving, compliance, supervision, and e-discovery solutions. These offerings primarily cater to organizations operating under stringent regulations, such as public sector and financial services companies. Smarsh provides companies with a better way to capture, store, and monitor their communications, enabling them to focus on innovation and growth.

Their core product, the Smarsh Professional Archive, provides an effective and uncomplicated way for teams to manage compliance and e-discovery. This universal platform captures data from multiple channels and presents it through easy-to-navigate reporting dashboards. This enables users to effortlessly scrutinize and locate electronic communications data. Other valuable features provide by Smarsh Professional Archive include an easy to navigate reporting dashboards, simple IT and onboarding, purpose-built supervision tools, and powerful search, eDsicovery, and Exports. This solution also gives users instant and round-the-clock access to data for analysis, covers 100+ channels, offers native, contextual capture, and provides strong security and privacy.

Smarsh continually adds support for new communication channels, and any custom or third-party content can be supported via their APIs. The platform is handy for conducting e-discovery and internal probes, and for deriving business insights from archived data. We would recommend the Smarsh Professional Archive to organizations looking for assistance in meeting regulatory requirements, such as those from FINRA and SEC, as well as those looking for an efficient and effective way to retain, access, supervise, and review electronic communications.

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The Top 10 Email Archiving Solutions For Microsoft 365