The Top 7 Disclosure Management Software

Disclosure management software aids in the creation and management of financial disclosures, streamlining regulatory reporting processes, and ensuring compliance.

The Top Disclosure Management Software Solutions include:
  • 1. DFIN ActiveDisclosure
  • 2. Insight Software Certent Disclosure Management
  • 3. Nasdaq Metrio
  • 4. Navex COI Disclosures
  • 5. OneTrust Disclosure Management
  • 6. SAI360 Compliance And Management
  • 7. Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik Disclosure Management

Disclosure management software empowers organizations to coordinate, collaborate, and automate the process of creating, reviewing, and publishing financial and regulatory statements. By utilizing this software, companies can streamline their disclosure process, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce the risk of errors or inconsistencies within their financial reports.

These systems support efficient collaboration among finance teams, offer customizable templates, and allow integration with various data sources for seamless data collection. Disclosure management software can be indispensable for businesses operating in highly regulated industries or those required to provide regular financial statements to stakeholders.

Many disclosure management solutions are integrated within broader Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) or financial reporting platforms that offer additional tools for budgeting, forecasting, and planning. As disclosure requirements and regulations are constantly evolving, it is crucial for organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest standards. Implementing an effective disclosure management software solution will ensure that you are always acting in line with the most recent requirements for accurate financial reporting.

Based on our research, customer reviews, and technical testing, we have compiled a list of the top disclosure management software options for businesses. These solutions offer a comprehensive range of features, including regulatory reporting, data visualization, audit trails, automated workflows, and collaboration tools.


ActiveDisclosure is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing and reporting software developed by DFIN, a leading SEC filing agent. The software offers a comprehensive financial reporting solution that includes transactions, ESG reporting, proxy reporting, beneficial ownership filings, and support binders. Its real-time collaboration features and easy integration with Excel allow for increased efficiency and accuracy in the financial reporting process.

The platform caters to a wide range of financial reporting needs, from pre-IPO to post-public transactions and deal documents. With ActiveDisclosure, users can centralize their ESG data, simplify financial reporting, and accelerate proxy report creation through automated workflows. In addition, the software allows for the digital filing of Section 16 and Form 144 submissions with improved efficiency and accuracy.

ActiveDisclosure is a cost-effective SEC filing and reporting solution that doesn’t require additional add-ons or have hidden costs. With its advanced collaboration features, such as sign-off workflows, team and task assignments, notifications, commenting, auto-versioning, and track changes, the platform enhances teamwork and communication throughout the financial reporting process. Its intelligent iXBRL tagging and compliant EDGAR filing capabilities ensure that your statements are accurately tagged and meet regulatory obligations with ease.

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Certent Disclosure Management (CDM) is an all-in-one disclosure management system built on Microsoft Office, designed to streamline the creation of external and internal reports. CDM addresses challenges in the report production process, including time-consuming low-value activities, the need to continuously update narratives, and maintaining data accuracy across multiple documents.

CDM allows users to create various types of reports, such as annual and quarterly reports, statutory accounts, press releases, and regulatory news service announcements. It also supports multiple output formats, including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and XBRL/iXBRL. By working within familiar Office products, users can save time and money, reduce proofing cycles with external printers, and eliminate the need for pencil-down periods.

The solution focuses on accuracy, even when managing last-minute changes. It offers strong access controls and single sign-on features, ensuring that only authorized users can modify and approve narratives. Workflow controls and process task checklists offer guidance to keep the production cycle on track, while an audit trail provides information on user actions. With direct connectivity to source data and the option to add links to data items within narratives, CDM guarantees a single version of the truth for consistent reporting. This ensures that every report is always perfectly aligned and up to date.

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Nasdaq Metrio is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data management and disclosure process for organizations. The platform simplifies regulatory compliance, making it easier for companies to navigate the complex landscape of ESG frameworks, gather relevant data, and prepare ESG reporting.

With Nasdaq Metrio, organizations can efficiently manage their ESG data and communicate it to key stakeholders such as rating agencies, auditors, and investors. The platform assists in publishing ESG data to company websites, allowing users to access information without having to scroll through entire ESG reports.

Nasdaq Metrio provides content from numerous frameworks, standards, and ratings/research organizations. Its flexible output options facilitate direct reporting and data transfer to a variety of these organizations, including CDP, S&P Global, Sustainalytics, and MSCI. Nasdaq Metrio’s Content Team, staffed by ESG experts, continuously updates the guidance, and adds new frameworks and ratings/research organizations as needed. This ensures that the latest industry developments are incorporated into the platform.

Key features of Nasdaq Metrio’s Framework & Disclosure Management Tool include the ability to manage responses and disclosures across multiple third parties, reduce duplication and survey fatigue, assign role-based permissions for workflow management, build and extend an organization’s ESG profile, identify high-impact disclosure areas, and create then share PDF reports. The platform also offers guidance notes and maintains an audit trail for improved transparency and accountability.

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Disclosure Management is a conflict of interest software solution designed to help organizations track, manage, and monitor their disclosures ensuring that they meet regulatory reporting requirements and protect their reputation. This software consolidates disclosures related to conflicts of interest, gifts, travel, entertainment, and other important assets.

The software streamlines the disclosure lifecycle by reducing manual processes through automation of disclosure workflows. Disclosure Management can integrate with existing data sources, such as HR software, to deliver rules-based campaigns to the appropriate audience at the right time and compare employee activity with their actions. By enabling employees to easily update their disclosure status, time-consuming follow-ups are significantly reduced.

Additionally, Disclosure Management facilitates risk management and mitigation. It allows for visualization of disclosure information and analysis of potential risks. This helps maintain compliance with external reporting requirements and ensures alignment with the organization’s policies and values. This software also assists in accelerating regulatory compliance by maintaining a consolidated audit trail featuring relevant documents from source systems that are required by regulators and stakeholders. This provides organizations with an efficient and effective way to manage their disclosure processes and minimize risk exposure.

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SAI360 offers a comprehensive solution for increasing transparency and reducing exposure to conflicts of interest in businesses. The platform automates disclosure reporting and monitoring by systematically distributing questionnaires and collecting responses from employees and third parties. It also simplifies the disclosure review process with configurable workflows, conflict records creation for non-preferred questionnaire responses, and carries forward conflict of interest disclosure responses from the previous year. Users can also capture ad-hoc disclosures through an easy-to-use employee portal.

The SAI360 platform helps maintain visibility and control by centralizing records in a secure, organized database. It offers a 360-degree view of all conflict disclosures, allowing administrators to create flexible questionnaires and adjust conditional responses. Additionally, SAI360 aids in the management and communication of conflict resolution plans by efficiently linking these plans to conflict records, auto-creating conflict management plans using pre-defined customized clauses and sending the plans for electronic review and signature.

SAI360 also offers specialized Healthcare GRC solutions tailored for healthcare and managed care providers in the US. This suite covers multiple aspects, including Compliance Risk Assessments, Conflicts of Interest, Contracts and Third-Party Risk, Gifts and Hospitality, Hotline and Incident Management, IT Risk and Cybersecurity, Policy Management, and Regulatory Audit and Exams.

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CCH Tagetik is a financial reporting software that aims to streamline statutory, financial, and management disclosure processes through its end-to-end platform, powered by the Analytic Information Hub. The software helps eliminate human error by automatically updating data in reports, ensuring accurate and consistent results. Users benefit from a platform that normalizes and validates data whilst complying with IFRS and multi-GAAP standards. This allows users to focus on valuable analysis tasks instead of verifying disclosures.

The software features CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office, which allows finance and business users to work together in real-time on Word or PowerPoint documents without risking data overlap. This enhanced collaboration helps teams analyze performance, identify trends, and write supporting narratives with full confidence in their data. In addition, this tool provides complete transparency across all reports, enabling users to access source data as needed.

CCH Tagetik speeds up the reporting process with automated data validation in a familiar Microsoft Office interface. Reports can be easily rolled forward, and administrative support can help identify bottlenecks before they become an issue. The software ensures consistency and reduces the risk of error across all reports with dynamic data refreshes and automatic data validation. The native integration to popular Microsoft Office tools ensures minimal learning curves, allowing for easy collaboration across finance and other departments.

Key capabilities of CCH Tagetik include data governance and control, communication tools, and dynamic updates across reports. Users can create standard reporting templates, combine data from multiple sources, and enjoy easy audits with an audit trail and log. The software can be used for internal, financial, and management reporting needs, catering to various business requirements.

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The Top Disclosure Management Software