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The Top 7 Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Management Software

DEX management software focuses on enhancing the digital experience of employees, providing tools for collaboration, communication, and productivity within a digital workplace.

The Top 7 Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Management Software Includes:
  • 1. 1E
  • 2. Catchpoint Workforce Experience
  • 3. ControlUp Digital Employee Experience
  • 4. Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience
  • 5. Nexthink Experience Central
  • 6. Riverbed Alluvio Aternity
  • 7. VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management platforms help organizations monitor, measure, and optimize the overall digital experience for their employees. This includes a range of capabilities to analyze employee experiences, including collecting data from networks, apps, and devices, and gathering end user feedback. DEX solutions are deployed as software on each endpoint, enabling it to monitor device performance. 

DEX management software is primarily used to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. They can quickly identify areas of frustration for end users or technical deficiencies with endpoint devices. They can also be used to provide ongoing training for employees to improve digital experiences and enforce safe use policies. Key features of these solutions typically include device analytics, real-time monitoring and employee training and surveys.

Post-COVID, many employees continue to work either remotely or in a hybrid working environment, where digital technologies such as remote access and single sign-on become integral to day-to-day working. Digital employee experience software can be an important way of ensuring employees are efficiently and securely making use of the right technologies.

In this article we have curated a list of top DEX management software solutions, based on their features, ease of use, scalability, third-party integrations, and feedback from customers and industry experts. In this guide, we’ll compare these platforms helping you to narrow down and select the best solution for your organization.

1E Logo

1E is a platform designed to assist IT teams in enhancing end-user experience, strengthening security, reducing costs, and transforming IT operations into a strategic asset. The platform offers various solutions, including 1E for Digital Experience Observability, 1E for Visibility, Control, and Compliance, and 1E for Service Desk Automation.

The 1E for Digital Experience Observability solution enables IT teams to measure, understand, and resolve employee digital experiences in real-time. This solution comprises Experience Analytics, Endpoint Troubleshooting, Inventory Insights, Employee Sentiment, and an optional Endpoint Automation feature. By using these analytics and insights, companies can proactively address experience issues, optimize device stability, and better understand users’ technology experiences.

1E for Visibility, Control, and Compliance empowers IT departments with real-time capabilities to query, diagnose, and update endpoint configurations, ensuring tighter security and improved user experience. 1E’s real-time capabilities also help in addressing vulnerabilities within minutes instead of days or weeks.

With 1E for Service Desk Automation, IT teams can enhance their ServiceNow capabilities by automating endpoints fixes directly on user devices. These modern automation and deep integrations contribute to reducing the costs of service desk operations, endpoint estate management, and response to business priorities. Overall, 1E is a comprehensive platform for digital employee experience management in today’s hybrid work environment.

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Catchpoint’s Workforce Experience solution offers end-to-end visibility of business-critical applications across the Internet Stack, helping IT managers support an anywhere, anytime, hybrid workforce. This solution ensures seamless access and connectivity for users, covering Endpoint Wi-Fi, SASE/VPN connectivity, SaaS applications, and cloud environments. Additionally, Catchpoint gives businesses the ability to find and fix problems quickly by opening the black box of the modern digital enterprise.

Catchpoint’s solution allows businesses to understand and troubleshoot connectivity and reachability issues for workers in any location. It offers regional visibility into the availability and performance of critical SaaS applications and helps organizations migrate to the cloud vendor that best serves their needs. The solution proactively finds and fixes SASE and VPN issues, while continuously improving and future-proofing operations.

In summary, Catchpoint’s Workforce Experience solution provides valuable insight into distributed systems from a user’s viewpoint, enabling businesses to detect and troubleshoot connectivity performance and SaaS application issues before they impact their workforce. This tool ensures that a hybrid workforce stays connected and productive, offering efficient monitoring across various use cases such as workforce experience, cloud migration, SaaS application, and SASE & VPN monitoring.

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ControlUp is a digital employee experience management platform that offers comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for virtual desktops, physical desktops, and unified communications. The platform is designed to support various virtual platforms, including Citrix, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

With ControlUp’s real-time monitoring, IT teams can track their end-user computing environment through intuitive dashboards that present actionable metrics. The platform also features troubleshooting and remediation tools that provide step-by-step recommendations based on performance data to help identify and resolve issues. In addition, ControlUp’s automation capabilities speed up the troubleshooting process and improve the overall virtual desktop experience.

For physical desktop management, ControlUp enables swift problem identification and resolution, reducing IT expenses. The platform offers user experience dashboards, application usage insights, and qualitative employee sentiment data to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. ControlUp’s unified communication monitoring combines device and network performance data from Microsoft Teams and Zoom to diagnose problems and ensure reliable and productive calls and meetings. With ControlUp, organizations can achieve optimized digital employee experiences while reducing support costs and increasing efficiency.

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Ivanti logo

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience is a platform that offers real-time insights into the usage, performance, and security of devices and applications that employees rely on in their work environment. The platform collects employee sentiment through interactive automation bots, providing a better understanding of their experience with the technology they use.

By measuring, scoring, and optimizing the digital employee experience, the platform tracks experience over time and helps predict productivity degradation. It identifies potential IT and security issues, offering recommendations for remediation and improvement. The platform ensures secure access and protection against cyberthreats, without compromising employee flexibility.

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience offers a holistic digital employee experience management solution. The platform’s capabilities include device and app inventory management, real-time intelligence, 360-degree monitoring of devices, users, and applications, and proactive issue resolution through self-healing mechanisms. Additionally, it provides analytics, trendlines, and predictive analytics. The platform also features a dashboard that displays scoring and trending of experience per device, per user, and across the organization, as well as app insights and integration with ITAM, ITSM, UEM, security, and line of business applications.

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Nexthink Experience Central is a platform designed to offer IT leaders and their teams an actionable view into Digital Employee Experience (DEX). It provides insights into how employees interact with technology, enabling IT to proactively enhance the digital workplace for optimized DEX, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

A key feature of Nexthink Experience Central is proactive ticket prevention, which allows IT teams to monitor and resolve issues before they result in employee tickets. This feature reduces costs and improves employee productivity by swiftly identifying and troubleshooting potential problems.

Additionally, Nexthink Experience Central helps amplify the success of IT leaders by providing continuous DEX visibility and strategic data. This information can be used to identify and replicate best practices, thereby accelerating cost savings and productivity gains. The platform offers rank-ordered views of the most urgent situations, enabling IT leaders to prioritize their efforts for maximum value. This comprehensive platform helps answer questions such as “where do I stand?”, “what should I improve?”, and “where should I invest?” when it comes to optimizing digital employee experiences.

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Riverbed Logo

Alluvio Aternity offers a solution that enhances employee engagement and productivity, which ultimately leads to improved business performance. Aternity Sentiment provides flexible, brandable survey components to gather real-time employee feedback across multiple devices and locations, including Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Likert scales, free text/comment boxes, and embedded surveys on employee devices.

Aternity Sentiment’s custom surveys can be branded with the company’s logo, icon, and colors, ensuring users feel comfortable using the product and resulting in higher response rates. This allows IT Operations teams to analyze survey responses across various metrics, measure the impact of technology changes on user productivity, and correlate survey data against existing Aternity performance data. They can identify whether remediated issues have indeed improved the end-user experience.

In addition to enhancing employee experience, Aternity also provides a comprehensive view of the digital experience for both employees and customers, with unique click-to-render insights and user journey analytics. By integrating Sentiment with these capabilities, IT teams can effectively manage IT operations more proactively, minimize disruptions to employee productivity, and identify patterns in user behavior and sentiment.

Overall, Alluvio Aternity’s Sentiment solution empowers employees, drives productivity, and improves business performance, while offering essential tools for IT Operations teams to ensure the successful adoption of digital transformation initiatives.

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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence is a cloud-first solution designed to manage digital employee experiences across various endpoints, operating systems, and apps. It empowers IT teams by providing end-to-end visibility, machine learning-driven root cause analysis, and prebuilt integrations for versatile workspaces. This approach enables employees to have hassle-free digital experiences, minimizing disruptions and fostering productivity.

Workspace ONE Intelligence measures app adoption and engagement, helping IT admins make data-driven decisions on app deployment and migration. Its machine learning models analyze behavior and provide insights, alerting admins when values exceed the normal range. The platform monitors app performance, OS stability, and mobile app analytics to identify and quickly resolve issues that may impact the user experience. Admins can also track device health across mobile, physical, and virtual desktops to manage hardware degradation and minimize lost productivity.

The solution offers guided root cause analysis for automated incident management, reducing time to resolution. Employee sentiment can be assessed through customizable surveys, providing insight into the overall employee experience. Workspace ONE Intelligence also features Freestyle Orchestrator, a powerful, no/low-code orchestration platform that automates IT tasks, resolves issues, and sends user notifications while integrating with third-party tools via REST API.

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The Top Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Management Software