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The Top 6 Digital Forensics And Incident Response (DFIR) Solutions

Discover the top digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) solutions with capabilities such as automated forensics, analysis, AI/ML tools, and data compiling.

The Top 6 Digital Forensics And Incident Response Solutions Include:
  • 1. Binalyze AIR
  • 2. Exterro FTK Connect
  • 3. Kroll Digital Forensics And Incident Response
  • 4. Magnet Forensics Magnet AXIOM Cyber
  • 5. Nuix Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • 6. ProDiscover Pro

Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) solutions are complex and comprehensive tools that gather detailed analysis and carry out the appropriate response. Digital forensics focuses on identifying threat activity which can then be addressed through incident response frameworks. Together, the solutions detect, protect, and resolve security issues, preventing breaches and attacks. With today’s diverse and growing variety of endpoints, connections, and threats to consider, it is wise to take a holistic and comprehensive approach to maintaining cybersecurity. 

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, the top priority is to restore normality as quickly as possible to resume normal operations and minimize disruptions and losses. This step sounds simple, but unless you have enough information regarding what the issue is and it’s causes, resolving it becomes very difficult. Gaining information also allows you to put measures in place to prevent the same threat from striking in the future.

DFIR is a comprehensive process where attacks are investigated to understand the lifecycle of a threat; this means that the root cause of a problem can be fully understood and measured. It should be no surprise then, considering the ever evolving and growing threat landscape, that the market for DFIR solutions is seeing steady growth and it expected to be worth US$23.62 Bn by 2030.

DFIR solutions provide organizations with a dynamic approach to uncovering evidence and conducting investigations into cyber incidents. This makes the recovery process more streamlined and increases the likelihood of success. In this article, we’ll cover the top DFIR solutions that can support your organizations in recovering from and mitigating future risk of serious breaches. 

Binalyze Logo

Binalyze are a leader and innovator the digital forensics and incident response space that has been in operation since 2018. Their automated DFIR platform, Binalyze AIR, is designed to streamline and enhance the incident response process with capabilities like automated forensics, evidence acquisition, and timeline creation. This brings all your investigation data together in one location as well as generating compromise assessments to quickly identify the relevant events in your digital forensic evidence.

Binalyze AIR is an efficient and comprehensive DFIR solution capable of securing and automatically collecting data from across your network. The platform can collect over 280 digital forensic artifacts in less than 10 minutes. This solution is designed to be deployed in remote locations, ensuring that it can be deployed in a wide range of use cases. We would recommend Binalyze AIR to organizations interested in finding an enterprise based DFIR tool that is easy to use, efficient, fast, robust, and intuitive.

Exterro Logo

Exterro are a leading provider of e-discovery and information governance software. FTK Connect is Exterro’s effective solution for performing forensic investigations, examining incident response workflows, and securing corporate assets. This is all achieved through automating and accelerating key processes and tasks within the forensic DFIR investigations lifecycle. Some of this solution’s strongest features include the ability to design automated workflows through an intuitive interface that can be used by non-programmers, automated forensic collections, automated processing and review, and accurate processing status updates.

The solution lets you oversee your forensic collections workflow through integrating and consolidating infrastructure tools, also streamlining the workflow in the process. We would recommend Exterro FTK Connect to organizations looking for a DFIR tool that enables secure connection between your cyber platforms and the other products in your security stack. The platform works to save time during the initial stages of incident response by preserving breach related data for analysis and remediation.

Kroll Logo

Kroll, founded in 1932, is a leading provider of risk and financial advisory solutions. With Kroll Digital Forensics and Incident Response, users are provided with round-the-clock incident response for all incidents, whether malicious or inadvertent. This can be achieved through the deployment of remote solutions or having an SOC team arrive onsite to contain the incident and plan next steps. Kroll’s cybersecurity experts perform digital forensics and can assist throughout the various stages of investigation to litigation. They also provide PCI forensic investigation, data recovery and forensic analysis, malware and persistent threat detection, incident recovery and remediation, and can help company’s response teams to define and rehearse their roles with threat simulations.

Kroll’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response assists throughout the entire incident lifecycle and works to support organizations in identifying threats, securing valuable data, and investigating a digital trial if an event does occur. We would recommend Kroll’s offering to organizations looking for a solution that is efficient, responsive, and can provide accurate and actionable information to inform the recovery and response to a cybersecurity incident.

Magnet Forensics Logo

Magnet Forensics, founded in 2009, is a global leader in digital investigation software that works to acquire, analyze, and share evidence from a variety of devices including computers, cloud, IoT, and mobile devices. AXIOM Cyber is their robust digital forensics and incident response solution that allows you to gather the data you need with targeted remote and off-network collections from Mac, Windows, and Linux endpoints. The platform can also manage actionable case intelligence with powerful analytics features and data visualization. Efficiency and productivity can be improved through features like queued collection and targeted location profiles to mitigate repetitive manual tasks.

Magnet Forensics AXIOM Cyber can be deployed in the cloud, making is a flexible and cost-effective DFIR solution. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for an effective solution that is both flexible and shows a reasonable return on investment.

Nuix Logo

Founded in 2000, Nuix Ltd is an Australian technology company that develops investigative analytics and intelligence software. Their digital forensics and incident response solution provides a singular window into all data sources that allows you to uncover hidden connections within digital evidence. This product helps to gain visibility into the links between people, objects, locations, and events, whilst keeping track of communications and effectively compiling evidence from various sources. All evidence can be accessed through a single platform with a unified view; from here, you can proactively search for threats, illicit behavior, and poorly secured data across the enterprise.

Nuix provides users with deep, rapid access to relevant data and intelligence. This is particularly useful for instances of data breaches, intellectual property loss, fraud, personnel issues, and privacy matters. We would recommend this strong DFIR offering to organizations looking for a solution to help them perform legal discovery and regulatory response in house.

Prodiscover logo

ProDiscover is a digital forensics product company founded in 2001. ProDiscover Pro is dashboard and management tool for the company’s ProDiscover Forensics and ProDiscover Incident Response solutions. ProDiscover Forensics offers a wide variety of features to handle every aspect of an in-depth forensic investigation to collect, preserve, filter, and analyze evidence. This includes integrated AI/ML tools for image and video analytics, extensive automation and scripting, cloud forensics, and automatic report generation. ProDiscover Incident Response can determine the scale of a breach or compromise through features such as memory forensics, real-time actions, system state monitoring, and user privilege management.

ProDiscover’s DFIR solution is equipped to efficiently carry out cyber incident investigation and respond appropriately to various cyber security scenarios. We would recommend it for organizations looking for a feature rich and comprehensive DFIR tool, particularly law enforcement agencies and policy governance teams.

The Top 6 Digital Forensics And Incident Response Solutions