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The Top 11 DevSecOps Tools for Application Security

Discover the top DevSecOps tools for application security with features like security as code, real-time monitoring, and vulnerability remediation.

The Top 11 DevSecOps Tools for Application Security Include:

DevSecOps is the integration of security practices into the software development lifecycle, in order to improve application security, without impeding the app development process. DevSecOps tools help to achieve this by incorporating security throughout the application development lifecycle, from planning to deployment. By utilizing DevSecOps tools, teams can reduce security vulnerabilities in their application, and foster a more security conscious culture within the team.

There are several different types of application security tool that can be used to support DevSecOps teams. These include Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing, (DAST), Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and orchestration tools such as Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC). These tools integrate into various stages of the application lifecycle process and help to automate key security tasks, identify vulnerabilities, and enforce security policies in order to improve application security.

In this article, we will cover the top DevSecOps tools for application security and explore their key features such as application security testing, vulnerability scanning, integration, and reporting. DevSecOps tools is a broad category of solutions, and so in this article we will look at a range of services, including platforms which may cover DevSecOps capabilities as well as havig other capabilities.

Aikido Logo

Aikido Security delivers a complete application security platform, bringing together multiple tools and scanning features so your team can focus on remediating vulnerabilities rather than managing tech. It supports a DevSecOp approach with seamless integrations into your existing tech stacks, including CI integrations, container registry integrations and integrations with your IDE.

The platform brings together multiple application scanning tools within a single platform, including cloud posture management, open source dependency scanning, secrets detection, static code analysis, infrastructure as code scanning, and container scanning. In addition, the platform provides continuous surface monitoring, open source license scanning, malware detection in dependencies, and end-of-life runtime scanning. 

Aikido can be integrated with your IDE, container registry, pre-existing task management tools, messaging utilities, container registry, compliance suites, and continuous integration systems, making it possible to monitor and address issues within your current toolset.

Aikido provides comprehensive vulnerability alerting, while reducing false positives. It automates alert prioritization with deduplication of recurring alerts, automatic triaging, and customizable rules engine to sift out irrelevant alerts. Aikido also converts Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures data into plain language, facilitating rapid, precise threat response.

Aikido ensures data privacy by conducting scans within temporary environments, and deleting them post-analysis. The platform is unable to alter source code and requires read-only access to ensure protection for your code base. Aikido is compliant with AICPA’s SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001:2022. Aikido provides a reliable security tool for software development teams requiring comprehensive web application security screening.

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Invicti Logo

Inviciti combines automated, continuous interactive and dynamic application security testing (IAST and DAST) for complete vulnerability coverage. By combining multiple testing methods, the platform catches vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC, helping save money and time dealing with post-release security risks.

Invicti identifies and crawls all of your web assets – including web apps, services, APIs, and source code – to provide full visibility into all applications. It covers all tech, frameworks and languages.

During scans, Invicti detects any and all vulnerabilities and sorts them by severity so your team can prioritize their remediation efforts to focus on fixing major threats. The solution combines signature-based and behavior-based scanning to provide fast and accurate results and minimize false positives. It also integrates with tools across the SDLC to help you manage vulnerabilities and alerts.

In addition to its core detection capabilities, Inviciti also helps teams remediate risks and clear their backlog with automations and workflows. The platform automatically assigns vulnerabilities to developers and provides complete context so they can quickly fix issues. The platform also delivers training to developers, with feedback loops that help you to write more secure code in the future.

Overall, we recommend Invicti’s complete, automated application security testing platform for development teams looking to more effectively detect and remediate security vulnerabilities. 

Acunetix Logo

Acunetix is an application security testing solution used by over 2,300 companies of various sizes to automate web application security. The software creates a comprehensive list of websites, applications, and APIs to ensure no potential entry points are left unscanned and, therefore, vulnerable to attack.

Acunetix is capable of crawling and scanning even the most complex web applications, including those built with HTML5 and JavaScript. Its advanced detection features can identify over 7,000 vulnerabilities, including zero-day threats. The software is designed for fast, efficient scanning that alerts users to vulnerabilities the moment they are found, providing more complete coverage with blended Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) methods.

In addition to detection, Acunetix offers practical tools for resolving vulnerabilities quickly. By automating manual tasks and reducing guesswork, security professionals can save time and resources. Acunetix minimizes false positives with proof of exploit and helps pinpoint the exact lines of code that need to be fixed, enabling developers to address security issues independently.

Integration into developers’ existing tools, such as CI/CD, issue trackers, and web application firewalls (WAFs), allows for seamless incorporation of security best practices into the development process. Acunetix also offers scheduling capabilities for continuous vulnerability scanning and trends analysis, ensuring ongoing application security.

Astra Logo

Astra is a comprehensive platform designed for penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. It has broad coverage for your web application, mobile applications, and cloud infrastructure APIs. It helps teams find, analyze, and remediate security vulnerabilities to prevent data loss and breaches.

Astra’s vulnerability scanner continuously scans your assets with over 9,300  security tests for complete coverage. It scans all aspects of the application, including pages behind the login screen, progressive web apps, and single page web apps.

Astra also offers a manual PenTesting service. Their security analysts can analyze your assets and use AI tooling to emulate hackers and look for unknown vulnerabilities in your system.

Astra’s collaborative admin console is easy to use. Vulnerabilities can be easily tracked and assigned to team members for faster remediation. The platform also suggests fixes for how best to resolve vulnerabilities. Users can mark vulnerabilities as fixed from the console, or request help from Astra’s team of human experts. The platform also incorporates generative AI for immediate responses to queries.

The platform integrates with your current DevOps stack, including integrations with Slack, Jira, and Github. It is also compliant with ISO, SCO2, GDPR, and CIS. The platform generates detailed reports, including security scores, which can be easily shared where required.

Overall, Astra is a strong tool for organizations looking for PenTesting and vulnerability scanning. In our testing, we rated the solution highly for ease of use, and reporting. The solution is used by fintech and banks, healthcare, SaaS, cloud, security and compliance, HR, and e-commerce teams.

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Aqua Logo

Aqua Security is a unified cloud security company that offers protection for the entire development lifecycle. The platform discovers and remediates vulnerabilities, malware, exposed secrets, and other risks in code, build tools, and delivery pipelines. With Aqua, users can gain visibility into every resource and risk across the development lifecycle, enabling them to understand their security posture, make informed security decisions, and provide compliance reports to auditors and management.

Aqua Security’s platform is compatible with various environments, including clouds, containers, serverless platforms, CI/CD pipelines, registries, and DevOps tools. It also supports multiple compliance frameworks, such as PCI and SOC2, simplifying the process of achieving and maintaining compliance. Aqua Security is trusted by Fortune 1000 customers in over 40 countries.

The Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provides total lifecycle visibility, risk reduction, and attack prevention with its fully integrated system. Founded in 2015, with headquarters in Boston, MA, and Ramat Gan, IL, Aqua Security helps clients reduce risk and build a secure future for their businesses.

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Checkmarx Logo

Checkmarx One is a comprehensive application security platform designed to help companies secure their digital transformations throughout the entire application development process. This platform is suitable for CISOs, AppSec teams, and developers, ensuring secure application development without compromising speed.

The platform offers a complete suite of application security testing (AST) solutions, including Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Supply Chain Security (SCS), API Security, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Container Security, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security. Checkmarx One uses its Fusion engine to seamlessly secure applications by correlating findings between AST solutions, identifying the most critical vulnerabilities, and reducing management overhead.

Developers benefit from a seamless experience with Checkmarx, featuring IDE integration, bug ticketing, guided remediation, and security learning. The platform allows developers to efficiently fix security issues and receive just-in-time learning via Checkmarx Codebashing, all without leaving their preferred IDE. Checkmarx, the Enterprise Application Security provider, serves over 1,800 customers, including 60 percent of Fortune 100 organizations.

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Codacy Logo

Codacy Quality is used by 600,000 developers worldwide to improve code quality, security, and performance. The company offers a suite of products designed to help developers optimize their code and create efficient solutions.

Codacy streamlines the code review process by monitoring and enforcing code quality, test coverage, and security standards. It provides developers with actionable insights to fix potential issues before they arise. It also monitors, maintains, and improves test coverage. Additionally, its AI-assisted features suggest fixes that developers can directly apply in their Git workflows.

The platform integrates seamlessly with developers’ existing Git tools, such as GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab, and offers full visibility of all applications in a single dashboard for easy benchmarking and performance assessment. Codacy also includes security and risk management dashboards to help users identify, prioritize, and fix critical security issues. With a focus on keeping customer data protected, Codacy Quality provides an effective solution for increasing code quality, security, and performance for developers and engineering teams.

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Fortify Logo

Fortify by OpenText offers a comprehensive and extensible application security platform, designed to integrate seamlessly with various tools within the software development life cycle (SDLC). The platform provides extensive DevSecOps integrations, scalable application security, and flexible deployment options, including managed services, cloud-hosted solutions, and on-premises data centers.

Core capabilities include secure developer training, an extensive AppSec ecosystem, AppSec orchestration, Fortify Insight (which provides a single-pane-of-glass view of enterprise security), and automated results auditing using machine learning-assisted technology. Fortify solutions cater to different customers’ needs, including Fortify on Demand for security testing and vulnerability management, Software Security Center for managing software security activities, Fortify Hosted for dedicated cloud deployment, and Fortify Insight for effective application security program management.

Recognized as a market leader by industry analysts, Fortify by OpenText continues to expand its offerings to cover critical use cases, from DevSecOps and cloud transformation to securing the software supply chain.

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GitLab Logo

GitLab is a comprehensive DevOps platform. GitLab contributes to faster software delivery by reducing cycle time from weeks to minutes, cutting development costs and time to market while enhancing overall developer productivity. GitLab’s platform is AI-powered, boosting the efficiency of users across the software development lifecycle, from planning, code creation, testing, security to monitoring. This all-in-one DevSecOps solution includes integrated security throughout its single data model, offering insights across the entire lifecycle.

GitLab’s deployment options include SaaS, self-managed, and GitLab Dedicated for clients seeking data isolation and residency. GitLab’s multi-cloud strategy avoids vendor lock-in and allows deployment anywhere.

GitLab supports various features, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, software supply chain security, value stream management, source code management, continuous integration and delivery, GitOps, and agile project and portfolio management. GitLab is used by over 30 million users, including 50% of Fortune 100 companies.

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Snyk Logo

Snyk is a developer security platform designed to support the modern development landscape by integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines. The platform allows teams to easily discover, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Snyk’s industry-leading security intelligence ensures a high level of accuracy in addressing various security concerns.

The Snyk platform provides a unified solution for securing proprietary code, open source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure. Its developer-first approach empowers developers to maintain code security throughout the development process, while its DeepCode AI enables increased accuracy and productivity in scans and suggested code fixes. Snyk also supports seamless integration with DevSecOps, automating security tasks to save time and reduce human error.

In addition to its powerful security tools, Snyk offers easy integration throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) by weaving security expertise into existing tools and workflows. This enables developers to find and fix vulnerabilities without the need for additional applications. Snyk also provides governance at scale, allowing organizations to standardize security protocols and enforce best practices across all applications. Snyk delivers a comprehensive security platform that adapts to the changing needs of application and cloud developers.

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Veracode Logo

Veracode is a software security platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and rectify flaws and vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle. The platform is trusted by security teams, developers, and business leaders from thousands of leading global organizations.

Veracode’s security tools integrate seamlessly into existing development toolchains, providing fast, accurate, and reliable results with minimal interference in the development process. Veracode offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Static Analysis, Static Analysis IDE Scan, Static Analysis Pipeline Scan, Software Composition Analysis, and Secure Code Training, to help developers create secure software with confidence.

The platform also aids in delivering a successful DevSecOps program by unifying development and security features. This includes providing security teams with a holistic view of their organization’s security posture, continuous scanning throughout the software development process, and meeting various data residency requirements. Veracode’s cloud-native SaaS architecture offers added benefits such as elastic scalability, high performance, and cost savings. With a proven track record and a global customer base, Veracode is a reliable choice for organizations aiming to improve their software security and development efficiency.

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The Top 11 DevSecOps Tools for Application Security