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The Top 5 Decentralized Identity Solutions

Decentralized identity solutions provide users with control over their digital identities, allowing them to securely manage and share personal information without reliance on a central authority.

The Top 5 Decentralized Identity Solutions include:
  • 1. IBM Blockchain for Digital Credentials
  • 2. Microsoft Entra Verified ID
  • 3. Midy
  • 4. Nuggets Decentralized Identity Super Wallet
  • 5. PingOne Neo

Decentralized identity solutions are designed to give users full control over their digital identities, ensuring privacy and security, while reducing reliance on centralized identity authorities (such as the government and vehicle licensing agencies). Decentralized identity solutions leverage blockchain technology to create a distributed network where identity data can be securely stored, shared, and verified. This minimizes the risk of identity-related cyberattacks and fraud, whilst fostering improved interoperability and empowering users to take control of their data.

Decentralized identity solutions are gaining traction across industries such as finance, healthcare, and government services due to their ability to eliminate single points of failure, reduce identity theft, and facilitate secure, privacy-preserving transactions. They provide a flexible ecosystem where users can create, store, manage, and share their credentials, without having to rely on a centralized identity provider. Instead, users have their own wallet of encrypted identity information, which they can choose to share with service providers as needed. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top decentralized identity solutions designed to help you support the use of decentralized identity amongst your organization’s employees and customers. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including use of open standards, use of blockchain technology, support for verifiable credentials, and integration with other services and applications.

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IBM Logo

IBM Blockchain for Digital Credentials is a solution that leverages blockchain technology to enable fast and secure identity verification processes. Individuals can curate their own profiles while controlling data sharing, and issuers can connect easily with others for virtually instant credential verification. This platform fosters trust for all participants, as identity information becomes auditable, traceable, and verifiable within seconds.

IBM Blockchain for Digital Credentials ensures privacy and security by handling infrastructure and security without exposing any data used to generate credentials. Access is granted only to authorized network participants, and all actions and business processes are tamperproof. The platform can permanently capture blockchain transactions. The platform is built with flexibility in mind, adhering to the guiding principles of open standards and interoperability. It works seamlessly with credentialing solutions worldwide, promoting trust through wallet-to-wallet and enterprise system transactions. Organizations can create their own solution or join existing networks and customize them using tools of their choice.

IBM’s Digital Credentials utilize W3C open standards for decentralized identity and support various blockchain technologies to issue and verify credentials across industries and use cases. Overall, the platform offers a secure way to issue tamper-proof, verifiable credentials, instantly verify a credential’s authenticity and validity, exchange credentials through secure verifiable presentations, and revoke credentials without revealing sensitive information.

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a digital identity solution included in any Microsoft Entra ID subscription. It enables businesses to efficiently onboard employees, partners, and customers by validating identity information for trustworthy self-service enrollment. With Entra Verified ID, organizations can grant least-privilege access to high-value applications and resources by verifying individuals’ credentials and status.

Entra Verified ID simplifies the credential verification process, enabling the issuance and verification of workplace credentials, citizenship, education status, certifications, and other unique identifiers in a global ecosystem. The solution supports open standards to ensure interoperability and reusability of credentials across various platforms. Account recovery is made easier through a streamlined self-service process, replacing support calls and security questions.

Setting up and deploying Entra Verified ID is straightforward using the Microsoft Entra admin center portal. Organizations can create and issue customizable verifiable credentials using prebuilt templates or in-house designs and rules, and credential verification is privacy-friendly, as the approval is obtained through individuals’ digital wallets. Furthermore, businesses can revoke or suspend the verified status of credentials, enabling invalidated credentials to remain in possession of their respective owners.

Microsoft Logo
Midy Logo

Midy, formerly known as Evernym, offers a digital wallet solution that allows users to securely store and manage their personal data. Users can download the Midy app, available on App Store and Google Play, in which they can store identity data and choose which service providers they would like to share them with. Upon account creation, users secure their account with a passkey, and only provide an email address or phone number for account protection and management purposes.

Users can generate their first digital credential by scanning a government-issued identity document, such as a passport or license. This digital credential allows individuals to instantly share a proof-of-real-human trustmark for authentication purposes. To keep identity information secure, the Midy app utilizes biometrics and requires user consent for any data sharing. All the time, users maintain full control and have the cryptographic keys to their digital wallet for security purposes.

Incorporating Privacy by Design, Midy uses cryptographic pseudonyms to ensure users’ personal privacy. Midy also prioritizes Security by Design, backed by an advanced cybersecurity team working to protect users from cyber threats. Overall, Midy’s digital wallet technology allows for seamless, secure, and manageable personal data storage and use.

Midy Logo
Nuggets Logo

Nuggets is a leading identity super-wallet that offers verified, self-sovereign, decentralized identity for enhanced privacy and security. Designed for use across Web2 and 3, DeFi, and Metaverse projects, it enables interoperable and reusable identity with merit-based reputation. In addition, users have control over their data for services and applications, with speedy approvals and seamless onboarding.

The Nuggets decentralized identity platform allows secure transactions with verified identities at both ends, making illegitimate transactions nearly impossible. Privacy is maintained using encryption, zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), and blockchain technology, with customers verifying their identity through biometric data, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords.

Nuggets offers smooth experiences across all devices, and a merit-based reputation system that follows users everywhere, such as online shopping, DAO voting, or participating in Metaverse projects. In terms of security, users’ data and verifiable credentials are stored in a secure digital cloud vault only accessible by the user themselves. The platform supports compliance with regulations such as BSA FATF, KYC, and AML through self-sovereign auditable nuggets and ZKPs. IT also adheres to open standards including W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs), Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and DIDComm Messaging (DIDComm), enabling global interoperability. Finally, Nuggets enforces bank-grade security measures and certifications to provide users with the highest level of protection for their data.

Nuggets Logo
PingIdentity Logo

PingOne Neo is a digital identity solution that focuses on identity verification, digital credential issuance, and verification. The platform enables organizations to instantly confirm the identity of users, saving time and reducing costs related to issuing physical credentials and managing personal accounts. Neo helps prevent fraudulent transactions and halt account takeovers, while quickly establishing trust by allowing users to control their verified information.

With PingOne Neo, the process of obtaining and using verified credentials is streamlined and secure. It can request credentials from an issuer or service provider, create cryptographically signed verifiable credentials, store these credentials in the user’s digital wallet, and present only essential data for transaction purposes. Neo ensures that only necessary information is provided during transactions, in line with data minimization requirements. For instance, if age verification is needed, Neo will only present that specific detail rather than the user’s full driver’s license.

PingOne Neo benefits organizations by facilitating verification of users’ credentials, enhancing security to reduce fraud and account takeovers, minimizing regulatory risks by gathering and protecting only necessary user data, and increasing privacy for users as they only need to share relevant information. Overall, Neo provides organizations with a cost-effective, secure method to enable their customers to interact online and in-person without the need for traditional backend integrations.

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The Top 5 Decentralized Identity Solutions