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The Top 11 Data Privacy Management Software

Discover the top data privacy management software with features such as data mapping, privacy policy management, data breach response, and DSAR response.

The Top Data Privacy Management Software Include:
  • 1. BigID Data Privacy Suite
  • 2. Collibra Data Privacy
  • 3. DataGrail Data Privacy Platform
  • 4. OneTrust Privacy Management
  • 5. Osano Data Privacy Platform
  • 6. Palqee
  • 7. PrivacyEngine
  • 8. Securiti Data Privacy
  • 9. Segment Privacy Portal
  • 10. Transcend
  • 11. TrustArc PrivacyCentral

Data privacy management software enables organizations to achieve compliance with regulatory and legal data privacy requirements. Over 120 countries have data privacy and protection regulations or legislation that organizations must comply with to meet data security and/or privacy expectations. Achieving compliance with each of these requirements can be complex—for example, if you’re operating in the U.S. and one of your customers submits a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), you’re required by law to fulfil that request within one month. To do this, you need to know exactly where their data is stored, make sure that it’s safe to share it with them (i.e., that doing so won’t expose any other customers’ data), share it securely, then record the whole process. 

To make matters more complex, if you’re operating in multiple territories, you’ll have to navigate (and adhere to) different compliance requirements for each area.

When undertaken manually, managing these processes (and the infrastructure required to fulfil the request) can be extremely time-consuming and complex. A data privacy management tool can help businesses establish, maintain, and streamline data privacy governance processes – through:

  • Discovering, classifying, and inventorying sensitive data such as PII, PHI, or payment card information
  • Tracking the flow of sensitive data throughout the request journey
  • Managing data privacy policies to ensure data is stored and used ethically
  • Conducting privacy impact assessments
  • Tracking and remediating any incidents (such as security breaches) that may lead to the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data 
  • Responding to DSARs for access, deletion, and correction of customer data
  • Securing sensitive data via encryption and user authentication

Together, these processes ensure that sensitive data is secured against unauthorized access and is stored and handled in compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

In this article, we’ll explore the best data privacy management software. We’ll give you some background information on the provider and the key features of each solution, as well as the type of customer that they are most suitable for. 

BigID Logo

Headquartered in New York, BigID is a provider of data risk, security automation, and privacy control solutions. Their Data Privacy Suite, available as part of their BigID Data Intelligence Platform, creates a visual map of how data is stored, processed, and shared, to minimize the risk of a privacy breach, with a range of compliant, out-of-the-box templates for Privacy Impact Assessments. The platform automatically identifies and classifies data to streamline DSAR responses, with admins able to build custom DSAR workflows—including request validation—and generate DSAR reports for regulators. Admins can also create and manage data privacy policies (inc. cookie consent and data preferences) and report on consent across web, mobile, and apps.

BigID’s Data Privacy Suite offers a comprehensive range of tools for data privacy management, all of which are delivered via a single, central admin console—which is fully customizable. The platform’s high levels of customization mean that it can be tailored to ensure compliance with multiple data privacy regulations. As the Data Privacy Suite is available as part of a wider data security platform, we recommend it particularly to any sized organization that needs to manage the privacy and handling of sensitive data such as PII and PHI.

Collibra Logo

Collibra is a data intelligence provider headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, that offers a range of data governance, privacy, and security solutions via their Data Intelligence Cloud. Collibra Data Privacy is their data privacy management solution. Once deployed, the platform uses machine learning to identify and classify data by category, sensitivity, and user type. The solution then creates a dynamic, visual map of how data moves throughout the business, giving insight into risky data use or sharing. Admins can create data privacy policies and automate workflows to ensure best practices are followed for data usage, retention, and minimization. The platform also offers customizable templates for risk assessments and data quality checks to ensure compliance and streamline the auditing process.

Collibra Data Privacy is an intuitive and easy-to-navigate data privacy management solution. The platform’s interface is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit each user’s role; for example, privacy users can access high-level data, whereas technical admins can access more granular details. This improves user experience, but also limits unnecessary data exposure. Admins can also enforce permissions-based access for added security. Overall, we recommend Collibra’s solution for larger enterprises looking for a data privacy management tool with extensive of customization, automation, and in-depth reporting.

DataGrail Logo

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, DataGrail is a leading data privacy management platform that enables businesses to reduce data risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. The DataGrail Data Privacy Platform detects sensitive data and adds it to a Live Data Map that highlights where it’s stored. The platform focuses on the DSAR request process – when a DSAR is submitted, DataGrail automatically locates the data and populates the details of the request for you, saving admin resource, eliminating human error, and ensuring the fulfilment of the DSAR within given timeframes. Finally, DataGrail offers over 2,000 integrations with other third-party tools to gather the information required to auto-populate privacy impact assessments.

DataGrail is easy to deploy and manage long-term, thanks to the platform’s highly intuitive interface, comprehensive support documentation, and highly rated technical support team. The platform offers lots of out-of-the-box functionality and automations to help ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. It is regularly updated to ensure that your organization is compliant with the most recent requirements. Overall, we recommend DataGrail for mid-market enterprises that need to efficiently fulfil DSAR requests and manage customer consent in line with compliance requirements.

OneTrust Logo

OneTrust is a privacy and security software provider headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Privacy Management is available as part of their wider Privacy and Data Governance Cloud. With Privacy Management, admins can create an accurate map of where their sensitive data resides, then automate the fulfilment of privacy impact assessments and privacy rights requests (e.g., DSARs). From the management console, admins can generate reports into privacy risks, incident response handling, and privacy program maturity over time. Finally, the platform offers a wealth of research on data privacy, including training content. This enables admins to deliver current and role-specific privacy awareness training to their users.

OneTrust’s Privacy Management focuses on creating “privacy by design”. Its efficient automations and robust reporting help to minimize and effectively remediate data risk, while its training modules help instil a culture of data privacy among all users. The solution is delivered as a series of modules available within the OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud. This also offers incident management, third-party risk management, privacy training, and regulatory research and guidance. We recommend OneTrust Privacy Management as a strong solution for mid-size and larger enterprises that are looking to implement data privacy management as part of a wider data security and privacy platform.

Osano Logo

Based in Austin, TX, Osano is an all-in-one data privacy management platform that enables businesses to minimize data risk and ensure compliance with regulations in over 50 countries. This is achieved through automating complex and time-consuming data privacy processes. Osano enables admins to create cookie consent policies, then automatically discovers website tags like cookies, scripts and frames. The platform automatically discovers and maps sensitive data across your environment, then uses these maps to automate common DSARs such as data summaries and deletions. Osano offers a range of ISO- and NIST-compliant privacy assessment templates (e.g., DPIAs and RoPAs). It also offers vendor risk assessment and vendors privacy posture monitoring over time, with a Vendor Privacy Score being assigned to highlight high-risk vendors.

Osano’s Data Privacy Platform offers out-of-the-box templates and robust automations that help streamline the most common data privacy management tasks. The platform offers an intuitive, modern interface that’s easy to navigate, with data maps and clear, graphical reports making it easy to find sensitive records, quickly. Overall, we recommend Osano for small- and medium-sized organizations looking for a user-friendly yet powerful solution to help them streamline their data privacy management.

Palqee Logo

Palqee is a data privacy provider that specializes in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and data protection. Based in London, their platform is used by over 13,000 GRC and privacy professionals globally to secure their sensitive data and ensure compliance with data privacy standards. With Palqee, admins can leverage and customize the platform’s own compliance templates for a range of frameworks including GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and CDPA—or build their own from scratch. Admins can create templates for multiple frameworks, allowing them to adhere to multiple territory specific regulations simultaneously. In addition to its policy and template creation, Palqee offers data privacy audits, data classification and mapping, vendor risk management, and automated DSAR handling.

Palqee offers a broad range of out-of-the-box functionality, including intuitive compliance templates that make it quick and easy for admins to create and enforce data privacy policies. The platform is straightforward to deploy, and its intuitive, lightweight interface doesn’t burden system resources. Overall, we recommend Palqee to small-and medium-sized businesses looking for a data privacy management platform that’s easy to deploy and manage. The platform will enable organizations to achieve compliance with a broad range of compliance standards. Its support for multiple frameworks at once also makes this platform particularly well-suited to businesses handling multiple types of sensitive data, such as payment card information and protected health information.

PrivacyEngine Logo

PrivacyEngine is a data protection and privacy management provider headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, which specializes in helping organizations achieve GDPR compliance. Their flagship data privacy management platform combines data management, third-party risk management, and employee privacy training in one comprehensive solution. PrivacyEngine creates a log of how sensitive data is being used across your organization, enabling better visibility into data usage. This allows admins to identify and remediate non-compliance risks. Admins can also configure data retention periods for all their sensitive records, ensuring that they are in line with compliance guidelines. PrivacyEngine also offers a learning management system (LMS) – this enables admins to deliver privacy awareness training to their employees, with built-in progress tracking.

In addition to their data privacy platform, PrivacyEngine offers a variety of consulting services to help organizations meet compliance requirements and get the most out of the platform. This, in addition to the platform’s dedicated and highly responsive technical support team, makes PrivacyEngine a strong solution for small- and mid-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-manage data privacy management to help them comply with GDPR requirements for data privacy and protection.

Security Logo

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Securiti is a leading provider of security, compliance, and privacy solutions for cloud data. Data Privacy is their data privacy management product, which enables organizations to streamline and automate privacy processes and improve data security whilst achieving compliance. Securiti Data Privacy integrates with structured and unstructured databases and automatically discovers, classifies, and maps sensitive data and dependencies between data. This catalogue also inventories all activities carried out on your data. Once data is mapped, Securiti Data Privacy can fulfil privacy impact assessments and DSARs, with in-built identity verification and encrypted data sharing for added security. The platform also offers a privacy policy manager, third-party risk assessment, cookie consent collection and revocation, and breach management features.

Securiti Data Privacy is a comprehensive solution that streamlines a huge variety of data privacy management processes with powerful automation and intuitive policy management. The platform’s in-built security makes it well-suited to larger enterprises that need to comply with strict compliance requirements for handling sensitive data. The platform’s support for, and classification of, unstructured data makes Securiti Data Privacy a particularly strong solution for organizations that handle sensitive images, such as health scans.

Twilio Segment Logo

Segment Privacy Portal is a customer data platform owned by San Francisco-based customer security and engagement provider, Twilio. Segment utilizes automatic data discovery and classification to give organizations real-time visibility into customer PII, including the location that it’s collected from, where it’s being stored, and how it’s being shared. Admins can then set up privacy controls to ensure that data is being handled in line with compliance requirements, e.g., by restricting your organization from collecting certain types of data. The platform also helps streamline DSAR handling by automating the deletion and suppression of customer data across your environment.

Segment Privacy Portal is a user-friendly, highly navigable data privacy management platform that enables even smaller teams to streamline their data privacy processes, whilst ensuring the security and integrity of customers data. The platform also ensures compliance with standards such as GDPR and CCPA. The platform offers lots of out-of-the-box integrations with existing data sources, allowing admins full visibility into how data is moving across their environment; this does, however, mean that the solution can be a little complex to deploy initially. Overall, we recommend Segment Privacy Portal as a robust, reliable data privacy management platform for small- and mid-sized businesses.

Transcend Logo

Transcend is a data privacy platform based in San Francisco, CA, that enables organizations to minimize data risk and ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as CPRA, CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA, among others. The platform offers four modules. Data Mapping offers data discovery, classification, and Record of processing activities (ROPA) compliance reporting. A Privacy Request module allows admins to handle DSARs, with support for deleting, returning, and modifying customer data. The Consent module enables admins to govern client-side and back-end consent, with custom cookie consent banners for different devices, domains, and regions. Finally, the platform’s Assessments module empowers admins to streamline data privacy impact assessments and transfer impact assessments with centralized risk management, approval tracking, and assessment mapping.

Transcend’s modular approach to data privacy management makes the platform easy to navigate and manage, without compromising on the power of its features. With Transcend, organizations can easily monitor their sensitive data for non-compliance and security risks, then remediate those risks either manually or using the platform’s robust automations. Overall, we recommend Transcend as a powerful, fully featured data privacy management platform for mid-market organizations.

TrustArc Logo

Based in San Francisco, CA, TrustArc is a leading provider of data privacy management software. PrivacyCentral is their flagship platform, which combines customer consent management, privacy operations management, and privacy insights to help businesses achieve compliance with over 50 ever-changing privacy standards such as GDPR, CPRA, and China’s PIPL. PrivacyCentral maps your sensitive data so that admins can quickly identify and remediate compliance gaps, and efficiently locate data in the event of a DSAR. Admins can create privacy policies and standards using the platform’s template library or create their own from scratch. PrivacyCentral then offers comprehensive reporting into privacy compliance, with custom reports that can be shared with key stakeholders.

TrustArc’s PrivacyCentral gives organizations a comprehensive overview of their entire data privacy roadmap; from helping admins work out which compliance regulations apply to their organization, to enforcing the data privacy policies that will help them achieve compliance with those standards. The platform’s reporting capabilities are particularly strong, making it easy for admins to monitor their data privacy strategy over time. Overall, we recommend TrustArc PrivacyCentral as a strong data privacy management tool for mid-market and larger enterprises.

The Top Data Privacy Management Software