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The Top 7 Data Clean Room Solutions

Explore the Top Data Clean Room Solutions known for their secure data collaboration, privacy compliance, and analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to share and analyze data without compromising privacy.

The Top 7 Data Clean Room Solutions include:
  • 1. AWS Clean Rooms
  • 2. AppsFlyer Data Clean Room
  • 3. Google Ads Data Hub
  • 4. Habu
  • 5. InfoSum
  • 6. LiveRamp
  • 7. Snowflake Data Cloud

Data Clean Room Solutions provide a secure environment that allows brands to share data, while maintaining privacy. Essentially, they are protected spaces where advertisers can access aggregated, anonymized data and match it with their own information for better analysis and insights. Implementing a data clean room comes with a variety of advantages, including adherence to compliance regulations (like GPDR), as well as understanding customers to develop personalized advertising strategies. 

The data clean room service industry is a competitive space with many providers offering unique solutions. Most of these solutions seamlessly integrate with modern marketing platforms, delivering features such as customizable data processing, automated data cleansing, identity mapping, and analysis tools. 

This guide will explore into the best providers of data clean room services. We will evaluate their offerings, advantages, key features, and integration capabilities, to help you select the right platform for your use case.. 

AWS Logo

Amazon Web Services delivers on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to various users ranging from individuals to governments. AWS Clean Rooms allows businesses and their collaborations to analyze shared datasets securely, without needing to copy or share any essential data.

This solution allows clean rooms to be established swiftly, enabling secure and unique insights in contexts such as advertising initiatives, investment choices, and R&D. Amazon’s Clean Rooms offers easy setup and workflow. Users can start a clean room, invite participants, and initiate collaboration in a few simple steps. Security is ensured by a vast array of privacy-enhancing procedures designated specifically for these clean rooms. The system supports flexible SQL analysis rules and privacy-enhancing machine learning to address business needs and enables deeper customer insights by consolidating assorted data from various channels and partner datasets. It also aids in enhancing marketing and advertising experiences by enabling collaboration with promotional partners.

In addition, this solution supports improved reporting and measurement by analyzing sensitive datasets across firms and departments. It also facilitates accelerated research and development by enabling secure collaboration.

AppsFlyer Logo

AppsFlyer is a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. The platform focuses on helping brands make informed business choices through its specialized measurement, data analytics, user engagement, fraud protection, and privacy-preserving technologies.

The platform offers a Data Clean Room solution which establishes a secure environment to enrich and analyze data from marketing campaigns. This solution remedies data blindness and offers a multi-channel view of networks, aligns with privacy restrictions, and augments business intelligence efficiency. Within the Data Clean Room, custom business logic empowers businesses to run distinct queries to obtain personalized information. Customizable reports facilitate tailored report configurations for a comprehensive insight into performance. The platform also grants users the ability to set a minimum limit for data, ensuring the protection of user identities and privacy.

A self-owned bucket feature grants users authority over their data including its upload, when and how it is joined, and who can access it. Simplified work processes are facilitated by a user-friendly tool for report creation. AppsFlyer’s platform delivers agile development, ensuring users receive the latest features as they are developed.

Habu Logo

Habu is a collaborative data platform that enables businesses to unlock insights effectively and securely, without moving data. This decentralized data solution supports optimal privacy and encourages better business decisions as it allows businesses to generate answers to any question, using any tool, and any data source on a scalable platform.

Habu’s automated system and APIs are designed to maximize efficiencies and investments, while working seamlessly with business partners. With robust security protocols in place, it ensures the protection of consumer privacy, data, and intellectual property. It prevents risks associated with data movement, making data sharing and collaboration both safe and productive. Designed to be user-friendly for business users and flexible for technical teams, Habu offers a sleek, intuitive user interface, with low-code options, thereby simplifying access to insights. Their data clean room platform permits users to maintain full control over their data, while encouraging collaboration with partners.

One of the key features is its ability to provide insights drawn from a diverse assortment of data sources, ranging from private clean rooms to walled gardens, with no coding required. It works with leading platforms for activation, data and identity companies, agencies, consultancies, and major cloud platforms, effectively integrating with your existing tools and technology investments.

Infosum Logo

InfoSum is a data collaboration platform, specializing in secure data clean rooms. It is designed to enhance customer experiences, while safeguarding privacy. With InfoSum, companies can establish their own Data Clean Rooms, allowing for real-time matching and analysis of an unlimited number of datasets without data exposure, leakage, or misuse. This ensures optimal privacy and performance.

This platform facilitates the creation of data collaboration networks to amplify data-driven strategies such as audience planning, activation, and measurement, all under comprehensive data privacy, security, and governance protocols. Features such as decentralized data processing, multi-party collaboration, and robust privacy protection come as standard with InfoSum. InfoSum’s product suite includes Insights, Identity, Activation, and Measurement components. The Insights feature bridges internal and external data silos, providing expansive, actionable views of customers. The Identity segment improves match rates through seamless low-cost onboarding and ID crosswalks. Activation allows direct collaboration with partners and platforms, maximizing the potential of first-party data. Measurement quantifies campaign effectiveness using privacy-first metrics and advanced analytics.

With InfoSum, businesses can leverage secure, high-performing audience creation tools, transparent match rate testing, and verification of campaign reach. All these processes are conducted without sharing or copying sensitive data, offering companies a unique blend of control, transparency, and data protection.

LiveRamp Logo

LiveRamp is a global data collaboration platform that delivers consumer privacy, data ethics, and foundational identity. The platform provides a clear and comprehensive view of the customer, facilitating extensive insights, while maintaining consumer and brand trust. LiveRamp’s primary offering divides into four product portfolios.

Live/Identity allows businesses to construct a robust enterprise identity infrastructure and offers a compliant identity framework with advanced identity resolution capabilities. Live/Access amplifies your data’s value, allow users to utilize custom segments and lookalike modeling for an in-depth understanding of customers. Users can buy and sell trusted third-party data in LiveRamp’s dynamic marketplace and explore new collaboration opportunities. Live/Connectivity, which is a solution for optimal customer reach, offers personalized experiences via multiple channels — browsers, mobile devices, and CTV. This is possible through RampID, an identifier designed to protect privacy while connecting the digital ecosystem. Live/Insights enables discovery of innovative insights through measurement and collaborative analytics.

LiveRamp’s clean room capabilities support various use cases and partnerships, enhanced with progressive permissioning and privacy-enhancing technologies. LiveRamp’s solutions can be embedded in any cloud, resolving identity on the client’s preferred platform, inclusive of major platforms such as AWS, Google, Snowflake, Azure, and Databricks.

Snowflake Logo

Snowflake is a data management company that operates the Data Cloud, where many businesses globally mobilize data with significant scale, concurrency, and performance. Within this Data Cloud, organizations are able to consolidate their data, discover and securely share governed data, as well as conduct various analytic operations.

The platform is complemented by Snowflake Marketplace, which facilitates the sharing, partnership, and monetization of extensive datasets and services, as well as complete data applications. Snowflake’s platform is designed to eliminat data silos and deliver architectural simplicity. This is achieved through the inclusion of automation features to create a unified solution for organizations to extract more value from their data. Snowflake’s platform is also optimized for various workloads, including those using SQL, Python, or other languages, ensuring scaled performance. The system’s global connectivity allows organizations to access relevant content across multiple platforms and regions, maintaining a seamless user experience. The Data Cloud model by Snowflake brings all workloads directly to the data, breaking silo structures and rapidly promoting insight generation.

The platform also accelerates AI and machine learning workflows, supports application development, provides cybersecurity measures, invites collaboration, and manages data warehouses and lakes. Snowflake’s platform is devised to be the foundation upon which data-intensive applications are built, tested, and launched, supporting overall business progress.

The Top 7 Data Clean Room Solutions