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The Top 11 Dark Web Monitoring Solutions

Discover the top dark web monitoring solutions on the market based on their key features, use cases, and pricing.

The Top 11 Dark Web Scanning Solutions Include:
  • 1. Flare
  • 2. CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Recon
  • 3. UnderDefense MAXI
  • 4. ManageEngine Log360
  • 5. CYRISMA
  • 6. Flashpoint Ignite
  • 7. Fortra PhishLabs
  • 8. Mandiant Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring
  • 9. Recorded Future Intelligence Platform
  • 10. ReliaQuest GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection (formerly Digital Shadows SearchLight) 
  • 11. ZeroFox Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web consists of hidden pages that can only be accessed through specialist technologies and web browsers. It is used by journalists and political activists who need to maintain anonymity to ensure their safety. However, the dark web more commonly hits headlines for its role in criminal activities; in common perception, the dark web is a place where drugs, weapons, and exploitation are rife.

So long as your staff don’t have access to the dark web (via one of these specialist technologies), this may seem like an irrelevant concern. But drugs and weapons aren’t the only commodities traded on the dark web; data can also be sold. This includes compromised account credentials, credit card details, addresses, and social security numbers. You might not even know that your organization has been hacked, but your company and employee details could end up for sale.

Dark web monitoring solutions continually scan the dark web to find leaked data and areas where your business details have been used fraudulently. They can also scan the dark web to find information regarding planned attacks and known exploits affecting your organization that may have been shared on forums. This information is invaluable as it can be used to strengthen your own internal defenses; you can bolster your defenses and patch the vulnerabilities before they can be used in an attack against your organization.

A good dark web monitoring solution should allow you wide visibility into the dark web, without your IT or security staff venturing into it themselves. This prevents admins from putting themselves at risk or having to be exposed to elicit and dangerous content. To achieve this, the solution should flag keywords relevant to your organization. You are then able to monitor the threat as it evolves, to ensure you can respond appropriately.

There is not one single dark web monitoring solution for all use cases – some are fully automated, some require a team of experts to run, and some utilize ML and AI to provide accurate and relevant insights. In this guide, we explore some of the top dark web monitoring solutions and focus on key features, subscription options, and who they’re best suited for.

Flare Logo

Flare provides a comprehensive and easy to use SaaS-based dark web monitoring and cyber threat intelligence solution. The platform continuously archives the dark web, including cybercriminal chat groups on Telegram, clear web sources of risk, and emerging sources of risk such as stealer logs. Flare automatically detects, prioritizes, and structures threats to your organization in an easy to understand format, empowering event entry level analysts..

Flare’s platform sets up in 15-30 minutes, and is used by organizations ranging from startups to the large global companies. Flare’s team takes a collection first approach, and archives billions of data points across hundreds of dark web sites, thousands of cybercrime telegram channels, and thousands of credential dumps. Flare has world class coverage for stealer logs, leaked credentials, dark web discussions, all of which can be tracked via an intuitive and easy to use admin console.  

The admin console displays the data relevant to a specific company from dark web searches. At a high-level, the dashboard displays comprehensive exposure metrics, tracking sensitive data exposure, exposed source code, and leaked credentials. Users can easily track a history of all previous events, and view how their exposure score has improved over time. Flare collates all dark web data relevant to your business as ‘Events’ which are sorted and prioritized in the admin console. Admins can enable real-time alerts for risks, and the platform provides AI-based takedown capabilities to remove detected risks from online sources.

Detailed information is collected on each event including information on the risk identified, severity, the source, and remediation actions. The platform provides comprehensive reporting, as well as additional features for tracking supply chain ransomware exposure and exposed credentials. Flare also provides high level trend tracking information, for more general knowledge of the threat landscape.

Overall, we recommend Flare as a strong dark web monitoring solution. The console is modern and easy-to-use, with multiple customization options and reports. Onboarding is very straightforward, and the platform allows unlimited users, supporting scalability with cost-effective pricing. The solution is ideal for organizations looking for comprehensive dark web monitoring with world class coverage and that value ease of use.

Crowdstrike Logo

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Recon is a cybersecurity solution that provides real-time dark web monitoring to give businesses visibility into cybercrime activities. This platform allows security teams to detect and disrupt digital threats, while safeguarding the company’s brand and reputation.

Falcon Intelligence Recon assists in detecting imminent threats by monitoring underground criminal forums, marketplaces, and social media channels. Real-time alerts can be sent to notify stakeholders, and exposed credentials can be addressed automatically as well as manually through CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection. Additionally, the solution helps protect a company’s brand by identifying fraudulent domains or phishing emails and forwarding them to relevant teams for action.

Falcon Intelligence Recon also offers a managed service, Falcon Intelligence Recon+, which allows businesses to leverage CrowdStrike’s expertise to protect against digital threats. By tracking adversaries beyond the perimeter, the platform exposes malicious activities and quickly identifies and remediates digital dangers. CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Recon provides situational awareness on the eCrime landscape through weekly cybercrime reports, highlighting trends across data leak sites, access broker activity, and vulnerability exploits.

Using Falcon Intelligence Recon can help businesses prioritize vulnerabilities based on real-life observed exploits, by offering insights on all publicly known CVEs, related actors, and threat research reports. In doing so, companies can harden their threat surface more efficiently and effectively, ultimately reducing business risk.

Crowdstrike Logo
UnderDefense Logo

UnderDefense MAXI is a comprehensive Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) platform designed to protect digital ecosystems 24/7. The platform offers a range of security monitoring features including dark web monitoring, security automation, and alerting. With 45+ native integrations, the cloud-based platform is compatible with various existing systems and can be easily implemented within any sized organization. 

UnderDefense’s solution comprises several components, such as detection, analytics, response, compliance, and automation. The platform offers comprehensive dark web monitoring as a free self service feature, to help teams to identify threats early on, and ensure visibility into potential security issues across endpoints, networks, and user activity. 

Analytics provides detailed insights into security incidents, makes recommendations for remediation, and allows businesses to better understand their security posture. Response features include automated threat responses, custom playbooks, and emergency support, while compliance helps organizations adhere to industry standards and regulations with ready-to-use policy templates, readiness assessments, and audit management. 

UnderDefense MAXI Security Monitoring is used by various organizations seeking a complete security solution. The platform involves a team of cybersecurity specialists who can understand the details of each client’s systems, processes, and security goals. UnderDefense is designed to support companies in achieving better cybersecurity, extending their team’s capabilities, while ensuring critical systems and information are protected. Overall, the platform provides a practical, yet powerful, all-in-one solution for diverse businesses looking to enhance their security measures. 

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ManageEngine Log 360

ManageEngine Log360 is a unified SIEM solution, giving organizations advanced visibility of network events. Log360’s threat detection engine, Vigil IQ, provides comprehensive threat detection and incident response capabilities using anomaly detection, threat intelligence, and rule-based attack detection techniques for cloud, on-prem, and hybrid networks. Log360’s incident management console allows teams to track key metrics (including MTTR and MTTD), manage correlation rules to detect common cyber-attacks, and provides detailed event and incident reports.

ManageEngine has partnered with Constella Intelligence to offer an integrated dark web monitoring feature as part of its broader SIEM platform. The integration works by continuously scanning the dark web for leaked credentials and other potential suspicious activity. If a vulnerability is detected, it is passed through ManageEngine’s VigilIQ engine which investigates the potential risk. Admins are immediately alerted, and the incident is logged in the Log360 incident management console, along with a threat analysis and the appropriate contextual data.

The solution scans for leaked credentials associated with your organization, employees, and also third-party partners you work with. This ensures you can identify any supply chain related dark web risks. ManageEnigne Log360 is not a dedicated dark web monitoring solution, but its capabilities as a unified SIEM solution make it highly useful within the dark web context. It ensures alerting and details are correlated into your wider vulnerability management stack, and helps to cut down on alerting across multiple platforms.

ManageEngine is a trusted provider in the SIEM space; it is used by 9/10 Fortune 100 organizations and currently works with over 200 channel partners globally. This solution is a strong option to consider for organizations looking to deploy dark web monitoring as part of a broader SIEM platform for proactive threat detection and response.

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CYRISMA is a dark web monitoring tool that helps organizations track their sensitive information on the dark web, enabling them to predict and prevent potential cyber-attacks. By constantly scanning various data points, CYRISMA identifies compromised accounts associated with an organization’s domains and monitors discussions around the brand on unindexed online activity and criminal forums. This continuous monitoring provides early warnings about any data leaks, allowing a timely response to potential threats.

CYRISMA reviews dark web data points every 24 hours to detect any potentially compromised information related to the organization or its customers. This enables companies to take swift action when mitigating any risks. CYRISMA’s platform also provides real-time email notifications that alert businesses to dark web activity associated with their brand. An in-built translator ensures accessibility to discussions conducted in foreign languages.

By utilizing CYRISMA, organizations can discover, understand, mitigate, and manage potential vulnerabilities and cyber risks more effectively. The platform provides insights into how a company’s compromised information may be misused on the dark web and assists in fine-tuning incident response strategies accordingly. Overall, CYRISMA’s dark web monitoring tool offers enhanced protection, enabling businesses to proactively defend against cyber threats.

Flashpoint Logo

Flashpoint Ignite is a comprehensive threat intelligence solution designed to help cybersecurity, fraud, and physical security teams to detect, prioritize, and remediate risks. The platform caters to a range of use cases such as combatting data theft, payment and card fraud, customer and vendor account takeovers, as well as identifying unknown vulnerabilities and insider threats.

Flashpoint Ignite utilizes targeted, automated collection systems to gather information from various sources, including social media, chat services, foreign-language forums, illegal marketplaces, paste sites, and the deep and dark web. By harnessing analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Flashpoint Ignite allows analysts to track and remediate threats effectively.

Flashpoint Ignite offers extensive data collections, containing over two petabytes of threat intelligence data that assists organizations in identifying, prioritizing, and remediating threats more efficiently. This wealth of data includes information on ransomware group profiles, stolen accounts, credit cards, and credentials.

An expert team of over 100 analysts support the platform by engaging with threat actors in illicit communities, providing tailored and custom information based on clients’ requests, and offering threat response and readiness support to meet all organizational needs. Flashpoint Ignite strives to deliver timely, actionable intelligence to enhance an organization’s overall security posture.

Flashpoint Logo

Fortra’s PhishLabs provides enterprises with expert-curated intelligence and dark web monitoring to protect their digital and physical assets. PhishLabs protects enterprises against financial and reputational damage and data theft by proactively monitoring the dark web and identifying potential threats associated with their organization.

To protect against attacks originating from the dark web, PhishLabs combines automated detection with expert human analysis. This targeted intelligence collection enables enterprises to proactively identify and defend against potential threats. PhishLabs’s threat detection focuses on monitoring marketplaces and other dark web sites, aiming to identify references to stolen data and criminal activity. Their analysts deliver high-value intelligence by linking key data points to threat actor personas, allowing for continued surveillance and monitoring of any changes in activity. This helps in preventing the sale of personally identifiable information (PII), exploitation of source code, and distribution of malware exploit kits.

Mendicant Logo

Part of the Mandiant Advantage XDR platform, Digital Threat Monitoring is a solution that offers visibility into the open, deep, and dark web to anticipate threats and detect unknown data leaks. It provides comprehensive monitoring of the internet, including underground marketplaces, paste sites, blogs, social media, forums, and malware repositories. This enables organizations to anticipate malicious targeting, potential attacks, and detect breaches from both internal and external sources.

The solution uses machine learning to extract actionable information from proprietary threat intelligence and frontline knowledge, resulting in higher quality alerts and reduced time wastage due to false positives. It offers customized monitoring tailored to what matters most to an organization, such as brand protection, VIP security, technical resource safeguarding, and trusted relationship preservation.

Digital Threat Monitoring is part of Mandiant’s wider multi-vendor XDR platform, which is comprised of multiple tools aimed at identifying high-risk attack vectors, malicious orchestration, and attack campaigns on the open web. This platform also provides contextual information on threat actors and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), allowing organizations to remain vigilant in securing their digital assets, supply chain, and brand.

Mendicant Logo
Recorded Future Logo

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive threat intelligence solution that utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to analyze data from the dark web. It helps organizations quickly identify, profile, and mitigate cyber risks, focusing on proprietary data, lost credentials, and mentions of company, brands, or infrastructure.

The platform automates the identification of relevant exploit chatter, assisting businesses in prioritizing remediation efforts based on increased adversary intent or capabilities. It collects content from numerous Tor sites, IRC channels, forums, paste sites, and underground marketplaces, continuously adding new high-value sources to expand visibility of the dark web. With its advanced technology, Recorded Future tracks criminal communities as they change their IP and domain infrastructure.

Recorded Future’s natural language processing capabilities enable the platform to automatically translate and analyze dark web sources in multiple languages, offering deep analysis capabilities for 12 languages. This makes relevant intelligence instantly available for accelerated and simplified analysis, helping organizations monitor direct threats to their company and infrastructure, as well as uncovering new and emerging exploits and malware tools relevant to their technologies being developed, discussed, and traded in dark web locations.

Recorded Future Logo
ReliaQuest GreyMatter

ReliaQuest GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection (DRP), formerly known as Digital Shadows SearchLight, offers dark web monitoring services to help organizations protect their valuable assets and mitigate potential threats. The service focuses on monitoring open, deep, and dark web sources to provide insights into threat actors’ operations, enabling businesses to take appropriate action.

One of the key functions of GreyMatter DRP includes finding and tracking stolen intellectual property, safeguarding customers, brands, and executives from phishing and impersonation attacks. The service also helps identify and expose insider threats or premeditated attacks by monitoring dark web mentions of an organization’s name and assets.

In addition to threat monitoring, GreyMatter DRP detects data leakage by continuously scanning various sources for compromised credentials and exposed sensitive technical documents or intellectual property. They also maintain a database containing over 15 billion breached credentials, helping organizations instantly identify potential exploitations. To protect a company’s brand, this service detects and mitigates domain infringements such as typo and domain squats, spoofs of your company and executive social media profiles, and spoofed mobile applications.

The GreyMatter DRP platform can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing security operations tech stack, enhancing visibility across multiple tools and providing valuable context and insights. This integration empowers businesses to better operationalize security and protect their vital assets.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter
Zerofox Logo

ZeroFox Dark Web Monitoring is a comprehensive solution that provides visibility into dark web communications allowing organizations to detect potential data leaks and attack planning. By combining human and artificial intelligence, this service collects and analyzes raw intelligence from the dark web in real-time. It monitors channels such as TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, Telegram, Discord, and IRC, searching for sensitive materials related to your organization, including stolen data, breached credentials, and intellectual property.

Monitoring the dark web is essential for organizations to gain early detection of credential theft, data leakage, and cyberattacks. With 24/7 monitoring, ZeroFox sends alerts of emerging threats and compromised assets, enabling security teams to take quick action. ZeroFox operatives have extensive experience in covert tradecraft and maintain relationships with cybercriminals globally, providing unique access to intelligence.

Dark Web Monitoring alerts contain detailed information about compromised credentials, credit card details, PII, and the covert communication threads, thus enabling organizations to take informed decisions on remediation. Additionally, the service offers recommendations along with a user-friendly interface for taking necessary actions with just a single click. ZeroFox also provides immediate activation of remediation services or Request for Information (RFI) through their digital risk platform, ensuring organizations are well-equipped to manage and mitigate dark web threats.

The Top 11 Dark Web Monitoring Solutions