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The Top 11 Cybersecurity Risk Management Solutions

Discover the top cybersecurity risk management solutions that enable you to gain visibility over your network and understand the risks that your organization faces. Explore key features including risk scores and actionable intelligence.

The Top 11 Cybersecurity Risk Management Solutions Include:
  • 1. Crowdstrike Falcon Intelligence Premium
  • 2. CURA Enterprise Risk Management
  • 3. LogicManager Integrated Risk Management Software
  • 4. ManageEngine Vulnerability Manger
  • 5. Onspring Risk Management Enterprise Solution
  • 6. Qualys Cloud Platform
  • 7. Rapid7 InsightVM
  • 8. ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP
  • 9. Resolver Enterprise Risk Management
  • 10. SolarWinds Security Events Manager
  • 11. Reciprocity ZenRisk

Cybersecurity risk management solutions are used to gain visibility over your entire network and to understand the risks that your organization may be susceptible to. Risk management tools can cover a wide range of risks – from technological misconfigurations to data security incidents, such as credential compromise. 

There are a few key features that cybersecurity risk management solutions offer in order fo help you gain this visibility. First, it is important that a risk management solution can provide you with real-time insights into your entire security posture. If the solution were only to report periodically, your network could be exposed or vulnerable for the duration of that interval; if it were only to report on parts of your network, the other parts could be compromised without you knowing. Second, solutions often use risk scores to quantify and illustrate the level of risk that you are exposed to. This will help you understand and contextualize the risk, so you can prioritize your incident response. Finally, they should offer some level of insight into how you should remediate the risk. This could be in the form of prioritizing threats for you, suggesting remediation actions, or even automating certain response processes.

In this article, we’ll cover the top cybersecurity risk management solutions. We’ll consider a range of use cases – from large, multi-national enterprises, to smaller start-ups. Some of the solutions on this list will focus more on the every-day cybersecurity risks facing your data, with other solutions focusing on managing cyberattacks. In each instance, we’ll suggest what type of organization would benefit most from the solution.

Crowdstrike Logo

Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity solutions provider that uses real-time indicators of compromise (IOCs), threat intelligence, and data enrichment to identify threats to your network. Falcon Intelligence Premium is a cloud-based platform that gives you in-depth context and actionable intelligence regarding cybersecurity threats. The company was founded in 2011, and is based in Austin, TX.

Crowdstrike Falcon Intelligence Premium Features:

  • Automatically scans the internet and social media sites to identify suspicious activity
  • Connected to a global IOC database to accurately identify new and emerging threats
  • Automated investigations reduce the human time and expertise required
  • Generates custom reports for a range of shareholders, including technical reports and business impact reports for C-suite
  • Integrates effectively with the other elements of the Falcon platform
  • Constantly monitors for DDoS and botnet attacks

Expert Insights’ Comments: Crowdstrike is a well-established vendor in the cyber security and threat detection space. Their Falcon platform has a wide range of use cases – as an agentless solution, it can address a range of cybersecurity needs in most environments. The risk management module – Intelligence Plus – is an effective and powerful solution that gives organizations actionable insights to protect their data and network. We would recommend this solution for larger organizations that need a comprehensive solution that can address a range of cybersecurity threats.


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, CURA is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions provider for enterprise environments. Their Enterprise Risk Management solution streamlines risk management by integrating risk decisions within your business processes. The solution can effectively communicate risk, allowing you to make smart and secure decisions. You are able to set goals and objectives, then monitor your performance in relation to these targets.

CURA Enterprise Risk Management Features:

  • Supports multiple frameworks and methodologies to ensure compliance with data protection regulations – Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, ISO31000, and others
  • Real-time network visibility from interactive dashboard and reports
  • Platform can be granularly configured so that you can tailor the risk management process
  • Alert tools to warn of tasks, actions, and escalations
  • Comprehensive audit trails

Expert Insights’ Comments: CURA’s GUI makes it easy to drill down into findings to understand how risk scores have been calculated. You can also identify other factors such as predicted financial impact, reputation damage, and risk category. The platform is easy to navigate and provides clear insight into an organization’s risk profile. We would recommend this solution for small to medium organizations that need a functional solution, without an extensive number of features, that will help them understand the risks they’re facing.

LogicManager Logo

LogicManager is a Boston-based risk management company that has been in operation since 2005. Their IRM solution provides visibility across your network, identifying the risks that you face. This allows you to anticipate future threats, improve business performance, and mitigate current dangers. LogicManager helps to separate the strands of interconnected risk, giving you clarity and allowing you to act with precision.

LogicManager Integrated Risk Management Software Features:

  • Out-of-the-box heat maps, top risk summaries, and risk control matrices accessible through a customizable dashboard
  • Risk identification and prioritization
  • Highlights departmental relationships and dependencies
  • Continued, real-time risk intelligence
  • Assign pre-built and customizable controls to identified vulnerabilities
  • Scalable solution that ingests data from across your network

Expert Insights’ Comments: LogicManager is a widely used cybersecurity risk management tool. The solution provides a central portal for risk, compliance, and auditing tasks, whilst allowing you to create custom workflows to suit your needs. We would recommend LogicManager for enterprise organizations in need of a reliable and comprehensive tool that can be automated to reduce human workload, whilst retaining a high degree of accuracy.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine has developed a broad suite of cybersecurity tools that include access management, auditing, and endpoint security products, as well as solutions in many other areas. Vulnerability Manager is their tool for identifying, assessing, and mitigating the risks facing your network. The solution is designed to work across multiple operating systems and to gather data from endpoints across your entire network.

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manger Features:

  • Assess and prioritize network vulnerabilities based on factors like exploitability, age, frequency, severity, and patch availability
  • Optimize system security – enforce complex passwords, access management, and memory protection features
  • Adhere to audit and compliance requirements
  • Deploy pre-built scripts to zero-day threats
  • Identify and remove high risk software – remote desktop sharing, end-of-life, and peer-to-peer applications
  • Automate the testing and deployment of security patches

Expert Insights’ Comments: ManageEngine Vulnerability Manger is a user-friendly solution that gives organizations prioritized insights into the threats that their network faces. We would recommend this solution for organizations that need a robust and effective vulnerability management solution and want to manage detection and remediation from a single platform. Due to the flexible pricing structure, ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager can be used by organizations of all sizes.

Onspring Logo

Onspring is a Kansas-based GRC and workflow automation provider. The company was founded in 2010 and today produces internal threat management, GRC, third-party risk management, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) tools. The Risk Management Enterprise Solution empowers organizations to gain clarity into the risks they face, and to respond appropriately and effectively. The solution empowers you to conduct risk assessments across your network, to understand the likelihood and impact of various risks.

Onspring Risk Management Enterprise Solution Features:

  • Centralized risk register makes it easy to organize, understand, and compare cyber risks
  • Real-time data analysis to accurately calculate potential risk
  • Monitor financial impact of potential risks to understand how significant the threat is
  • Auditing and reporting features make it easy to communicate findings with key stakeholders
  • Integrate reports with other business units and external data feeds

Expert Insights’ Comments: Onspring’s solution is easy to use and very effective. It is capable of continually monitoring your network to identify emerging threats and ensure that risk scores are accurate. Organizations find it easy to implement the solution, ensuring that it can add value straight away. We would recommend Onspring to organizations of all sizes, but particularly those that want versatile reporting features to communicate key findings with shareholders.

Qualys Logo

Qualys is a California-based provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions. The Qualys Cloud Platform gives organizations continuous visibility and assessment of global IT, security, and compliance posture. The platform has built-in threat prioritization and remediation features (such as automated patching), to protect your digital environment. Qualys monitors your cloud and on-premises environments and devices to provide extensive visibility with a good degree of accuracy.

Qualys Cloud Platform Features:

  • Monitors all the devices on your network, including mobile endpoints, workstations, containers, and cloud instances
  • Continuous monitoring means that admins can be notified at the earliest opportunity
  • Comprehensive analysis adds context to risk data so that you can fully understand the security implementations of each incident
  • Customizable dashboard allows you to highlight the data that is important to your organization
  • Helps organizations to adhere to CIS and PCI policies

Expert Insights’ Comments: The Qualys Cloud Platform’s main strengths are in its reporting and analytics. Your admin team can be notified as soon as a threat is detected, allowing you to take the necessary steps to address the problem. We would recommend the solution for medium to large enterprises that require a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to help them manage risk across their networks.

Rapid7 Logo

Rapid7 is a Boston-based technology, services, and research organization. InsightVM is their cyber risk management solution, which allows you to discover and remediate risks across your network. The solution is part of Rapid7’s Insight platform, which combines vulnerability management with a SIEM solution and IT log analytics. This means that your key security tools can be centralized and managed efficiently. InsightVM will triage risks so that you can prioritize your response actions.

Rapid7 InsightVM Features:

  • Scans your entire network to identify risks across all endpoints
  • Automatic risk prioritization
  • Share actionable insights with IT and DevOps to ensure that remediation is targeted
  • View risk in real-time from the user dashboard
  • RESTful API ensures that you can integrate with a range of endpoints
  • Information is contextualized to give you all the information in one place, rather than across multiple graphs or spreadsheets

Expert Insights’ Comments: Rapid7 InsightVM is an effective solution that gives users a comprehensive insight into the status of their network and their security posture. The platform is easy to manage, with deployment being quick and easy. Rapid7 ensures that data is presented in a relevant, meaningful way so that you can act when needed. We would recommend Rapid7 InsightVM – as part of the Insight platform – for organizations that need an extensive and integrated security solution to address a range of security threats.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Based in Florida, ReliaQuest is a security operations platform that orchestrates threat hunting, attack simulation, and digital risk protection. GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection (DRP) uses an adaptive threat model to understand an organization’s risk profile and provide actionable insights. GreyMatter can trigger a decrese in alert triage and response times by up to 52%.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP Features:

  • Data is collected from a wide range of sources – including code repositories, dark web forums, and technical sources – to stay abreast of current threats
  • Align threat information with organization’s risk profile to ensure insights are valuable and relevant
  • Continuous attack simulation assesses your organization’s vulnerabilities and readiness to respond to threats
  • Regular health score reporting allows you to identify areas for improvement
  • Ability to automate workflows to protect and mitigate threats

Expert Insights’ Comments: ReliaQuest’s solution provides highly accurate, contextualized information that can be an invaluable aspect of managing cybersecurity risk. The GreyMatter platform has extended detection and response (XDR) modules that offer in-built incident response actions, helping you to response quickly and appropriately to detected threats. We would recommend ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP for enterprise organizations that need a sophisticated cybersecurity risk management and response platform.

Resolver Logo

Based in Toronto, Resolver is a provider of risk management and risk intelligence software. Their Enterprise Risk Management solution assesses the total impact of a threat, including the financial impact of a vulnerability. It will also break down complex risk webs to ensure that you understand how risks are interconnected, and how best to control them. The platform allows you to manage and visualize your risk profile from a single, central interface.

Resolver Enterprise Risk Management Features:

  • Break down silos to gain a comprehensive understanding of risks across your entire network
  • Assess compliance and carry out auditing whilst monitoring risk
  • Built-in database of best practice and customizable risk templates
  • Automates workflows to reduce risk, save time, and prove compliance
  • Share data from the dashboard, through reports, as a range of graphs and visualizations
  • Able to carry out post-attack analysis
  • Modular implementation allows you to easily manage deployment, and focus on the tools that will improve your experience

Expert Insights’ Comments: Resolver Enterprise Risk Management is a highly flexible solution, allowing you to configure it in a way that suits your way of work. You can manage your entire network from a single platform, thereby giving you greater visibility and risk control. The system is user friendly, allowing you to run reports as you need. We would recommend this solution for organizations that need a broad risk management tool that can carry out incident investigation post-event.

Solarwinds logo

SolarWinds is a provider of IT management solutions based in Austin, Texas. Their Security Events Manager solution empowers organizations to monitor risks, improve security posture, and demonstrate compliance. The platform is AI- and ML-backed, thereby giving you a greater level of insight and analysis. You can gain visibility, actionable insights, and control of events occurring on-premises or in the cloud.

SolarWinds Security Events Manager Features:

  • Easy to create and export compliance logs and audit reports (with support for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and SOX compliance)
  • Centralized log collection and normalization
  • File change and integrity monitoring – which is required by some regulatory bodies
  • Automated incident remediation reduces human workload and response times
  • Creates and correlates logs to give you greater insight into network anomalies

Expert Insights’ Comments: SolarWinds Security Events Manager is a simple, but very capable solution. It gives organizations critical insights into the status of their security posture, allowing vulnerabilities to be identified and mitigated. The solution combines log management with incident response to ensure all threats are remediated. We would recommend this solution for small- to medium-sized organizations that operate in regulated sectors and must prove compliance with data protection standards and ensure that policies are being adhered to.

Reciprocity Logo

Based in San Francisco, Reciprocity provides strategic risk management solutions for the business environment. ZenRisk is the company’s dedicated risk management solution that gives organizations actionable insights and contextual information to identify threats and mitigate risks.

Reciprocity ZenRisk Features:

  • Visual dashboard highlights residual risk, risk scores, and security posture, and graphs can be exported to communicate key findings with stakeholders
  • Automated workflows – at time of deployment, the solution will identify relationships to build strategic automated workflows
  • Real-time risk score updates that take into account a wide range of factors, including vendor risk
  • Automatically notifies relevant users when risk scores change
  • Secure Control Framework (SCF) provides a catalogue of 32 cybersecurity templates to be deployed on your network

Expert Insights’ Comments: Reciprocity’s ZenRisk tool is intuitive and easy to set up. It allows organizations to effectively centralize, map, and monitor levels of risk – be they cybersecurity or compliance related. The solution provides accurate risk scores that can inform key business decisions, as well as suggesting how to mitigate the threat. We would recommend Reciprocity ZenRisk for small to medium organizations that need a robust and effective monitoring solution, without extensive features beyond the risk management space.

The Top 11 Cybersecurity Risk Management Solutions