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The Top 7 Customer Feedback Survey Tools

Explore the Top Customer Feedback Survey Tools that deliver intuitive survey creation, real-time analytics, and feedback loop features to gather valuable insights for improving products and services.

The Top 7 Customer Feedback Survey Tools include:
  • 1. Forsta
  • 2. Google Forms
  • 3. Hotjar
  • 4. Jotform
  • 5. Qualtrics
  • 6. SurveyMonkey
  • 7. Typeform

Customer feedback survey tools are vital for businesses to understand their customers’ needs and expectations. These tools provide the ability to harness the power of data to improve products, services, and ultimately customer satisfaction. As a business, your primary goal should be to meet and exceed customer expectations, and feedback surveys are key instruments in this process. Not only do they tell you what you need to improve, but they can also reassure you that you are delivering a service that is used and appreciated by customers.

These survey tools offer features such as customizable surveys, real-time reporting and analytics, multiple distribution options, and integrations with popular business solutions. This allows businesses to gather rich qualitative and quantitative data directly from customers, process that data, and then use it to drive business decisions.

When a customer completes a feedback survey, the tool should be sophisticated enough to offer insightful analytics. If a pattern of dissatisfaction arises, for example, the business can take immediate, informed action to remedy the situation. When positive feedback is received, businesses can utilize that information to further improve and enhance their customer experience.

As with other technology solutions, the market for customer feedback survey tools is highly competitive, with a variety of options to choose from. The right tool depends on your business’s specific needs and what you hope to achieve with your feedback surveys.

In this guide, we will introduce the top customer feedback survey tools based on effectiveness, ease of use, and features to help you find the right solution for your use case.

Forsta Logo

Forsta is a customer experience (CX) survey software company that offers tools aimed at driving data-based decision making within organizations. Its software provides a comprehensive view of the collected data to facilitate an enhanced understanding of overall customer experiences.

Forsta’s customer feedback capabilities are delivered via multiple channels such as online, telephonic, digital-intercept, and paper-based surveys. The company ensures that the geographical location or size of an organization doesn’t hinder the data collection process. The platform can be used to gather positive feedback and find the best ways of amplifying this to increase attract new customers.

Addressing concerns about data security and compliance, Forsta’s system is designed to handle massive amounts of sensitive information, ensuring that your data is protected and managed with ease. Additionally, the company’s Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) solutions provide capabilities to manage remote interviews from a single system, regardless of the scale of interview projects.

Ultimately, Forsta’s approach focuses on understanding the customer in-depth and amplifying the positive feedback to attract new customers. Their tools aim to provide organizations with insights about their target audience and the way to effectively connect with them. The service aids in turning customer feedback into business opportunities and providing an overall better experience.

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Google Logo

Google Forms is a software solution that empowers users to create custom forms or surveys. With an intuitive design process, users can choose from a variety of question types and arrange them with ease. The platform caters to both individual and collaborative work, permitting real-time collaboration, as it does with other services like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google Forms’ use extends beyond the creation phase and into data collection. It enables users to monitor responses in real time, with automatically curated data summaries and the capacity to analyse raw data using Google Sheets or alternative software. This integration makes it straightforward and easy to use. The software also incorporates intelligence to set response validation rules, ensuring data accuracy and integrity such as correct email formats or specific numeric ranges.

Earning its stripes through versatility and user-friendliness, Google Forms can be accessed, created, and edited on screens of varying sizes, providing unparalleled convenience. In addition, it simplifies the distribution process, allowing users to share forms via email, embed them on websites, or share links on social media. The platform also supports customization, making it possible to adjust colors, images, and fonts to align with specific branding requirements or enhance the overall aesthetic. This, coupled with custom logic to present questions based on previous responses, enhances user experience.

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Hotjar Logo

Hotjar is a company specializing in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost user experience through AI-powered surveys. The platform allows you to replace speculation with data-backed insights, improving user interactions on your website and products. Those unsure of what survey questions to use can let Hotjar’s AI create optimized surveys based on specific goals. Alternatively, there’s an option to choose from over 40 pre-existing templates for survey creation.

Once data is collected, AI generates an easily understandable summary reports for quick issue identification and learning what aspects users appreciate or find challenging on the website.

Hotjar offers various modes and methods for survey deployment, from popups and buttons to embedded surveys on the website or even via a link. It specializes in evaluating user dropout reasons by sending exit surveys to customers, supporting quick testing of numerous elements like logos, user interface designs, and promotional messaging to find user preferences.

In addition, Hotjar leverages AI to determine user sentiment swiftly, offering a rapid understanding of what users favor or dislike. It also provides the opportunity to view user session recordings for a detailed understanding of user issues. To ensure constant product enhancement, Hotjar facilitates on-site surveys intended to yield a consistent influx of user suggestions whilst providing real-time feedback.

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Jotform Logo

Jotform provides a comprehensive solution for online survey creation and data collection. This free online survey maker enables users to create engaging surveys by utilizing a simple drag-and-drop process. Users can construct their own questions, implement conditional logic, and quickly share their customized survey online for immediate response collection.

With over 800 pre-made survey templates, users don’t have to start from scratch. These templates are customizable; the questions and survey’s aesthetic can all be modified to, match your branding requirements and to gain the information you need. Interactive surveys increase user engagement and boost completion rates, driving better data. Jotform also offers real-time reporting and data analysis capabilities for assessing survey results.

The platform allows users to select the survey format that best fits their needs. Classic surveys present all questions on a single page, suitable for extensive questionnaires. Alternatively, Jotform Cards displays one question per page, improving response rates. Drag-and-drop customization enables end-to-end control over survey design without requiring coding knowledge.

Jotform offers multiple survey embed options for easy integration into various webpages and platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Facebook. Users can save and continue later, thereby improving completion rates. All created forms are mobile-responsive and come with a progress bar to inform users about completion status. Overall, Jotform offers a versatile, user-friendly, and comprehensive tool for creating and managing online surveys.

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Quatrics Logo

Qualtrics provides customer survey software that is designed to optimize customer experience (CX) at every point of interaction. The software allows businesses to conduct real-time surveys across multiple channels, providing a comprehensive overview of customer satisfaction and behaviors.

Qualtrics’ easy-to-use software enables businesses to personalize their customer interactions. You can design custom surveys using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, a selection of over 100 question types, and pre-built templates. These surveys can then be distributed via various platforms including apps, websites, emails, SMS, and chatbots, providing multiple avenues to gather customer feedback.

The software incorporates predictive analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to foresee customer behaviors and anticipate future needs. This data is presented clearly and precisely, recommending potential actions for businesses to take to benefit their performance. These predictive analytics span across a wide range of parameters, from spending patterns to repeat customer visits.

Qualtrics further embeds the customer feedback in the regular workflows of the employees, making it an integral part of their daily routine. Its role-based dashboards automatically display relevant insights. Qualtrics also facilitates automatic follow-up and action planning, assisting businesses in managing their customer relations proactively and efficiently.

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SurveyMonkey Logo

SurveyMonkey provides a customizable platform for creating and distributing surveys. It offers a variety of layouts and themes that can be modified to fit any visual need, including personalized colors, fonts, and the option to incorporate your own images or choose from stock photos. The platform supports branding by enabling users to incorporate logos and bespoke messaging, and even, on paid plans, remove all SurveyMonkey branding.

The platform is also designed to promote user engagement. It encourages the use of images and personalized url endings to create memorable experiences for survey respondents. It also offers a variety of distribution methods, from web links and email invitations to social media channels and website embedding, to offline data entry and in-app surveys.

In addition to its design and distribution features, SurveyMonkey offers robust results reporting and analysis. Users can view real-time results, create charts, and use advanced logic features to narrow down results. Additionally, it includes features like word clouds, sentiment analysis, and response tagging for improved understanding of open-ended responses.

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Typeform Logo

Typeform is a distinctive online form builder known for its user-friendly, one-question-at-a-time approach to form design. The company’s unique style blends an engaging visual approach with seamless usability which enhance interactions with form users and increase data collection. This can improve a variety of business needs such as customer feedback, sign-ups, and other essential data.

The platform allows forms to be embedded across a variety of sites, from webpages to emails, and features dynamic follow-up questions, designed to provide deeper insights by asking pertinent questions at key moments. The company reports that 96% of customers say they have a better brand experience, 95% gather more data more easily, and 87% reveal deeper insights from data through Typeform.

Your Enterprise plan with Typeform promises unlimited responses and user seats, VIP support, Single Sign-On (SSO), in addition to other features that can further boost data collection and user versatility. The platform offers customization options, ensuring forms match your brand aesthetics. It holds compliance with data security and privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. Customers can also choose between US or EU Data centers as per their preference. Plus, additional support is available with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, customized onboarding from a Technical Implementation Specialist, and regular follow ups to ensure achievement of your goals.

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The Top Customer Feedback Survey Tools