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The Top 9 Customer Data Platforms

Customer data solutions manage and analyze customer information, providing insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interactions to enhance customer experiences.

The Top 9 Customer Data Solutions include:
  • 1. ActionIQ CX Hub
  • 2. Bloomreach Engagement
  • 3. BlueConic
  • 4. Klaviyo
  • 5. Salesforce Data Cloud
  • 6. SAP Customer Data Platform
  • 7. Segment by Twilio
  • 8. Tealium AudienceStream
  • 9. Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud

Customer data is at the heart of modern businesses, driving everything from marketing strategies to product development and sales. Managing and utilizing this data efficiently and securely is essential for companies to remain competitive and to provide personalized experiences to customers. Customer Data Solutions are designed to gather, store, analyze, and utilize valuable customer information, while ensuring data privacy and security.

These solutions come in various forms, including Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Data Management Platforms (DMPs), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. They help to streamline processes regarding customer data management, enable targeted marketing campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and facilitate data-driven decision-making across organizations.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the top customer data solutions available on the market today, based on their features, customer feedback, and overall functionality. These solutions cater to various business needs, from data collection and segmentation to marketing automation and advanced analytics.

ActionIQ Logo

ActionIQ is a B2B solution that offers a Customer Experience (CX) Hub that is designed to provide scalable performance, while maintaining control over customer data. The platform is agile, adaptable, and efficient, enabling business teams to directly access data, quickly expand capabilities, and replace time-consuming processes with scalable automation.

The platform features a comprehensive Customer Data Platform that unifies data from various sources, resolves customer identities, and activates data across channels with adaptability. Its HybridCompute technology supports an unbundled CDP deployment, offering full control over data access and queries. In addition, ActionIQ’s Identity management system manages and resolves identities across anonymous and known customers from first-, second-, and third-party sources, whilst adhering to privacy regulations.

ActionIQ’s Audience Center enables users to explore and activate hyper-segmented audiences that can be enriched with insights and predictive models. This includes defining customer segments using a no-code interface, applying machine learning to identify new opportunities, and automating updates and configurations across any system or channel. The platform offers Journey Management capabilities, allowing businesses to launch and test omnichannel journeys across hundreds of integrations for both owned and paid channels. Users can effectively design and monitor campaigns, orchestrate multi-step customer journeys, and utilize single-use offer codes for consistent delivery across channels.

ActionIQ Logo
Bloomreach Logo

Bloomreach Engagement is a platform designed to integrate with an organization’s existing data systems such as CDPs, data lakes, and data warehouses. This allows users to visualize and activate data for personalization and orchestration purposes. The platform provides a single marketing view of the customer, which includes historical data, real-time interactions, and predicted future behavior. It enables marketers to easily understand and act on customer information.

With Bloomreach, users can create custom attributes using their segmentation and audience builder tool. They can generate highly relevant, real-time customer segments that are integrated with marketing channels, ensuring the delivery of appropriate messages at the right time. The platform also offers data retention control, first-party cookie tracking solutions, and integrated analytics, reporting, and data visualization tools.

Additionally, Bloomreach utilizes advanced AI and marketing intelligence to enhance customer experience through real-time product recommendations and custom prediction models. The platform also includes consent management and smart frequency policy features for a seamless user experience. Finally, with Bloomreach Engagement, users can feel confident in maintaining security and compliance within their organization.

Bloomreach Logo
BlueConic Logo

BlueConic is a customer data platform that is designed to help businesses adapt to data-driven operations in the privacy-first era. By offering unified customer profiles with access to unified, actionable, and consented first-party data, BlueConic transforms how teams operate and use data. The platform is capable of handling 6.8 billion+ profiles and offers over 8,000 active integrations, with an impressive intent-to-interaction speed of 0.0024 seconds.

One of the key features of BlueConic is its ability to create unified customer profiles by gathering first-party data from different sources. These profiles provide comprehensive and up-to-date customer records, ensuring instant segmentation, orchestration, and analysis across various channels, touchpoints, and platforms. BlueConic also offers activation capabilities optimized for growth-focused teams, such as multi-dimensional segmentation, allowing users to quickly build segments without any code and discove new audience insights.

In addition, BlueConic enables customer lifecycle orchestration, helping businesses to optimize one-to-one customer experiences based on their journey. The platform also provides modeling and analytics tools, with transparent modeling options, including customer lifetime value, propensity, and lookalike models. Users can build, train, and deploy these models, utilizing data visualizations to gain new customer insights.

BlueConic Logo
Klaviyo Logo

Klaviyo is a reimagined customer data platform designed for businesses of all sizes to store, manage, and analyze customer data at scale. The platform enables efficient and effective use of customer information for personalized marketing and engagement. By replacing multiple redundant tools with a single platform, Klaviyo reduces the total cost of ownership and requires less technical support.

Key intelligence features include Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM) analysis for targeted marketing and funnel analysis for identifying conversion opportunities. It also delivers custom Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) predictions, and audience performance reporting. These features enable businesses to increase customer retention, optimize marketing activities, and provide deep insights into audience behavior.

Klaviyo offers a versatile platform that serves as a powerful tool for driving revenue, increasing efficiency, and reducing the need for IT support. From creating targeted win-back campaigns, to predicting top customers based on historical purchasing behavior, Klaviyo helps businesses make smarter marketing decisions and improve overall performance.

Klaviyo Logo
Salesforce Logo

Salesforce Data Cloud is a hyperscale data platform integrated into Salesforce that is designed to activate customer data across all Salesforce applications. By using Data Cloud, teams can engage with customers using relevant insights and contextual data, streamlining the flow of work.

Data Cloud enables the creation of a comprehensive view of every customer by connecting, federating, and harmonizing data from various products and systems. The platform offers out-of-the-box connectors for scalable and secure data integration, as well as data spaces for organizing and protecting data, and unified profiles to personalize every interaction. Additionally, Data Cloud connects with Salesforce’s AI CRM to empower teams with relevant data, provides real-time segmentation, data-driven automation, and analytics for informed decision-making.

The platform is highly compatible and adaptable, seamlessly integrating with various systems. It supports bi-directional data sharing between Data Cloud and leading data lakes and warehouses without ETL, integrating first-party advertising and privacy-safe insights. The Salesforce Data Cloud also connects with the AppExchange, enhancing results, adoption, and cost savings through pre-built apps and certified experts.

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SAP Logo

SAP Customer Data Platform is designed to help businesses better understand and engage with their customers through real-time insights. By merging front-end and back-end data, this platform enables a comprehensive view of customer profiles, relationships, and associated accounts.

SAP Customer Data Platform offers a native connection with ERP systems for supply chain optimization and product innovation. Using AI learning models, it uncovers real-time customer insights tailored to specific industries. The platform ensures data privacy by maintaining the purpose of customer data throughout every engagement, helping businesses deliver personalized experiences, while respecting customer preferences.

SAP Customer Data Platform addresses the need for seamless omnichannel engagement and incorporates various data sources, including anonymous, offline, second-party, third-party, and experience data. This approach allows businesses to enhance audience segmentation, uncover trends, and provide personalized experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

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Segment Logo

Segment by Twilio is a data toolkit designed for businesses to collect, clean, and activate high-quality data from web and mobile apps. It offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions across various platforms and channels. This allows companies to create unified, personalized experiences for their audiences.

The platform empowers organizations to streamline their data usage with a shared dictionary, helping align marketing, engineering, and analytics teams. Segment is built with a privacy-first approach, as it automatically detects and classifies personal identifiable information (PII) in real time, which aids in adherence to regulations like GDPR, CCPA, as well as others.

Segment is compatible with a wide range of analytics tools, allowing for seamless integration with product analytics, A/B testing, and data warehouse applications. The platform also offers a single API with SDKs for numerous programming languages, including JavaScript, iOS, Android, and over 20 server-side languages, resulting in cleaner code and increased manageability.

Segment Logo
Tealium Logo

Tealium AudienceStream is a leading independent Customer Data Platform that creates a unified view of customers across various channels. It allows businesses to segment audiences, personalize experiences, and integrate valuable customer data into their digital marketing stack. Through patented visitor stitching technology, accurate and comprehensive customer profiles are created. This enables insights into customer behavior and the exploration of high or low-value customers.

Using the platform, customers can engage across more than 1,300 integrated channels, including email, marketing automation, social media, and CRM platforms. This streamlines real-time actions in any system and allows for tailored customer experiences. In addition to this, Tealium’s integrated infrastructure, featuring both client-side and server-side data collection, supports companies’ tech stacks, while their patented visitor stitching technology centralizes engagement across various devices and venues.

Finally, Tealium ensures data privacy and holds multiple third-party security certifications, including HIPAA, ISO 27001, Privacy Shield, and SSAE18 SOC 2 Type I & II. This comprehensive Customer Data Platform caters to privacy-conscious organizations, allowing them to analyze and manage customer data securely.

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Treasure Data Logo

Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud is an AI-driven solution designed to facilitate personalized marketing campaigns and optimize operational efficiency in real-time. By providing enterprises with rapid insights, the platform maximizes team performance and technological capabilities. It also helps reduce costs, drive sales, and maintain regulatory compliance.

The Customer Data Cloud stands out in terms of data compliance and security, specifically catering to the governance, privacy, and security requirements of global brands. The platform ensures data protection and compliance for each region of operation, while easily integrating customer data across an enterprise’s technological infrastructure. Treasure Data simplifies management of information under different security regulations in various countries, thereby minimizing risks and expenses.

One of the core features of Treasure Data is its ability to connect the entire enterprise, providing a unified source of analyzed data accessible to marketers, tech departments, customer support teams, and sales associates. This connection enables businesses to understand customer behavior and anticipate their future needs, fostering a growth-oriented strategy.

The platform offers a single, adaptable, and scalable solution that connects data from any volume, event, or source, without requiring setup. It orchestrates privacy, access, and usage governance for multiple brands and regions, unifying AI-enriched customer profiles to enhance engagement. With Treasure Data, organizations can deliver personalized experiences to win customers and accelerate growth through targeted conversations that seamlessly unite marketing, customer service, and sales efforts.

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The Top Customer Data Platforms