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The Top 7 Crowdtesting Solutions

Discover the Top Crowdtesting Solutions that are designed to enhance software quality through crowd collaboration. Explore features such as scalable testing resources, diverse device coverage, and real-world testing scenarios.

The Top 7 Crowdtesting Solutions include:
  • 1. Applause
  • 2. Bugcrowd
  • 3. Cobalt
  • 4. Test IO
  • 5. Testbirds
  • 6. Testlio
  • 7. YesWeHack

Crowdtesting solutions, also known as crowdsources testing, provide a way for developers to test the quality of their software, products, and services, before fully launching them to the market. By utilizing a diverse group of experienced testers from across the globe, development organizations can gain invaluable insights on how their product performs on different devices, operating systems, and in various operational scenarios. Crowdtesting also helps identify issues that in-house testing may overlook such as usability. It also offers the additional benefit of user feedback about intuitiveness and performance. 

Performing ongoing in-house testing can be costly and resource-intensive; crowdsourced testing can help solve these challenges. There are two main ways that organizations can engage with crowdtesting: you can either hire crowdtesters directly, or through a crowdtesting provider such as those featured in this guide. 

When you use a provider, the entire process is managed for you, and you benefit from all the testing feedback being presented in a single, central platform. This makes it easier to keep track of testing progress. In addition to this, businesses can cut down their software testing time and costs, improve the quality of their products, accelerate time to market, and boost user satisfaction. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top crowdtesting solutions designed to help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your software. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including testing services, bug reporting, usability and performance feedback, device coverage, and testing scenarios.

Applause Logo

Applause offers crowdsourced testing teams designed to match your specific needs in terms of demographics, location, industry, language, device usage, and testing expertise. Their crowdtesting service allows for the simulation of real-world scenarios and testing by digital experts who reflect your target audience. The testers are skilled in a wide range of testing solutions, ranging from manual exploratory testing to accessibility and payments testing.

One of the major strengths of Applause’s approach is its scalability and speed. The system deploys remote, on-demand crowdtesting, which results in broader coverage and faster turnaround times than traditional testing methods. Applause’s testers are globally available and can be scaled according to the needs of your internal teams and end users.

To ensure the right testing team for your project, Applause uses AI and machine learning to match your requirements with the personal profiles of testers, ensuring demographic alignment in terms of age, location, language, device, and operating systems used. Additionally, Applause is equipped with end-to-end testing management processes to reduce the burden on your team. This includes support from onboarding and test cycle kick-offs right through to result analysis and the validation of bug fixes. For easy integration, they provide results directly into your bug tracking system.

Overall, Applause helps facilitate rapid innovation with fewer bugs and improved customer experience, thanks to genuine feedback from real users. The company’s remote testing team also helps reduce testing efforts and associated costs.

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BugCrowd Logo

Bugcrowd’s cybersecurity platform links businesses with a global crowd of skilled security researchers and PenTesters. Their platform is designed to address a wide range of cybersecurity use cases, including bug bounty programs, penetration testing, vulnerability disclosure, and overall attack surface management.

Bugcrowd’s flagship platform empowers businesses to identify hidden system vulnerabilities continuously, tailor rapid penetration tests, accept public vulnerability reports, and analyze asset risks to mitigate potential cyberattacks before they occur. Bugcrowd offers multiple features to streamline the testing process: the platform’s built-in triage separates valuable findings from the noise, highlighting critical vulnerabilities that need immediate remediation efforts, and their AI-technology, CrowdMatch, optimally matches the right talent to specific business needs across hundreds of dimensions. However, Bugcrowd’s defining feature is its data-driven approach to cybersecurity. By harnessing over a decade of knowledge from an extensive range of past programs, Bugcrowd can offer its Security Knowledge Graph— informing company’s about crucial attack vectors and effective remediation practices. Bugcrowd also provides seamless integrations with existing development and security processes through its pre-built connectors and API.

The overarching aim of the Bugcrowd platform is to facilitate continuous testing that can keep pace with continuous development in the dynamic world of cybersecurity, and this is something that it does well.

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Cobalt Logo

Cobalt’s Pentest-as-a-Service (PtaaS) platform amalgamates data, technology, and professional expertise to provide organizations with vital real-time insights that enable quick risk remediation. The PtaaS model enhances workflow efficiencies by applying a SaaS security platform to pentesting. It can be used to secure various IT implementations, including web applications, mobile applications, networks, and APIs.

The Pentest-as-a-Service process involves six stages, all of which are handled by Cobalt. The discovery phase involves mapping the attack surface area on the customer side and set up on the Cobalt platform. In the planning phase, the scope of the pentest is established and scheduled. Then, the actual testing is conducted to scrutinize vulnerabilities and potential security flaws within the system. The remediation stage allows the organization to immediately address individual findings and compile a comprehensive summary report, with lots of customization options. The retesting phase ensures that any implemented security fixes hold up under scrutiny, and developers can submit fixes for unlimited retesting to ensure they’re truly effective. Finally, the detailed analysis of results informs and prioritizes further remediation actions, providing insights on risk profile comparisons, common vulnerabilities, and security program progress.

Cobalt’s PTaaS platform centralizes all pentest data, enabling clear visibility and progress tracking. It also integrates seamlessly into your SDLC via the Cobalt API, helping internal teams to fix issues swiftly as they are reported.

Cobalt Logo Logo

Test IO is a leading crowdtesting platform that offers a global community of on-demand testers. Test IO offers a range of testing solutions, including regression testing, functional testing, product experience testing, user story testing, beta testing, and exploratory testing. These offerings ensure a thorough assessment of software, contributing to improved product quality and user experience. In addition to their crowdtesting services, Test IO also provides access to an array of open-source tools developed by EPAM. Users can leverage these tools to visualize test results, manage test cases within Jira, or implement self-healing Selenium tests.

Testing with Test IO is a straightforward process. Firstly, clients upload their app or share their website URL. This is then securely distributed to testers. Next, a test run can immediately commence or be scheduled for a future time, with initial results delivered within an hour. Clients can specify devices, operating systems, and browsers for their tests, and have control over the objectives of each test, and the global community of testers brings diverse perspectives to each test, ensuring thorough and quality results. Once the test has been executed, clients can view detailed bug reports, complete with screen casts and the option for direct communication with reporting testers. The platform delivers detailed and comprehensive bug reports and offers rapid confirmation of bug fixes.

Test IO is a highly flexible platform: it’s equipped to seamlessly integrate with existing tech stacks without any need to alter the client’s workflows, and, with the platform’s adaptability, it’s well-suited to both waterfall and continuous delivery processes. Logo
Testbirds Logo

Testbirds is a global crowdtesting platform that offers real user insights for enhancing digital products. The service aims to optimize customer experience, drive conversion rates, and—by streamlining testing procedures—accelerate business growth.

Testbirds’ remote crowdtesting solution can be readily incorporated in all developmental stages, delivering priority improvements for instant implementation. Covering everything from conceptualization to product finalization, Testbirds provides both Quality Assurance (QA) and functional testing for performance issues on all available devices and operating systems, and User Experience (UX) and usability testing. Testbirds also offers exclusive tailor-made solutions for specific testing needs.

Testbirds offers robust crowdtesting services for all industries and use cases. The service caters to digital products like websites, games, mobile apps, business solutions, IoT, etc., making it suitable for a range of projects, and the platform’s pricing is based on a flexible credit system, allowing for full budget control.

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Testlio Logo

Testlio is a managed app testing provider that combines professional services, a global network of highly trained testers, and state-of-the-art testing software to offer comprehensive crowdtesting services. Testlio’s public API, along with its technology partnerships, helps streamline processes such as CI/CD builds, DevOps workflows, issue tracking, project management, and test automation.

Testlio’s networked system uses tethered real devices and integrated software systems, coordinated with a team of human freelance testers and quality engineers. This enables quick and flexible software testing, and the platform’s shared digital workspace brings together in-house teams, Testlio’s services team, and freelance testers to facilitate easy collaboration on test results. Testlio offers insightful operational data, including run details, failure signals, results, recommendations, and trends. This helps businesses continually fine-tune their release and testing strategy. The platform also manages test cycle details, from test creation to execution, making it easy to apply multiple test types using structured templates.

Testlio is designed for real-time monitoring and transparency, allowing businesses to easily view and track their testing sessions, artifacts, issues, tests, devices, and source changes. By enabling developers to run and track tests carried out on any device, in any location, in any language, Testlio provides a strong crowdtesting solution for any development team.

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YesWeHack Logo

YesWeHack offers bug bounty programs that connect businesses with a large network of skilled security researchers that provide continuous auditing to find vulnerabilities, even in heavily tested areas. YesWeHack’s programs are adaptable, supporting a range of IT needs and providing seamless integration with existing workplace tools. This reduces the time to detect and repair vulnerabilities.
YesWeHack offers three types of bug bounty program: Private, Public, or a Live Hacking Event. In a Private Bug Bounty Program, YesWeHack carefully selects the researchers best suited for your specific needs. These individuals are thorough, vetted, and rank highly within their community. Private programs are not publicly disclosed, keeping the program rules only accessible to the selected researchers. In Public Bug Bounty Programs, on the other hand, the basic program details are disclosed publicly, and tests are carried out by YesWeHack’s vast community of ethical hackers. This option is best suited to organizations that want to maximize test coverage and implement crowdtesting as a means of demonstrating their commitment to security. Finally, the Live Hacking Event is a time-bound competition. Often conducted in person but also accessible virtually, this offers your IT and security teams a chance to engage with top security researchers, and YesWeHack assists in planning, budgeting, and selecting the most suitable researchers for this event.

YesWeHack’s fully managed service supports businesses throughout the testing journey. They aid in choosing a program, setting rules and rewards, and continuously optimizing the program. They also offer a triage service that eliminates duplicates, validates bugs, and advises businesses on interactions with researchers, effectively functioning as an extension of the in-house security team.

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The Top Crowdtesting Solutions