Identity And Access Management

The Top 5 Credential Management Solutions

Credential management solutions securely store, manage, and control access to user credentials, passwords, and other authentication information.

The Top 5 Credential Management Solutions Include:
  • 1. Entrust
  • 2. JumpCloud Open Directory Platform
  • 3. Microsoft Entra Verified ID
  • 4. Okta Workforce Identity Cloud
  • 5. Thales Digital ID Services Platform

Credential management solutions are essential tools for any organization, as they help users securely store, manage, and streamline access to their digital accounts and passwords. With the rising complexity of password requirements and the increasing number of applications used daily, credential management is more useful than ever. These solutions provide increased security, greater productivity, and enhanced accountability, while reducing the risks associated with password reuse, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

This type of solution is linked to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space. You will sometimes see this area referred to as ICAM, meaning Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management. There is a good deal of overlap within these areas, with credentialing solutions helping to manage certificates and other pieces of evidence that can corroborate a user’s identity and capabilities, in addition to the IAM features. This technology also overlaps with Single Sign-On (SSO) tools as they manage and store your secure credentials, allowing them to be auto-filled to recognized pages.

Credential management solutions can be delivered as standalone products or integrated into broader Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, which include functionalities such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and role-based access controls. We have compiled a list of the top ten credential management solutions available on the market based on features, integrations, scalability, user experience, and customer feedback.

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Entrust is a global security company offering a wide range of digital certificates and services for over 5,000 organizations in 150 countries. Their Enterprise Certificate Management provides 24/7 access to web-based tools supporting the end-to-end lifecycle management of digital certificates. This includes TLS/SSL certificates to secure websites, users, and data by providing validated identity and encryption.

Entrust also offers an extensive selection of digital signing certificates, such as Document Signing, Code Signing, Secure Email S/MIME, Mobile Device Certificates, and Qualified Certificates. These certificates facilitate secure authentication and communication, complying with international data security standards and regulations.

Entrust’s authentication platforms manage secure identity credentials, such as certificate management and TLS/SSL. Entrust’s digital certificates are trusted by over 99% of all web browsers in use today and come with a WebTrust Seal, ensuring security and interoperability.

Entrust simplifies the process of acquiring and managing digital certificates by providing dedicated sales representatives, flexible policies, and an integrated suite of products for a seamless customer experience. Overall, Entrust delivers reliable and secure identity and transaction networks with an expanded portfolio of software authentication platforms.

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JumpCloud is a leading provider of an Open Directory Platform that offers managed, integrated, and automated identity and access control. JumpCloud employs a single identity and set of credentials per user, rendering the management of identity lifecycles more straightforward and maneuverable across disparate processes.

In leveraging its cloud-based infrastructure, JumpCloud awards complete remote control over user identity lifecycles irrespective of user locations. This can be used autonomously or in conjunction with existing tools for more streamlined task management. Through the employment of group-based access control, user access to necessary resources is granted instantly, providing a streamlined login experience and greater overall security. Additionally, automated dynamic groups can be utilized for quick and seamless account suspension, safeguarding confidential data in the process.

JumpCloud encompasses a uniform, secure, single sign-on (SSO) capability that extends beyond professional applications to include personal applications compatible with LDAP. It enables users to access a spectrum of IT services with a single identity, providing a comprehensive view of each access attempt. Administrators are also equipped with the ability to establish role-based groups for user management, and to integrate them with applications to regulate access and authorize permissions. This capability significantly reduces onboarding time, simplifies provisioning, and ensures account security. Currently, JumpCloud is used by over 180,000 organizations worldwide and continues to receive high customer satisfaction ratings.

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Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a component of any Microsoft Entra ID subscription. It’s a managed service that provides verifiable credentials following known industry standards, enabling the use of a single verified identity across multiple platforms. This service helps to expedite the onboarding process for employees, partners, and customers by digitally validating identity information, ensuring swift and reliable self-registration.

The Entra Verified ID service enables access to intellectual apps and resources through quick verification of a user’s credentials and status. By providing access based on least-privilege principles, the system ensures security and control of the process. The service also streamlines the account recovery process, allowing users to verify their identities through a self-service method, effectively eliminating lengthy support calls and security questions.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID also facilitates the use of identity credentials across different platforms through its open standards support. Microsoft has collaborated with several third-party bodies, including the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and the W3C Credentials Community Group, to help identify and develop these critical standards.

Microsoft provides detailed step-by-step guides on issuing and verifying credentials using the Microsoft Entra Verified ID. This platform from Microsoft provides capabilities that enable a streamlined, secure, and straightforward approach to identity verification.

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Okta Workforce Identity Cloud is designed to provide businesses with increased security and productivity through efficient identity governance. The cloud-native governance solution expedites implementation and reduces costs with easy deployment, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. With over 7,000 pre-built integrations, it simplifies the automation of complex identity processes at scale.

Okta Identity Governance unifies IAM and Governance solutions, allowing HR and IT teams to collaborate on onboarding and offboarding processes for employees and contractors. Access Governance ensures that the right people have access to the right resources with minimal friction, while Okta’s Workflows platform enables customization of complex identity governance requirements, with or without code.

In terms of compliance, Okta offers automatic report generation for auditors, as well as comprehensive user access pattern monitoring for early detection of potential issues. Access Gateway uses certificates to manage trust relationships and authenticate requests, with two interfaces for managing certificates and certificate chains. Users can obtain certificates from a Certificate Authority (CA) and upload them to Access Gateway for use with applications.

Overall, Okta Workforce Identity Cloud provides a hassle-free, efficient solution for businesses seeking better security and productivity through streamlined identity governance processes.

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Digital ID Services Platform by Thales is designed to enable secure access to online public and private services, enhancing digital interactions between citizens, businesses, public administrations, and private service providers. It aims to simplify the user experience and improve data privacy and security through strong authentication and digital signing products.

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features and services, including identification and registration services, digital ID life-cycle management services, identity federation services, strong authentication services, and digital signature services. Its federated identity feature provides a single access point for citizens to a variety of public eServices, supported by standard protocols like SAML 2.0 and Open ID Connect. The platform also supports strong and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure interactions across multiple devices and forms, with adaptive trust levels of assurance.

Thales’ Digital ID Services Platform offers flexible deployment options, whether on-premises or as a service, and is designed for seamless integration with third-party applications and existing infrastructure. The platform aims to improve the reach of online services, reduce the total cost of ownership, provide reliable user information, and simplify the onboarding process for public and private eService providers as well as citizens. In 2024, Thales closed its acquisition of Imperva, promising to improve the company’s technical offering, making user identification and authorization more efficient and robust.

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The Top Credential Management Solutions