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The Top 10 Corporate Travel Management Solutions

Compare Corporate Travel Management solutions that facilitate travel booking, expense tracking, and policy compliance features to optimize and streamline business travel.

The Top Corporate Travel Management Solutions include:
  • 1. Amex GBT Egencia
  • 2. Coupa Travel
  • 3. Emburse Certify Corporate Travel Management
  • 4. Itilite
  • 5. Navan
  • 6. Routespring Travel Management
  • 7. SAP Concur Travel
  • 8. TravelBank
  • 9. TravelPerk
  • 10. Webexpenses Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management solutions help finance teams, as well as travelling employees, to handle business travel requirements more easily. These platforms manage the travel experience end-to-end, with tools for planning and booking travel arrangements, including hotels, flights, and car rentals, along with budgeting, spend tracking, and expense management functionality. The goal of these solutions is to alleviate the stress of managing corporate travel and save companies both time and money.

These platforms are usually offered as a centralized portal, allowing you to consolidate all information in a single location. Key features of these solutions include travel planning, itinerary management, expenses management, policy controls for finance teams, and comprehensive audits. In addition, these tools provide reporting and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to understand travel spend, identify trends, and make informed decisions for future savings. From the travelling employee’s perspective, the best solutions will offer a mobile app, enabling easy scheduling, automated expense reporting, and a clear travel itinerary. 

There are a number of corporate travel management solutions available on the market, each offering different ways to take the hassle out of business travel. From startup-friendly offerings with basic features to comprehensive platforms for large enterprises, the market varies widely. This guide will identify the best corporate travel management solutions for a range of use cases. In each instance, we’ll assess their features, integration capabilities and ease of use.

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Egencia, a division of American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), offers a comprehensive global travel management platform that is used by over two million travelers worldwide, in over 9000 companies, across 60+ countries.

Egencia streamlines corporate travel management by providing a user-friendly interface equipped with up-to-date travel information, making modifications, bookings, and a simplified employee travel approval process. The platform easily manages expenses, itineraries, and travel policies, ensuring optimal ease for organizations of varying sizes.

One of the key features of Egencia is its policy compliance tool. This feature allows for the creation of pre-approved travel options, thereby simplifying the approval process and promoting company-wide compliance. The platform is routinely updated with comprehensive reporting and analytics for consistent policy performance checks. Egencia also offers robust risk management tools, partnering with top security providers to ensure traveler safety. Features like “Traveler Tracker” and “Incident Awareness” keep users updated about security risks, helping them make informed choices.

Egencia also simplifies expense management by offering automated expense reporting. Egencia’s Open Sync and Open Connect features allow for seamless integration with a variety of expense management providers or simple spreadsheet applications. The platform provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience, guiding travelers to make in-policy bookings while allowing for adaptability in higher risk scenarios.

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Coupa Logo

Coupa Travel is a business travel management platform that is designed to optimize and simplify the process of handling travel expenses. This solution enables finance teams to control costs, while providing a streamlined experience for employees to arrange their corporate travel.

Coupa Travel’s integrated system reduces organizational risk by eliminating silos and automating manual tasks, capturing all travel expenses. It also facilitates AI powered smart decision-making for your travel program that can lead to cost savings and increased employee satisfaction.

A key feature is personalized trip itineraries. With inputs regarding locations and timings from travelers themselves, Coupa creates suitable travel schedules, whilst taking company policies into account. A rules-based engine allows travelers to access travel information and links to relevant resources. Coupa Travel also assists in expenses and purchasing. With the support of, Travel Insights provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s travel expenditure and points out saving opportunities.

Coupa Travel also guarantees the highest level of support for travelers, having partnered with travel management company Travel Leaders Corporate. The platform also offers immediate access to savings on various airlines, hotels, and other travel services via Coupa Advantage. Given its mobile-friendly design, employees can manage all their travel arrangements from any device with ease.

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Emburse Certify is a corporate travel booking software designed to drive policy compliance and simplify the travel process for employees. It offers a user-friendly online booking platform that allows business travelers to book from anywhere, while remaining compliant with company policies. The platform is designed to help businesses maximize savings and the return on investment from their corporate travel.

Emburse Certify Travel empowers employees to manage their own travel with its robust online booking tool, ensuring spend remains within set limits. It features automated policy compliance, pre-trip approvals, integration with established travel management companies, phone, chat and email support, corporate fares for air, rail, hotel and car rental and seamless expense management integration. It also offers flexible reporting capabilities for identifying trends in travel and expenses and negotiating better rates.

Emburse Certify Travel’s cloud-based software is designed for ease of travel booking and tracking for employees, while providing insights into travel spending for employers. It integrates with travel and expense management software for seamless operation. With its online booking, policy compliance management, and workflow control, corporate travel management is streamlined.

The software is part of the broader Emburse ecosystem, which includes features such as Emburse Cards, Emburse Spend, and Emburse Go. Additionally, Emburse Certify Expense application provides deep visibility into travel and expense data, assisting in policy compliance and rapid reimbursements. Emburse Certify Payments allows for rapid global employee expense reimbursements and vendor payments. Logo
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Itilite is a corporate travel management software aimed at both simplifying corporate travel bookings and helping companies achieve financial savings. The platform provides a one-stop solution for companies to book flights, hotels, and car rentals. This also includes round-the-clock live agent support via call, chat, and email, ensuring no traveler is left unsupported.

Itilite’s platform includes robust expense management tools, such as automated audits, policy checks, digital receipts, and an expedited process of reimbursement. This consolidated travel management platform supports corporate travel, expense management, and corporate cards in a single, comprehensive system.

Itilite integrates with a wide range of enterprise systems, including HRMS, accounting solutions, SSO systems, and CRM systems The Itilite corporation travel management solution includes real-time access to data reports and an inbuilt corporate card solution, with no out-of-pocket expenses for employees. This results in a streamlined solution for corporate payments.

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Routespring Logo

Routespring is a travel management software designed to automate various corporate travel processes. The software enables teams to manage group bookings, synchronize schedules, and generate optimized travel itineraries that align with company policies. Routespring automates most travel management workflows and integrate travel details with well-known business tools and calendar apps.

Routespring ensures visibility in travel policy compliance through its automated in-app approval process. This feature enables custom creation of different policy controls and approval workflows to cater to the various needs of different groups. The software also offers a comprehensive inventory, providing instant access to numerous full-service and low-cost carriers, as well as accommodation properties globally and ground transportation in over 35,000 locations.

Routespring facilitates the handling of travel finances by providing centralized payments for all travels, reducing administrative overhead in reconciliation. The software offers customizable tags for categorization of expenses and integrates seamlessly with existing financial systems. The platform also automates expense tracking, ensuring policy compliance and simplifying audits.

The platform comes with a user-friendly mobile app that gives travelers easy access to their travel plans and destination details. The app also allows travelers to submit travel requests and receive instant confirmations once approved, while retaining their preferences for brands and loyalty programs. Routespring offers its service without extra charges for last-minute requests and aims to eliminate the need for reimbursement processes, allowing employees to manage their own travel and access 24/7 support.

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SAP Concur Travel allows employees to manage their own travel bookings in accordance to company expense policies. SAP Concur Travel simplifies the travel booking process, drives efficiency, and promotes policy compliance, while offering a user-friendly mobile application.

SAP Concur Travel offers a range of benefits as a standalone solution and provides a concrete return on investment with its industry-leading features. When integrated with Concur Expense, the platform provides a comprehensive spending solution.

This combined system offers a consolidated view of spending, auto-populated travel bookings in expense reports, and expedited employee reimbursement. SAP Concur Travel is flexible, with top-comprehensive security measures.

The SAP Concur Travel platform offers a modern user interface across platforms and devices. It also grants customers access to a comprehensive network of travel suppliers and puts them in touch with a global community for deeper insight, practical tips, and user-centric discussions.

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TravelBank is a comprehensive platform designed for optimizing business travel expenses. It provides end-to-end capabilities ranging from round-the-clock travel assistance to integrated expense tracking. This platform aims to control, regulate, and provide real-time visibility into business travel spend, thus maximizing work productivity and reducing errors.

Key functionalities of TravelBank include the ability to sync with any card to reconcile transactions and create virtual cards. By streamlining the process of expense management, it enables savings in employee time, whilst reducing efforts spent on capturing and processing expenses. It also offers a user-friendly dashboard delivering clear insights into spend, leakage, and trends. This facilitates precise budget management and smarter decision-making based on fully customizable reporting.

TravelBank allows employees to book all travel services in one place. With TravelBank, bookings are automatically included in an employee’s expense report, simplifying expense tracking during trips. Additionally, the platform incentivizes cost-saving behavior by rewarding employees when they underspend their budget. With seamless integration, TravelBank is compatible with popular ERPs, HR, and banking software, catering to the already established systems within your organization.

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TravelPerk is a comprehensive business travel tool designed to simplify and optimize corporate travel management. Its capabilities range from seamless booking to efficient travel management. With its FlexiPerk feature, the company provides flexibility through refundable booking services where users can cancel any booking anytime and get 80% of the cost back.

TravelPerk’s key features include its 24/7 customer support, GreenPerk for sustainable travel options, and efficient integrations with numerous apps. The all-in-one solution covers the entire travel process from booking to expensing, offering robust features for convenient team management of travel programs.

TravelPerk offers built-in policies for ensuring travel compliance. Its system allows businesses to establish and adjust their travel policies, enabling employees to plan travel itineraries whilst adhering to policy guidelines. Its transparent management system caters to the needs of a travel manager by ensuring visibility and real-time traveler data. Additionally, TravelPerk offers a centralized invoicing system and negotiated rates, further aiding in the optimization of corporate travel costs.

TravelPerk’s capabilities extend further to manage travel expenses and provide real-time data on projects, teams, date, and location. It also offers a real-time view of a company’s carbon footprint and solutions for easy VAT recovery.

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WebExpenses Logo

Webexpenses provides expense management, invoice processing, and payments services designed to streamline processes and minimize errors in corporate travel booking. The platform is adaptable and scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes across various sectors. Its product suite includes a mobile app that provides simplified expense management for travelers and allows for quicker reimbursements, typically within a day.

Webexpenses offers a Travel Expense Management and Reimbursement platform that makes the process of submitting, approving, and reporting business expenses easier. Features include user-friendly mileage reimbursement tools, intelligent receipt matching that automatically aligns receipts with their corresponding credit card purchases, and an automated petty cash manager. To ensure company data security, the application encrypts sensitive information to the highest security standards via Amazon Web Services.

A central feature of this platform is the policy compliance system. Teams can build specific company expense policies into the expense management platform, making it easier for users to adhere to guidelines. The system blocks out-of-policy claims using proactive policy enforcement and automated alerts. The software integrates with over 50 accounting systems, enhancing company budget and expenditure control.

The Webexpenses mobile app helps manage expenses on the go by allowing users to snap a picture of their receipt and swiftly generate a claim in seconds. The platform also allows admins to easily review, approve, reject, and track expense reports.

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The Top 10 Corporate Travel Management Solutions