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The Top 7 Corporate Entity Management Software

Explore the top corporate entity management software solutions that help organizations manage legal entities, compliance, and governance requirements with features like document storage, reporting, and legal entity tracking.

The Top Corporate Entity Management Software includes:
  • 1. Athennian
  • 2. ContractZen Legal Entity Management
  • 3. DiliTrust Governance Suite
  • 4. EntityKeeper
  • 5. Filejet
  • 6. MinuteBox
  • 7. Traact

With organization’s operating across multiple territories, and having to navigate different legal requirements, financial regulation, and even internal policies, a robust management strategy is essential. Gone are the days where this would be a manual process. By using corporate entity management software, organizations can efficiently store, manage, and analyze this vital information. This ensures compliance with local and international regulations, mitigating risks, and streamlining business operations.

These software solutions help to centralize and streamline management processes, track ownership structures, manage regulatory filings, maintain compliance records, and facilitate communication between departments and stakeholders. By adopting a corporate entity management system, companies can maintain accurate records, improve transparency, and effectively manage any dynamic changes within their corporate structures.

To assist you in finding the ideal solution for your organization, we have compiled a list of the top corporate entity management software based on features, compatibility, user experience, and customer feedback.

Athennian Logo

Athennian is a comprehensive governance platform that provides users with a centralized solution for entity management. This all-in-one platform enables businesses to manage complex transactions including annual filings, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and share transfers. The platform works efficiently, while ensuring compliance with global regulations, such as the Corporate Transparency Act.

By consolidating business data in one place, Athennian allows users to generate key business documents, access digital minute books, create custom reports, and share information with stakeholders and internal teams. The platform provides detailed user permissions that grant access to specific information for team members, clients, and other individuals as necessary.

Athennian makes data migration a seamless process. It allows businesses to transfer their existing data to Athennian, without overhauling their entire database. The platform delivers a high level of data security with SOC 2 Type II certification and ISO compliance. This gives your organization peace of mind that your data is being handled securely and safely. In addition, Athennian’s customizable sharing and access capabilities foster collaboration with clients and stakeholders across different locations.

Athennian integrates with various industry-leading platforms, including DocuSign, iManage, and Microsoft 365. These integrations ensure optimal productivity and allow users to centralize their entities, while leveraging familiar tools for efficient day-to-day workflow.

Athennian Logo
DiliTrust Logo

DiliTrust Governance Suite is a comprehensive SaaS platform built around five integrated modules that are designed to streamline and automate governance and legal team activities. These modules improve your visibility and transparency, thereby minimizing financial and legal risks. The platform covers board portal management, subsidiary and holding management, contract lifecycle management, and litigation management.

The platform has an intuitive user interface, making it easier for organizations to tailor configurations and services to match their own needs. The platform offers a mobile application for added convenience. DiliTrust encourages collaboration by enabling users to securely share real-time information and insights, facilitating informed decision-making. DiliTrust’s artificial intelligence also automates repetitive tasks, allowing professionals to focus on more impactful work.

Other useful features include electronic voting, live surveys and signatures, and private chat functions. This improves the level of overall communication within a team. DiliTrust’s security measures are comprehensive, adhering to ISO 27001 standards, ensuring personalized confidentiality settings, and providing traceability. DiliTrust’s customer support offers 24/7 multilingual assistance with unlimited training for users, resulting in an effective and efficient experience.

DiliTrust Logo
EntityKeeper Logo

EntityKeeper is a secure platform that provides a centralized solution for managing and organizing all entity information. It allows users to easily keep track of details such as banking information, registered agents, and filing deadlines. The platform offers unlimited document storage across all subscription plans.

One of the key features of EntityKeeper is its robust org chart builder; this enables users to input existing entity data into complex charts within minutes. The platform automatically updates these charts as changes are made to entity data, thereby ensuring you are up to date, whilst reducing manual processes. EntityKeeper also supports building and managing capitalization tables to assign values and ownership percentages to entities. The platform helps organizations to remain compliant by providing alerts for upcoming filing deadlines.

EntityKeeper ensures secure sharing of sensitive data by allowing users to control access for colleagues and third-party vendors. The platform includes features such as comprehensive document search and tagging, deadline alerts, basic investor reporting, document versioning, insurance tracking, and cap tables. It also offers secure chart sharing and support for international entities.

With EntityKeeper, users can benefit from expert client support, onboarding, and training services. The platform is compatible with both web and mobile access and is cloud-based for added convenience. EntityKeeper also integrates with third-party document storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google, and OneDrive, as well as LobbyCRE for seamless data management.

EntityKeeper Logo
FileJet Logo

Filejet is a legal entity management software that is designed to handle entity compliance, registered agent services, annual report filing, and renewals of DBA/fictitious names and business registrations. The platform caters to a wide range of clients, including in-house counsel, asset managers, and businesses across various industries. Filejet focuses on complete entity lifecycle management, making it a scalable solution for managing business entities.

Some key features of Filejet include automated filing alerts (this ensures that users never miss a due date) and a fully managed entity lifecycle system (to ensure that entities are in good order). The platform also handles entity formation across all 50 states and enables payment of fees directly through the system. Filejet ensures consistent organization of entity documents in a centralized repository, allowing for a simplified management workflow.

Filejet enables collaboration by inviting clients, partners, and colleagues to contribute to updating entity profiles or making adjustments. Users receive automated due date notifications and have the option to integrate their filing dates with Google Calendar to better plan and maintain compliance. With Filejet, clients can effectively and effortlessly manage their entities with reduced risk of fines or liability, ensuring their business remains compliant in all jurisdictions.

FileJet Logo
Minute Box Logo

MinuteBox is a cloud-based legal entity management platform that offers a centralized location for managing minute books. The company is designed for law firms, general counsel, and accounting firms. MinuteBox aims to accelerate efficiencies and streamline workflows, making entity management more intuitive and accessible.

For law firms of all sizes, MinuteBox offers an intuitive interface that can be integrated easily into any legal practice. General counsel can use the platform to efficiently manage multiple entities, tracking shareholders, directors, and key dates. Accounting firms benefit from the platform’s ability to handle complex share structures, grants, and tax rollovers.

Key features of MinuteBox include an entity list, calendar view, people view, cap tables and ledgers, legal document assembly, and a legal entity database. The platform focuses on easy onboarding and quick adoption, offering concierge migration from other legal entity management platforms and unlimited training.

MinuteBox also emphasizes workflow automation, reducing time spent on routine legal tasks and increasing overall efficiency. The platform prioritizes security through offering end-to-end data security, multi-factor authentication, and SSO support to ensure that client data remains protected.

Minute Box Logo
Traact Logo

Traact Entity Management is a comprehensive solution that simplifies entity management for organizations within the United States and across 130+ international countries. Its main services include registered agent handling, franchise tax filing, and annual filing. Traact makes managing the legal aspects of corporate governance more efficient and affordable.

The platform enables businesses to automate essential tasks, such as entity tax and annual filings, while also ensuring compliance with corporate and legal regulations. Traact streamlines cross-department collaboration, integrating information from finance, legal, business, and human resources within a single source of truth. This powerful tool provides businesses with the ability to efficiently manage and monitor vital aspects of their operations, while promoting effective teamwork.

Traact Entity Management’s global coverage ensures that organizations maintain compliance regardless of their location. This extensive reach, combined with automated processes, simplifies the task of keeping up with ever-changing regulations.

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The Top Corporate Entity Management Software