The Top 9 Cookie Consent Software

Explore the top 9 Cookie Consent Software solutions with features like multi-language support, user preference tracking, and GDPR compliance.

The Top Cookie Consent Software Solutions include:
  • 1. Cookie Information
  • 2. CookieYes
  • 3. DataGuard Cookie Manager
  • 4. Didomi
  • 5. OneTrust Cookie Consent
  • 6. Osano
  • 7. Securiti
  • 8. Transcend
  • 9. TrustArc

Cookie consent software ensures that websites can comply with relevant privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the ePrivacy Directive (ePD). These solutions enable website administrators to create, customize, implement, and manage cookie consent notices, as well as manage and store user preferences for opting in or out of cookies. This type of platform improves and eases the management and control process for user data and preferences.

As privacy regulations and internet usage continue to evolve, it’s crucial that every website effectively manages and communicates how they collect, use, and store user data. One of the essential aspects of ensuring online data privacy is obtaining user consent to use cookies. Cookie consent software allows users to make informed decisions regarding what information is being collected, and if they are happy with this. 

A reliable and efficient cookie consent software is one that allows customizable pop-up designs, ensuring that customers can clearly see what information is being collected. It should also offer a user-friendly design and provide automatic compliance with the latest regulations.

To help you select the best cookie consent software for your website, this guide will provide a list of the top solutions, reviewing each by their features, compliance measures, customization options, ease of implementation, and user feedback. The article will end with some key questions and features to look for when selecting a Cookie Consent solution.

CookieYes Logo

CookieYes is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate all aspects of cookie compliance with ease. It is designed to be compliant with a range of laws including GDPR (EU and UK), CCPA/CPRA (California), and VCDPA (Virginia), amongst others.

The platform offers a fully customizable cookie banner that can be tailored with custom layouts, designs, languages, and branding to match each individual business. The banner is compatible with any CMS or HTML site, making it easy to incorporate and deploy. The platform delivers granular cookie control, enabling automatic third-party cookie blocking and setting cookies based on user preferences. It also provides an overview of consent opt-ins.

CookieYes features advanced website scanning to generate detailed cookie audit reports. It can automatically detect and categorize cookies, schedule monthly scans, and scan behind logins for hidden cookies. Foolproof consent management is also available. This allows for user targeting, consent log recording, integration with Google Consent Mode, and the implementation of a cookie widget for consent withdrawal. In addition to these essential features, the platform offers free policy generators that include pre-built policy templates and generate customized policies in minutes, making the process seamless and user-friendly.

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Didomi Logo

Didomi is a comprehensive cookie consent solution that allows you to manage cookies effectively and with granular control. It is designed to help businesses collect user consent and preferences across all domains and devices. With a focus on global compliance, the platform ensures adherence to worldwide privacy laws, even in complex technical environments.

Didomi’s cookie consent solution offers advanced design and customization options, enabling businesses to ensure the platform is branded and customized. By using a clear and engaging cookie banner, businesses can enhance user experience and improve consent rates. The platform is designed for both technical and non-technical teams, offering an easy-to-use editor, API access, and mass updates module. Didomi’s support staff are on hand (and can be contacted through multiple channels) to assist with any questions.

Additionally, Didomi’s advanced analytics and reporting function provides detailed insights into cookie consent performance and metrics. This allows businesses to optimize their strategies and ensure ongoing compliance. The cross-device feature ensures users can share their cookie consent across various platforms, such as mobile, web, app, connected TV, and IoT. This streamlines user actions, thereby improving usability. The platform also allows businesses to retrieve proof of consent when needed and seamlessly synchronize user choices collected through the solution with their existing data and marketing tools.

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Osano Logo

Osano Cookie Consent is a leading consent management platform (CMP) designed for reliability, flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It provides a robust foundation for compliance, regardless of a customer’s location, taking relevant laws into account. The platform is easy to implement and is supported by Osano’s global team of privacy experts.

Osano ensures compliance by displaying banners in accordance with local regulations and in the user’s preferred language. The consent records are stored in a quantum ledger database for easy auditing and demonstration of compliance. The platform is compatible with various website platforms and supports both iOS and Android, making it a versatile solution for any organization.

As a scalable solution, Osano Cookie Consent grows as your organization does, providing multiple methods for managing consent across domains and jurisdictions. The platform supports unlimited domains, while maintaining site performance. With compliant banner templates for data privacy regulations in over 50 countries, Osano minimizes manual effort and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

Osano’s easy installation and customization allows businesses to maintain brand consistency, while complying with consent laws. The platform is designed to facilitate clear, compliant consent, while minimizing the impact on marketing effectiveness. With seamless integration into marketing tech stacks, Osano ensures compatibility and improves user trust and growth.

Osano Logo
Securiti Logo

Securiti helps businesses to collect cookie consent and automate blocking in compliance with global privacy regulations. By periodically scanning websites, the software detects and classifies cookies into their respective categories. It also facilitates the configuration and deployment of custom banners to collect user consent, providing transparent information that can improve opt-in rates. Additionally, the solution automatically blocks non-essential and opt-out cookies to honor user consent.

This flexible preference management center allows companies to create and configure cookie banners and preference managers, ensuring that they align with their branding. Organizations have control over content, styling, and placement. A real-time reporting dashboard provides consent visualization at both the visitor and organizational level, making it easy to monitor consent activity.

The solution supports compliance with various privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy Directive, and IAB TCF v2.0. Intelligent detection tailors the website experience for visitors, ensuring global compliance requirements are met. The proprietary cookie intelligence database automatically categorizes scan results and provides information on the purpose of each tracker, streamlining the process of setting up a cookie consent banner.

Securiti Logo
Transcend Logo

Transcend is a full-stack consent management solution that caters to both client-side and backend user consent, offering fully customizable consent experiences for different regions, devices, and domains. Transcend provides comprehensive coverage from client-side UI to backend opt-outs, honoring Global Privacy Control (GPC) signals and Limited Data Use (LDU) restrictions, making it suitable for various domains, apps, and regions.

As businesses grow and expand into new markets, Transcend ensures seamless and scalable consent management, making it easy to customize frontend UI and add regional consent experiences without any hassles. This helps to reduce the resource strain associated with global operations and prevents bottlenecks from slowing business growth.

The platform also offers visibility and reporting features. This allows organizations to confidently manage their global digital footprint. Transcend provides a full dashboard with insights into user preferences, opt-out compliance, trends, and other essential metrics for effective privacy compliance and risk management. Users can access data visualizations, audit logs, and records of consent to make informed decisions.

Transcend is an all-inclusive solution for honoring and enforcing user data preferences, providing a customizable and scalable consent management system that can easily adapt to the requirements of growing businesses.

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TrustArc Logo

TrustArc’s Cookie Consent Manager is a well-established cookie consent tool that is used by businesses of all sizes to maintain consistent compliance with global regulations. TrustArc’s software enables organizations to manage consent records across multiple domains, ensuring that their digital platforms remain compliant, thereby minimizing the potential for costly violations.

The Cookie Consent Manager offers easy integration with your tag management system, supporting various consent use cases and up to 45 different languages. Through its automatic tracker identification and categorization capabilities, TrustArc streamlines the process of ensuring GDPR, CCPA, and PIPL compliance. The software also provides comprehensive reporting features, giving real-time visibility into consent metrics in addition to other insights.

TrustArc’s Cookie Consent Manager includes a Technical Account Manager who will offer ongoing support in troubleshooting issues, customizing designs, and ensuring that your cookie consent program remains compliant across jurisdictions. TrustArc aims to elevate user trust in your business, while simplifying the cookie compliance management process.

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The Top 9 Cookie Consent Software