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The Top 10 Contract Management Software

Explore the top contract management solutions, with key features including contract collaboration, approval, signing and secure storage to streamline contract processes.

The Top 10 Contract Management Software includes:
  • 1. Agiloft CLM Platform
  • 2. Concord
  • 3. Conga CLM
  • 4. Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management
  • 5. DocuSign Contract Lifecycle Management
  • 6. Icertis Contract Management Platform
  • 7. Ironclad Contract Management Software
  • 8. Jotform Free Contract Management Software
  • 9. PandaDoc Contract Management Software
  • 10. SAP Ariba Contracts

Contract management software enables teams across and organization to easily manage and track their contracts with clients, employees, suppliers, and partners. These solutions are hugely popular due to their time saving benefits and ease of use, offering a range of features including contract creation, live collaboration, document signing, and robust analytics and audits. Contract management solutions essentially simplify and streamline all stages of the contract lifecycle, from creation and execution to evaluation and renewal.

Contract management tools are used by organizations of all sizes, from global corporations to SMBs and freelancers. They ensure legal compliance, save time, and improve efficiency by eliminating manual contract management back and forth. Additionally, they provide vital insights into contracts, with reminders when contracts are outstanding, or common up for renewal.

Given its numerous benefits, the contract management software market is highly competitive, with multiple leading providers, each offering unique features and capabilities. In this article, we’ll delve into the top ten contract management software, considering their ease of use, key features, security, and pricing based on our own market analysis.

Agiloft Logo

Agiloft is a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software, trusted by businesses for streamlining purchasing processes, legal operations, and sales cycles, while effectively mitigating compliance risks. Agiloft offers a no-code contract workflow builder, ensuring quick deployment and an easily managed system that can work for all businesses. Agiloft delivers AI-enhanced CLM features to optimize contract management for legal, procurement, and sales teams.

The Agiloft CLM platform enables team members to draft, edit, and publish contracts via the platform, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. The platform can integrate with over 1,000 business apps and offers comprehensive search options for contract-specific data and insightful strategy reports.

Agiloft offer leading customer support. Agiloft offers consulting services with a dedicated, experienced team for an effective Agiloft implementation. System administrator training is accessible through Agiloft University, their online learning space provides annual standard or premium support contracts, 24/7 customer support via their portal, and phone assistance during business hours. Deployment options range from complete fixed price implementation to a hosted service with minimal consultation.

Agiloft Logo
Concord Logo

Concord is a highly efficient digital contract management solution. The system allows users to draft, sign, send, and track all agreements in a singular organized space. Concord enables both internal and external real-time collaboration with features such as in-document editing, commenting, and redlining, reducing the need for back-and-forth drafts.

The platform automatically sends contracts to relevant teams, with a conditional approval chain feature that is triggered based on specified field values. Concord also enables easy contract signing, with unlimited free, e-signatures, collected and stored securely. End users can apply e-signatures easily with a single click inside the contract document.

Concord automates deadline tracking, enabling users to conveniently monitor their workloads through predictive reports and custom advanced alerts for upcoming renewals, cancellations, or negotiations. Concord support’s broad integrations, ensures a seamless connection with existing tools, enabling data sharing, bulk agreement generation, and custom automation via API.

Concord offers a clear, customizable dashboard for rapid insights into all contracts. Report generation, parameter tracking and sharing are included, with external downloading options for Excel and other tools. The platform prioritizes security, offering a centralized cloud repository for all contracts, along with a quick start free trial, transparent pricing, unlimited e-signatures, and fast implementation.

Concord Logo
Conga Logo

Conga CLM offers comprehensive contract lifecycle management. This solution can assist businesses to streamline revenue lifecycle management, can cut deal closing times, boost compliance, and increase visibility. The platform also facilitates contract editing and collaboration, supports regulatory compliance, and provides strategic insights.

Conga CLM enables businesses to manage complex, contract. It has a central contract repository for managing all contracts with ease, with a quick view of the entire contract lifecycle – including versions, approval history, and metrics. It also provides pre-built contract templates, allowing companies to easily generate legal-approved contracts and clauses for multiple use-cases. Conga CLM supports digital approvals and signatures to streamline the contract process. Contracts are fully audited and securely stored.

Conga CLM is part of the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud suite of products which are built on the Conga Platform to address enterprise revenue lifecycle complexities. With support from Conga Services, Conga Community, and their technical team, the platform delivers comprehensive support for contract management.

Conga Logo
Coupa Logo

Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) optimizes and streamlines contract processes across businesses. The platform aims to bring increased control, visibility, and efficiency to the entire contract lifecycle.

Coupa CLM offers features to simplify collaboration, accelerate contract drafting and negotiations, and minimize risk. These include contract editing, advanced risk-scoring for managing contract-associated risks, and a central repository for all contracts. The enables seamless connection of contracts to all aspects of spend management for ensuring compliance and reviewing contract value.

Coupa CLM allows users to quickly amend and rewrite contracts to meet business needs. Integration with Microsoft Word makes the contract drafting and approval easy and efficient, while an in-built risk scoring mechanism adds an extra layer of security.

Coupa CLM also integrates with Coupa Supplier Management, Sourcing, and Procurement, which provides full visibility into supplier risks and performance issues, reducing time and driving savings, and incorporating contracts directly into guided buying to maximize spend on contract and value delivered.

Coupa Logo
DocuSign Logo

DocuSign Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a leading contact management and e-signature solution designed to simplify and streamline business contracts. This efficient tool eases the process of generating, collaborating on, and finalizing contracts. It assists in document creation, with a comprehensive template library and specific clause selections, which can auto-populate new agreements with relevant data.

The system promotes efficient contract collaboration and faster negotiations. It facilitates contract editing for both internal and external review, with advanced version management. It also fast-tracks contract approval with features like email and Slack alert notifications. This efficiency ensures a smooth transition from concept to final agreement.

DocuSign CLM also enables businesses to automate contract workflows and remove barricades in the process. Key features include pre-configured workflow steps and a drag-drop editor to simplify the contract’s progression. Contracts are stored in a secure, searchable contract repository, allowing teams to easily manage and track obligations, renewals, and agreement reports.

DocuSign CLM is equipped with AI capabilities and analytics to reduce risk, save time, and improve document discoverability by extracting, analyzing, and reporting on key data points. The platform is recognized for its seamless integration with other commonly used tools such as Salesforce and SAP Ariba. This software tool is designed to fulfil the needs of the user, providing services that are modified to handle changing business requirements.

DocuSign Logo
Icertis Logo

Icertis offers a comprehensive contract management solution: Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI). ICI covers the full lifecycle of contract management with AI tools, starting from intelligent contract setup, though authoring, approvals, negotiation, and other ongoing operations. Post contract signing, ICI provides comprehensive tools for governance, risk management, and compliance. These features help mitigate hidden risks and ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

ICI’s AI Contract Intelligence Copilots are designed to provide professionals with assistive and generative capabilities for better insights and accelerated contract reviews. The two main copilots are Interactive Insights Copilot and Risk Assessment Copilot. The Interactive Insights Copilot enables rapid uncovering of contract insights via prompts while the Risk Assessment Copilot automates contract review by applying specific risk criteria.

The platform also includes AI Applications and Services designed to tackle complex contract management challenges. These applications include ExploreAI, DiscoverAI, NegotiateAI, VisualizeAI, and AI Studio. Each of these offer practical solutions to resolve a diverse range of contracting challenges. Icertis also includes business applications such as Collaboration Portal, GDPR Compliance, and Obligation Management. These applications provide extensive contract management capabilities for different use cases, ensuring rapid closure of deals, front and center compliance, and shared information about contractual performance.

Icertis offers integrations with leading solutions like Icertis Experience for SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Workday. These integrations provide users with the ability to create, view, approve, and collaborate on contracts within the applications they use in their daily operations.

Icertis Logo
Ironclad Logo

Ironclad provides AI-powered contract management software that is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business and legal teams. Its platform offers an array of tools to manage every facet of contract lifecycle, permitting easy navigation and implementation of AI-enhanced solutions.

Ironclad allows teams to create, collaborate, and negotiate contracts within a single platform, with knowledge management, analytics, and seamless integration with other applications. It also places firm emphasis on security, offering SOC 2, Type II compliance, and ISO 27017 and 27018 certifications. Ironclad’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software is designed to increase contract efficiency across an organization.

Other key features include automated data tagging, redline suggestions, unapproved clause flagging and the ability to analyze contract data across over 194 data points. The platform includes custom and templatized reporting dashboards for comprehensive contract analysis and reporting. Ironclad also provides the possibility for customization according to individual company needs, using its no-code Workflow Designer.

Ironclad Logo
Jotform Logo

Jotform is a digital form building and survey platform offering a free contract management platform, enabling easy creation of contracts for businesses and e-signature support. The platform includes an array of features, including team collaboration, audit trails, and access code protection. Additionally, it offers a notification and reminder service to ensure clients are fully aware of imminent renewal dates and contract expiration.

One of the strengths of Jotform is its use of templates. Users can choose from a selection of pre-made document templates, including Non-Disclosure Agreements and Purchase Agreements, which can be further customized to individual needs with their intuitive document builder.

Jotform allows the setup of automated notifications and emails, ensuring that customers are always on top of deadlines, missed payments, expiring contracts, and incomplete forms. It offers a collaborative environment with Jotform Teams, where a shared workspace can be created for teams to analyze and share contract data, build forms, reports, tables, and apps collaboratively.

In terms of security, Jotform provides a secure and compliant platform for client data with its 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR, SOC2, and PCI compliance, in addition to encryption options and anti-spam fields. Used by over 20 million users, Jotform’s suite of no-code tools is adaptable for small and large businesses, facilitating form creation, payment acceptance, report generation, and workflow automation.

Jotform Logo
PandaDoc Logo

PandaDoc is a contract management software provider that focuses on simplifying contract creation, collaboration, and management, with the aim of increasing deal accuracy and speed. Over 50,000 customers use PandaDoc for their contract management needs.

PandaDoc’s key features include the ability to draft, edit, and collaborate on contracts in a single tab, with automations to boost productivity. Users can build and customize contracts quickly and accurately, with pre-approved content and customizable templates. PandaDoc also reduces errors by standardizing contract terms and introducing dynamic rules for content based on parameters like country, industry, and CRM data. The software also provides recipient verification and enables users to execute legally binding e-Signatures.

Real-time collaboration features encourage transparency and engagement, eliminating lengthy email dialogues around contracts. Users can also monitor contract status in real time and set alerts for contract renewal dates, all with the goal of fortifying contractual bonds and increasing the probability of successful sales outcomes.

PandaDoc integrates with popular platforms, allowing users to maintain the continuity of their deal conversations. PandaDoc is easy to use and navigate, contributing to an overall smoother contract management experience.

PandaDoc Logo
SAP Logo

SAP Ariba Contracts streamlines and automates contract management. This solution centralizes the whole contract lifecycle, including contract requests, authoring, negotiation, approval, and execution in a single platform. SAP Ariba Contracts is specifically designed to decrease the risk of missed deliverables or milestones, detect nonstandard or redundant contracts, and provide notifications when a preapproved contract format has been modified.

The solution’s key features include real-time monitoring of spend history and compliance, an integrated view of contract data, and centralized contract repository. Powerful search tools, comprehensive contract workflows, full audit trails, and preapproved clause libraries enable teams to build an efficient contract management process.

SAP Ariba Contracts leverages Icertis Contract Intelligence, providing a smoother contract workflow with features such as flexible contract initiation, rule-driven authoring, advanced AI capabilities, streamlined initiation and authoring of amendments, and data synchronization between both services.

SAP Ariba Contracts aims to digitalize the traditional contract management, making it more efficient and beneficial for businesses to focus on negotiated savings, revenue opportunities, and compliance.

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The Top 10 Contract Management Software