The Top 10 Consent Management Solutions

Consent Management software assists organizations in managing their customer data consent and privacy options.

The Top 10 Privacy Management Software Solutions Include:
  • 1. Cookiebot
  • 2. CookieYes
  • 3. Didomi Multi-Regulation CMP
  • 4. InMobi Choice CMP
  • 5. Ketch
  • 6. OneTrust Universal Consent and Preference Management
  • 7. Osano
  • 8. Transcend Consent Management
  • 9. TrustArc Consent & Preference Manager
  • 10. Usercentrics

Consent Management Platforms help organizations to oversee and organize customer consent management. Ensuring that customers understand what data an organization has on them, and that they are comfortable with this, is at the forefront of data driven companies. Consent management can help to avoid large financial penalties if you fail to comply with regulations.

There are different compliance regulations and expectations depending on the territory you are operating in, your sector, and organization’s purpose. If you handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or financial details, there will be greater expectations placed on your organization and data handling. Regulations are there to guide you into implementing best practices, ensuring that you have visibility into the data you need, without breaching customer’s privacy.

The vast majority of companies will store and use customer data in one form or another. To ensure that you are acting in accordance with relevant compliance regulations, and can evidence this when necessary, a consent management platform is essential. In this article we’ll assess some of the top providers on the market, explaining their key features and use cases, thereby helping you to identify the right solution for your needs.

Cookiebot Logo

Cookiebot is a consent management platform (CMP) that is designed to help businesses manage cookies and trackers on their websites, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. The solution features a powerful scanner that automatically checks a website monthly, identifying and categorizing cookies and trackers. It then blocks these elements until visitors provide consent, offering a trustworthy method for collecting user consent.

With Cookiebot CMP, users have the flexibility to use pre-built templates or design custom banners, making it easy to implement and maintain compliance. The platform securely stores consent for up to 12 months, with logs available for audit purposes or data subject access requests. The solution helps businesses to navigate the complex landscape of privacy regulations by streamlining website privacy compliance through automation and cutting-edge technology.

Cookiebot CMP enhances user experience by providing transparency and allowing visitors to make informed choices about the use of their data. The platform offers a user-friendly interface with customized branding options that integrate seamlessly into the website’s design. It also saves time and resources by automating scanning and categorization processes, while providing extensive documentation and premium customer support for an easy-to-manage privacy compliance solution.

Cookiebot Logo
CookieYes Logo

CookieYes is a cookie compliance management platform designed to help businesses become privacy compliant without hassle. By generating a fully customizable cookie banner, CookieYes enables companies to effectively communicate their cookie usage policies, obtain user consent, and manage all cookie requirements in one centralized location.

The platform allows for a tailored approach to cookie compliance, enabling businesses to create custom banners with various layouts, text, languages, and personal branding. This versatility ensures that CookieYes can be easily integrated with any content management system or HTML site. Additionally, the platform offers granular control over cookies, automatically blocking third-party cookies and organizing consent preferences to provide a clear overview of user opt-ins.

By automating website scanning, CookieYes keeps businesses updated on their cookie compliance. The tool generates detailed reports, automatically detecting and categorizing cookies to streamline monthly scanning. This functionality includes scanning for hidden cookies behind login pages, further ensuring complete compliance transparency.

Beyond the functionality of cookie consent management, CookieYes also provides free policy generators, allowing companies to create custom privacy policies quickly by using policy templates. These can be generated through answering a few questions and then copying the generated policy to their website. This comprehensive platform covers businesses’ privacy compliance needs, while maintaining a user-friendly experience for customers.

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Didomi Logo

Didomi is a consent management platform (CMP) that includes a specialized privacy tech team who can offer support during implementation and regulation updates. It is designed to address key challenges and to help businesses leverage consent as part of their strategy. Didomi is recognized for its industry expertise and involvement in global standards like IAB and DAA AdChoices.

The platform streamlines and manages consent for various privacy regulations across multiple channels, devices, and touchpoints. With geo-targeting capabilities, it ensures the appropriate consent banner or privacy notice is displayed based on the user’s location. As a registered member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) steering committee, Didomi is TCF v2.2-compliant.

Didomi’s platform offers branded and personalized consent banner experiences, aiming to inspire trust and improve user engagement. It features intuitive UI-based tools, making it accessible to users with basic internet skills, while also offering more advanced options for technical users through its developer-friendly documentation. The platform includes advanced reporting capabilities to monitor consent impact across different regions and regulations.

Didomi’s cross-device feature ensures users only need to provide consent once across different devices and environments, thereby reducing “consent fatigue.” The platform also allows data management and privacy teams to access consent history and specific consent UI versions users have agreed to. Additionally, Didomi respects users’ choices and improves user experience when the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal is detected, preventing users from re-declaring their preferences.

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InMobi Logo

InMobi Choice CMP is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) designed to help publishers ensure privacy compliance and increase advertising revenue across both web and mobile applications. The platform is free of charge, provides compliance with GDPR, CCPA, IAB TCF 2.2, and Google regulations, and offers a flexible, intuitive interface for customization and implementation.

By using InMobi Choice CMP, publishers can easily navigate and ensure full compliance with constantly changing privacy laws, uphold user privacy, and foster consumer trust. Consequently, this trust can lead to increased advertiser demand, elevated fill rates, and higher eCPMs. InMobi’s platform data from 1H 2023 suggests a possible 2x CPM lift with proper consent management.

The platform also allows publishers to customize their consent management with numerous options, granting access to real-time insights on consent collection and making it easy to tailor the CMP according to their specific needs. With a simple three-step implementation process, InMobi Choice CMP streamlines compliance, provides a user-friendly experience, and promotes success in the digital advertising industry.

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Ketch Logo

Ketch is a privacy-focused platform that offers a comprehensive set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs for the collection and enforcement of customer privacy preferences. It aims to keep businesses safe from risk and develop trust with customers while remaining adaptable to evolving privacy and AI regulations.

The platform focuses on responsible collection and orchestration of privacy preferences by ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Ketch can be customized to fit individual policies or use pre-built templates for various jurisdictions. It connects to a business’s downstream and partner systems using custom API keys to enforce privacy choices throughout the entire data lifecycle.

Ketch is also designed to reduce consent fatigue by delivering the appropriate privacy experience for each individual, recognizing people across devices and channels. The platform also supports customization to match a brand’s voice and style.

The Ketch Trust by Design Platform provides measurable ROI by increasing data utilization and usage, optimizing processing costs, and promoting competitive differentiation through responsible data and AI practices. Its tailored approach enables businesses to save on implementation costs and drive customer loyalty, while remaining compliant with ever-changing data protection regulations.

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Osano Logo

Osano is a comprehensive data privacy software platform, providing consent management solutions for organizations worldwide. Their global team of privacy experts continuously monitor the ever-changing data privacy landscape to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Osano’s Cookie Consent tool simplifies the process of obtaining visitor consent. By implementing a single line of JavaScript, the tool scans and classifies cookies, deploys banners in accordance with local regulations and language preferences, manages cookie settings based on visitor consent, and securely stores this information in a private blockchain for verifiable proof of consent.

In addition to cookie consent management, Osano offers data subject access request (DSAR) management software, allowing organizations to process access, deletion, correction, and do-not-sell requests securely and efficiently at scale. The platform also provides vendor privacy risk management, assessing the privacy practices of more than 11,000 vendors based on a proprietary 163-item ontology, as well as offering lawsuit alerts, sub-processor discovery, and vendor assessments.

Finally, Osano simplifies privacy assessments with a centralized, customizable tool based on NIST guidelines. This helps organizations reduce risk, protect customers, and maintain legal compliance by conducting Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs), Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs), and vendor assessments.

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UserCentrics Logo

UserCentrics is a leading Consent Management Platform (CMP) that assists businesses in achieving compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and POPIA regulations for their websites and apps. The platform focuses on providing transparency for all cookie usage and tracking technologies on a business’s website, ensuring legal requirements are met and maintaining audit-proof documentation.

The UserCentrics CMP offers a flexible data protection strategy that can be instantly adapted to new legal requirements. It also allows website owners to optimize consent rates through A/B testing, reactivation of opt-out users, and contextual consent for platforms like YouTube, Google Maps, and various social plugins.

In addition to helping businesses minimize legal risks by providing adaptable solutions for the ever-changing legal landscape, UserCentrics also aids in protecting advertising revenue. The platform offers new privacy KPIs to optimize opt-in rates and views privacy compliance as a competitive advantage. UserCentrics aims to boost user trust by promoting transparency about data processing practices and fostering informed customer experiences.

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The Top 10 Privacy Management Software