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The Top 10 Configure, Price, And Quote (CPQ) Solutions

Explore the top Configure, Price, and Quote Solutions designed to optimize sales processes and improve pricing strategies. Explore features such as configurability, quote generation, and proposal management.

The Top 10 Configure, Price, And Quote (CPQ) Solutions include:
  • 1. Cincom CPQ
  • 2. ConnectWise CPQ
  • 3. Epicor CPQ
  • 4. Expedite Commerce CPQ
  • 5. Experlogix CPQ
  • 6. HubSpot Sales Hub
  • 7. Oracle CPQ
  • 8. QuoteWerks CPQ Software
  • 9. Revalize
  • 10. Salesforce CPQ

Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) solutions are software applications that enable sales teams to provide pricing and quotes to their clients and/or end users with ease. They consider multiple parameters—including product configurations, customer information, pricing rules, discounts, and local taxes—in order to generate accurate quotes, quickly. Because of this, CPQ solutions enable sales teams to reduce manual errors and delays in quote turnaround times and focus on customer service and building relationships.

At Expert Insights, we’ve explored multiple CPQ platforms so that we can provide you with a reliable shortlist of the best solutions for your consideration. We’ve assessed each product based on:

  • User experience: The simplicity of generating, distributing, and tracking quotes and proposals
  • Admin controls: Tools that allow admins to configure pricing models, enforce price policies, and monitor quote health
  • Key features: Additional features like configurability, quote generation, price management, automated approval workflows, integrations, and reporting and analytics
  • User feedback: Reviews and feedback from end customers

We’ve been analyzing tech solutions for businesses since 2018, providing in-depth analyses and recommendations. For more information on how to choose the right CPQ solution, you can find helpful FAQs beneath the product shortlist.

Cincom Logo

Cincom CPQ is a robust configure, price, and quote software that allows businesses and their customers to select, customize, get real-time pricing, and generate quotations for an array of product configurations, all within a single system. Cincom CPQ can either be deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, offering maximum flexibility, with mobile functionality and powerful security features for ease of use and peace of mind.

Cincom CPQ offers a rules engine for product information, configuration, and pricing details. The system digitizes all the necessary data for sales representatives to efficiently sell the company’s products, ensuring always updated product and pricing information. This in turn enables sales representatives to provide accurate quotes. This also enables Cincom CPQ to make sure that sales reps only offer viable product options, eliminating the risk of offering incompatible parts or wrongly priced products.

In addition to its core CPQ rules engine, Cincom CPQ offers native integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and ERP systems. This enables it to store customer data alongside product configuration and purchase details, allowing the company to leverage product and sales data for better decision-making concerning product vision, development, release timing, and pricing strategies.

Overall, our product testers were impressed with Cincom CPQ’s highly configurable nature and its ability to centralize and automate critical quoting and pricing elements. Because of this, we recommend Cincom CPQ as a comprehensive platform for managing complex product configurations and quotes.

Cincom Logo
Connectwise Logo

ConnectWise CPQ, formerly known as ConnectWise Sell, is an order-building tool designed to streamline and enhance the creation of complex quotes and proposals. The platform enables sales teams to compare pricing data from multiple distribution partners, personal pricing tables, or customer catalogs, all from a single platform, and eliminates manual entry, system updates, and potential human errors.

ConnectWise CPQ’s key features include custom templates for proposals and quotes, real-time price integrations, customizable pricing rules, and online quote delivery with e-signature capabilities. The platform also offers procurement automation, renewal reminders, and CRM updates, which ensure that every department within the organization is using the most up-to-date sales and product data. When integrated with ConnectWise PSA, the solution can process and place electronic orders with preferred distributors.

ConnectWise CPQ also uses AI to enhance the sales cycle. Its intelligent quote tracking feature provides valuable insight into client interactions, enabling businesses to improve their sales strategies. ConnectWise is also planning to introduce a feature for guided selling in the near future.

Our team found that ConnectWise CPQ’s quote and price templates greatly improved the process of putting together a professional-looking, accurate quotation. Additionally, thanks to its AI-powered quote tracking and reporting, the platform not only saves time per quote, but also helps refine the overall sales process. Because of this, we recommend ConnectWise CPQ for businesses looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their quote and proposal generation.

Connectwise Logo
Epicor Logo

Epicor CPQ is a comprehensive CPQ solution for businesses selling complex, custom products. It streamlines the processes of sales, engineering, and manufacturing, offering a visually interactive platform for configuration, pricing, and quoting.

Epicor CPQ offers an advanced rule engine that ensures accurate configuration for consistency across different teams. It presents products in a visual configuration, and it includes a dynamic pricing feature that instantly updates pricing in real-time as product options change. Once configured, Epicor CPQ generates high-quality, accurate quotes with supporting documents and analytics to help improve buyer engagement. The platform also enables users to automatically create CAD files, further closing the loop between sales, engineering, and production teams.

In terms of management, Epicor CPQ offers cloud-based administration capabilities, freeing businesses from dependence on custom code. It also integrates seamlessly with various platforms such as websites, apps, and core business systems, helping to eliminate data siloes and ensure consistency across different departments.

Overall, Epicor CPQ is a robust tool for businesses seeking improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer interaction. By providing dynamic pricing, advanced rule enforcement, and an intuitive user interface, the platform enables businesses to enhance their sales process and deliver a professional, streamlined purchasing experience to their customers.

Epicor Logo
Expedite Commerce Logo

Expedite Commerce CPQ is a sales tool designed to streamline the quote-to-order process for businesses. It blends automation with customization, simplifying product selection and pricing across various sales channels.

Expedite Commerce CPQ tracks orders from start to finish, ensuring timely fulfillment and invoicing. The platform offers powerful automation functionality, giving sales teams the ability to generate quotes, configure complex products, and apply discounts or upsells automatically. It offers multiple, reliable product selection methods, enabling users to add desired products or services quickly and consistently to customer quotes. It also reduces the need for constant pricing approvals with its Smart Approval Advisor, enabling sales reps to offer customers the best price based on the organization’s set rules.

Our product testing team were particularly impressed with Expedite Commerce CPQ’s user experience; its rapid launch capability, intuitive user interface, and drag-and-drop rules engine make it very easy to use. Additionally, the ability to manage products, prices, and discounts via a single interface helps to remove inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

In summary, Expedite Commerce CPQ is an intuitive sales tool that accelerates the quote-to-order process, ensuring accurate pricing, efficient quote generation, and seamless order tracking. We recommend this tool for organizations looking to boost the productivity of their sales teams and improve the customer purchasing experience.

Expedite Commerce Logo
Experlogix Logo

Experlogix CPQ is a CPQ solution designed to optimize sales processes. Catering for both complex and basic products, services, or subscriptions, it facilitates effortless configuration, pricing, and quote generation, helping to drive sales efficiency and improve customer experiences.

A key feature of Experlogix CPQ is its robust rules engine, which ensures order accuracy by instantly verifying the validity of various selections, maintaining margins, and deterring rogue discounting. The platform also supplies relevant feedback to help sales staff create error-free quotes with maximized margins and recommends other related products or service bundles to aid upsell and cross-sell efforts. From a customer’s perspective, the platform displays products in 3D visualizations to enrich user experience and drive engagement.

When it comes to management, Experlogix CPQ offers a user-friendly interface that enables non-technical users to establish and oversee sophisticated pricing strategies, without the need for programming knowledge. The platform also makes it easy to manage data flow, thanks to its seamless CRM and ERP integrations via Cloud Connect technology, automated approval workflows, document flows, and proposal automation.

Overall, Experlogix CPQ is a comprehensive solution that enhances sales productivity and efficiency. We recommend this platform for organizations that want to give non-technical staff higher control over pricing and approval logic, whilst encouraging growth via targeted upselling and cross-selling.

Experlogix Logo

HubSpot Sales Hub is a robust and user-friendly sales software designed to improve productivity, foster customer relationships, and support expanding sales teams. HubSpot Sales Hub isn’t solely a CPQ solution—it’s a comprehensive platform that equips sales teams with the resources needed for meaningful customer interactions, while providing sales leaders with valuable insights for thoughtful scaling.

Key features of HubSpot Sales Hub include lead and sales activity management, personalized email templates, real-time email tracking for lead engagement, and automation that facilitates tailored emails and follow-up tasks. The solution also offers call tracking for prioritizing daily sales calls, alongside HubSpot’s AI tools for drafting engaging emails and CTAs. Additional strengths of the software include a meeting scheduler for simplified planning, document tracking for sharing and monitoring effective sales content, and playbooks that provide sales teams with scripts and guides. The platform supports deal pipelines for coordinated deal management and provides full transparency into sales processes via sophisticated sales analytics and reporting capabilities.

HubSpot Sales Hub is an effective tool that not only automates sales activities—including CPQ—but also helps foster customer relationships and provides insights for scaling. Its broad range of features and capabilities make HubSpot Sales Hub a strong solution for any organization looking to improve operations and customer satisfaction throughout the entire sales cycle.

Oracle Logo

Oracle CPQ is a cloud-based application designed to fast-track the sales process while optimizing order accuracy. It streamlines configuration, pricing, and quote generation activities, helping sales teams to expedite transactions and identify high-probability deals.

Oracle CPQ’s robust feature set includes guided selling, intuitive configuration, anytime-anywhere support, and subscription ordering. By implementing reusable rules and dynamic, automated workflows, the platform ensures offer accuracy and validation. It also offers easy management of various subscription parameters, with support for flexible, real-time pricing and advanced deal management. It also supports resourceful contract and document management, with seamless integration with various e-signature vendors. It also offers comprehensive deal analysis tools, which help align sales activities with corporate objectives, and enable users to identify high-probability deals so they can improve their win rates and margins.

In summary, Oracle CPQ helps streamline the end-to-end sales-to-order process and enables users to identify strong leads, which in turn reduces sales cycle time. We recommend Oracle CPQ for organizations looking for a user-friendly platform that’s accessible to non-technical users and will empower their sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently.

Oracle Logo
QuoteWerks Logo

QuoteWerks CPQ Software is a versatile sales enablement application that optimizes and simplifies the sales process. QuoteWerks’ solution enhances the quoting process, helping sales reps to close sales cycles through useful features like e-signatures, follow-up timing, and payment acceptance.

From QuoteWerks CPQ Software’s dashboard, sales teams can access a comprehensive overview of quotes and orders, and design visual sales reports through the platform’s built-in reporting system. Users can also create visually aesthetic and professional proposals, set approval requirements, and track shipments.

Some other notable capabilities of QuoteWerks’ solution include product and service management, electronically submitting purchase orders, and the ability to collect real-time pricing and availability from multiple distributors, thanks to the platform’s consumer price comparisons with vendors like Amazon, CDW, Staples, and Dell. Finally, QuoteWerks CPQ Software integrates seamlessly with existing CRM and ERP systems—including Salesforce, Datto, Act, and Connectwise—and over 80 credit card and ACH payment gateways.

Overall, our team found that QuoteWerks CPQ Software’s core strengths lie in its ability to streamline the sales process and simplify workflows, which it does via its extensive integration library and functions like real-time pricing comparisons and order tracking. As such, we recommend this platform for teams looking for an efficient and integrated CPQ solution.

QuoteWerks Logo
Revalize Logo

Revalize is a comprehensive CPQ solution designed to streamline the sales process for manufacturing companies, from product configuration to dynamic pricing. The platform uses a sophisticated rules engine coupled with web-based administration to simplify sales procedures for complex products.

Revalize’s high-functioning configuration software makes it easy for sales reps to select product options and maintain up-to-date product catalogs, helping to optimize configuration and quoting workflows. The platform supports multiple pricing methods, such as bill of materials (BOM) or customer segments, which in turn facilitates multi-currency BOM pricing for global enterprises. It also enables users to automatically create comprehensive customer quotes, reducing order errors and re-quoting requests, as well as improving lead times.

To help eliminate siloes and improve data flow, Revalize offers seamless interoperability with a range of popular CRM and ERP systems, including Oracle NetSuite, Oracle CX Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, and IFS. The platform itself also offers cross-platform accessibility, allowing usage on numerous devices so that it can support remote customer support teams.

In summary, Revalize is a powerful CPQ solution with an emphasis on improving productivity and accuracy. Our team found that the system’s global pricing capability and seamless integration capabilities make it a strong choice for larger enterprises seeking to drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

Revalize Logo
Salesforce Logo

Salesforce CPQ is a software application designed to integrate with the Salesforce CRM to optimize and streamline the configuration, pricing, and quoting process for sales teams. The solution facilitates quick and accurate quoting with built-in controls, approval workflows, and compliance enhancement measures.

Salesforce CPQ’s key features include a product catalog, dynamic pricing rules, and support for various discount strategies. Its guided selling feature prompts sales representatives with intelligent product options, driving faster sales cycles. It also provides a product configurator to help sales reps structure product bundles, usage-based pricing for varied customer needs, and provisions for contract renewals and amendments. The platform offers advanced approvals to help expedite deals, as well as parallel workflows that enable it to accurately price complex products and services. In addition to its core CPQ functionality, Salesforce CPQ offers policy-aligned partner portals that facilitate channel partner sales. Additionally, to help protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with data protection standards, the platform offers user permission controls.

Salesforce CPQ is an all-in-one software tool that works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM to improve the efficiency of sales operations. With a primary focus on customizable automation, it provides a range of valuable features tailored to optimize the quoting process, ensure compliance, and accelerate sales cycles.

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The Top 10 Configure, Price, And Quote (CPQ) Solutions