The Top 10 Compliance Management Solutions

Explore the top compliance management solutions with features including vendor risk and audit management capabilities.

The Top 10 Compliance Management Solutions Include:
  • 1. Apptega
  • 2. Archer Regulatory and Corporate Compliance
  • 3. HighBond
  • 4. Hyperproof
  • 5. Ideagen Pentana Audit
  • 6. Ncontracts
  • 7. Resolver
  • 8. SAP Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Cybersecurity
  • 9. Thoropass
  • 10. Workiva

Maintaining compliance is a key requirement, not only for regulatory purposes, but also for maintaining credibility, mitigating the risk of security breaches, and preventing data loss. Ensuring your organization is compliant can avoid disciplinary action, whilst assuring stakeholders and third parties that they comply with industry and security standards.

Managing compliance audits and reporting can be time consuming and complex. The process of analyzing and formatting data for relevant parties can add even more resource and complexity to the process.

Compliance management solutions will alleviate some of the workload due to monitoring and assessing compliance. These solutions automate several key processes and workflows, such as report generation, monitoring and testing, and updating company policies in light of regulation changes. They can also improve collaboration between teams and stakeholders, and alert teams to any concerning events or relevant changes.

Compliance management tends to be one of the features of broad governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. While some vendors do offer compliance management as a standalone solution, it is more common to see multi-use platforms and GRC solutions.

In this article we’ll cover the top 10 compliance management solutions available today. We’ll highlight each platform’s key features, before suggesting the type of organization that would be best suited to its use. While some of the solutions are stand-alone compliance management tools, many are part of a wider Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform.

Apptega Logo

Apptega is an intuitive, end-to-end GRC solution that offers automated and constant networking monitoring and tracking. The platform is compatible with over 30 regulatory compliance frameworks, such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, NIST, SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA. Alongside the compliance monitoring, Apptega also offers out-of-the-box risk, vendor risk, and audit management capabilities. With Apptega, teams can assess, create, manage, and report on their compliance programs quickly and effectively. The solution supports multi-tenant architecture and can manage compliance scoring and effective reporting with a wide range of integrations.

Compliance management is operated centrally from an intuitive dashboards. Teams can use questionnaire-based assessments to evaluate existing security and compliance posture. Predefined templates can be configured and deployed covering all assessment frameworks. Admins are also able to build their own, customized assessment templates. In addition to facilitating automated monitoring and extensive visibility, the solution also offers real-time IT risk assessments, compliance scoring, project lifecycle, and task management capabilities. Apptega offers enhanced collaboration between teams to deliver reports and meet compliance standards. Stakeholders can access relevant information through a simplified user interface or configure automated notifications to alert them to key findings. Apptega is an easily manageable and highly configurable solution that we would recommend for medium to large sized organizations looking to implement a fully stacked GRC management solution.

Apptega Logo
Archer Logo

The Archer Regulatory and Corporate Compliance solution is designed for enterprise organizations and their compliance management needs. The platform facilitates full control of regulatory requirements, automation of compliance workflows, and the ability to deploy consistent management policies across your entire network. The platform is scalable and flexible, adapting and growing as your environment evolves. The platform uses a single repository to manage all regulatory information and data feeds. This allows teams to benefit from a comprehensive summary of compliance regulations, allowing them to check their own compliance easily. Admins can create, manage, and roll out policies (in relation to compliance requirements) from the platform’s unified dashboard.

There is a strong focus on automation with this solution; teams are able to automate compliance workflows and controls testing. This reduces the overall time spent on repetitive tasks. Archer’s solution provides consistency and accuracy across your entire network through applying a repeatable process across your environment and removing manual, non-scalable processes. The platform includes project-based controls, a controls generator for automatic creation of controls, and an evidence repository application for collating evidence during compliance testing. Archer Regulatory and Corporate Compliance is a highly scalable and flexible solution. We would recommend it for enterprise and larger organizations that are looking to scale, due to this solutions ability to ensure compliance as your organization grows.

Archer Logo
Diligent Logo

HighBond is a Diligent software solution that consolidates audit, compliance, risk, and security management into a single cohesive platform. It allows you to create workflows from a centralized dashboard. From here you can collect data in real-time for faster decision-making and real-time reporting. HighBond helps organizations stay compliant with regulatory frameworks including ISO, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, and FERPA. The platform also facilitates compliance frameworks applicable to the governmental and education sector – these include Uniform Grant GUidance, Single Audit, and Title IV. The solution effectively manages regulatory requirements, workflows, and data analytics through a single integrated platform, with clean and straightforward interfaces.

Admins are granted a complete view of their environment and its levels of compliance. Teams can gain a real-time oversight of compliance levels through intuitive dashboards, that are regularly updated to compare and keep track of compliance metrics. Admins can automate specific tasks like monitoring and testing. This results in faster identification of noncompliance, whilst reducing human workload. With automatic updates, the platform is always up to date and aware of recent changes to compliance frameworks.

HighBond Is a powerful solution with extensive and deep insight across large-scale environments. We would recommend this solution for the mid to large-sized companies, especially governmental, educational, and financial organizations.

Diligent Logo
Hyperproof Logo

Hyperproof is an end-to-end compliance management solution that provides comprehensive control and oversight of your network in relation to a range of compliance frameworks. As well as understanding compliance requirements, it also manages internal controls, collects, and stores data, and ensures your organization remains compliant. Teams can define compliance and audit processes and workflows, automate manual tasks, and report compliance status to third parties and stakeholders. The platform integrates well with most environments, including other third-party applications like project management, communications, DevOps, security, cloud storage, and other cloud-based applications.

The platform is ready to run out-of-the-box with frameworks including SOX, PCI-DSS, CMMC, SOC 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001. Admins can customize and build their own frameworks to suit their specific business needs. The platform will provide helpful notifications on how to adhere to new compliance regulation, thereby making any transitions as seamless as possible.

Hyperproof delivers advanced integration with your cloud-based applications and services, as well as facilitating automated evidence collection and testing, thereby reducing the time spent on manual tasks. Admins can collaborate with stakeholders without having to switch between tools – Hyperproof can contact stakeholders directly, meaning that admins don’t have to juggle multiple tools. The platform provides plenty of integration possibilities, automated workflows, and full oversight into multi-tenant architecture. We would recommend Hyperproof for large companies looking for a comprehensive and streamlined solution.

Ideagen Logo

The Idegean Platform is a compliance, risk, and audit management solution that helps organizations operating in tightly regulated industries meet strict compliance requirements. It allows teams to effectively collaborate, manage, and improve compliance processes, through automating workflows and collecting critical data for reporting needs. Ideagen takes a modern, cloud-based approach, thereby enabling organizations to scale their resources as they need. The platform supports SOX, ISO, ESG, COSO, COBIY, IIA, and NIST compliance. Admins and teams can securely share data with external parties via compliant APIs.

The platform will monitor documents as they are being produced (and track any changes – logging details of what was changed and who made the changed) to ensure compliance consistently. The solution will log when documents are created, and track when they are reviewed, edited, and finalized, automatically saving a trail of activity.

Ideagen can ensure compliance with customer supply chain quality standards such as FAI, PPAP, APQP, AS9100, and AS9145. It is a powerful and feature-rich solution designed to allow organizations to help organization operate at scale. We would recommend Ideagen for mid to large sized companies in highly regulated sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, governmental, energy, and education industries.

Ncontracts Logo

Ncontracts is a comprehensive compliance management solution geared towards financial institutions. The platform helps to ensure that organizations can stay on top of compliance regulation and ensure they adhere to all expectations. The platform effectively assesses, analyzes, and manages compliance risks, as well as tracking any changes to compliance frameworks. Implementation and onboarding of this solution is fast, with automatic updates to ensure that your organization remains complaint. Ncontracts has a library with over 1,500 state and federal guidance documents and over 6000 rules, standards, laws, and agreements. This ensured that ensuring you are operating in alignment with compliance frameworks is easy.

Beyond its strong reporting capabilities, Ncontracts also has simplified search and filtration capabilities so that teams can pull the data they need quickly and effectively. The platform can push automated alerts to the Ncontracts app that notify your team of any regulatory changes, deadlines, and outstanding tasks. Other notable features include the integrated complaint management tool, robust reporting capabilities, and a policy and procedure document manager with no limits on storage.

Support is available during onboarding and deployment, with Ncontracts offering unlimited training, help desk options, and a knowledge base complete with training videos. Ncontracts’ compliance management solution is designed for financial organizations to help them stay compliant with relevant regulations. We would recommend it for medium to large-sized financial organizations that need a robust and reliable solution.

Ncontracts Logo
Resolver Logo

Resolver is a leading, GRC management solution that applies a cohesive and comprehensive approach to automating processes, maintaining compliance, and minimizing instances of risk. Teams can automate regulatory change management, reduce compliance fatigue, and visualize their entire regulatory compliance environment. In this fully integrated platform, compliance information and data can be shared easily amongst your team. This is available in multiple formats, allowing you to highlight specific aspects for different teams and use cases.

Resolver can automatically orchestrate and implement changes to your policies and settings as required when regulatory frameworks are updated. A notification will be sent to admins, explaining the details of the changes and any impacted risks or controls. These notifications will also suggest to teams any further steps for them to take. The platform can quantify and visualize regulations and risks so teams can create strategic plans. Admins can create automated reports with detailed graphics to showcase advanced business intelligence. As this solution can offer compliance for regulations including FINRA, California Consumer Privacy Act, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, we would recommend this solution for mid-market and enterprise level financial institutions.

SAP Logo

The Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Cybersecurity solution from SAP that helps teams streamline and automate processes, generate reports, and collaborate on important tasks. It continuously monitors compliance across your environment and critical systems, as well as your identities, cyberthreats, and risks. The platform centrally manages trade compliance based on regulatory changes, geo-political risks, evolving market opportunities, trade agreements, and customs processes. This is exceptionally useful for companies needing to comply with specific global trade policies.

Teams can adjust configurations and carry out intelligent monitoring to detect, predict, and mitigate threats in real time. The platform provides real-time reporting which helps organizations demonstrate compliance to stakeholders on demand. SAP’s solution can perform regulatory change assessment and management. It continuously monitors configuration setting changes, master data, transactions, and other critical business system updates. Teams can automate key compliance and control activities for faster processes and reduced workloads, as well as continuously performing test control effectiveness. The solution includes process modelling; this allows users to easily alter or create new processes to automate and streamline compliance tasks. The platform uses cyber threat monitoring, data controlling, identity and access governance, and privacy management to ensure your data and privacy is kept secure. This solution is powerful and feature rich – we would recommend SAP GRC and cybersecurity for enterprises looking for a comprehensive solution that can monitor a broad range of compliance frameworks and industries.

Thoropass Logo

Thoropass is a complete compliance automation solution that combines compliance management, monitoring, audit management, and guidance. The platform streamlines compliance through automation and acts as a centralized hub for task management, progress, audits, and compliance tasks. Thoropass helps organizations stay compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HITRUST, and HIPAA. The platform uses auditor-approved monitors to provide a seamless in-app experience during the audit process. Onboarding is fast and simplified, with extensive support from the Thoropass team.

The platform performs continuous monitoring to assess your compliance status and alerts key users when a problem arises. Thoropass is rich with integrations and APIs, making it a suitable solution for a wide range of environments. The platform performs automated evidence collection, with in-app audit management and visibility. There is a strong focus on collaboration, with teams able to tag, comment, assign controls, receive automated notifications, and access project management tools. The platform also provides penetration testing, roadmap planning, implementation guides, and policy templates that can be customized for out-of-the-box functionality. This is a robust and broad compliance management tool. We would recommend it for SMBs across a variety of sectors.

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Workiva Logo

Workiva is a multi-use platform that blends financial reporting, ESG, audit, risk, and SOX compliance into one integrated and cohesive platform. Admins can automate processes to improve the efficiency of specific SOX compliance tasks like documentation updates, testing workflows, and Provided by Client (PBC) requests. The platform provides scoping and risk assessment, reports, dashboards, testing, certification, evidence management, documentation, system integration, and issue tracking, accessed from a centralized dashboard.

Everything is centrally managed from a clean and concise dashboard; this enhances visibility and allows for ease of sharing with stakeholders. From this dashboard, admins can run and manage scope, testing, issues, and certifications. Admins can specific which users are able to access these dashboards, or allow all users to have access, thereby improving collaboration. The platform ensures that all users are working from the latest data and information, with automatic save features, to ensure that everyone has the most accurate and up-to-date information. The dashboard updates in real-time and can track testing status, evidence requests, responses, and approvals. This real-time monitoring can trigger notifications delivered to key users. We would recommend Workiva for mid-market and enterprise companies that need to adhere to SOX compliance. It is especially beneficial for organizations looking for a larger, comprehensive solution that can handle numerous aspects of company management.

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The Top 10 Compliance Management Solutions