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The Top 10 Cloud Orchestration Solutions

Cloud orchestration allows you to manage and automate processes happening in the cloud – but what are the top solutions currently on the market?

The Top Cloud Orchestration Solutions Include:
  • 1. ActiveBatch
  • 2. RunMyJobs By Redwood
  • 3. AWS CloudFormation
  • 4. BMC Helix ITSM
  • 5. IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation
  • 6. Kubernetes
  • 7. Microsoft Azure Automation
  • 8. Puppet Enterprise
  • 9. Red Hat Ansible
  • 10. Terraform Cloud

Cloud orchestration solutions allow organizations to gain visibility and control over their (often) disparate cloud services. Orchestration also allows common, repeatable tasks to be automated, ensuring that they can be carried out effectively, without the need for human oversight.

To enable this automation, cloud orchestration solutions allow you to build custom workflows to plan how cloud data will affect cloud responses and actions. These workflows can be as simple, complex, or interlinked as you require them to be.

The benefits of cloud orchestration are multiple. By automating complex, repeatable processes, you reduce your human workload. This frees up your IT and security teams’ time, allowing them to be more productive – thereby saving money. At the same time, the automated processes can be carried out at much higher speeds, and with a greater degree of accuracy than when done by a human. This improves your level of service, whilst maintaining standards and increasing output.

ActiveBatch By Redwood

ActiveBatch is a process orchestration platform designed to streamline workflows and reduce manual processes. Built with a user-friendly drag-and-drop automation builder, it empowers teams to construct workflows efficiently, with minimal coding knowledge required.

 ActiveBatch Features

  • Intuitive, user-friendly drag-and-drop low-code automation builder
  • Prebuilt templates and connectors for popular applications, such as SAP, Informatica and Oracle
  • Comprehensive scheduling and automation capabilities to facilitate scalable and reliable automations
  • DevOps capabilities including self-documenting Job Steps, script lifecycle management and built-in collaboration tools
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • 24/7 customer support service with a 15-minute response time

ActiveBatch Plans and Pricing: For a no-obligation quote, contact the ActiveBatch team directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Built around an easy-to-use, low-code admin console, ActiveBatch provides a comprehensive solution for enterprise-level workload automation and task management. With its advanced capabilities, ActiveBatch enables business and IT teams to optimize cloud processes, leading to more productive workflows and more effective outcomes.

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Redwood Logo

RunMyJobs by Redwood is a cloud-native platform designed for orchestrating and automating processes across applications, servers, and services. This tool is ideal for connecting on-premises and public cloud services. It integrates seamlessly with various tools such as SAP and Oracle. Aimed at both IT and business users, it has a user-friendly admin console that allows for process building using a drag-and-drop editor.

Redwood RunMyJobs Features

  • 100s of pre-built connectors for platforms such as Azure, ServiceNow, SAP, and Box
  • Intuitive, user-friendly drag-and-drop low-code automation builder
  • Triggers and automations based on criteria like date-and-time, events, or custom triggers
  • More than 1,000 SAP templates and connectors, making the solution ideal for SAP customers
  • Secure TLS encryption for all connections, alongside integrations with third-party security tools, including SSO/SAML to ensure security
  • 24/7 customer support service with a 15-minute response time
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Redwood RunMyJobs Pricing: Contact the RunMyJobs team for a no-obligation quote based on your requirements. 

Expert Insights’ Comments: RunMyJobs is an intuitive and secure solution for automating and orchestrating end-to-end business processes. It is scalable, user-friendly, and integrates smoothly with a wide range of other tools. By significantly reducing manual tasks, RunMyJobs helps enterprises increase efficiency and productivity.

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AWS Logo

CloudFormation is a platform that automates processes within AWS (Amazon Web Services) in a repeatable, testable, and auditable way. With CloudFormation, you can streamline and unify your cloud and third-party resources for ease of management. As CloudFormation is part of AWS, it is a well-known and widely adopted brand.

AWS CloudFormation Features

  • Manage multiple accounts and resources in multiple regions from a single account
  • Use open-source declarative languages such as JSON or YMAL or use the visual design tool to build custom workflows
  • Build serverless applications with Serverless Application Model (SAM) using an open-source framework
  • CloudFormation automatically manages dependencies during stack management actions
  • Automatic updates and provisioning to ensure your systems are secure

AWS CloudFormation Plans And Pricing: AWS CloudFlow offers a free trial that gives you a chance to understand how the solution will fit within your infrastructure. Use the online calculator to build a custom quote for your organization – you can input the number of third-party extensions managed, and the number of operations per extension, within a set timeframe.

Expert Insights’ Comments: AWS CloudFlow is a widely used tool that easily integrates with a range of solutions. It is designed to be easy to implement and you can use the visual designer to build automation workflows without the need for coding. AWS CloudFormation is an ideal solution for organizations looking to manage disparate resources and implement automation or deploy applications.

BMC Logo

BMC is a Houston, TX, based software company that works with 86% of the Forbes Global 50 to ensure their cloud infrastructure is managed and efficient. Helix IT Service Management (ITSM) is BMCs cloud-native SaaS solution that incorporates AI and automation to optimize workflows and streamline productivity.

BMC Helix ITSM Features

  • Real-time auto-correlation of incidents and proactive problem identification
  • Extensive data sharing and collaboration tools
  • Manage change risk for IT and DevOps through calculating impact and criticality
  • Major incident management integrates service and operations management
  • Automated task bundling and case assignment
  • No-code integration extends service delivery to external providers
  • Clear and customizable dashboards to visualize key metrics

BMC Helix ITSM Plans And Pricing: For information about pricing, contact BMC directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: BMC Helix ITSM is a powerful and versatile solution that allows users to access custom reports and analytics. Incidents are quick to be flagged and addressed, with responsive customer support when needed. The solution can be deployed via cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, ensuring that it can be adopted easily into your work environment.

IBM Logo

IBM are a leading cyber company that specializes in a broad range of AI- and ML-powered technologies for IT security and business automation. IMB Cloud Pak for Network Automation is their solution to manage and coordinate cloud activities. The solution is highly customizable with a large number of use cases – these include the ability to manage, monitor, backup, and secure applications.

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation Features

  • Customizable self-service portal
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) toolchains
  • Real-time network view utilizing AI to drive decision-making
  • Automated feedback loop between assurance and orchestration to reduce the need for human interaction
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Enhance visibility across cloud infrastructure
  • Optimize business practices to improve ROI

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation Plans And Pricing: IBM runs a flexible pricing plan for Cloud Pak; you only pay for the services that you require. Contact IBM directly to discuss your needs, the most relevant components, and capabilities to get a tailored quote.

Expert Insights’ Comments: IBM is a highly trusted and technologically capable organization. With Cloud Pak for Network Automation, you can orchestrate, operate, and optimize your multi-vendor cloud infrastructure. This can result in reduced operational costs, faster delivery of services, and improved onboarding experience, and helps you to develop automated cloud workflows. The solution can also be paired with Watson AIOps to enhance anomaly detection, AI entity linking, and change risk management.

Kubernetes Logo

Kubernetes, also referred to as K8s, is an open-source platform for automating, scaling, and managing containerized applications. The solution has built-in commands to handle the heavy lifting when it comes to application management, with automation capabilities for day-to-day operations – allowing your employees to use their time more effectively. Kubernetes will also handle the storage, networking, and computing of your workloads, further reducing human workload.

Kubernetes Features             

  • Designed to scale efficiently without a reduction in performance
  • Technical capability matches your organization’s growth and more complex needs
  • As it is open-source, K8 can run on-premises, hybrid, and on public infrastructure
  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks – changes are rolled out progressively whilst application health is monitored to smooth the process
  • Storage orchestration from local sites and public cloud providers through AWS, GCP, Cinder, Ceph, and others

Kubernetes Plans And Pricing: Technically, Kubernetes is a free software due to its open-source configuration. In reality, you have two choices when using Kubernetes: self-hosted Kubernetes, or managed Kubernetes. If self-hosting, you will need the infrastructure for nodes to run the workload, as well as hosting a reliable control plane. The costs here can quickly mount up. With managed Kubernetes, companies like Azure, GCP, or AWS manage all the technical requirements, allowing you to focus on your operations.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Kubernetes is a very efficient and highly adaptable system that is optimized to ensure your organization can scale and effectively roll out new changes. The solution has automatic health checks to identify any areas that are not working as they should and respond appropriately. Kubernetes can work in the way that you need it to, rather than having a single, predefined use case or ideal customer.

Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based automation solution comes from a highly trusted brand, with 3,500 security experts keeping the platform secure. The solution provides process automation, update management, and configuration features in Azure and non-Azure environments. Microsoft Azure Automation is easy to integrate thanks to over 800 third-party integration modules.

Microsoft Azure Automation Features

  • Task automation reduces errors and improves efficiency
  • Inventory of operating system resources
  • Monitor update compliance cross Azure, on-premises, and cloud platforms
  • Use PowerShell or Python to integrate Azure and other public systems for full orchestration
  • Simplify management through effective unification and orchestration

Microsoft Azure Automation Plans And Pricing: With Microsoft Azure Automation, you only pay for the services that you use, and this is based on number of minutes used per month. There is a limit of 500 minutes/month for job run time, and 744 hours/month for watchers. Anything that extends beyond this will be billed at $0.002/minute (for job run time) and $0.002/hour (for watchers). Azure nodes are not charged, while non-Azure nodes (beyond the 5 free node limit) cost $6/node.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Microsoft Azure Automation is a widely trusted solution. With such flexibility in the product’s pricing, you can calculate exactly how Azure will benefit your organization – use the online calculator to get your own quote. This solution is suited to organizations that need to automate complex or varied tasks, in a range of environments.

Puppet Logo

Puppet Enterprise is an open-source orchestration tool for automating and maintaining cloud infrastructure. The solution allows you to harness all your capabilities and ensure that your organization is operating as efficiently as it can. Through automation and streamlining your workflow, your service can be deployed and delivered much more quickly.

Puppet Enterprise Features

  • Easy to deploy using YAML, PowerShell, Bash, Python, or Ruby
  • Unite disparate systems and siloed teams to provide effective infrastructure management
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting to prevent drift and compliance errors
  • Library of integration modules to expand Puppet’s uses
  • Stay on top of patch management with continuous monitoring

Puppet Enterprise Plans And Pricing: Puppet offers a free trial, with details of subscription pricing being available via request. They offer flexible pricing plans, with options available for multi-year purchases, larger volumes, and academic institutions.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Puppet Enterprise is a strong solution for allowing organizations to stay on top of patch and system updates, troubleshoot servers, deploy applications, or stopping and restarting services. Puppet Enterprise allows you to leverage self-healing infrastructure, offload repetitive tasks, prevent human error, and deliver services quickly.

Red Hat Ansible Logo

Red Hat Ansible is an automation platform that provides a framework to build and operate automation workflows for your cloud, hybrid, edge environments. The solution is highly scalable, with the ability to create, share, and manage cloud orchestration and automation. Red Hat Ansible has been operational since 2012, and is based in Durham, NC.

Red Hat Ansible Features

  • Automation execution environments
  • Automation mesh provides an intuitive framework for scaling
  • Standardize and scale automation from a single UI and REST API
  • Ansible Galaxy allows you to store and share tools with the Ansible community
  • Real-time job output – monitor Ansible Playbooks in real-time
  • Centralized security – encrypt secrets and delegate tasks without exposing them

Red Hat Ansible Plans And Pricing: As well as offering a free trial, Ansible is available in two pricing plans. Standard is designed for enterprise IT operations, provides 8×5 customer support, automation controller dashboard, and visual inventory management. Their Premium plan provides extensive customer support, (24×7), multi-tenancy, audit trails, and role-based access control. This plan is optimized for mission critical DevOps. Contact Ansible directly for pricing details.

Expert Insights’ Comments: The solution has a wide range of uses – from development to security and network teams. One of the main benefits of Red Hat Ansible is its ease of use and intuitive design – it can be used by users with little or no scripting experience.

Terraform Logo

Terraform Cloud is a tool that enables cloud infrastructure to be automated and provisioned for compliance and management cloud environments, devices, and services. The solution allows you to build, adopt, and standardize cloud workflows to adhere to compliance requirements, manage costs, and streamline workflows.

Terraform Cloud Features

  • Use HCL (Hashi Coding Language) to define new infrastructure configurations
  • Manage all your environments securely, with ability to provision, remote state storage, grant permissions, integrations, and policies
  • Create checks to monitor cloud orchestration processes
  • Free remote state storage
  • Flexible workflows – Terraform can be run from the CLI, UI, version control, or API
  • Export audit logs directly into third-party services like Splunk for improved visualization

Terraform Cloud Plans And Pricing: Terraform offers a Free plan that features state management, remote operations, and private module registry. Their Team & Governance plan starts at $20/user, and adds team management, sentinel policy as code, and additional concurrency to the features offered in the Free plan. Details of Business pricing are available on request, and add drift detection, SSO, audit logs, and enhanced customer support.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Terraform Cloud from HashiCorp is a good solution for managing complex cloud environments, with open-source software providing visibility. The solution integrates with 125 providers, making it easy to adopt into your organization. For all its capabilities and features, Terraform offers good value for money, whilst providing an effective and powerful solution.

The Top 10 Cloud Orchestration Solutions