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The Top 7 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

Discover The Top Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Solution to optimize business processes and resource management. Explore features such as machine learning-driven data analytics, customization, and scalability.

The Top 7 Cloud ERP Solutions include:
  • 1. Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform
  • 2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • 3. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP
  • 4. NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
  • 5. Plex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • 6. Sage Intacct
  • 7. SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provide a flexible and scalable way for businesses to manage and integrate their various operations and financial processes in one unified system. They offer a collaborative, end-to-end approach to process and resource management, providing applications for managing financials, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting, and human resource activities. By moving these capabilities to the cloud, rather than using an on-premises ERP system, companies can reduce costs associated with maintaining hardware, enable remote accessibility, ensure the security of their data, and improve their ability to accommodate growth.

Cloud ERP systems work by integrating all necessary operations into a unified, shared database that can be remotely accessed from any location. This provides all the teams within a business with an accurate and real-time overview of their business operations at any given time. It also means that you can streamline your business operations, reduce manual tasks, and automate workflows, which enhances data accuracy and makes it easier to generate insightful reports. This, in turn, can lead to enhanced productivity, more efficient decision-making, and improved financial compliance.

In this article, we’ll explore the top cloud ERP tools designed to optimize business processes and resource management. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including data analysis capabilities, customization options, and machine learning capabilities that enable forecasting, predictive analysis, and data-driven decision making.

Acumatica Logo

Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform provides developers and software companies with an architectural framework and application development solution that they can easily customize according to businesses’ unique ways of operating. Built on top-of-the-line cloud and mobile technology, Acumatica xRP provides a cost-effective and flexible way to manage IT infrastructure and business applications without the need for significant capital investment and staffing increase.

Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform offers a range of features to support software companies and developers. It uses standard web technologies and development languages, allowing modification of business logic through platform tools or a separate integrated development environment. The platform also leverages AI with ML to automate manual processes. It includes features like a simplified web interface for simple application changes and workflow updates without deep programming knowledge. Acumatica also comes with a robust reporting and analytics feature that includes hundreds of standard reports out-of-the-box and options to customize reports, and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI for further analytical tools. Acumatica xRP supports mobility with iOS and Android devices, allowing work from anywhere with its responsive design.

Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform was created in the cloud and is designed to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of mid-market companies and their customers. It provides a seamless integration with existing tools and systems, a user-friendly interface, and modern, cross-module workflows. It also offers the flexibility to scale users and resources as per needs while maintaining compliance with GDPR, SOC Type 1 & 2, and PCI DSS.

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Microsoft logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines business operations for small and medium-sized businesses by integrating finance, sales, service, and operations. It utilizes next-generation AI and automated workflows to streamline processes, and improves decision-making, and it guarantees data protection while ensuring regulatory compliance through features like advanced encryption and role-based access. Notably, its compatibility with Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, Excel, and Teams reduces time in switching between tasks for users.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps boost financial performance with its ability to manage finances end to end. This includes overseeing budgets, automating bank reconciliation, and tracking fixed assets. Plus, the AI-enhanced feature enables accurate cash-flow projections by analyzing the financial position of the business. The system also supports multi-currencies, languages, exchange rates, and tax regulations, adding to its versatility. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also improves customer relations by keeping track of customer interactions and providing guidance on potential sales opportunities. It transitions smoothly from sales to service operations and improves the overall customer experience by linking with Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service. It also facilitates project management using advanced job costing and reporting, and aids employee productivity with role-based access and collaborative features with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central optimizes supply chain management with improved vendor management and order fulfilment. Plus, it offers AI-powered sales and inventory forecasting to keep the supply chain efficient. The easy pick-and-put-away process supported by barcode scanners makes it a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to enhance their operational productivity, financial performance, customer relations, project management, and supply chain management.

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Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a full-featured, modern, cloud-based ERP suite offering advanced tools such as AI and real-time analytics to streamline business operations. The platform can be deployed at a pace comfortable to the business, ensuring transition to a cloud ERP system is smooth and confident.

The key features of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP cover several business sectors. Its financial management segment delivers a comprehensive view of a company’s financial situation, including accounting, analytics, asset and revenue management, and expense management. It assists with project management by formulating plans, tracking projects, managing resources, and scaling resources based on requirements. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP also simplifies the procurement process by integrating source-to-pay processes, simplifying supplier management, improving supplier selection, maintaining spending compliance, and boosting profitability. Oracle also employs AI and machine learning in its risk management and compliance segment to reinforce financial controls and prevent misappropriation. The platform also offers a performance management tool that enables comprehensive planning across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales. Finally, the supply chain and manufacturing module helps prepare for rapid changes by improving resilience and fostering agility in planning.

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NetSuite ERP, a cloud-based business management solution, facilitates more effective operations through the automation of core functions and delivery of real-time insights into operational and financial performance. The integrated suite manages various aspects, including accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain and warehouse operations, enhancing visibility into data and control over business.

NetSuite ERP allows for better decision making with access to financial, operational, and transactional data aggregated from across the business. Customizable dashboards, reports and visual analytics provide both a summary-level overview or a deeper look into business activities. Businesses see operational simplification, managing multiple aspects from a single application, which also automates manual functions and, in turn, frees up resources for better customer service and unveiling new opportunities. With this product, companies can also effortlessly manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities. Real-time visibility at a spectrum of levels and the standardization of business processes across divisions and subsidiaries are achieved seamlessly. NetSuite ERP supports over 27 languages and 190 currencies and is utilized globally, spanning more than 200 countries.

Features incorporated into the system include automated financial processes, inventory visibility, supply chain optimization, flawless order management and increased warehouse efficiency. Accounting software, financial management tools, as well as global business, enterprise performance, inventory, order, supply chain and warehouse management capabilities are also built in, and procurement systems ensure optimal pricing and timely purchasing. Overall, NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive ERP solution with lots of available modules, that’s straightforward to deploy and manage and delivers fast time-to-value.

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Plex Logo

Plex ERP is a holistic business management solution, designed for industries focused on manufacturing. Its robust features are designed to drive performance, maximize revenue, and limit costs by offering a real-time, comprehensive view of your production lifecycle across all plants. It also mitigates operational risks and protects brand integrity by providing thorough traceability and ongoing operational monitoring.

The Plex ERP software is enriched with support for industrial IoT (IIoT), adding an additional tier of visibility for monitoring plant-level performance and the use of assets. The software brings together financial, operational, and IT strategies into a single platform, providing a complete view of enterprise operations, creating a seamless connection between your shop floor and top floor, and improving the management of end-to end production and supply chain. However, Plex ERP offers more than just oversight—it also facilitates an efficient workflow. When any changes or adjustments occur in the market or from customers, the software enables the top floor to dispatch modifications effortlessly to the shop floor, without any disruption to the workflow. It automates processes and functions, integrating effortlessly with suppliers and providing accurate delivery records.

Plex ERP also has useful tracking capabilities. It records all digital and physical transactions, thereby enhancing accuracy and traceability. Beyond tracking, Plex ERP can yield substantial insights via trend analysis, corporate financial consolidation, financial management, and human capital management. Overall, we recommend Plex ERP as a strong cloud ERP tool for manufacturing companies that want to connect all aspects of the business to a single source of truth.

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Sage Intacct is an AI-powered continuous accounting and ERP solution that caters to businesses of all sizes, from growing startups to public companies. It offers a comprehensive suite of financial management services, customized for the client’s individual industry needs.

Sage Intacct delivers features such as dashboards and reporting to provide real-time insight into business finances. Its dimensional feature categorizes transactions and operational data for deeper business tracking. The Intelligent General Ledger feature combines AI and automation for efficient streamlining of accounting processes, while Accounts Payable and Receivable features reduce manual tasks in payments and boost cash flow. Dynamic allocations and global capabilities offer further resources for business efficiency and overview. Additionally, Sage Intacct provides a complete fixed asset management system, automating processes to speed up the end-of-month closing period and reduce associated risks. For businesses operating across multiple entities, Sage Intacct’s Multi-Entity Insights offer clarity and optimization.

Beyond providing software, Sage Intacct fosters a customer community, granting access to a host of benefits and resources. Users can engage with experts and industry peers through member masterclasses, community forums, and customer meetups. Users can also participate in the Sage Intacct User Conference, an exclusive event for learning and collaboration. Educational resources and software certification opportunities are available for those seeking to enhance their software proficiency. Overall, we recommend Sage Intacct as a strong cloud ERP tool for businesses focused on financial management, that would benefit from strong community and support options.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud is an all-inclusive, modular ERP solution that enables intelligent, end-to-end automation of operational processes. It serves as a hub for innovation, allowing firms to shift from product- to service-based models, and adapt to dynamic changes using real-time data. Offering pre-designed business processes specific to various industries, the solution clears the path for growth, while improving business margins. It also promotes sustainable operations by proactively managing regulatory requirements and minimizing environmental impact. The S/4HANA Cloud public edition, a fully-managed SaaS offering, is sold directly and through various partner channels.

Beyond financial management and HR, SAP S/4HANA Cloud also handles O2C, indirect procurement, and vendor management. The platform also provides finance features such as global entity consolidation and treasury management. It enables service-centric businesses to source and manage third-party resources effectively. The software also fits well into a broader ecosystem of cloud solutions, including SAP’s Fieldglass and Ariba for e-procurement and supply chain management. Finally, SAP offers its digital discovery feature via GROW with SAP to aid customers in identifying best practices for processes, thereby kickstarting the implementation process.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is built on SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP), which offers resources for extending functionality and integrating with other SAP and non-SAP systems. The platform is designed for midmarket, large, and global enterprises, serving clients across the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Top Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions