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The Top 7 Business Performance Management Software

Business Performance Management (BPM) solutions help organizations to plan, monitor, and manage business performance by creating, measuring, and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Top 7 Business Performance Management Software include:
  • 1. Acumatica Cloud ERP Software
  • 2. Anaplan
  • 3. Board
  • 4. OneStream
  • 5. Oracle NetSuite ERP
  • 6. Sage Business Cloud Sage X3
  • 7. SAP Profitability and Performance Management

Business Performance Management (BPM) software enables organizations to track, analyze, and manage business performance with comprehensive data collection and analytics tools, combined with contextual insights and forecasting. With BPM software, businesses can monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), set targets, and align strategy with execution through real-time reporting and data visualization. This, in turn, enables them to optimize their operations, improve decision-making, and gain a competitive advantage.

The BPM software market has seen significant growth in recent years. Today, a myriad of BPM solutions are available, with each one offering different features, functionality, and price point to meet specific business or industry requirements. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top business performance management tools designed to help you achieve your business goals and improve your productivity and profitability. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including real-time analytics, customizable dashboards, process automation, third-party integrations, and ease of use.

Acumatica Logo

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a versatile and user-friendly software solution that is designed for businesses seeking to enhance profitability, efficiency, and stakeholder communication. The platform’s integrated systems incorporate financials, CRM, manufacturing, distribution, project management, construction, and retail commerce. Its architectural framework allows developers to customize processes and capitalize on advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform can be accessed anytime and anywhere on a range of devices.

With its user-friendly interface, Acumatica allows for the creation and customization of dashboards, filter settings, and site maps. Reporting functions offer intelligent, data-driven insights without requiring coding skills, and the visual workflow engine enables process control without programming know-how. Multi-entity configurations facilitate complex reporting requirements and Acumatica’s notification system actively updates users on specific events. The platform also includes industry-specific tools for construction, distribution, manufacturing, retail, and general business organizations. Finally, Acumatica’s mobile functionality supports both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to important information on-the-go.

Acumatica Logo
Anaplan Logo

Anaplan is a connected planning platform that enables organizations to synchronize planning efforts across various departments using clear, collaborative formats and dashboards. With its scalable, intelligent architecture, Anaplan applies hyperscale computing to enhance operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies. The platform offers a quick time-to-value, allowing users to model scenarios, collaborate with stakeholders, and make informed decisions efficiently from a unified user experience.

Designed for an intuitive user experience, Anaplan requires no coding knowledge and enables real-time information sharing across devices throughout the organization. Leveraging intelligence features such as embedded optimization, predictive algorithms, and AI capabilities, the platform can transform complex data into actionable recommendations. Anaplan’s planning and modeling tools help users adapt to change by accurately modeling complex business scenarios, ensuring 100% consistency across all model changes.

To support extensibility, Anaplan unifies data collection and analysis in a single location, offering both high-level and granular insights and facilitating data sharing with stakeholders. The platform integrates with APIs, ETL connectors, and offers built-in connectivity tools. Designed for enterprise-scale, Anaplan connects the entire organization and can adapt to growth, while maintaining swift and consistent calculations for all data sets and any number of users. Anaplan also offers a range of in-built security and compliance features such as bring-your-own-key (BYOK), role-based access control, user management, SSO support, and data encryption at rest.

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Board Logo

Board’s comprehensive Intelligent Planning Platform provides a unified and user-friendly environment for business performance management. It enables users to conduct various types of analysis, create on-the-fly calculated metrics, and utilize time-based functions for historical data analysis. Board’s platform is highly flexible, allowing users to modify data models during planning or forecasting processes without hindering operations.

Board’s platform is powered by their proprietary in-memory technology called Hybrid Bitwise Memory Pattern (HBMP), which combines outstanding performance and read/write capabilities. This ensures optimal planning speeds and horizontal scalability. The platform also offers a range of advanced features such as multi-user concurrent data entry, ERP database write-back, and simulation capabilities, all of which come together to make Board an all-in-one solution for managing data collection processes.

With Board, users can choose between on-premises, hosting, or cloud-based deployment, making it adaptable to different business needs. The platform supports multi-language features, allowing information to be viewed in different languages and streamlining the data analysis process. It also offers granular security, ensuring data access is protected according to your organization’s requirements. Finally, Board’s platform integrates seamlessly with various data sources, offering pre-built dedicated data connectors. This ease of access and use makes Board a convenient choice for organizations looking to manage their data effectively.

Board Logo
OneStream Logo

OneStream is a financial and operational data management platform that unifies processes and replaces disconnected point solutions and spreadsheets. By integrating and validating data from multiple sources, OneStream enables users to make confident decisions based on accurate financial and operating results, with AI services and financial intelligence built in. Its extensible, unified data model supports corporate standards, satisfying detailed line of business requirements in a single application.

OneStream’s Analytic Services empowers teams to apply trusted financial intelligence to large volumes of operational data from various sources, helping to detect trends and financial signals that drive informed business decision-making. The platform also offers a highly secure, single-tenant, multi-instance cloud platform that supports industry-standard security and privacy frameworks including SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.

Through the OneStream Solution Exchange, customers can extend their investment in the platform with over 75 pre-built business and productivity solutions from OneStream, their partners, and the broader ecosystem. Additionally, guided workflows are incorporated in the platform to simplify processes and tasks, providing ease of use, and allowing users to focus on data quality and results, rather than system mechanics.

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Oracle Netsuite

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive cloud business management solution designed to help organizations streamline their operations by automating core processes and offering real-time visibility into financial and operational performance. With a single integrated suite encompassing accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain, and warehouse operations, NetSuite ERP enables companies to have a clear insight into their data and maintain tighter control of their businesses.

With NetSuite ERP, users can customize dashboards, reports, and visual analytics to provide both summary-level overviews and in-depth reports of business activity. Automation of manual processes saves time and resources, allowing companies to better serve customers and stay ahead of the competition. NetSuite ERP is a global solution, available in more than 200 countries, supporting over 27 languages and 190 currencies. This means companies with multiple subsidiaries or business units can easily manage their operations, standardize processes, and achieve real-time visibility at all levels, irrespective of language barriers or different currencies.

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a versatile solution, providing modules for accounting to optimize general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and tax management; financial management for real-time financial performance monitoring; global business management through NetSuite OneWorld; and enterprise performance management for centralized planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Additionally, it caters to inventory management, order management, supply chain, warehouse management, and procurement, enabling businesses across all industries and verticals to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Oracle Netsuite

Sage Business Cloud’s Sage X3 solution is an all-inclusive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software aimed at boosting efficiency, profitability, and agility for businesses. It offers a wide range of capabilities such as financial management, supply chain management, production management, and business intelligence and insights, all designed to provide increased visibility and control over business operations, better decision-making, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

With Sage X3, businesses can effectively manage their manufacturing processes, ensuring quicker time-to-market and precise execution. The software enables real-time inventory monitoring, allowing users to keep up with demand and stay competitive. It also offers robust financial management features, providing companies with real-time global visibility and local compliance.

Sage X3 is designed for flexibility, supporting transactions and workflows across multiple sites and companies, personalized role-based landing pages, and optimized mobile experiences. The platform comes with various deployment models, allowing businesses to choose the solution best tailored to their needs. In addition, Sage offers comprehensive support through expert assistance, member masterclasses, community forums, business advice, software learning, and certification courses, ensuring users can maximize their software’s potential and enhance productivity.

SAP Logo

SAP Profitability and Performance Management is a solution for both cloud and on-premises environments, designed to enable business users to make informed decisions through sophisticated business models and detailed profit and cost analysis. Its advanced modeling capabilities facilitate the creation of complex cost and profitability models, with predefined content and comprehensive allocations, replacing traditional spreadsheets for a more efficient and transparent process.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management extends insights across the enterprise by providing deep analysis tailored to business needs. It offers a single source of truth for profitability and performance insights, allowing users to make better decisions in real-time based on granular analysis. The system’s in-memory calculations deliver instant insights, promoting proactivity and reducing cycle times.

The platform integrates sustainability and profitability for healthy performance goals by combining flexible modeling, prebuilt content, and sophisticated models geared towards corporate, value chain, and financial and investment sustainability. Users can act with confidence and improve operations through real-time “what-if” analysis and simulations for informed sustainability decisions. Support services by SAP’s IT experts include long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology support, a self-service portal, and innovation strategies.

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The Top Business Performance Management Software