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The Top 5 Backup Solutions For On-Prem Microsoft Exchange Servers

Explore leading backup solutions designed specifically for Microsoft Exchange, featuring reliable data protection, granular item recovery, and seamless integration with Exchange servers.

The Top 5 Backup Solutions for Microsoft Exchange include:
  • 1. CodeTwo Backup For Exchange
  • 2. Cohesity Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery
  • 3. ManageEngine Recovery Manager Plus
  • 4. Quest NetVault For Microsoft Exchange Server
  • 5. Veeam Backup and Replication

Investing in a third-party backup solution for your on-prem Exchange servers can improve your security and simplify management of your Exchange environment. Exchange is a critical tool for businesses that use it for email, contacts, and calendars, but securing Exchange data can be a challenge. Accidental data loss, technical faults, and cyber-attacks (like ransomware) can seriously compromise Exchange data and cause business productivity to grind to a halt.

Backup solutions for Microsoft Exchange ensure regular backups of your data for business continuity and faster recovery in the case of a data loss incident. They offer automation options for scheduling and executing backups, reducing the need for manual intervention, and boosting productivity. They provide granular search and restoration capabilities and reduce costs associated with manual storage processes.

Although many businesses are moving to Exchange Online with Microsoft 365, many businesses still rely on on-prem Exchange, and as such there are several backup providers in this space. Common features include data compression, encryption, multiple restore points, and off-site storage. Our technical team has covered the top backup solutions for Microsoft Exchange, based on our analysis of key capabilities, performance, customer satisfaction, and price.

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CodeTwo Backup for Exchange is a comprehensive backup solution designed for Exchange Server and SharePoint. It offers the ability to create and manage data backup copies, storing them securely on local drives. Through granular data restore operations, it can recover single items or entire mailboxes or SharePoint sites, allowing fast recovery from user errors or data loss.

CodeTwo provides automated local backups for Exchange mailboxes, public folders, and SharePoint data. The solution also supports Microsoft 365, allowing backups and data restoration for Exchange Online mailboxes, public folders, SharePoint Online site collections, team sites, as well as OneDrive for Business user data.

The solution supports multiple backup scenarios, providing options for cyclic, incremental backups or one-time snapshot creation of mailbox and/or public folders databases. It also delivers efficient storage management, with the ability to manage used disk space through defined retention policies.

The platform includes user-friendly a filter-assisted search tool with full preview capabilities for backed up items and granular recovery options. Users can select specific folder types that should be backed up or excluded from backup. Recovery can be undertaken to source or alternate locations, providing flexibility and control during data restore operations.

Overall, CodeTwo Backup for Exchange provides a secure and comprehensive backup solution, offering automatic and granular backup capabilities for Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint data.

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Cohesity Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery provides backup and recovery for both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft Exchange Servers. This flexible system simplifies Exchange protection with policy-based automatic protection for new mailboxes and granular search and recovery functionalities.

Cohesity provides efficient backup and recovery both for Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online. It offers a choice between Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and self-managed local backup options. Users can perform granular search and restoration of individual items, including messages and attachments. This means teams can speed up recovery, without having to perform a complete restore of all data.

Additional strengths of the Cohesity platform are unified data security and management. Cohesity facilitates management and security of the entire dataset with a single admin console, minimizing costs and reducing risks. Key benefits of the Cohesity solution include comprehensive Exchange protection, cost-effective long-term retention, and rapid recovery. It also allows teams to scale capacity on demand, improving storage efficiency.

Cohesity Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery offers cohesive protection and quick recovery for Microsoft Exchange data. The platform is a strong choice for teams looking to shortlist a robust data protection and restoration solution.

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ManageEngine Recovery Manager Plus is a comprehensive Exchange backup and recovery solution. This robust system provides granular backups for both local hosted and Exchange online environments, ensuring robust protection for mailbox data.

Recovery Manager Plus offers both full and incremental backup options. It can backup the entire email inbox and other mailbox items on your Exchange server. These can then be restored either in full or item by item. It also allows scheduling of automated incremental backups during non-business hours to minimize network load, and defined retention periods for compliance.

ManageEngine Recovery Manager Plus is managed via a single console, allowing for multiple Active Directory domains, Exchange Online tenants, and Exchange organizations to be managed. Features include cross-platform restoration, point-in-time restorations, detailed technician audits, and comprehensive mailbox backups, covering emails, calendar entries, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks.

Recovery Manager Plus is a comprehensive solution for Microsoft Exchange backup and recovery. With an easy deployment process, managed notifications, item-level restoration, and export of mailbox data to PST, the solution ensures reliable data protection and a user-friendly admin approach.

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Quest NetVault for Microsoft Exchange Server is a comprehensive backup solution for both physical and virtual servers, providing data recovery options to recover from user errors, accidental deletions, corruption issues, malware attacks, and unplanned outages.

NetVault offers a wide range of features, such as online VSS-based backups, protection for both standalone and DAG environments, and the capability to carry out full, incremental, and differential backups while data is online. The tool allows users to restore complete information stores or individual databases to ensure minimal downtime.

The solution provides robust security features and scalability. It provides built-in encryption, supports a wide range of on-premises and cloud-based disk, VTL and tape devices, and can protect large Exchange deployments. Additionally, it offers disaster recovery preparedness through integration with Quest QoreStor which facilitates replication of Exchange backups to any remote site or cloud platform.

NetVault for Microsoft Exchange Server is a useful tool for organizations looking for a comprehensive Exchange backup solution. It offers reliable data recovery, disaster recovery preparedness, broad scalability, and solid security features, alongside the potential for significant storage cost reductions.

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Veeam Backup and Replication is a comprehensive data protection solution designed for hybrid cloud environments. This software ensures secure backups, fast and precise recovery, and enhanced resilience against cyber threats.

Veeam’s principal features include advanced threat detection, proactive threat hunting, and precision recovery mechanisms, all powered by artificial intelligence. It enables the detection of risks during backup using in-line entropy and file extension analysis as well as providing malware detection for secure backup operations. The solution also incorporates a cloud-native backup and recovery component optimized for use with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Additionally, the solution integrates with SIEM tools and ServiceNow to alert admins in real-time about backup inconsistencies. It also offers a built-in AI assistant to provide swift answers, supports policy-based tiering for data archival across storage classes, and includes a Security & Compliance Analyzer to enhance your confidence in recovery.

Overall, Veeam Backup and Replication provides a robust system for resilient data protection in hybrid cloud environments. It ensures secure backup, rapid recovery, and offers enhanced capabilities for threat detection and response, making it an ideal choice for organization’s keen on strengthening their data protection strategy.

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The Top 5 Backup Solutions For On-Prem Microsoft Exchange Servers