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The Top 8 Backup For Microsoft SharePoint Online

Compare enterprise backup solutions for SharePoint, featuring comprehensive data backup, recovery, and support to protect and restore SharePoint content.

The Top 8 Backup Solutions For SharePoint include:
  • 1. CloudAlly Backup For SharePoint
  • 2. Alcion Backup For SharePoint
  • 3. AFI Microsoft 365 Backup
  • 4. AvePoint Backup And Restore For SharePoint And Office 365
  • 5. Datto M365 Backup
  • 6. N-able SharePoint Backup
  • 7. Spanning Backup For SharePoint Online
  • 8. Veeam Backup For Microsoft 365

It’s important that organizations have robust backup plans in place for Microsoft SharePoint data to ensure that they can navigate data loss events and outages. SharePoint is an effective tool that allows users to easily create and publish online hosted sites that can share data with clients and customers. However, deleted SharePoint items are only held for 93 days before they’re gone for good. For this reason, we highly recommend that all organizations consider a third-party backup solution to secure SharePoint data.

There are a lot of third-party providers offering secure backup for M365 and SharePoint. These solutions integrate directly into the M365 environment via API and take secure backups which can be easily recovered int the case of accidental data loss or cybersecurity incident. These backup solutions allow for an efficient and secure backup of your SharePoint data including sites, libraries, and lists, either to an alternate location or the cloud.

Comparing these solutions and finding the right tool for your organization can be tricky. 

Our technical team has put together this list of top picks for backup solutions for Microsoft SharePoint based on technical testing, customer feedback, and key features such as backup, recovery, storage management, security, and scalability.

CloudAlly logo

CloudAlly Backup for SharePoint is a leading SaaS backup provider, offering a leading automated backup and restore solution for SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Groups & Teams. This solution offers complete protection for SharePoint data from any form of data loss while ensuring regulatory compliance.

CloudAlly provides automated or on-demand backup of SharePoint Online (Collections and/or sub-sites), and OneDrive for Business data, including metadata. With a self-service recovery feature, sites and OneDrive artifacts can be restored from any point in time, in the event of a malware attack, data corruption, or deletion. The software also includes enterprise-driven features designed to provide maximum return on investment, with packages offering bundled, high-volume, and multi-year discounts.

Additional CloudAlly features include free, 24/7 customer support, multi-tenant restore, and multi-admin support. The solution facilitates easier audits, supports OAuth, MFA/2FA, and provides compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. The solution provides advanced security with AES-256 data encryption at rest and in-transit, with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

CloudAlly Backup for SharePoint is a reliable, mature, and highly rated backup solution that not only ensures data safety but guarantees compliance with retention policies, enhances recovery time objectives, and prevents both intentional and unintentional data loss. The solution is very easy to manage, and fast to deploy, enabling teams to quickly protect their M365 data.

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Alcion Backup for SharePoint is a robust AI-driven backup solution for Microsoft 365. It secures all files within SharePoint Document Libraries, offering resilience against ransomware, malware, and ensuring GDPR compliance. Alcion provides backup and recovery of all sites within the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Alcion’s AI-driven backup solution allows for proactive detection of ransomware and malware. Alcion’s enables fast recovery from safe backups and provides a delete-protection measure that safeguards against attacks on data secured by the system. Alcion automates many backup functions to save time, with an easy-to-use admin console, and rapid restoration options for SharePoint data.

Alcion also provides advanced security measures including access controls and always encrypting data with TLS in flight and AES-256 at rest. It also accommodates customer-managed encryption keys. All backups are fully transparent, with comprehensive visibility via detailed logs and reports.

Overall, Alcion provides a secure, dependable, and compliant backup solution. The solution is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified. Alcion is a strong provider for SharePoint data protection strategy.

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AFI Microsoft 365 Backup is a comprehensive solution for data protection in Office 365. The solution is quick to deploy and support fast, regular SharePoint Backups, allowing up to 24 backups per day. AFI provides precision backup options for various types of M365 data such as MS Teams, Entra ID, and Exchange Online.

AFI’s solution provides a range of features to help admins quickly recover data when needed. The solution supports instant full-text searches across all backups for faster recovery of specific data. The admin console provides previews and instant offline exports of single items or complete user backups in multiple formats. AFI also supports point-in-time recovery and perpetual versioning.

Additional standout qualities of AFI Microsoft 365 Backup include robust ransomware protection, efficient handling of API errors, end-to-end automation for ease of management, and comprehensive access control and security settings. The solution also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Entra ID for scaled management and access control.

AFI Microsoft 365 Backup is a comprehensive backup platform that offers wide-ranging data protection for Office 365 and SharePoint. Its accessible features and extensive capabilities make it an efficient solution for preventing data loss and responding to security threats swiftly. Logo
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AvePoint Backup and Restore for SharePoint and Office 365 protects enterprise data in SharePoint, whether it’s stored on-premises, in the cloud on Office 365, or in a hybrid deployment. It provides protection against potential data loss, providing around-the-clock protection and ensuring business continuity.

AvePoint provides comprehensive backup covering all aspects of your SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 environment. It ensures granular restoration capabilities. Users can capture full backups, capturing all data or embrace incremental options that log changes made since the last backup. From individual documents to entire farms and servers, AvePoint allows you to restore everything while maintaining metadata, permissions, and versions.

AvePoint also supports end-user self-service, allowing end users, help desks, or IT admins to restore content at any time and to any location, even a file share. The solution provides admins with a centralized management console where they can track, manage, and report all backup and restore processes.

Overall, AvePoint Backup and Restore for SharePoint and Office 365 is a strong solution for enterprises looking to protect O365 data, providing comprehensive, secure backup, rapid recovery, and centralized control.

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Datto Logo

Datto M365 Backup provides reliable and comprehensive detection, protection, and recovery of Microsoft 365 data, designed for MSPs. The solution effectively defends against known and unknown cyber threats targeting SharePoint data, as well as common accidental data loss situations.

Datto M365 Backup offers a unique multi-layered protection for Microsoft 365 data, combining robust phishing prevention and backup. Datto’s solution offers comprehensive security for Exchange, Calendar, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The platform allows 3x daily backups with flexible recovery options.

Datto M365 Backup also ensures efficient data management and compliance. It offers simplified pricing, which makes cost management straightforward. Datto’s solution is scalable for large MSPs, allowing teams to safeguard against both cyber threats and user error. Restoring data in the case of an incident is fast and straightforward.

We recommend Datto M365 Backup as a reliable solution for safeguarding Microsoft 365 data. It delivers robust protection against cyber threats, efficient data backup and recovery, and helps in meeting data compliance requirements. With a focus on ease-of-use and scalability, it is a strong choice for MSPs seeking solid and flexible cloud data backup.

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N-Able logo

N-able SharePoint Backup protects Microsoft 365 SharePoint data with backup and recovery. The service is designed primarily for MSPs protecting their clients’ SharePoint data. It goes beyond the basic 30-days recovery feature offered natively by SharePoint to provide reliable protection against accidental file deletion or modification, while also meeting data retention requirements.

N-able SharePoint Backup manages SharePoint backups alongside server and workstation files. The solution provides automated backups, ensuring SharePoint files are protected against accidental deletion and loss. MSPs can store and recover up to a year’s worth of SharePoint data.

N-able SharePoint Backup is user-friendly, with an easy-to-use admin dashboard with several views, reports, and management tools. It streamlines backup for MSPs by automating regular backups and providing at-a-glance status views and one-click drilldowns. N-able allows for up to six daily backups.

N-able provides quick data recovery. It can quickly restore SharePoint folders, subdirectories, and permissions. In addition, it helps businesses demonstrate compliance during security audits by providing a reliable backup and rapid recovery system.

N-able SharePoint Backup is a comprehensive tool providing robust data protection, easy backup management, compatibility with Microsoft platforms, and quick data recovery. It is a strong tool for MSPs to ensure data integrity, provide solid data backup, and demonstrate compliance during audits.

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Spanning logo

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 is a data backup and recovery solution designed to secure and reinforce SharePoint Online data. It aims to secure SharePoint data and to keep it always available for users, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

The solution offers granular backup features for SharePoint Online, with daily, automated, and on-demand backups of document library contents in Team Sites, Group Sites, and Microsoft Teams. This significantly reduces the risk of data loss due to ransomware attacks, human error, and configuration or sync errors. Spanning Backup ensures easy recovery of lost data, even in complex SharePoint environments.

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 offer users diversified restore capabilities, enabling the restoration of some or all files, folders, and libraries to their former state, while still maintaining the original file and folder hierarchies. It also provides IT Admins with search capabilities across backups for files within site collections. The data restore feature is non-destructive, creating a new site for restored data. This reduces downtime, ensures critical data protection, and maintains productivity.

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 ensures continual compliance with internal and external audit requirements. The solution assures business continuity of “in-scope” crucial data within SharePoint Online. Overall, the Spanning Backup solution is an effective tool to guard your business data, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain productivity.

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Veeam Logo

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is a risk management and data recovery solution that protects and backs up critical business data on Microsoft 365’s ecosystem. Veeam is trusted by major companies across the globe, holding a significant market share in backup and recovery solutions.

Veeam provides powerful features that provide data protection on Microsoft 365. It allows data backup every five minutes, offers 25 recovery options ranging from comprehensive recovery to granular file-level recovery, and gives the flexibility regarding data storage either on-premise or in the cloud. Storage options include AWS S3, Azure Blob, or IBM Cloud. Veeam supports data restoration in Microsoft’s native format, ensuring a quicker and effortless recovery process.

Veeam’s additional strengths include a user-friendly dashboard interface and granular customizable policies. Veeam also ensures data security with features like 256-bit encryption, MFA, and role-based access control.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one solution delivering a secure, trustworthy, and flexible approach for Microsoft 365 data backup. Veeam offers a versatile platform, scalable for organizations of all sizes.

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The Top 8 Backup For Microsoft SharePoint Online