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The Top 5 Atlassian Jira Backup Solutions

Explore the top 5 best Atlassian Jira backup solutions with features like automated backups, data recovery, and secure storage.

The Top Atlassian Jira Backup Solutions include:
  • 1. GitProtect
  • 2. HYCU
  • 3. Rewind
  • 4. Rubrik
  • 5. Skyvia Jira Backup and Restore

Atlassian Jira backup solutions are specifically designed to create, manage, and restore Jira backups, ensuring data integrity and optimal performance. Jira is an issue and project tracking platform that allows organizations to plan and execute complex tasks across disparate and diverse teams. Jira stores and organizes information that is central to efficient completion of tasks and remediation of issues. This means that an issue affecting your Jira platform may affect numerous teams across your organization. If this data is lost, vast swathes of your organization may be unable continue business operations as usual.

When choosing a Jira backup solution, it’s important to consider features such as compatibility, ease of use, security, data formatting, and comprehensive restore capabilities. You will want the platform to offer some configurability, ensuring that you can save and restore data within a timeframe that suits you.

As with any critical software solution, it is essential to have a reliable backup system in place to safeguard valuable data and ensure seamless recovery in the event of data loss or system failures. A reliable Jira backup solution can save organizations time and effort by automating the backup process, securing valuable intellectual property, and facilitating seamless data recovery.

In this article we’ll explore the top Atlassian Jira Backup Solutions, assessing their key features, use-cases, and user-friendliness. This should make the task of choosing a solution much easier, enabling you to find the right tool for your unique use-case. We have also included a helpful FAQ section to answer some key questions that can help you decide on a backup solution.

GitProtect Logo

GitProtect is a Jira backup and disaster recovery tool that is designed to automate Jira Cloud account backup and restoration, ensuring a smooth project management experience. The platform’s key features include automated Jira backups, compatibility with any storage solution, instant Jira restoration, and additional disaster recovery features.

Setting up automated backups for your Jira Cloud data is quick and easy; you are only required to authenticate and link your account. This process requires minimal time and effort from your developers, eliminating the need for maintaining backup scripts. GitProtect supports various storage options, including AWS S3 compatible clouds, on-premise storage, or its free cloud storage. Users can also choose the data center location for their storage.

GitProtect provides instant restoration and disaster recovery options. Users can restore their Jira instance data from any point in time, without requiring additional applications. Backups can be restored to the same (or another Jira Cloud account), or directly to a local machine.

To address compliance needs, GitProtect is SOC2 and GDPR compliant with strong AES agent-side encryption in place. These features ensure that only the user can decrypt their Jira backups. The software also offers advanced audit logs, notifications, and a web-based console for easy management of Jira backups and restoration. With GitProtect’s enterprise-class features and a background in backup solutions, users can rely on the software for an efficient Jira backup and disaster recovery solution.

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HYCU offer an automated backup and restore platform for Jira to protect your data and provide quick recovery, thereby preventing data loss from deletions, corruptions, or ransomware attacks. The solution offers easy-to-use, one-click backups and restoration, aiming to ensure business continuity and simplified data management, while reducing risks associated with data loss.

The platform’s key features include instant, one-click restoration of Jira data, allowing you to recover projects, issues, attachments, and subtasks. This feature ensures you can continue work processes and mitigate the effect of bugs, ransomware attacks, and system outages. The solution also offers automated backups with 24/7 protection and customizable backup policies, frequencies, and retention periods. This ensures that your Jira data is always protected according to standards and policies that meet your organization’s needs.

The solution also enables organizations to meet compliance and data retention requirements with offsite data storage, comprehensive reporting for audits, and advanced security features such as MFA, SSO, and Role-Based Access Control. In terms of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the solution promotes a “bring your own storage” strategy and offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This gives businesses the ability to choose a storage option that meets their requirements.

Overall, Automated Backup and Restore for Jira is designed to save time and resources while decreasing complexity with a single, user-friendly interface for managing data security across various workloads and platforms. By minimizing risks and boosting flexibility, this solution aims to help organizations maintain business continuity and protect their valuable Jira data with ease.

Rewind Logo

Rewind offers an automated backup and flexible data recovery solution for Jira Cloud that is trusted by over 100,000 users and backed by Atlassian. Without requiring complex configuration or scripting, Rewind provides daily and on-demand backups of Jira Cloud data. It also offers end-to-end 256-bit encryption and Soc 2 Type 2 compliance for secure, compliant storage.

The platform enables partial and full point-in-time data recovery to help users effortlessly manage, locate, and restore cloud data when needed. Rewind covers a wide range of data, including projects, issues, epics, workflows, assets, schemas, and screens. Rewind saves engineering time by offering automatic daily backups and an easy-to-use setup process. In addition to providing fast, granular data restores with no coding required, the platform also helps businesses meet compliance requirements more efficiently through automated backups, granular data recovery, comprehensive audit logs, and SOC 2 reporting.

Featuring a 365-day retention period for backup snapshots and no size limits, Rewind ensures data availability even in the event of an outage or service disruption at Atlassian. With a user-friendly interface, organization owners and admins can easily manage and restore backups as needed. Rewind also offer access to support seven days a week via email, chat, or through the knowledge base.

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Rubrik Logo

Rubrik is a data protection solution that specializes in securing and automating backups for mission critical Atlassian data. It provides organizations with the ability to recover lost or modified data rapidly and with effectively, ensuring business continuity and minimal disruption.

Rubrik’s key features include secure, access-controlled, and air-gapped backups, going beyond Atlassian’s retention policies for enterprise-scale protection. With unified visibility and control, Rubrik manages data risk and enables users to restore data precisely, at both granular and bulk levels. This flexibility in recovery options aids in maintaining productivity for IT, Engineering, and DevOps teams relying on Atlassian’s Jira Cloud for work management.

Additionally, Rubrik assists organizations in migrating to Atlassian Cloud by ensuring data is secure and recoverable. The solution takes a comprehensive approach to data protection; this is achieved by offering compliance reporting and role-based access control to maintain least privilege principles and prevent unauthorized access. Rubrik is SOC 2 Type II certified with 99.9% service availability, utilizing Microsoft Azure for secure data storage. Overall, Rubrik is a comprehensive data protection solution for organizations utilizing Atlassian products, offering secure backups, automated protection, and efficient data recovery.

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Skyvia Logo

Skyvia offers a comprehensive solution for backing up and restoring Atlassian Jira data, catering to both Jira Cloud and Server. This user-friendly tool enables quick and efficient setup of Jira backups through a convenient GUI. It also offers daily automatic and anytime manual backup options, allowing you to use the solution as you see fit. Skyvia’s backup solution is entirely cloud-based, and therefore requires no installation or infrastructure maintenance.

The platform uses enterprise-grade security measures to protect user data. Backups are stored securely in Microsoft’s Azure GRS storage and encrypted at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. Skyvia’s platform complies with GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS regulations for data protection and privacy.

Skyvia’s Backup solution facilitates easy Jira data restoration via a web browser interface. Users can perform bulk restore operations, granular restores for specific records or fields, maintain relations between restored records, and undo changes by comparing snapshots. Data can also be restored to alternate Jira accounts if required. Skyvia’s integrated platform offers additional data manipulation capabilities, including advanced export options, custom queries, and loading backed-up data to various sources.

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The Top 5 Atlassian Jira Backup Solutions