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The Top 5 Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) Tools

Explore leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) tools offering comprehensive risk assessment, real-time security monitoring, and proactive remediation to fortify the application security posture.

The Top Application Security Posture Management Tools Include:
  • 1. ArmorCode
  • 2. Check Point CloudGuard
  • 3. CrowdStrike Falcon
  • 4. Kondukto ASPM
  • 5. Phoenix Security ASPM

Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) tools secure proprietary applications along each step of the DevOps lifecycle. They monitor, assess, and manage security issues in applications, reducing the cyber risk landscape by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other threats based on severity, so teams can quickly remediate issues. They are key tools used to help organizations build and scale secure internal and customer facing applications.

The marketplace for ASPM tools is wide-ranging, with multiple vendors offering powerful solutions tailored to different business needs and environments. ASPM tools provide key capabilities including, real-time application monitoring offer features such as risk-based scoring, compliance scanning, automation, and integrations to protect against cyber-threats, whilst ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This guide will cover into the top 5 ASPM tools available in the market today. We will evaluate their key features, strengths, pricing, usability, and customer feedback.

ArmorCode Logo

ArmorCode’s ASPM platform provides a unified way to manage the security posture of applications. It consolidates findings from numerous application, infrastructure, cloud, and container security scanners, allowing for efficient identification, articulation, and remediation of the most critical risks. With adaptive risk scoring, the platform steers focus towards urgent issues, enhancing agility, and collaboration amongst developers and the security team.

In addition to offering comprehensive visibility into application security posture, ArmorCode automates security workflows and rapidly triages findings. The platform is designed to facilitate collaboration and maintain pace with the speedy advancement of application development, minimizing risks to businesses.

ArmorCode breaks down security silos by amalgamating security practices, vulnerability management across applications, infrastructure, and supply chains onto a singular platform. This enables security teams to navigate through security chaos and keep up with accelerated software release cycles. It offers holistic visibility and orchestrates remediation throughout secure software development lifecycles.

ArmorCode empowers security teams with the insight, agility, and the cross-team collaboration necessary to establish, deliver, and scale an effective and efficient AppSec, and vulnerability management program throughout an organization and its DevSecOps pipeline. It offers a comprehensive view of risk, prioritized in accordance with the security issues across the testing ecosystem, business context, and threat intelligence.

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Check Point

Check Point CloudGuard is designed to automate governance across multi-cloud assets and services. The platform delivers assessments of security posture, detection of misconfigurations, and enforces security best practices and compliance frameworks.

CloudGuard operates on various cloud-native environments including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Kubernetes. It also provides automated management features for new cloud accounts, assuring compliance and secure posture. The platform allows you to manage your compliance posture and run assessments for over 50 compliance frameworks and 2,400 security rulesets.

The platform leverages machine learning and threat research to provide high-quality insights into account activities. This enables teams to detect account activity anomalies for users and entities. This data is visibly represented in the platform’s customizable dashboards.

CloudGuard eases the challenges of correcting misconfigured identities and entitlements by automatically calculating the effective policy for any asset and enforcing least privilege access. Through its agentless deployment option for workload posture, security teams can take advantage of deep insights into workload posture.

Check Point
Crowdstrike Logo

CrowdStrike’s Falcon solution is a complete cloud security platform that spans from code to runtime, including an application security posture management component. This solution offers thorough application visibility and real-time risk assessment. The platform delivers extensive application visibility, enabling organizations to discover and map all application services, databases, and APIs.

The tool effectively prioritizes application risks in a production environment. Vulnerabilities are continuously identified and prioritized based on their potential impact and business criticality. The CrowdStrike solution offers complete visibility for serverless infrastructure, reducing an organization’s overall cloud risk.

CrowdStrike’s application security posture management automatically catalogs and maintains an up-to-date inventory of an organization’s cloud applications. It collects context and metadata to help teams understand how threats to applications affect business workings. The solution provides insights for strategic decision-making and proactive risk management.

The platform offers a robust framework for assessing business risks and assigns risk scores based on potential business impact. This allows organizations to address the most critical security issues first. Crowdstrike Falcon enables developers to build secure applications and ensures security checks, working efficiently part of the development pipeline. The platform’s scalability allows organizations to expand ASPM across more applications as needed.

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Kondukto is an application security orchestration and posture management platform designed to aggregate vulnerability data into a simplified overview for security teams. It integrates all security testing data, providing a clear overview of your application security environment. The platform provides aggregated insights and prioritizes critical vulnerabilities, reducing noise and distractions.

The platform is designed to integrate quickly with existing tools used by application security teams. This provides immediate visibility of security vulnerability data. The Kondukto platform further streamlines vulnerability management by automatically deduping vulnerability information across security tools, simplifying triage, and establishing automated suppression rules for noise reduction.

For improved remediation efforts, Kondukto sends vulnerability information directly to tools like Jira or Slack, effectively speeding up the remediation process and promoting relevant conversations. It also provides a deep view of vulnerabilities, with a clear display of eliminated duplicates, and allows actions to be taken against multiple vulnerabilities collectively. The platform also includes a training and learning hub component, giving developers targeted insights tailored to their needs, thereby reducing recurring vulnerabilities within the organization.


Phoenix Security specializes in Application Security Posture Management and enables teams to identify risks with actionable remediation steps. The Phoenix Security Cloud Platform assists organizations in comprehending the potential vulnerabilities that pose a significant risk to individual assets, and it gives an estimation of potential damages. Phoenix also empowers organizations to observe their complete suite of software assets from a unified, risk-based perspective.

The Phoenix Security ASPM platform enables teams to quickly identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities through its auto-prioritization feature and helps you reduce your cyber risk exposure by providing specific actions. Phoenix’s SMART tags allow automatic correlation of application security and Cloud security deployment, ensuring an updated risk profile of your applications and their associated domains.

The Phoenix Security platform enables teams to streamline, automate and improve their vulnerability management processes. This enables teams to reduce alert fatigue and focus on minimizing cyber risk and delivering precise, timely actions.

The Top 5 Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) Tools