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The Top 9 Application Control Solutions

Explore the top application control solutions with features like application visibility, access control, and threat detection to secure network applications from cyber-attacks.

The Top 9 Application Control Solutions Include:
  • 1. ThreatLocker® Protect
  • 2. Akamai Guardicore Segmentation
  • 3. Check Point Application Control
  • 4. Heimdal Application Control
  • 5. Ivanti Application Control
  • 6. ManageEngine Application Control Plus
  • 7. Trellix Application And Change Control
  • 8. VMware Carbon Black App Control
  • 9. Zscaler Posture Control

Application control solutions help to put endpoints into a more robust default-deny posture that works to block the execution of malware and other unauthorized applications that are unknown and potentially malicious.

Companies are highly dependent upon applications to maintain normal, day-to-day business operation. Today’s business processes have web-based, cloud-based, and third-party applications at their core; each of these will need to be monitored in a unique and effective way. All the while, data needs to be controlled without negatively impacting productivity and operational efficiency. In Fortra’s Application Security Report 2022: Key Trends and Challenges, 37% of respondents indicated that they were concerned about securing cloud applications, while 42% claimed to be concerned about keeping up with the rising number of vulnerabilities. 

Most application control solutions will allow users to whitelist and backlist specific applications, ensuring that only trusted applications are allowed to execute. With strong applications control, organizations of all sizes can improve their security and reduce the risks posed by malicious, illegal, and unauthorized software, and network access.

We have put together a list of the top applications control solutions that can help organizations to gain a better understanding of their data environments. In each case we will look at each vendor’s background and the features that they offer, before we finally give our recommendations for who would be best served by each application control solution. 

ThreatLocker Logo

ThreatLocker® Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform works by analyzing all executables, applications, and processes, generating a personalized set of application control policies that can be configured to suit specific needs.

ThreatLocker® enables a granular control over applications and content on installed endpoints. One of the significant tools provided by ThreatLocker® is Ringfencing™. Ringfencing™ enables admins to control applications once they are installed on endpoints. For example, admins are able to set limits on which files an application can access, whether or not it can reach out to the internet, and how it can interact with other applications, if allowed at all. This granular control reduces the potential of cyberattacks via the weaponization of trusted applications. ThreatLocker® Storage Control feature allows admins to set policies for all endpoint file and media interactions, including USB devices.

The Zero Trust framework provided by the ThreatLocker® Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform offers dynamic network access control, granting far-reaching control and visibility over network traffic. Its functionality ensures automatic regulation of port availability by permitting access for authorized devices only and impeding access to unauthorized devices. This tool proves useful in managing the access of Internet of Things (IoT) and shadow IT devices to specific servers, substantially lowering the risk of malware and ransomware attacks.

Deploying ThreatLocker® is straightforward, with multiple options available for installing the solution. Customers praise its streamlined design and the intuitive functionality of the admin console, alongside its ease of deployment and the user-friendly policies for blocking or allowing applications.

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Akamai Logo

Founded in 1998, Akami Technologies aims to support their customers in improving the performance, security, and reliability of their applications and services. Their solution, Akami Guardcore Segmentation, comes with application control features such as granular segmentation capabilities, near-real-time and historical visibility for forensic analysis, and broad platform coverage for the latest systems and for legacy tech.

The platform also provide flexible asset labeling that integrates with orchestration systems and CMDB, quick intuitive policy creations with templates for common use cases, and threat intelligent and breach detection. These features allow you to reduce incident response time and osquery-powered insights can identify the highest risk platforms and devices in your environment.

Akami Guardicore Segmentation is a software-based solution for segmentation. It provides tools to isolate critical applications, minimize unsanctioned activity, and block access to high value assets, thereby effectively defending against cyber threats. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking to get a unified understanding of all assets and infrastructure, including legacy and modern operating systems and IoT devices, while easily creating and enforcing policies to reduce the attack surface.

Check Point

Founded in 1993, American-Israeli multinational software solutions provider Check Point Software Technologies Ltd works to protect more than 100,000 customers worldwide from cyber threats with their industry leading solutions. Check Point Application Control allows businesses to set granular policies across users or groups, to identify, block, or limit the use of specific applications or widgets.

The solution scans and secures SSL/TLS encrypted traffic that passes through the gateway. New data is identified and automatically updated on the Application Control database via the AppWiki Application Classification Library. Check Point Application Control enables application security policies to control usage of thousands of applications regardless or port, protocol, or evasive techniques used to traverse the network.

Check Point Application Control provides strong application security and identity control capabilities to organizations of all sizes. We would recommend this solution to any organizations that are interested in taking a granular approach to application security, while maintaining strong visibility over application traffic.

Check Point
Heimdal Logo Top 10

Heimdal Security, founded in 2014, is a cybersecurity company with a focus on continuous technological innovation. Heimdal Application Control is their application management solutions for whitelisting and blocking running applications, thereby providing simplified control over application executions.

The solution can manage application access and execution – via vendor, file path, published, certificate – and uses default ruling to accelerate application denial or approval. This provides multiple layers of granular configurability, operating in both active and passive modes to effectively control users’ sessions.

Heimdal Application Control combines app control with access governance for a highly customizable and secure admin experience. The platform also provides reporting modules for auditing and streamlines access approval or denial flow. We would recommend this solution to organizations interested in a high level or customization that is still easy to use, without unnecessary complexity.

Ivanti logo

Ivanti in an IT software company founded in 1985, which produces software designed to support the management of IT security, services, assets, and endpoints. Their solution, Ivanti Application Control, works to control privileges without impacting productivity and allows users to easily set out limitations for access to specific consoles, applications, and commands for servers.

Ivanti Application Control lets you manage user privileges and policies automatically. This is done at a granular level and allows capabilities like simplified allow and deny lists, context aware user access policy creation, and execution monitoring.

Ivanti’s platform is a feature rich, comprehensive application control solution that is well equipped to handle application management for large enterprises with complex environments. We would recommend this solution to large enterprises, particularly those looking to work with a provider that offers plenty of support during implementation and beyond.

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ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, provides a wide range of IT management solutions and applications. ManageEngine Application Control Plus is their virtual checkpoint for all applications, with a built-in privilege management tool for additional security.

This enterprise-grade application control solution allows you to gain complete control over all applications on your network with features such as application allowlisting and application blocklisting. It allows users to flexibly control application policies, assign needs-based application specific access, easily remove excessively distributed local admin rights, and handle interim user needs by enabling temporary application and privileged access. This access can be revoked automatically after a set period.

ManageEngine works with global clients to help manage IT operations via their flexible solutions that are suitable for companies of all sizes. They take a comprehensive, yet not over complex, approach to managing and regulating applications. We would recommend ManageEngine Application Control Plus to organizations interested in a flexible, yet innovative. solution.

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Trellix Logo

Trellix (formally FireEye and McAfee Enterprises) is a provider of software designed to detect and prevent cyber-attacks. With Trellix Application and Change Control, users can ensure that only trusted applications are permitted to run on their servers, devices, and desktops. The platform is able to intelligently whitelist and block the execution of unauthorized applications. Other key features include the ability to manage advanced execution control, and an observation mode that lets you discover policies for dynamic desktop environments without the need for a whitelisting lockdown.

This solution is also enhanced by intelligence gathered from Trellix Global Threat Intelligence; this is exclusive technology that utilizes millions of sensors around the world to track message, file, and senders’ reputation in real time. We would recommend Trellix Application and Change Control to organizations looking for flexibility, adaptability, and a significant reduction in risk from unauthorized applications.

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VMWare logo

VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider founded in 1998. They specialize in multi-cloud services for apps that enable digital innovation with enterprise control. Their application control solution, VMware Carbon Black App Control, combines application control, file integrity monitoring, full-featured device control, and memory/tamper protection into a single agent.

This solution takes a ‘default deny’ approach designed to minimize the attack surface and reduce downtime by automating the approval of trusted software. The platform has features such as application control, device control, file integrity monitoring and control, content-based inspection, open APIs, reputation services, and memory protection.

This solution can lock and restrict access to critical systems as necessary. VMware’s solution uses high performance and low-touch application control to block or allow applications without interrupting daily operation. This helps to ensure regulatory compliance. VMware is a highly scalable and robust application control solution. We would recommend it to organizations who need a reliability and flexible solution.

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Zscaler logo

Zscaler is a cloud security company that offers a range of enterprise cloud and zero-touch security services. Posture Control is their cloud native application protection platform that helps to secure cloud native applications from build to runtime. The platform includes infrastructure as code security, cloud security posture management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, data security, advanced threat and risk correlation, intelligent threat protection, and vulnerability scanning. This solution works to reduce cost and complexity for users and can integrate across your enterprise, extending 360-visibility across your whole multiload footprint.

Zscaler Posture Control also lets you easily connect your cloud accounts for fast onboarding. The platform then makes it easy to monitor users, thereby helping you to maintain continuous compliance, and also improving SOC efficiency with actionable intelligence. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for a complete and comprehensive platform that remains simple to deploy across your whole organization.

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The Top 9 Application Control Solutions