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The Top 8 AI Translation Software

Explore the top AI translation software solutions that utilize advanced neural machine translation algorithms, language support, and integration capabilities, to facilitate seamless and accurate language translation across diverse applications and industries.

The Top 8 AI Translation Software Solutions Include:
  • 1. Amazon Translate
  • 2.
  • 3. DeepL Pro
  • 4. Microsoft Translator
  • 5. Smartling
  • 6. Systran
  • 7. Unbabel
  • 8.

AI Translation Software utilizes artificial intelligence to power complex language processing tasks, translating text from one language into another with impressive accuracy and speed. These solutions are capable of handling multiple language pairs, interpreting idioms, colloquial expressions, and technical jargon.

With AI translation, enterprises can break down language barriers and enhance communication across their international clients and partners, streamlining all business operations. Additionally, AI translation tools are equipped with features such as real-time translation, voice recognition, optical character recognition for documents, and integration with popular messaging tools.

When selecting an AI translation software there are a large number of factors that you need to consider. These include the number of languages supported, integration capabilities, ease of use, and accuracy. It is also worth investigating the customer support options for your chosen solution, as high-quality assistance can be crucial in solving any technical issues that may arise. This guide will explore the top AI translation software solutions, considering their critical features, capabilities, and user feedback, to help you identify the right platform for your unique use case.

AWS Logo

Amazon Translate is an AI-powered service that allows fluid translation of high volumes of text, enabling multilingual communication. The service offers high-quality translation for a variety of use cases, supporting both batch and real-time translations via a single API call.

The main advantages of Amazon Translate include its ability to customize translations, manage user-generated content, and analyze conversations in multiple languages. The service allows for customization to ensure correct translation of brand names and unique terms. It also supports immediate translation of high volumes of user-generated content such as social media feed, comments, and profile descriptions. Amazon Translate also integrates with natural language processing applications to help you understand sentiments towards your brand in varying languages.

The service is built around a deep learning model, known as neural machine translation, which provides enhanced accuracy and fluency compared to traditional statistical and rule-based models. This technology analyzes the full context of the source sentence and ongoing translation to deliver more precise and fluent translations.

Additionally, Amazon Translate is equipped with automatic language identification, ensuring accurate translations even when the source language isn’t specified. It achieves this with high accuracy, making it a useful tool for handling user-generated content.

Finally, Amazon Translate prioritizes secure translations with SSL encryption on all communication between your webpages or applications and the service. Data processed by the service is secured at rest in the AWS Region where you use the tool and administrators can manage access via AWS Identity and Access Management permissions, ensuring confidentiality and security of sensitive information.

AWS Logo Logo is an AI platform designed to streamline and automate your business workflow. This allows those within organizations to focus on innovation, impactful decision-making, thereby pushing the business forward.

One of’s key strengths is its ability to automate multilingual content at a large scale. Traditional methods of translation often struggle with maintaining nuance in branding and messaging, often coming across as robotic and, at worst, damaging to your brand. Meanwhile, human translation can be a slow and expensive process, making market expansion a challenge.’s solution is its AI platform, which handles translations effectively and efficiently.

The platform utilizes pre-built workflow templates for ease of use. Users can start with these templates straight away or modify them to meet specific needs. Not only does handle translation tasks, but it also can transform a text document into a list of FAQs, analyze competitors based on G2 ratings, generate blogs from a content brief, and create variations of Facebook ad copy using provided persona data.

Overall, encourages businesses to focus their energies on what matters most while enabling progress with automated workflows and a range of content generation capabilities. Logo
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DeepL Pro offers a machine translation service that prioritizes speed, accuracy, and security. Notable features include the capacity for unlimited text translation and the ability to translate whole files, preserving their original formatting. For a more tailored result, it offers expanded customizations, allowing users to adapt the product outputs.

DeepL Pro sets high standards in data security, ensuring all user texts are deleted immediately post-translation, adding a layer of data protection for users. Based in Germany, DeepL Pro aligns with stringent EU data security standards and is ISO 27001 certified.

Scope of functionality appeals to diverse user bases. Professionals can translate entire documents including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and text files. DeepL Pro is also designed for API access, allowing integration of DeepL’s JSON-based REST API into any product or platform, thus enabling incorporation of world-class machine translation technology into various applications. For translation professionals and agencies, Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) CAT Tool integration features further extend its utility.

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Microsoft logo

Microsoft Translator is a machine translation service that forms part of Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services. This cloud-based solution is available to applications, websites, and tools requiring multi-language support. It is capable of asynchronous translation of documents across a variety of file formats, supporting translation into single or multiple target languages. The service can be modified to meet your unique needs through the Custom Translator function.

This technology is integrated into several Microsoft products including the Microsoft Translator app, Office, Edge, SharePoint, Yammer, Visual Studio, Bing, and Skype. Beyond translation, it offers additional features like transliteration and bilingual dictionary. It can be seamlessly integrated into web, desktop, or mobile applications via industry-standard REST technology.

As a part of Azure, Microsoft Translator adheres to stringent security standards and certifications such as HIPAA, ISO, SOC, and FedRAMP. It doesn’t store customer data submitted for translation. The solution is also scalable, being used globally by thousands of organizations as part of their workflows and it’s customizable to any platform. For larger translation requests, subscriptions for higher volumes can be purchased from the Azure portal, and an on-premises version is also available for high-security needs.

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Smartling Logo

Smartling is a cloud-based translation management platform that is used by hundreds of businesses to establish multilingual websites, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences. Powered by AI, Smartling offers a suite of features including content and workflow management, cost estimation, and real-time performance reporting. Additionally, the platform comes with a contextual Computer-assisted Translation (CAT) tool.

Smartling offers a range of translation options for added versatility. Organizations have the choice between utilizing the expertise of human translators or opting for a Neural Machine Translation tailor-made to suit their brand. Smartling’s translators have full access to your style guide and glossary to maintain translation quality and accuracy. The platform also provides a direct communication channel with translators to expedite the translation process.

Smartling incorporates machine learning to enhance the quality of translations and increase speed. The platform delivers an impressive reduction of 90% in manual effort through automated content ingestion via its integrations, proxy, or API. This automation, alongside advanced tools like translation memory and Neural Machine Translation (MT), contribute not only to maintaining budgetary constraints, but can also reduce translation costs by up to 70%.

The platform is praised for extensive enterprise features, seamless integrations with a host of major platforms, fair pricing, and overall ease of use. Smartling can offer a hybrid approach to AI-based translation that aims to help businesses reach an increasingly global customer base.

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Systran is a leading provider of Machine Translation solutions, designed to meet a diverse range of business needs. The company offers high-quality translations in more than 50 languages and supports over 30 file formats, including Office, PDF, XML and IDML. Additionally, Systran provides a language translation extension capable of translating any online webpage content into the user’s preferred language.

The company’s strategic use of Artificial Intelligence facilitates instant, precise translations. What’s more, Systran promotes global communication and collaboration, enabling businesses to transcend language barriers in a rapidly interconnecting world. Despite this, data privacy and security are never compromised. The company ensures content confidentiality through end-to-end encryption, adheres to GDPR in hosting data centers across customer regions, and never stores or uses customer data.

Systran Server, the company’s prime translation solution for large corporate clients, addresses the pressing need for fast, high-quality translations, while adhering to high security standards. The server is designed to translate various documents and file types such as manuals, procedures, reports, presentations, product support information, content applications, websites, and audio files. It supports unlimited user access and translation volume.

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Unbabel Logo

Unbabel is an AI-driven Language Operations Platform designed for global translations. The platform streamlines translation processes by combining artificial intelligence with human expertise. Its advanced features offer users the ability to automatically monitor quality, personalize workflows, and maintain an overall understanding of their translation performance.

One of Unbabel’s key features is its ability to reduce costs through AI-enabled dynamic workflows. By automating translations where feasible and incorporating human input when necessary, it ensures significant savings. To better align with varied business goals, Unbabel allows users to customize their translation processes for speed, quality, and cost, tailoring each to specific markets or types of content.

Unbabel’s unique AI quality estimation provides users with full visibility of their translation’s performance. This feature provides businesses with the confidence that every completed translation meets their quality standards. Additionally, Unbabel offers seamless integration with several popular apps and platforms, thus making it easier for businesses to engage international audiences without disrupting their current workflows.

Unbabel delivers Language Operations (LangOps) as a holistic approach to multilingual communication. This provides organizations with far-reaching control and transparency of language usage across their operations. LangOps assists global businesses to effectively communicate with their multilingual customer base and other stakeholders.

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Wordly Logo is a leading provider of live translation services that make meetings and events more inclusive, accessible, and engaging. The platform offers live two-way translation for over 50 languages and allows attendees to listen to audio or read captions in both in-person and virtual settings.

The platform comprises four interconnected modules: the AI Translation Engine, Admin Portal, Platform Integrations, and Attendee Hub. The AI Translation Engine is a patented live translation solution that provides real-time, high-quality translations into audio and captions. The Admin Portal centralizes the setup and management of live translation sessions, while the Platform Integrations module ensures compatibility with all video and event management platforms. The Attendee Hub allows attendees to easily join a live translation session via a QR code or URL.

Wordly’s offerings cover over 2,000 language interpretation pairs and the company routinely adds new languages to its roster. The platform is designed for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events of varying sizes. Wordly also offers high-quality video captioning and subtitling services that can translate videos into over 50 languages.

Another noteworthy aspect of Wordly’s range of services is the strong security and privacy protocols they have in place. Trusted by organizations all around the world, Wordly meets SOC 2 Type II compliance requirements, highlighting the company’s commitment to operational security.

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The Top 8 AI Translation Software