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The Top 6 Enterprise DNS Solutions

Enterprise DNS solutions provide scalable and secure Domain Name System (DNS) services for organizations, ensuring reliable and efficient management of domain names and IP addresses.

The Top 6 Enterprise DNS Solutions Include:
  • 1. Amazon Route 53
  • 2. Azure DNS
  • 3. Cloudflare Enterprise
  • 4. NS1, an IBM Company
  • 5. Oracle DNS
  • 6. Infoblox DNS

Enterprise DNS solutions include a broad range of services designed to provide reliable, scalable, and secure DNS services for businesses. Enterprise DNS services allow admins to manage DNS connections, enforce security policies, and block access to malicious websites.  DNS solutions are also important to keep large websites up and running. They can be used to provide load balancing and traffic management to improve the performance of network services. Some enterprise DNS services also include additional functionality such as threat detection and response, traffic management, and DDoS protection to keep the DNS infrastructure stable and secure.

DNS (Domain Name System) is often referred to as the contact book of the internet. It translates the domain names that we are familiar with, e.g. expertinsights.com, into IP addresses that can be loaded by browsers. However, DNS has been exploited by malicious cyber-criminals who can spoof or hijack DNS addresses in order to direct users to malicious websites or use DNS for data exfiltration.  

Enterprise DNS security solutions can help prevent these risks by providing active defences against DNS attacks. Key features such as malicious URL detection, URL filtering, advanced threat detection and security policy management give admins much more control over DNS services. DNS solutions also integrate across your security stack, with many solutions offering platforms integrating with endpoint security, SIEM tools and network firewalls. 

Selecting the right enterprise DNS solution can be crucial for business success, as it can have a significant impact on the performance of web applications and services, user experience, and security. In this guide, we will shine the spotlight on the top enterprise DNS solutions available in the market today. We will evaluate them based on their features, scalability, performance, reliability, security, and ease of management, as well as customer feedback and reviews.

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AWS Logo

Amazon Route 53 is a reliable and cost-effective DNS service that efficiently routes end users to internet applications by using globally-dispersed DNS servers and automatic scaling. The service simplifies the DNS setup process by offering quick domain name registration and easy-to-use visual traffic flow tools, enabling users to configure their DNS settings within minutes.

With Route 53, users can customize DNS routing policies to reduce latency, improve application availability, and maintain compliance. The service offers various features including Route 53 Resolver for recursive DNS, IP-based routing, geo DNS, private DNS for Amazon VPC, DNS failover, and health checks and monitoring.

Route 53 provides a user-friendly management console for easy configuration and integration with AWS services, such as Amazon CloudFront, S3, and ELB.

AWS Logo
Azure logo

Azure DNS is a domain hosting solution offered by Microsoft that allows businesses to manage and resolve domain names in Azure’s virtual network. This DNS service is integrated with other Azure services, making it convenient to manage DNS records with the same credentials, billing, and support contract.

This solution boasts ultra-high availability and speedy DNS queries, thanks to the Microsoft global network of name servers. When adding new DNS records, updates are completed in just a few seconds. Additionally, Azure DNS offers private zones for a secure, easy-to-manage DNS service for virtual machines within and between virtual networks.

Azure DNS also provides Private Resolver, a cloud-native and DevOps-friendly service that resolves DNS queries from a virtual network to on-premises DNS servers and other target DNS servers. This allows for a private and seamless DNS infrastructure across diverse networks. Azure DNS offers a simplified migration process and enhanced security features, such as deploying a DNS firewall to help mitigate malicious activities like phishing and data exfiltration.

Azure logo
Cloudflare Logo

Cloudflare Enterprise is a widely-used security and performance solution that offers advanced tools and 24/7 email, ticket, and phone support along with a 100% uptime guarantee.

The solution’s key features include a vast network scale, covering 310 cities in 120 countries and reaching approximately 95% of the internet-connected population within 50 milliseconds. Cloudflare Enterprise offers an easy-to-use dashboard, a guided setup process, and ongoing 24/7/365 support. Its prominent features consist of bot mitigation, API security, rate limiting, web application firewall, and Enterprise DDoS mitigation, making it suitable for mission-critical applications.

Cloudflare Enterprise is used by nearly 30% of Fortune 1,000 companies, demonstrating its trustworthiness. The service provides extensive support options, such as a designated Customer Success Manager and Solutions Engineer. In addition to an impressive 100% uptime guarantee, customers can access online documentation, training workshops, and detailed, customized reporting.

Cloudflare Logo
NS1 Logo

NS1, an IBM Company, offers authoritative DNS and traffic steering solutions designed to enhance user experience, add resilience, and lower costs. Their DNS solutions provide performance optimization, data insights, failover systems, specialized routing for mainland China, and more on a single platform with a robust API.

NS1 products include Managed DNS, which is a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use DNS service; Traffic Steering, aimed at optimizing DNS connections for better performance; Dedicated DNS, offering additional protection against downtime; DNS for China, optimizing network connections across the “Great Firewall”; and DNS Insights, which allows you to gain actionable information from your DNS data to troubleshoot and optimize your network in real-time.

Developers benefit from NS1’s comprehensive and easy-to-use API, which covers all aspects of their platform, enabling seamless control and management of network infrastructure. NS1 also offers a wide range of integrations for customization and automation. Headquartered in New York and serving over 850 customers worldwide, NS1 is trusted by companies to keep their businesses online, identify network performance anomalies, and reduce costs.

NS1 Logo
Oracle Logo

With industry-leading DNS query response times (less than 30 milliseconds), Oracle DNS optimizes application performance and quickly propagates new or modified DNS records. The standards-based authoritative DNS service allows customers to manage domain names and DNS updates easily. A secondary DNS function ensures critical applications remain available and improves access speed for users.

Dynamic DNS helps users create easy-to-remember hostnames to stay connected to their IP-compatible devices. DDoS protection offers an always-on detection and mitigation system for common volumetric attacks, while monitoring for malicious activity around the clock at no extra cost. The anycast addressing feature optimizes DNS performance, providing a consistent user experience worldwide.

Oracle DNS supports intelligent traffic routing, enabling geolocation steering, load balancing, ASN, and IP-prefix steering. This results in optimized response times for web-facing applications. With high availability across geographically distributed data centers and fully redundant ISP connections, Oracle DNS ensures uninterrupted service for web-facing applications. Finally, customers can streamline DNS integration and automate routine configuration tasks using the console, OCI API, terraform, and multiple SDKs.

Oracle Logo
infoblox Logo

Infoblox DNS is a centralized platform offering automation and security for streamlining the delivery of DNS services critical to business operations. Infoblox’s platform is adaptable, allowing for deployment across a range of environments, including physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems.

With a focus on security, Infoblox DNS proactively defends networks from threats targeting DNS services, such as DDoS, malware, and botnets. Continuous monitoring of DNS-related usage and access patterns provides actionable insights and allows for swift detection of anomalies and suspicious activity. The platform’s intelligent DNS Traffic Control improves customer experiences by optimizing server selection, ensuring the quickest response times for globally distributed applications.

A key feature of Infoblox DNS is its consistent, centralized user interface for seamless management of DNS, DHCP, IPAM, DNS Traffic Control, and DNS Security. Additionally, it supports business continuity through high-availability pairing and resource delegation, enabling easy allocation of DNS zones to different users. The platform also offers anycast support, ensuring optimal performance, redundancy, and load balancing across multiple DNS servers.

infoblox Logo
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The Top 6 Enterprise DNS Solutions