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The Top 6 Box Backup Solutions For Business

Compare backup solutions for Box. Consider automated data backup, collaboration support, and robust security measures to ensure the protection of content within Box accounts.

The Top 6 Backup Solutions for Box include:
  • 1. CloudAlly Backup For Box
  • 2. Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
  • 3. CloudHQ For Box
  • 4. Infrascale Cloud Application backup for Box
  • 5. SysCloud Box Backup
  • 6. Veritas Alta

Organizations using Box to store critical business files and services should consider investing in a third-party cloud-based backup and recovery tool. This will ensure that if Box files are accidentally deleted, or you are impacted by a ransomware incident, you can quickly and easily recover your files with minimal disruption to business processes. 

There are third-party cloud backup solutions available for Box that provide robust backup and restoration features. Using a backup solution, businesses can automatically back up their Box data to another location and quickly restore it when needed. Key features typically include on-demand backups, flexible recovery options, unlimited retention, and additional security controls.

Our technical team have put together a list of the best backup solutions for Box, examining their features based on our technical evaluation and user feedback, providing a comprehensive review to help you choose the right solution for your business.

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CloudAlly’s Backup for Box solution is an enterprise-grade backup and recovery service specifically tailored for all Box data and folders. The solution is ideal for protecting business-critical cloud data.

This product offers a range of key features including automated or on-demand backup, flexible Box recovery with unlimited retention, and secure Cloud Backup and Recovery. Backup covers all Box files and team folders. The flexible recovery solution includes point-in-time, granular, and cross-instance restore with an option to export Box data to your own S3, Azure, Box or Dropbox storage. The product also offers exceptional customer service, addressing all backup queries with a dedicated customer hub filled with video tutorials and a knowledge base.

In addition to these key features, CloudAlly’s product is secure and certified with OAuth and MFA/2FA support. The solution complies with ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR standards, and data is stored in AWS with S3 Encryption. The software also intelligently manages workforce by automatically detecting and activating backup for new Box users added to the system.

CloudAlly’ provides all-inclusive solution for enterprise-level businesses that need secure, automated backup of their Box data. The product offers both on-demand and automated backup options, flexible recovery processes, and an exceptional customer support system. On a broader level, it helps businesses in maintaining compliance, preventing data loss, and significantly improving recovery time objectives.

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Carbonite Logo

Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a secure and automated data backup solution. It offers backup and recovery for SaaS applications, minimizing the risk of data loss. This platform supports data backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Google, Salesforce, Dropbox and, of course, Box.

Key features of Carbonite Backup solution include automated daily data backup, and access to a network of data centers located in multiple international locations. This solution provides strong defense against risks like ransomware, malware, data loss, and data breaches. It ensures data security via encrypted backup, as required for compliance with regulations like CCPA, FINRA, HIPAA, GoBD, and GDPR.

Additional strengths include features like global storage, which allows users to backup data to their preferred global data centers or their own S3-compatible storage. The self-service recovery feature allows data retrieval at any time and place, and offers features including advanced search, point-in-time restore, and cross-user restore. The service also supports export of data in industry-standard or Outlook compatible formats.

Overall, Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a robust and comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to protect Box and other SaaS data. With flexible features and a compliance-driven approach, it offers secure data backup and swift recovery.

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CloudHQ for Box is a solution designed to improve data protection and cloud migration for Box users. The tool aids in Box data backup, migration to Box from other cloud platforms, and the synchronization of Box folders with other cloud services to streamline data management.

CloudHQ’s features include the provision of real-time backups and the mirroring of data changes from one cloud service to another. For instance, when migrating to Box, CloudHQ ensures that all data and sharing metadata are moved from the older service without interrupting its use. It maintains the same sharing permissions and syncs changes in the existing cloud service to Box seamlessly.

In addition, CloudHQ facilitates the integration of multiple cloud platforms such as Gmail or Evernote, enhancing collaboration, and file management. The solution provides real-time data protection with continuous backup.

CloudHQ for Box is an efficient tool to secure, migrate, and manage data by integrating different cloud service platforms. It helps ensure an organized and accessible Box environment, contributing to business continuity and smoother operations.

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Infrascale Logo

Infrascale is a Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and cloud backup provider with a cloud application backup solution covering Microsoft 365, Box, Dropbox, and Salesforce data. Infrascale also provides direct cloud-to-cloud backup services, and a disaster recovery solution.

Infrascale supports unlimited data backup for Box, including protection for all Box files and folders. Backups can be automated or started on-demand as required. Admins can quickly recover data, with granular recovery options, including unlimited version history for folders and files. Admins can restore individual files, folders, or databases. A helpful feature is the option to restore an offline download of a file to a local machine, rather than restoring to the original cloud response.

The solution is secure and compliant. Admins can configure retention policies, which will be automatically enforced. Data is stored indefinitely, with long-term retention. The solution is fully cloud-based, easy to deploy, and pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model.

Infrascale is a comprehensive solution for Box backup. The service is secure and supports long term retention with granular recovery options. Backed up data can be stored in the US, Canada, EU, Ireland, or Australia.

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SysCloud Box Backup is an automated backup service aimed at safeguarding your Box data. This tool simplifies the data protection process by offering automated backups, unlimited retention, easy restorations, and prompt exports. It ensures data security, while maintaining original object relationships, all manageable from a centralized dashboard.

SysCloud Box Backup is designed to bolster Box’s native data retention features. It offers unlimited data retention and recovery from any backup version, without time constraints. SysCloud Box Backup includes a convenient “Export Box Data” function that enables the quick export of selected files, folders, or entire Box user accounts.

The SysCloud Box Backup tool is a robust solution for those seeking enhanced data protection for Box data. It offers a greater degree of control over backups and data retrieval, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding against data loss.

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Veritas Alta is a comprehensive cloud data management platform suitable for any environment, with connectors available to configure backup for Box data. It is designed to improve business agility, reduce costs, and ensure data and applications are protected, highly available, and compliant. It reduces attack surfaces by incorporating system hardening and AI-based anomaly detection, malware scanning, and immutability.

Veritas Alta offers ransomware resiliency, with intelligent automations for quickly recovering data. It is built on a cloud-native architecture which integrates AI and automation for robust data protection. In addition to this, Veritas Alta View, a cloud-based management console, provides a full view of your cybersecurity posture, using AI and machine learning for autonomous data management.

Veritas supports all principal cloud infrastructures, including virtual, containerised, or bare metal, with application resiliency features to guarantee high performance and prevent downtime. Veritas Alta also automates content classification, eliminates dark data to reduce risk, ensures compliance, and optimizes their data footprint at scale.

Veritas Alta is a robust tool for complete cloud data management, helping organizations improve operational simplicity, data security, and compliant governance. It offers an agile and cost-effective solution for data protection and compliance, ensuring efficient data retrieval and minimized downtime.

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The Top 6 Box Backup Solutions For Business