Proofpoint Security Awareness Training Wins Expert Insights Customers’ Choice Award

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training has won the Customers’ Choice award from independent Cyber Security review platform Expert Insights

Proofpoint customers choice

Leading cybersecurity vendor Proofpoint, known for Cloud and Email Security as well as Security Awareness Training, has won the ‘Customers’ Choice’ award from Expert Insights for their Proofpoint Security Awareness Training platform.

The award recognises vendors that are most popular with customers, generating the most interest and positive engagement. The award is determined by the number of customers who want to find out more about the product, and the number of visitors to the product listings page on the Expert Insights website.  

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training was the most popular choice for customers in Expert Insights’ Security Awareness Training. This category lists the top vendors offering businesses a way to train employees to be aware of security issues, and test how well they can spot phishing attempts to improve the overall security posture of an organization.  

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is a comprehensive, effective security awareness training program that delivers important security education tools that incorporate their industry-leading threat intelligence and delivers strong results. Using the solution, customers have reduced successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.

Proofpoint’s platform is popular with Expert Insights’ readers for its customisable simulation campaigns, interactive training modules and ‘Phish Alarm’ feature, which allows employees to report phishing attacks.

Proofpoint winning the Customers’ Choice award demonstrates how their market-leading Security Awareness Training platform is a popular choice for customers looking to protect their end users against real-world cyber attacks, by delivering the right cybersecurity awareness training to the right people at the right time.


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