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Proofpoint Essentials: The Key Features For MSPs And Resellers

The key features and benefits of Proofpoint Essentials for MSPs and Resellers.

Proofpoint Essentials for MSPs

It’s crucial that MSPs and Resellers offer a comprehensive email security solution as part of their security portfolio.

Your customers rely on you to solve their security challenges.  Email threats such as ransomware and phishing are widespread, and extremely damaging. Customers need strong solutions that solve their security problems.

But MSPs themselve need more than just a powerful email security solution. They need a strong set of management tools, simple integrations, and reporting. They also need cost effective pricing, high quality customer support, and a customer portal that lets them manage their different users easily and efficiently.

As an MSPs or Resellers, your choice of email security will shape your growth and relationship with your clients, and so finding the right solution is crucial.

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is a market leading Secure Email Gateway solution. It offers enterprise class email protection, tailored for the needs of small and midsized businesses. Proofpoint allows businesses to enhance their customers’ security with spam and phishing detection, multi-layered antivirus and a robust filter rules engine, which has made it one of the top email security solutions for MSP customers.

This article will cover key features that Proofpoint Essentials provides to MSPs and Resellers, with the aim of helping you to evaluate if Proofpoint is the right solution for your clients.


MSPs need to provide their customers with strong security solutions. These are security features offered by Proofpoint Essentials:


Proofpoint utilizes a range of anti-virus engines to block all known viruses and uses heuristic scanning to block never-before-seen viruses. They stop viruses before they reach the business network, and protect users from following links to malicious web pages.


Proofpoint’s spam and phishing technology analyses attributes within email such as envelope headers and structure, content, sender reputation and images to determine if an email is spam and then block it. This helps to save businesses time and money.

Outbound Filtering

Outbound filtering ensures that all email sent through the Essentials platform is free from viruses, malware and other malicious content. Proofpoint scans all outgoing email from viruses and malware, which stops any email being sent that could damage your customers’ reputation.

Content Filtering

Intelligent content filtering enables organizations to use rules to enforce email communications policies. The policy based approach is designed to detect any inappropriate or confidential materials being shared over email, helping to protect against data loss.

URL Defence

Proofpoint detects malicious links, and proactively stops users from clicking, which helps to stop threats and saves incident response teams time and effort. This occurs in real time, with real time dynamic analysis of links via email.

Attachment Defence

Proofpoint protects companies against malicious attachments with intelligent malware analysis that can identify and block attachments that contain malware. This helps to detect malware that utilizes counter evasion techniques that may not have been spotted by desktop AV.

Data Loss Prevention

Proofpoint blocks data loss and helps users to comply with data regulations, with policy based DLP triggers. This means users can simply continue to use their email as normal, but if they breach any policies, appropriate action is taken automatically.

Email Encryption

Essentials automatically encrypts email, which is ideal for customers that need to protect sensitive data sent via email, while ensuring that it remains accessible to their partners and clients across all of their devices.


Proofpoint Essentials offers a range of continuity features that make disaster recovery and investigations much easier.

Emergency Inbox

Proofpoint’s Emergency Inbox means that users can continue to send and receive emails even when their email network is down. This is activated instantly and automatically, allowing users to open, read and downloaded attachments that are automatically sent to the inbox when the service goes back online.  

Instant Replay

Instant Replay is a useful feature for end users. It lets them retrieve any email from the last 30 days, in case they accidentally lost or deleted it, instantly. Users can do this completely independently, without requiring any special privileges or admin policies.

Email Archive

The Essentials email archive stores email data for up to ten years in the cloud automatically. It archives all inbound, outbound and internal messages sent from Exchange or Office 365, including the email metadata. This helps your clients to meet with legal and regulatory obligations.

Search and eDiscovery

Proofpoint allows admins and users to easily find emails and attachments, with advance searching capabilities. The cloud based email archive provides search results quickly, with controls to export emails, as well as seeing where emails were sent, or forwarded on to. This is important for legal compliance.


Proofpoint provides a range of management features, both for your clients to help manage their email more effectively, and for you as an MSP/Reseller to manage your customer base.


Proofpoint offers MSPs and Resellers the ability to self provision customers onto the Proofpoint system. This means that resellers and MSPs can very quickly and easily get new customers up and running on the Proofpoint system, without requiring the help of Proofpoint’s team.

Free 50-User Not-for-Resale License

Proofpoint provides Resellers and MSPs with a free 50-user licesnse for their own internal use of the Proofpoint Essentials platform. This license cannot be resold, but allows you as a reseller or MSP to get to know the product without any additional cost.

Multi-Level Logins

Proofpoint allows every user to manage their own user console. They can manage their own email filters and spam settings, as well as retrieve lost emails and view their own archive. This empowers users and helps with productivity, as well as helps to reduce the burden on IT admins.


Proofpoint provides flexible online reporting dashboards and detailed email reporting, which aims to provide your customers with actionable insights and more control. Admins can view their users number of clean, spam or virus emails, that have been sent and received by specific domains, which helps businesses to track email threats.

Domain Management

One of the most important features for MSPs is Domain Management. Proofpoint allows MSPs to manage unlimited domains through their admin console. Administrators can self-service their domain management. Each domain can then be managed independently or as a group.

Data Center Locations

Proofpoint Essentials offers data center locations in both Europe and the United States. Their data centers in Europe are in Frankfurt, Germany, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their data centers in the US are in the states of Utah and Georgia.

Integrations with Office 365

Proofpoint Essentials is designed to compliment Office 365. It provides protection against advanced threats like spear-phishing attacks and ransomware, that O365 has no inbuilt protection against.

Because Essentials has been designed specifically to work with Office 365, it deploys easily and works seamlessly with existing email infrastructure. It’s also cheaper than using Microsoft’s own email security solution for Office 365, offering superior protection at a lower price point.


Your customers rely on your expertise and solutions to solve their security challenges. Proofpoint Essentials provides one of the most comprehensive security solutions, with cloud based security and compliance.  

We’ve covered off a range of the features that Proofpoint provides to help MSPs and Resellers to secure their clients.

But don’t take our word for it. You can read verified reviews of Proofpoint Essentials customers at Expert Insights: