Identity And Access Management

JumpCloud Case Study: Implementing Identity And Access Management

How JumpCloud helped Circles Co. streamline critical infrastructure management and establish control over compliance and risk management.

JumpCloud Case Study

When it comes to securing identities, managing diverse systems, including hybrid and legacy configurations, alongside various user types, service accounts, devices, and infrastructures can present significant IT challenges.

JumpCloud recently helped Circles, a Singapore-based global technology company that is reimagining the telco industry with its SaaS platform – Circles X, to enforce security policies across its complex environment while ensuring adherence with stringent compliance standards. 

Circle’s Challenges

Circles’ IT environment included a combination of legacy systems and cloud-forward solutions, so a flexible and comprehensive identity management approach was needed. Also important was ensuring the identity and access management solution would maintain regulatory compliance and help to manage risk, especially around privileged access and data protection. 

Circles sought out a vendor partner who could maintain effective identity and access controls and adapt along with the company as it scaled and built out a broader IT infrastructure.

Circle’s decision to use JumpCloud was influenced by several needs, including: 

  • Customization: Circles required an IAM framework that could be precisely tailored to its unique operational landscape
  • Security and Compliance: Any IAM solution needed to enhance existing security protocols and ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Operational Flexibility: Circles needed an improved ability to streamline operations and manage user identities and access efficiently

Benefits Of Implementation

  1. Customized IAM implementation: Circles leveraged JumpCloud’s customization capabilities to delineate user segments, service accounts, and device policies, aligning them with the company’s security policies and business goals. This level of customization provides granular control over access and data, and facilitates the seamless integration of various enterprise functionalities, strengthening security and operational efficiency.
  2. Risk management and compliance adherence: JumpCloud enabled Circles to align its identity management system with rigorous compliance standards, effectively managing risks associated with administrative privileges and mitigating vulnerabilities. This capability was instrumental in safeguarding against data breaches and ensuring compliance, strengthening Circles’ overall risk posture. Circles now has better safeguards in place to prevent data breaches and avoid penalties, maintaining a robust risk posture and reinforcing trust with partners and regulators.
  3. Enhanced security protocols: Through JumpCloud, Circles both strengthened its security framework and simplified employee access. Adding advanced security measures such as MFA and SSO fortified its security framework and streamlined the user experience for employees who needed easy access to IT resources. Both were critical in strengthening Circles security posture against evolving cyber threats.
  4. Operational efficiency and governance: JumpCloud facilitated a streamlined approach to managing user identities and access, involving comprehensive management of user accounts, devices, and service accounts. Regular policy reviews and updates ensured the IAM strategy remained proactive, responsive to new challenges, and compliant with technological advancements.

JumpCloud provided extensive capabilities for Circles to manage complex and diverse infrastructures. Its cloud-agnostic nature ensured compatibility across various cloud environments and on-premises systems. Integration with Google Workspace via JumpCloud underscored the platform’s broad compatibility with other enterprise tools, enhancing control over IAM and simplifying administrative tasks.

The business value derived from implementing JumpCloud include:

  • Establishing a secure, scalable, and compliant IT environment
  • Delivering operational efficiency and continuity in service delivery
  • Improving market responsiveness via the flexibility and resilience provided by JumpCloud


Overall, Circles’ journey with JumpCloud highlights a successful digital identity transformation. JumpCloud’s targeted technology addressed Circles’ complex security and operational needs, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and success in the dynamic telecommunications sector. 

Through detailed planning, customization, and effective implementation of JumpCloud, Circles has not only met its immediate challenges but also positioned itself for future innovation and growth, supported by JumpCloud.