How To Identify And Stop Account Compromise


How You Can Identify And Stop Account Compromise In Office 365

How to identify when accounts in your Office 365 environment have been compromised by cyber-criminals

Expert Insights / Apr 06, 2020 By Joel Witts

Top Products To Stop Account Compromise

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is the world’s leading email security platform. It sits in front of your email platform, filtering malicious emails from entering your network. Having Proofpoint Essentials in place can help to stop the spread of malicious emails and phishing attacks from being able to enter your network, helping to stop cyber-criminals from being able to stop account compromise. Essentials can also stop malicious emails being sent internally. This means that if a cyber-criminal is able to compromise one of your user accounts, they will not be able to spread any malicious email content to other employees.

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IRONSCALES is a market leading email security platform that uses machine learning to stop business email compromise. IRONSCALES' visual anomaly detection technology applies deep learning algorithms and computer vision to detect fake landing pages in real time to protect users from account compromise. IRONSCLAES uses continuous real-time malware & URL protection uand anti-virus and sandbox engines along with proprietary visual anomaly detection, to provide protection against, credential theft, and phishing websites in real-time. IRONSCALES also allows employees to report suspected phishing attacks through a button inside their email inbox, helping to stop accounts becoming compromised in the first place. IRONSCALES is very easy to deploy within Office 365. It can be set up in just a few minutes and doesn’t require any MX record changes.

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