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Bromcom: Securing Technology Firm Against Phishing and Malicious URLs

How Expert Insights is helping to secure Bromcom against phishing and malicious URLs

Bromcom Case Study

Bromcom is a leading provider of innovative and award winning IT solutions to schools, colleges and local authorities. Bromcom support over 70% of the secondary schools in the UK. With 25 years of experience, Bromcom helps to ensure that educational facilities are using IT solutions and data effectively and efficiently. Their innovative, cloud-based MIS platform provides tailored dashboards, data analysis and integrates with office productivity tools to help track pupils’ progress and improve learning outcomes.

Stopping Emails Attacks in the Cloud

Like many organizations, Bromcom recently moved their email systems to Office 365, taking advantage of productivity benefits in the cloud. However, Bromcom’s security team found found that more malicious emails were being delivered to users in the Office 365 environment, and that their IT admins didn’t have the controls they needed to stop emails from being delivered.

“We found that we were getting more phishing emails, more emails containing malicious URLs, and the in-built security in Office 365 wasn’t doing enough,” Osman Erener, Bromcom’s Head of IT and Cloud Services, says. His team needed the ability to protect users against malicious links inside emails, stop phishing emails from being delivered to users, and allow their users to access quarantined emails if needed. Bromcom also needed a solution which would help them meet compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 information standard.

Bromcom used Expert Insights to research different providers and to find the email security service that met their criteria. They compared a number of solutions, and chose Proofpoint Essentials, a market leading email security service that features email sandboxing, protection against phishing attacks and provides a comprehensive email quarantine. With support from Expert Insights’ technical team, Bromcom was able to deploy Proofpoint across their user base and protect themselves against email threats.

Osman describes Proofpoint’s email sandboxing and URL scanning as it’s best features. Proofpoint provides time-of-click URL scanning and rewrites links to stop users from visiting harmful webpages including phishing websites. “This has helped to solve our problem of users accidentally clicking on harmful links within emails,” Osman says.

After deploying Proofpoint, Bromcom’s users also have access to their quarantined email.  This means that spam, malware or graymail emails are not sent to the inbox, but users can access emails that they need to at any time.

Quick Support and Troubleshooting

Osman says that the main benefit of working with Expert Insights was the information provided to help research different solutions, and the ongoing support he is receiving to help manage Proofpoint. “The support we have received has been very good,” he says. “It’s been very quick when we have opened a ticket, and we have received step by step guides to implementing features, which have helped us to learn how to better manage the service.”

With Proofpoint’s market leading email security solution, backed by the ongoing support provided by Expert Insights’ technical team, Osman is confident that Bromcom can continue to meet the challenges of phishing and malicious URLs in the cloud.

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