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Bleam: Securing Customers With Top Cybersecurity Solutions

How Expert Insights is helping Bleam to provide their customers with the best cybersecurity solutions on the market

Bleam: Securing Customers With Top Cybersecurity Solutions - Expert Insights

Bleam Cyber Security is a leading provider of managed cybersecurity services and information security consulting. Based in Sheffield, Bleam delivers enterprise level security services to small and medium sized enterprises across the UK, helping them to prevent data breaches by staying one step ahead of cybercriminals. 

Finding The Right Email Security Solution In A Sea Of Noise

As a cybersecurity MSP, Bleam is responsible for assuring their customers’ safety by distributing solutions that they are certain will protect them against cyber threats. They also need to make sure that the solutions they provide are a suitable match for each customer’s individual business need, says Co-Founder and Chief Information Security Officer Chris Murray.

Unfortunately, a big challenge that security professionals face is that a lot of the industry is centered around marketing. “The biggest players in the market may not have the best product, but they do have the best marketing or the biggest marketing budget,” Chris explains. This can be a problem for organizations trying to find the right solution to invest in, because it becomes less clear as to the quality of products that vendors are offering. “There are so many vendors all promising the world and not delivering anywhere near what they’re saying they can do,” Chris says. “It’s so complex.”

One of  the major cybersecurity problems faced by Bleam’s customers is targeted phishing attacks. Chris and his team wanted to be able to provide their customer with powerful protection, leading them to begin carrying out detailed research into Post-Delivery Protection solutions. It was during this research phase that they came across Expert Insights and decided to use the platform to compare different Post-Delivery Protection solutions.

After researching the best products on the market, Chris chose IRONSCALES as the best Post-Delivery Protection solution to protect their customer’s inboxes. “It’s probably one of the best security products that I’ve ever come across,” he says, praising IRONSCALES for its return on investment in relation to the simplicity and efficiency of its platform. Partnering with Expert Insights, Bleam now distribute IRONSCALES across their extensive customer base.

An “Invaluable Resource” When It Comes To Making Purchasing Decisions

As an expert in the field, Chris says that he values the knowledge that Expert Insights provides across various cybersecurity markets. “Every time I’ve dealt with you, you’ve been very knowledgeable. It’s in the name: Expert Insights.”  

Chris has over 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, but we all support when it comes to making challenging decisions, no matter our wealth of expertise. “I’m always researching security products and tools for various customers and for ourselves internally,” he says. “When I get in touch with Expert Insights and ask about a particular product or an issue that we’re having currently, it just makes things easier.”

Chris says that Expert Insights in an “invaluable resource”, particularly for IT managers who are looking to make key purchasing decisions but may not have the resources to carry out the research themselves.

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Expert Insights is helping organizations around the world stay secure against email and web-based threats. By providing helpful guides, expert advice and tailored solutions, Expert Insights can help you find the right cybersecurity services to solve your challenges, with ongoing expert technical support. Today we are helping organizations solve security challenges like spear-phishing, malicious URLs and attachments and business email compromise, with market leading security solutions. To book a demo and find out more about how we can help your organization, click here.