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What is Browser Isolation?

Browser Isolation platforms can be delivered with different technologies, but all aim to provide businesses with the same goal: stronger protection from online threats than something like a Secure Web Gateway can provide. The end goal of a browser isolation technology is to isolate a user’s online browsing activity away from their local networks. In effect this means that you can browse Chrome on your laptop, but you will actually be browsing on another machine entirely.

There are a few different ways that this is possible. The first is a Virtual Browser. In this method the web browsing activity runs on a virtual environment. This could either be on a virtual machine stored at your office, which acts as a ‘sandbox’ in which all browsing activity goes through rather than individual machines. It could also be on a remote machine, or even in the cloud. This involves setting up a ‘Remote Desktop Infrastructure’ in which a whole desktop set up and contained off the machine, within which users can use web browsers.

An alternative method is Remote Browser Isolation. This is a similar method to Remote Desktop Infrastructure, in that browsing happens in a remote data centre or in the cloud. But rather than being a remote desktop, this method just streams browsing. To the end user, this is a normal browsing experience, which takes place totally independent of the local machine. This is a cheaper option, and faster than using Remote Desktop Infrastructure. Browser Isolation can have some great benefits to improve the overall security of an organisation. Any malware or viruses that a user may encounter won’t affect the local network of an organization. Instead it will be contained in the virtual environment. It also stops companies being able to track users across the web, as the online browsing location will be different to that of the physical location. Some vendors may also offer protection from downloaded files within the remote browser.

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